5 Hobbies You Can Turn Into a Clever Career

5 Hobbies You Can Turn Into a Clever Career

For some people, hobbies are a fun way to pass the time, decompress, or do a bit of both. But for others, hobbies are a fun and easy side hustle. If you need some extra cash, check out the top five hobbies you can turn into a clever career.

Shopping Hobbies

Some of us love clothes shopping, and if you have a passion for fashion, becoming a personal shopper may be the perfect side gig for you. Not only do you get to embrace a hobby you love, but you also get paid to buy outfits for others.

Creative Hobbies

Creativity comes in many forms, stretching from music to writing to painting. If it requires imagination, it falls under the artistic umbrella, which is great news for an art lover. As you turn this hobby into a career, consider which type of art you like most and what you’re best at. You can narrow your options to make the best career choice by doing this!

For example, look for opportunities to become a freelancer if you love writing. On the other hand, if you prefer something hands-on, like jewelry making, check out ways to make a profit by cutting gems. In jewelry-making, you have to take your supplies, time, and market into account before setting prices for your work.

Culinary Hobbies

Opening a bakery or restaurant is anything but easy, not to mention expensive. Embrace your love for treating others with your incredible cooking by transforming it into a side job. You could do this as an occasional side job or start your own catering business.

Nature Hobbies

Whether you love animals or the great outdoors, why not transform one of these passions into your new side gig? Gardening is relaxing and a great way to add some greenery to the Earth! Plus, if you have a talent for design, you could help homeowners create the perfect landscaping to boost their curb appeal.

On the other hand, if you love animals, start a dog walking business so you can spend some quality time with these four-legged companions. As a bonus, you get to set the prices while booking appointments with all your new clients.

Planning Centric Hobbies

Event planning is a great hobby you can turn into a clever career, especially if you’re a total extrovert with great organizational skills. You can help plan anything from family reunion parties to weddings! However, as you turn your hobby into a job, remember to have fun.

Best Items To Look for When Thrift Shopping

Best Items To Look for When Thrift Shopping

Shopping secondhand has become a trend over the last few years. While you can attribute this to a lot of different factors, it’s a fact that people love finding great items for incredible prices. Whatever you happen to be looking for, your local thrift shop will probably have what you need. While there are the obvious items to look for in a thrift shop—like clothes and books—there are also many hidden gems you wouldn’t expect. Here’s our guide to the best items to look for when thrift shopping.


You may not want to buy a whole couch while you’re at the thrift store, but smaller pieces of furniture like end tables are perfect things to grab. Even if they aren’t exactly in line with your home décor, a little bit of creative retooling can turn a piece of furniture into the most interesting feature in the room. The next time you think your home could use another chair or coffee table, check out your local thrift shop.


While many online shopping guides will tell you about all the great clothes you can get at a thrift store, you might overlook one integral part of your outfit. Thrift stores don’t put shoes on the shelves unless they’re in good condition. Check through the shoe section, and you just might find a great pair that would have cost you four times as much if you bought them brand-new.

Sales and deals from Amazon


Houseware and dishware are often annoying to buy all at once. They get very expensive, very quickly. At a good thrift store, you’ll be able to find:

These are just a few of the items that can really fill out your kitchen and make it feel homier. Plus, some people find getting all the same dishes a little too static and boring.

Works of Art

Some of the best items to look for when thrift shopping are pieces of artwork. You can find all sorts of interesting little knickknacks and paintings that will add a lot of personality to your home. They will certainly differentiate your interior design from that of someone who buys their decorations at a large retailer where everyone ends up buying the same thing.

Thrift shopping can be a tricky business. Although you might have to do some digging to find a great piece, the time you spend is usually worth it once you find something you love. Don’t forget to return to your thrift store regularly. You never know when they’ll get new stock to mull over.

Our Top 10 Best Prime Day Deals of 2020

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At WatchMojo, we’re all about curating the best of everything for our viewers, whether we’re ranking the Top 10 Strangest Movie Plot Twists or the Top 10 Times South Park Tackled Serious Issues, ranking things is just what we do. We recently started ranking products over at GetMojo and with only a few hours left in Amazon Prime Day 2020, in the spirit of staying in our lane, we’re ranking the Top 10 Best Prime Day Deals of 2020.

Prices displayed may not reflect actual prices on Amazon, as discounts tend to vary. Be sure to double check the price before purchasing.


1. For the budget conscious caffeine addict. Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, 6 to 12 oz. Brew Sizes. $42.73 (reg. $79.99).


2. For the tech savvy DIY tatter tots chef. COSORI Smart WiFi Air Fryer 5.8QT. Includes: 100 Recipes, Digital Touchscreen with 11 Cooking Presets for Air Frying, Roasting & Keep Warm. Works with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant. $83.99 (reg. 119.99).


3. For the Amazon Prime Day delivery tracker. Ring Peephole Cam – Smart video doorbell, HD video, 2-way talk, easy installation. $69.99 (reg. $129.99).


4. For the aspiring at-home movie night projectionist. Mini Projector – 3600L Hompow Smartphone Portable Video Projector 1080P. Compatible with TV Stick/HDMI/VGA/USB/TV Box/Laptop/DVD/PS4. $54.99 (reg. $139.99).


5. For the culinary perfectionist. DALSTRONG Knife Set Block – Shogun Series – High-Carbon Japanese Super Steel – 5 pieces. $279.99 (reg. $349.99).


6. For the socially responsible prepper. RunningSnail Solar Crank NOAA Weather Radio for Emergency with AM/FM, Flashlight, Reading Lamp and 2000mAh Power Bank all-in-one. $25.41 (reg. $45.99).


7. For the speed inclined. L NOW Indoor Exercise Bike Indoor Cycling Stationary Bike, Belt Drive with Heart Rate, Adjustable Seat and Handlebar, Tablet Holder, Stable Quiet and Smooth for Home Cardio Workout. $223.99 (reg. 279.99).


8. For the flight deprived. SNAPTAIN SP510 Foldable GPS FPV Drone with 2.7K Camera. UHD Live Video RC Quadcopter with GPS, Follow Me, Point of Interest, Waypoints, Long Control Range and Auto Return. $135.99 (reg. 179.99)


9. For the Emerging MUA. Ring Light 18 Inch 65W LED with Tripod Stand, Phone Holder and Adjustable Color Temperature Circle. $71.99 (reg. 89.99).


10. For the discerning Aesthetician. ghd Gold Hair Straightener, Ceramic Flat Iron, Professional Hair Styler. $137.31 (reg. $199.00).

Watch our video for some tips for winning on Prime Day!

Top Fashion Rules That You Should Break

Top Fashion Rules That You Should Break

Fashion is all about expressing yourself. As such, you shouldn’t let arbitrary style rules dictate what you wear. Forgoing outdated rules can help you better express your individuality, grow your creativity, and develop a unique style that makes you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. Here are some of the top fashion rules that you should break to set your style free.

Avoid Wearing Clashing Colors

Wearing clashing colors has been universally frowned upon in the style world for many years. However, the belief that clashing colors can’t be worn together is slowly fading into the past. When done intentionally, pairing clashing colors together in an outfit can create a chic look that makes a statement. So, go right ahead and wear whatever color combinations you want. 

Don’t Mix Prints

Another top fashion rule that you should break is the notion that you should never mix different prints in an outfit. While some people believe that mixing different prints together can cause an outfit to look too “busy,” there are several ways that various patterns can be paired to create a classy, dynamic look.

If you’re interested in breaking this arbitrary rule, consider starting with stripes. Because stripes act as a sort of neutral in the world of prints, they can be paired with just about anything in a way that looks intentional and stylish.

Stick To One Type of Metal

At some point, you may have been told to never mix metals in an outfit. Well, we are here to tell you that you most definitely can. Many different types of metals such as silver, yellow gold, rose gold, and stainless-steel complement each other well and look lovely when worn at the same time.

The world is filled with beautiful jewelry in many different types of metal. There is no reason why you should only have to stick to one material.

Never Wear Socks and Sandals

One of the most controversial fashion rules to break is wearing socks and sandals at the same time. However, many stylists believe that this rule is outdated. After all, pairing socks with sandals a great way to continue wearing your warm-weather shoes during colder months of the year and make a rebellious fashion statement while you’re at it.

Updated: Airpods Only $115 and Other Amazon Prime Day Deals

Here at GetMojo, our goal is to source the best deals on products from the brands you care about. That’s why Amazon Prime Day is kind of like our Super Bowl. Throughout the 2 days of Amazon Prime Day, we’ll be tracking the best deals right here.

Before you get started, we recommend watching our video for Winning on Prime Day.

Hottest Deals

Apple Airpods – $114.99 (reg. $159.99)

iRobot Roomba – $599.99 (reg. $799.99)

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker – $119.99 (reg. $179.95)

Deals For Gamers

SteelSeries Rival 600 Gaming Mouse – $48.99 (reg. $79.99)

Razer Blade 15 Advanced Gaming Laptop – $2,099.99 (reg. $2,599.99)

HyperX Cloud Flight – Wireless Gaming Headset – $99.99 (reg. $139.99)

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MsMojo Tries the Frank And Oak Style Plan Clothing Subscription Service

Eco-Friendly Clothing Delivered Straight to Your Door? We Have You Covered!

A new season means it’s time for a wardrobe refresh, but who has time to scroll through the endless options online? We have the ultimate solution: Frank And Oak’s monthly clothing subscription box! We teamed up with Frank And Oak, the Canadian-based environmentally conscious clothing company, and had Phoebe test out the subscription service in the video above, to give MsMojo viewers the low down on what to expect and who might benefit from a customized box of clothes delivered to their door!

Style Plan is a monthly subscription box full of clothing that’s personalized to you! All you have to do is fill out the Style Plan Quiz to tailor the box to your style and then sit back, relax and wait for your clothes to arrive!

Style Plan offers special member pricing, free shipping and free returns, you can customize your box before it ships and best of all, Frank And Oak clothing is eco-friendly (and so is the box)! Frank And Oak produce low impact, sustainable products, with recycled, organic and cruelty free materials and methods. Even their stores are built using minimal waste! Plus, look how cute the pieces are!

To get $25 off your first Style Plan box, click here:


And use the code WATCHMOJO25 at checkout!

Just so you know, MsMojo may collect a share of sales from the links within this article.

Top 10 Best Prime Day Deals 2019

Amazon Prime Day is in full swing today and tomorrow, which means too many unbelievable deals in too little time, so we just made your life way easier by narrowing down the top 10 must- buy products! From tech necessities, to beauty finds and home organizers, look no further than the links below!

Note: We hope you like the products we recommend! Just so you know, WatchMojo may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

#10: Amazon’s ultrasonic Aromatherapy diffuser

the perfect housewarming gift. Or maybe you just need to give yourself the gift of zen after a stressful day. Either way, you can’t go wrong by treating yourself and others to this present.

#9: Copper cocktail shaker

This Copper cocktail shaker is what you are missing for your bar cart this summer!

#8: Yoga Matt

Whether you are an aspiring Yogi or just need a mat for your workouts, look no further: This mat is a protects your knees and comes with a carrying strap so you can carry it around with you without toting a bag.

#7: Nintendo Switch + $35 Nintendo eShop Gift Card

Two for the reduced price of one! Amazon is offering this bundle that includes: the Nintendo Switch console, Nintendo Switch dock, Joy-Con (L) and Joy-Con (R), Two Joy-Con strap accessories, One Joy-Con grip, HDMI cable, and Nintendo Switch AC adapter, as well as a digital eShop gift card of $35 that can be redeemed on the Nintendo eShop!

#6: Premium Adult Weighted Blanket 

Sometimes, after a long day at work, you want to wrap yourself in a warm hug. On those days, this blanket will be there for you; it’s comforting, warm, and comes with a removable soft cover! These Weighted blankets have become such a trend; especially for anyone with stress or anxiety.

#5: Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

Looking for a way to listen to news on your morning commute? Or are you looking for a running companion? These wireless headphones are the perfect solution.

#4: The Echo Dot

The Echo dot, amazon’s most popular speaker is the perfect purchase for your next party. It is also the solution to filling your room a richer louder sound while listening to your favorite albums or audiobooks from audible! The possibilities are endless with this smart speaker. 

#3: Apple 13″ MacBook Air

Quick! MacBooks rarely go on sale and right now the 2017 MacBook Air is $300 off its usual price, i.e. only $699! With 8GB memory and a 1.8 GHz Dual-core Intel Core i5 processor, this item will undoubtedly sell out quicker than it’s “fast SSD storage”. But don’t worry, there will be a waiting list all day today, so get on it!

#2: PlayStation Classic

Prime day calls for treating yourself to a new Playstation. Have you taken a look at Amazon’s playstation classic? It comes with 20 preloaded games including Final Fantasy Vll, Jumping Flash, and Ridge Racer Type 4 and includes two wired Controllers, a virtual memory card and an HDMI cable. 

#1: Pixel 3 XL with 64GB Memory Cell Phone

Have you been considering getting a new cell phone? Before it’s too late, get your hands on the Pixel 3 XL with 64GB Memory Cell Phone. Not only does this phone work with all major carriers but its camera allows you to capture the perfect shot every time! 

What was the best Prime Day deal you saw this year?! Let us know in the comments and for more strangely useful Amazon finds, check out our pick of the Top 20 Shark Tank Inventions Popular on Amazon!

This Week in GetMojo! – Travel Essentials & Top 3 360 Cameras

GetMojo is a brand new initiative that makes it it easy to find cool products ranked by the pop culture professionals at WatchMojo. Anytime that you see the GetMojo icon, it means that the particular video or blog/list post has some suggested and curated products associated with it, as selected by our in-house experts. This weekly roundup will showcase some of the most popular and interesting GetMojo posts of the week and act as your gateway to the world of GetMojo. Let us know what you think and what products we should rank!

Here are two popular lists to check out! Make sure to view our full catalogue of curated products on the GetMojo page here.

Essentials to Pack For Your Next Trip

Planning for a trip can be exciting but packing the right things makes a world of difference when it comes to how enjoyable your trip might be (or not be). Whether you’re looking for small upgrades to your accessory arsenal or you’re simply looking for something to make your vacation hassle free, here are our recommendations for some modern day travel essentials.

#1: RAVPower 20100 Portable Charger

So you’re exploring Paris for the first time, taking in the sights and sounds in its labyrinth of a city layout when your phone dies. No more maps, no more music, and no more selfies. But fear not, because you were smart enough to pack your portable USB charger. Now you can actually find your way around again, not have to worry about those funky European adapters, and snap your fancy Parisian breakfasts all week. It’s also good for any other USB compatible device. If you’re really looking to step up your recharge game, this behemoth might do the trick.

#2: Bose QuietComfort 35 Noise Cancelling Headphones

Chances are you’ll be on a train, plane, or at least a bus for more than a comfortable amount of time at some point during your trip. Whether you’re trying to drown the noise of the Boeing’s four engines during your 6-hour flight or your rowdy hostel bunkmates after a night out, noise-cancelling headphones have been praised by many as a modern day travel staple. You could go for the cream of the crop but if you’re on a budget we recommend these.

#3: AKEEM Solar Powered Portable Charger

So traveling isn’t all about the city. For most it’s about the outdoors, nature, and all the good stuff Mother Nature can offer. That’s why this travel essentials power trio isn’t complete without some mention of the ever-increasing popularity of solar powered accessories. Whether that be a modest solar panel to recharge your phone or a full on solar panel backpack for on the-go power.

Top 3 Best 360 Cameras

The quality of portable photography is evolving at a rapid pace and it’s being pushed to its limits in all spheres. The rise of interactive photography is a recent consumer breakthrough and you may have even seen it on your favourite website or on your Facebook newsfeed recently. Beautiful panoramic 360 videos and photos are becoming more mainstream and they’re especially popular among travellers and outdoorsy types. These gadgets without a doubt add depth and meaning to your media which is something essential for standing out with the sea of pictures and video flooding social media these days. The market is becoming saturated with a variety of options, so we’ve done you a favour and compiled 3 of the best 360 cameras available to you right now.

#3: LG G5 Friends 360 CAM

The LG G5 is a solid entry level choice if you’re looking at 360 Cameras. It provides well rated 2k video and images in 360 format. Although the image quality is not as great as other entries on this list, it’s still great value for what it is, especially when you consider its size and portability.

#2: Samsung Gear 360

The famous Samsung Gear 360 has made quite a reputation for itself. It captures 360 visuals (photo or video) in full 4k format. This 360 cam has stunning image quality, relative portability, and great compatibility with any android phones, making it a practical travel companion if you’re looking at posting and editing on the go. Although it comes in at a slightly higher than average price point, it seems to be worth every dollar.

#1: Ricoh Theta S 360 Camera

By far our best suggestion, the Ricoh Theta S 360 Camera has been hailed across platforms as one of the best 360 cameras available today. It features live view from mobile devices, has a great comfortable feel, great portability and is user intuitive compared to most other entries. It won’t shoot in 4k, but its other qualities make up for it.


That’s it for this week! GetMojo will be showcasing cool product lists and gear every week so make sure you keep on eye out for any GetMojo related news and posts. But…we also want to hear from you! What did you think? Do you have any suggestions or ideas for great products or lists you want us to rank? Let us know in the comments and we’ll make sure our product and gear experts get to work to help put out some special products, whether they be tech, lifestyle, or travel related, you name it.