Top 5 Worst Things Vegeta Has Done

The Prince of Saiyans Has a Shady History…

While nowadays he’s everyone’s favourite anti-hero and a devoted family man, there was a time where Vegeta was just as much of a threat to the people of Earth as Cell or Frieza. No matter how much you’ve come to adore him over the course of Z and Super, nothing can scrub away these five insidious actions that make up the Saiyan Prince’s chequered past!

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#5: Letting Cell Achieve His Perfect Form

Quite possibly the most poignant example of how dangerous Vegeta’s pride could really be, his overwhelming confidence in his own power proved to be his undoing after letting the ultimate android fulfil its purpose. By letting Cell absorb Android 18, he achieved a form that was even too much for the Saiyan Prince to handle. Not only did this result in Cell shattering both Vegeta’s body and his spirit, but also paved the way for all the deaths that came after. Including that of his future son.

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#4: Blowing up a Bug Planet

Vegeta and Nappa’s journey to Earth wasn’t without its obstacles. At some point, they ended up taking a detour to a planet made of insectoids. This little adventure included them being imprisoned, breaking out, killing a massive bug beast, overthrowing a monarchy and actually doing some good for the populace. How did it all end? Vegeta blowing up the planet without a second thought. You know, considering what happened to his own world, he really shouldn’t be throwing stones, or planet-busting ki blasts in this case. 

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#3: Killing a Crowd of People

Well, that’s certainly one way to reintroduce yourself as a bad guy. After allowing himself to be controlled by Babidi, Vegeta ushered in his new Majin form by killing a whole group of innocent bystanders at the World Martial Arts Tournament, all to prove that the Dark Prince had truly returned. It’s a rather shocking sight, and the perfect demonstration of just how eager Vegeta was to embrace his chance at establishing himself as a bonafied villain. Have fun explaining that one to Bulma…

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#2: Killing Namekians

While the blame for the massacre of the Namekian people often falls upon the likes of Frieza and his minions, there’s no escaping the fact that Vegeta also contributed to the body pile. He may have put the genocide business behind him, but his desperate search for the Dragon Balls didn’t leave room for much mercy, hence why he killed anyone who came between him and his wish-granting orbs. This unfortunately included plenty of civilians along the way. You can’t be an anti-hero without breaking a few green eggs, apparently. 

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#1: Nearly Destroying the Earth

It’s easy to forget at times that before he was defending Universe 7 from annihilation, Vegeta was one of the biggest threats the Earth had ever seen. On his mission to recover the Dragon Balls, the Saiyan Elite finally met his match in his fated confrontation with Goku. Given the absurd level of arrogance that he had back then, the Prince of Saiyans eventually decided that the only way to best his foe and prove his superiority…would be to blow up the planet, courtesy of a Galick Gun.

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Why 6ix9ine is Hated, Disappointing Games of 2018 & Worst Things Goku Has Done – Top 3 WatchMojo Videos of the Week!

Look At Them Go!

Have you been keeping up with this week’s WatchMojo videos?! We publish over five new videos everyday in the realms of TV, Film, Pop Culture, Video Games, Anime, Comics and more, so by the end of the week, there are definitely some stand-out videos that seem to be the most successful thanks to you guys. If you’re interested in finding out which videos are a must-see for this week, keep reading because we’re starting a new segment on the blog called: Top 3 WatchMojo Videos of the Week, where we talk about the three videos that had the most views and action on our YouTube channel. Make sure to subscribe and ring the notification bell if you want to get a head start on next week’s videos! Now, let’s talk about the videos from this week that made us go…

#3: Top 10 Worst Things Goku Has Done

The Super Hero of the “Dragon Ball” series has done some amazing things in his time; Defeating villains, saving planet earth, but what about the not so honorable things done by everyone’s favourite anime character? Though he may have defeated Majin Buu, Black, Zamasu, and even Jiren, Goku’s dastardly deeds are not to be ignored. From setting up the tournament of Power to giving cell a Senzu bean, Goku’s dirty laundry is all out on display here! For this list, we looked at the times throughout the “Dragon Ball” franchise where Goku wasn’t exactly the beacon of hope we’ve come to know him to be. Some of the list entries include: Letting Vegeta live, inappropriate behaviour and blowing up King Kai’s planet, but to find out the Top 3 check out the video below! Warning: Be prepared for spoilers down the line as well as seeing your childhood hero in a not so positive light.

#2: Top 10 Most Disappointing Games of 2018

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With the success of our Top 10 Most Hated Celebs of 2018 last week, we figured we’d go into detail on one of the top entries of the list: 6ix9ine. If you ever wondered why 6ix9ine is so universally despised, this video is a must-watch. For this list, we looked at why Brooklyn-based rapper Daniel Hernandez, a.k.a. 6ix9ine and Tekashi69, is disliked online and in the media and why he seems to push people’s buttons. Our rank includes allegations such as his sensationalized gang life and reports that he choked a teen, as well as his recordings of crimes, but you definitely want to check out the Top 3 below to get the inside scoop on the root of the public’s hostility. Vote HERE on this suggest page about the Top Tekashi 6ix9ine Beefs!

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Top 5 Dragon Ball Films That Shouldn’t Exist


When you’ve be going on for as long as this hit anime franchise has, there are bound to be a few blips along the way. While Dragon Ball certainly has its fair share of campy and cheesy moments that fans can look back on as guilty pleasures, there are still a select few instances that firmly place themselves into the category of “wasted potential.” Thankfully they are far and few in-between but when they rear their ugly heads, you’d best watch out. These five films serving as a perfect example of how a hit shounen like Dragon Ball can sometimes strike out.

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Fair warning, there are SPOILERS AHEAD!

#5: “Sleeping Princess In Devil’s Castle” (1987)

While the idea of a young Goku blasting apart a vampire named Lucifer might sound like a hoot, the execution of this flick left a lot to be desired from fans of the original anime. With a lacklustre villain and serious lack of charm, this one needed a lot more polish before even thinking about a theatrical release. Whether or not Lucifer makes for a better vampire compared to those found in the Garlic Jr. Saga is still up for debate.

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#4: “A Hero’s Legacy” (1997)

The fact that this basically serves as an epilogue to Dragon Ball GT should be all the reason you need to give this one a miss. While the concept of Goku’s descendent setting out on a quest to save the life of his grandmother Pan does sound like it has the potential to be fun, the result unfortunately suffers from the curse of GT; pointless, annoying and lacking any and all impact. This was the equivalent of a dying horse desperately pulling itself along with its one functioning leg. Someone should have put it out of its misery a long time ago.

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#3: “Broly – The Second Coming” (1994)

Everyone loves Broly. He’s an engine of pure destruction that can decimate a whole group of Super Saiyans with ease, all the while constantly crying out “Kakarot” like he’s some kind of world-ending parrot. Unfortunately, all that enthusiasm fans felt towards him was lost when he made his way back to Earth and spent the better part of this sequel beating Gohan to a pulp, all before Goku arrives to clean up the mess, this time through the power of a good ol’ family Kamehameha. It’s boring, predictable and ruined Broly’s chance of standing tall as an legendary one-off villain.

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#2: “Bio-Broly” (1994)

Will you please leave this poor man alone! Bad enough he suffered a terrible sequel but this is just putting the final nail in the coffin. Though the power of science, Broly is brought back from his second death, now nothing more than a giant slime monster that ends up getting defeated by Goten and Kid Trunks of all people. The conclusion of the “Broly trilogy” proved that the hulking mass of rage and muscles was a victim of his own hype, culminating in a sub-par conclusion that even Lord Slug would be embarrassed to be seen in.

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#1: “Episode of Bardock” (2011)

Who was asking for this? Who thought that the awesome yet tragic film featuring Goku’s father needed a sequel? One that just so happened to include time-travel, derpy aliens and a pointless cameo by Frieza’s ancestor. We’re guessing nobody did, yet we still got Episode of Bardock; a special that practically spat in the face of the character and his legacy on the franchise just so the creators could get another Super Saiyan transformation sequence. Best if you just pretend the whole thing is Bardock hallucinating in his final moments as Planet Vegeta explodes.

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Top 5 Dragon Ball Z Transformations

Prepare For A Lot Of Screaming

It’s a good time to be a Dragon Ball fan. Not only is Toei Animation working on the twentieth film in the franchise, which is allegedly a sequel to the standout series Super, but also are set to release a brand new show called Dragon Ball Heroes. On top of that, several classic Dragon Ball films are being re-released for certain North America theatres, including the likes of Bardock: The Father of Goku and Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan. So in celebration, we’re going to be looking back at some of the series’ most jaw-dropping transformations!

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Fair warning, there are SPOILERS AHEAD! 

#5: Vegeta Goes Super Saiyan For The First Time

Vegeta spends most of the DBZ series trying to catch-up to Goku’s level. So when Goku achieved Super Saiyan before the Saiyan Prince, Vegeta didn’t take it so well. Training like a man possessed, his obsession pushed him to an emotional and physical breaking point. This transformation wasn’t memorable for it’s flamboyant manifestation like many of the others. Instead, Vegeta nonchalantly turns up with his new powers in a manner befitting the big-headed Prince of Saiyans.

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#4: Trunks And Goten Become “Gotenks”

We all remember Goten and Trunks’ absurd dance that ended up being a cultural staple. The kids were established as fighting naturals early on, able to achieve Super Saiyan with relative ease. Having them combine into one being not only doubled their strength, but the merging also gave us a new character in Gotenks. And while Gotenks becoming Super Saiyan 3 was also incredible, the first fusion made our list because it added to the DBZ Universe mythos. Fans went from asking “who would beat who in a fight” to “which two fighters should merge next.” Oh, the possibilities.

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#3: Cell Transforms To His Perfect Form

“Perfect Cell” was Cell’s final transformation as the already incredibly powerful artificial life form. After absorbing Android 18, Cell’s change was a long and incredibly brutal ride. This DBZ metamorphous caused drama across the planet: darkening the sky, parting clouds, starting tidal waves, making tornados, and irradiating the entire globe with crackling anime energy. Then there’s the spectacle of the almost blinding blue dome around Cell. DBZ fans were presented with a new villain who was seemingly unstoppable.

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#2: Gohan Goes Super Saiyan 2 Against Cell

Since episode one there had been hints to Gohan’s untapped hidden power. Throughout the series, we’d seen only brief glimpses of that power up until this point. However Gohan’s gentle nature prevented him for fully unleashing his maximum potential without mercy. It’s not until seeing his friends dying at the hands of Perfect Cell that Goku and Chi-Chi’s little boy let his restraints go. We watched him from day one of training as an overly mothered child to become a fighter that rivaled even Goku. Gohan’s transformation wasn’t about the fireworks. It was the pride in seeing Gohan come into his own.

Image result for gohan super saiyan 2

#1: Goku Goes Super Saiyan For The First Time

Goku going Super Saiyan for the first time is not only at the top of our list, but it’s arguably the most iconic moment in the series. It’s impossible to visualize the character without him summoning his chi into a golden glow and blonde highlights. This is the transformation that all others are judged by. After all the weeks of showing off Frieza’s strength and cruelty, Goku powering up to avenge his best friend Krillin gave fans goose bumps. It’s a visual summation of DBZ as a whole: hard work transcends any obstacle.

Image result for goku goes super saiyan

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Top 5 Greatest Dragon Ball Attacks

Sorry, No Wolf Fang Fist Here

Aside from a plethora of powerhouse screams, fist fights and endless cycles of transformations, the Dragon Ball series is perhaps most famous for its world-ending techniques. Primarily energy based, these blasts and bolts are looked upon with great fondness from fans, not to mention going on to inspire death-dealing attacks in other anime. In that regard, you can’t get more iconic than these five. Here’s hoping they make their way into the twentieth movie!

Image result for destructo disk gif

#5: Galick Gun

Back when Vegeta was a destroyer of worlds, this was the deadliest attack in his arsenal. Considering it managed to bring the Kamehameha to a stalemate, that’s saying a lot. We certainly don’t see much of it in Z outside a singular beam struggle against Goku, but given just how iconic that scene is (not to mention the fact it nearly blew up the planet) we have to give this technique props. This signature move would later become a mainstay in Super, even added to the arsenal of Trunks.

Image result for galik gun

#4: Special Beam Cannon

Hey, it killed Goku, that’s special enough for us. While Piccolo certainly has no shortage of unique ki-based attacks at his disposal, it’s this energy wave that has stuck with him most throughout the series, and served him rather well in the process. While it may not look as impressive as some of the wider ki blasts, it was strong enough to cut through both Goku and Raditz, and has managed to at least wound several foes afterwards. It was also one of Imperfect Cell’s preferred copied moves, so that must count for something!

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#3: Spirit Bomb

Once upon a time, if you were Goku’s opponent and you ended up facing this technique, then you were history. Most notably used to defeat a good number of DBZ movie villains, this collection of the planet’s energy resulted in the creation of a colossal sphere that decimated everything that it touched. Sure, the waiting time can be a real bitch, and particularly strong foes like Frieza have managed to withstand its force, but that still doesn’t take away the fact that with enough borrowed energy this sphere can crush anything. Just ask Kid Buu.

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#2: Final Flash

The most powerful attack that Vegeta has at his disposal, this golden explosion of energy became just as synonymous with him as the Kamehameha is to Goku and boy is it a spectacle. Its greatest moment was of course when Vegeta unleashed this beauty against the newly formed Perfect Cell…and it practically blew half of his body to hell. The fact that Cell regenerated right after doesn’t take away just how devastating attack it is, one worthy of the Prince of Saiyans.

Image result for final flash

#1: Kamehameha

Which one of you thought anything else would top the list? It’s the freakin’ Kamehameha! Since the early days of Dragon Ball, this attack has stuck with Goku through thick and thin (probably more so than ChiChi) bringing down the likes of alien tyrants, killer androids and whatever the hell Majin Buu was. The stronger that Goku gets, you can bet that this icon of Japanese culture will only grow in size and scope with him. Don’t pretend that you haven’t practised it in your own time as well!

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Top 3 DLC Characters We Want To See In Dragon Ball FighterZ

They’re More Than Up To The Challenge

It’s fair to say that Dragon Ball FighterZ has been a huge success, far exceeding the majority of its previous titles to become a modern classic fighting game, one that can be enjoyed by both die-hard fans of the anime as well fighting game enthusiasts in general. The 2D art style dazzles the eyes, while the actually controls will have you busting out ki-based combos before you know it.

Image result for dragon ball fighter z gif

The glorious madness of it all has the potential to make it one of the better games of 2018, though it looks like it still has plenty more content in store for players. The first of these is the inclusion of DLC characters like Bardock and Broly, and while we’re more than happy to see the Legendary Super Saiyan strut his stuff, we’ve decided to list our personal picks for who we hope enters the arena at a later stage.

Fair warning, there are SPOILERS AHEAD!

#3: Toppo

While its fair to say that another member of his team has gone on to steal the spotlight recently, there can be no denying that this fighter from Universe 11 has earned his place as one of the more powerful foes that the Z Fighters have faced off against. His latest bout with Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super has cemented his place as an worthy foe, so we say hurry up and give this wannabe God of Destruction his video game due already!

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#2: Kefla

We were not disappointed when the series’ first female Super Saiyans made their debut. With contradicting personalities yet incredible power to their names, Caulifla and Kale stole the show whenever they were on screen. We’d hate to choose between sisters, so our vote goes to their all-powerful fusion, one who was strong enough to bring Goku to the brink at that!

Image result for dragon ball kefla

#1: Jiren

Not since Frieza has there been an opponent whose backed Goku into a corner as this warrior from Universe 11. The shining star of Dragon Ball Super’s final arc, Jiren’s overwhelming strength forced our favorite Saiyan to access the thought unattainable form of Ultra Instinct, which in our books is a clear qualifier for him to join FighterZ’s roster. At the very least, do it so fans can see their dream match of Jiren vs. Yamcha. What? It would be funny!

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Top 10 Anime To Watch If You Hate Yourself

Anime is a marvellous medium. It can give us a variety of series, each hailing from a different genre, that still somehow manage to come to together and find a way to crush our souls. The following ten are a special breed; they may differ in almost every single way and some of them are even considered masterpieces, but they all at one point or another have must us reflect on our own lives to the point where only despair remains!

Fair warning, there are MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!

#10: “Serial Experiment Lain” (1998)

Every single frame of this show is depressing. From its lead character all the way to its murky, philosophical plot.

#9: “Bleach” (2004-12)

Fans can only look back on the glory days of the first few seasons, before having to acknowledge the sub-par direction it took. Don’t worry, it was all part of Aizen’s plan!

#8: “Mars of Destruction” (2005)

Many are in agreement that every aspect of this series is so poor that it is worthy of the accolade “worst anime of all time.” They aren’t wrong.

#7: “Himouto! Umaru-chan” (2015-)

Don’t let the cuteness fool you, her annoying personality will wreck you emotionally before you know it!

#6: “Kimi Ni Todoke” (2009-11)

The relationship between our two leads is perfect. It is so romantically pristine and pure that it will make you believe in true love…and also realise you will never have what they have!

#5: “Dragon Ball GT” (1996-97)

Are you a fan of Dragon Ball Z? Want to see everything you love about it get trashed and reworked into a pale imitation of itself? Check out GT.

#4: “Neon Genesis Evangelion” (1995-96)

This ain’t your average mecha show. Instead, you are treated to the sight of broken teens go through fifty mental breakdowns per episode!

#3: “Case Closed” (1996-)

We would love nothing more than to start watching the adventures of one of anime’s greatest detectives, but we don’t have it in us to binge-watch over nine hundred episodes!

#2: “Pokemon” (1997-)

It’s been twenty years, and Ash is still a ten year old trying to be the very best like no one ever was. All the while we’re moving closer to death every day! How’s that fair?!

#1: “The Ideon: Be Invoked” (1982)

Are in the mood to see an entire cast of characters get brutally killed in an upsetting and illogical finale? You are in luck!

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Top 10 Awesome Dragon Ball Power-Up Scenes

Dragon Ball wouldn’t be Dragon Ball unless it featured characters screaming their lungs out as their hair turned a much brighter shade. They may take forever to reach their new form, but the transformation scenes in this shounen franchise are almost as beloved by fans as the actual fights. But which power-up packed the most impact? Well get ready to go Super Saiyan as we count down our top ten choices.

Fair warning, there are MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!

#10: Super Saiyan 4

No one in their right mind can say that Dragon Ball GT was the series’ finest outing, but at least it gave us Goku’s (then) strongest form. Now complete with pink fur!

#9: Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken

The old and the new join forces as Goku ascends to his Blue form, only to mix in the classic technique used in his early days against Vegeta; the Kaio-ken. The best of both worlds!

#8: Final Form

While not as creepy as his Xenomorph-inspired third form, when Frieza went all out we got an unnerving and cold figure that was alien in every sense of the word.

#7: Super Saiyan Blue

Even if Goku is always the first to achieve a new form, Vegeta is never far behind. This scene is especially sweet because he finally gets to stand above that of Frieza; the creature that destroyed his home. The fact he achieves his new Blue form so effortlessly is just the icing on the cake.

#6: Perfect Cell

After devouring Androids 17 and 18, this devious being manages to fulfil his purpose and achieve his true form. While his face may be ever so slightly more humanoid, his personality becomes one of sheer narcissism and cruelty. Perfection never looked so scary.

#5: Super Saiyan

It had been a long wait, but after so many losses Vegeta finally achieved his dream of becoming a Super Saiyan. Understandably, both Android 19 and the rest of the cast are more than a little worried. You never know who the Prince will blow up first.

#4: Ultra Instinct

Goku met his match when up against the absurdly powerful being known as Jiren. All is not lost however, as he ends up falling into his own Spirit Bomb, only to reappear imbued with a brand new and devastatingly strong form capable of matching his alien foe.

#3: Super Saiyan 2

It was going to take a miracle for Gohan to defeat the ultimate android, but thanks to 16’s final words of encouragement, he became the first Saiyan to access a second form. And it was awesome!

#2: Super Saiyan

Often imitated but never duplicated, Goku’s ascension into the realm of legend is often regarded as one of the greatest moments in the entire franchise!

#1: Super Saiyan 3

Just when you thought Goku couldn’t achieve a higher form, he busted this out of nowhere and floored both Majin Buu and the audience. That scream, that hair, there’s just no beating it!

Do you agree with our list? What’s your favorite Dragon Ball power-up scene? With new top tens published every day, be sure to subscribe to WatchMojo!

Upcoming Dragon Ball Film To Explore “Origin Of Sayain Strength”

How Did Those Guys Get So Strong Anyway?

Goku and Vegeta will always be our favourite Sayains. While one fights for hone his skills, the other does it out of an unyielding sense of pride. However, the fact remains both have grown so strong that they can go toe to toe with alien overlords, demons, and even Gods of Destruction. It’s only a matter of time before they ascend to the next level. That’s just the way the series is; the Sayain race always finds a way to get stronger, in both victory and defeat.

But what was the origin of their incredible strength? It’s a fascinating topic that hasn’t really been explored beyond training montages and a few comments about their alien biology. Now it seems that creator Akira Toriyama is going to be exploring that aspect in the latest upcoming Dragon Ball film.

According to an article on Anime News Network

Toei Animationrevealed on Saturday at the Jump Festa 2018 event that it is developing the 20th anime film in Akira Toriyama‘s Dragon Ballfranchise. The film is slated to open in Japan in December 2018.

The film’s theme will be “Saiyans: The strongest fighting race in the universe,” and will depict the “origin” of the strength of the Saiyan race. Toriyama is credited with the original work, script, and character design.

The first Dragon Ball film, Dragon Ball Movie 1: Curse of the Blood Rubies, opened in Japan in December 1986. A new film opened once a year between 1986 and 1989, and then two films opened each year between 1990-1995. One more film then opened in 1996.

The film franchise then took a 17-year break, and the Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods film opened in Japan in March 2013. The film earned 2.99 billion yen (about US$26.5 million by today’s conversion) in Japan. In 2015, the Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ film opened, and it earned 3.74 billion yen (about US$33.1 million) in Japan.

Hopefully Toriyama can pull out another winner by giving us plenty of fierce bouts, and maybe even a brand new transformation? Dragon Ball Super has raised the bar so high that it’s about time Goku and Vegeta were given an upgrade!

Be sure to check out the video below if you want to see who made the cut for the Top 10 Greatest Dragon Ball Z Characters!

Top 10 Cosplay at Otakuthon 2017

Otakuthon 9 Demon Hunter

Canada’s second largest anime convention, Montreal’s Otakuthon is a great place for anime-lovers up here in the Great White North to get their fix. Although, calling it just an anime convention does not do Otakuthon justice. They have pretty much everything covered. There’s stands of thousands of manga, amazing J-Pop and/or J-Rock concerts, and so much more. However, one of our favorite parts of Otakuthon is (obviously) the cosplayers.

You can’t have an anime convention without amazing cosplay. And Otakuthon 2017 was no exception. Among the tens if not hundreds of cosplay we’ve seen, it was difficult to pick only 10. But hey, that’s what we do here at WatchMojo. So without further ado:

Here are our picks for Top 10 Cosplay at Otakuthon 2017

#10 – Light Yagami and Misa Amane from Death Note

Otakuthon 10 Death Note

This is great, but maybe Light needs to be a bit more… villainous? The apple is a great touch. Come to think of it, maybe they had Ryuk and Rem with them as well, but we didn’t get to touch their Death Notes.

#9 – Demon Hunter from World of Warcraft

Otakuthon 9 Demon Hunter

Gets the emotional range of an average demon hunter amazingly well. I mean, it’s mostly anger, but still! And yes, World of Warcraft IS our favorite anime.

#8 – Kisame Hoshigaki from Naruto

Otakuthon 8 Naruto

Great jutsu stance. Bonus points for actually carrying what seems to be three quarters of a surfboard with him the entire time.

#7 – Grell Sutcliff from Black Butler

Otakuthon 7 Black Butler

Black Butler? More like Red Butler am I right? But seriously this was a great Grell cosplay.

#6 – Master Roshi from Dragon Ball

Otakuthon 6 Dragon Ball

The mask and the glasses really make it for this one. And the slippers. Actually, you know what? It’s mostly the slippers.

#5 – Rory Mercury from GATE

Otakuthon 5 Gate

That axe though.

#4 – Angewomon from Digimon

Otakuthon 4 Angewomon

Just like in the anime!

#3 – The main party from Final Fantasy X

Otakuthon 3 Final Fantasy X

They kept asking us if we wanted to play blitzball with them. Sadly none of us had swimming gear on.

#2 – Ryuko Matoi from Kill La Kill

Otakuthon 2 Ryuko Matoi

Wearing Senketsu is always a brave choice, if you know what we mean. So kudos to you, cosplayer!

#1 – Skull Kids from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask

Otakuthon 1 Legend of Zelda


Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!