5 Hobbies You Can Turn Into a Clever Career

5 Hobbies You Can Turn Into a Clever Career

For some people, hobbies are a fun way to pass the time, decompress, or do a bit of both. But for others, hobbies are a fun and easy side hustle. If you need some extra cash, check out the top five hobbies you can turn into a clever career.

Shopping Hobbies

Some of us love clothes shopping, and if you have a passion for fashion, becoming a personal shopper may be the perfect side gig for you. Not only do you get to embrace a hobby you love, but you also get paid to buy outfits for others.

Creative Hobbies

Creativity comes in many forms, stretching from music to writing to painting. If it requires imagination, it falls under the artistic umbrella, which is great news for an art lover. As you turn this hobby into a career, consider which type of art you like most and what you’re best at. You can narrow your options to make the best career choice by doing this!

For example, look for opportunities to become a freelancer if you love writing. On the other hand, if you prefer something hands-on, like jewelry making, check out ways to make a profit by cutting gems. In jewelry-making, you have to take your supplies, time, and market into account before setting prices for your work.

Culinary Hobbies

Opening a bakery or restaurant is anything but easy, not to mention expensive. Embrace your love for treating others with your incredible cooking by transforming it into a side job. You could do this as an occasional side job or start your own catering business.

Nature Hobbies

Whether you love animals or the great outdoors, why not transform one of these passions into your new side gig? Gardening is relaxing and a great way to add some greenery to the Earth! Plus, if you have a talent for design, you could help homeowners create the perfect landscaping to boost their curb appeal.

On the other hand, if you love animals, start a dog walking business so you can spend some quality time with these four-legged companions. As a bonus, you get to set the prices while booking appointments with all your new clients.

Planning Centric Hobbies

Event planning is a great hobby you can turn into a clever career, especially if you’re a total extrovert with great organizational skills. You can help plan anything from family reunion parties to weddings! However, as you turn your hobby into a job, remember to have fun.

What To Wear to Your First Country Music Concert

What To Wear to Your First Country Music Concert

A part of going to a concert is planning out the perfect outfit to match the vibe as you enjoy the music. Country concerts are fun to attend and dress for since you can sport some styling boots with your best denim. As you plan out your outfit, try out some of these tips on what to wear to your first country music concert for a fashionable and comfortable look.

Wear Denim

Aim to have at least one piece of denim clothing as part of your outfit. This could be a pair of jeans or a jacket—both say country. What’s important is you wear something comfortable. So don’t wear long pants to an outdoor concert during the dog days of summer.


Don’t forget about a belt with a decorative buckle. Not only is this an ideal accent piece, but it also adds to the Western look without making you seem like a stereotype. Simple accessories like a belt or hat can go a long way and take your outfit one step further.

Never Forget Your Boots

Nothing quite says country like a fantastic pair of Western boots, and they pair with just about everything. For a summer concert, throw on a romper or sundress with some cowboy boots, and in autumn, pair them with leggings and a sweater. Your options are endless.

If you don’t already have a pair of boots, you have an excuse to plan a shopping trip. Before you hit the stores, narrow your scope by understanding the different toe shapes, heel heights, and boot styles. Simply searching “cowboy boots” will leave you overwhelmed with options.

Pick the Right Shirt

As you plan out what to wear to your first country music concert, keep in mind that the top you choose depends on the look you want to create. Flannel looks great on everyone, and you can wear it with leggings, jeans, or shorts. On the other hand, plenty of women enjoy wearing loose-fitting or otherwise flowy shirts to concerts.

When planning your outfit, what’s most important is that you feel comfortable and confident. After all, this is your first country concert, so remember to have a blast as you make memories!

Tactical Boots vs. Combat Boots: What’s the Difference?

Tactical Boots vs. Combat Boots: What’s the Difference?

While many people use the terms “combat boot” and “tactical boot” interchangeably, they are not the same thing. When you look at combat boots and tactical boots, you’ll notice a few differences. Here are some of the differences between combat boots vs. tactical boots.

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What Are Tactical Boots?

Before you compare tactical boots to combat boots, you need to know what a tactical boot is. A tactical boot is a lightweight, thin, and flexible boot that people use for activities that require lots of movement, such as hiking or climbing. These boots protect your feet, make movement easy, and keep your feet comfortable. No one wants to hike or climb in uncomfortable shoes, so it’s important to know how to find comfortable tactical boots.

What Are Combat Boots?

Now that you know a few facts about tactical boots, you’re probably wondering how combat boots are different. While a tactical boot is thin and lightweight, a combat boot is heavier and more durable. These boots can withstand wear and tear while providing the best possible protection for your feet. Since these boots have a durable, thick material, they generally will last longer than lightweight tactical boots. However, combat boots are heavier and can make movement difficult.

Which Boot Is Better?

So what are the differences between combat boots and tactical boots? Tactical boots are thin, lightweight, and flexible, while combat boots are tough, durable, and heavy. Tactical boots allow your feet to move with ease, while combat boots provide the best possible protection. Which boot you should buy depends on what activity you plan to do. Do you want to go hiking and need something lightweight? Tactical boots are your best bet. However, if you plan to tackle an obstacle course and require the best protection for your feet, then combat boots are the better choice.

Top 10 Most Fun Activities for Your Friend Group

Top 10 Most Fun Activities for Your Friend Group

We’ve all been there: wanting to spend time with your whole friend group but having nothing really fun or different to do together. Going to a friend’s home or hanging out at the same bar can get stale after a while. Check out the top 10 most fun activities for your friend group to do together.

10. Host a Themed Dinner Party

At first, it may feel silly to plan a themed dinner party and ask your friends to dress up for a night in at your home, but these events can end up being a ton of fun. You can plan out a dinner based on whatever the theme is.

9. Go Camping

Camping is a wonderful way to bond with your friends and experience the great outdoors. You can get one huge tent or multiple smaller ones and create your own little secluded night where you and your pals can share stories, roast marshmallows, and have a great time together.

8. Host Your Own Bakeoff

While baking competition shows typically feature more than one oven, you can still replicate the excitement at home even with the standard single oven. Break into teams and pick a dish the teams must create. Set a timer for prep work and then take turns baking the items.

7. Take a Group Weekend Trip

Planning a weekend group getaway can be the bonding experience with your buddies you need. Exploring a new city or town together as a group is a bonding experience and helps you gain a shared experience that lasts a lifetime.

6. Put Together a Themed Bar Crawl

Who needs an official bar crawl to have fun? Put together your own and go from bar to bar in your local city. You can take turns picking the bar and the drink and have a great time together.

5. Have a Group Cocktail Party

Get a group together and take turns making signature cocktails for each other.

4. Goat Yoga

Find a local yoga studio that brings in goats. Goat yoga is a new trend sweeping the Internet, and you and your friends can try it out too! Find some mindfulness practices while enjoying the hoodwinks of baby goats.

3. Host a Murder Mystery Night

Consider hosting a murder mystery night. Ask everyone to dress in theme and create a real-life game of Clue. Stage a fake murder and work together to solve it.

2. Rent a Boat for a Party

What’s more fun than a yacht party? Not much! Get your friends together and go in on a boat rental. It may seem intimidating to learn how to throw a boat party with all your friends, but it’s easier than you’d think.

1. Take a Cooking Class Together

Taking a cooking class as a group is a great time. Learning new things with your friends is exciting and adds a layer of friendly competition to the night’s events.

There are many different things to do to bond with your buddies. These are the top 10 most fun activities for your friend group to do together. Every friend group has a different dynamic, so pick what you think your friends will like the most or get their opinions before planning something.

Trendy Gift Ideas for Your Fashion-Loving Friends

Trendy Gift Ideas for Your Fashion-Loving Friends

Most of the time, finding the perfect gifts for your friends is challenging and time-consuming. After all, you want to give them something that shows how much you care without breaking the bank. Sometimes, it can be challenging to shop for your fashion-loving friends without going way over your budget. To make gift-giving easier this year, here are some trendy gift ideas for your fashion-loving friends.

Classic Clothing

You can never go wrong with a classic piece of clothing. The term “classic” is used to describe clothing that never goes out of style, such as a cute black dress or a white button-up shirt. You can dress these items up or down for any occasion, so they are excellent gifts for your fashionable friends.

Simple Chain Necklace

Another one of the trendy gift ideas for your fashion-loving friends is a chain necklace. If your friends love to add a little bling to their outfits, simple chain necklaces are great gifts. Your friends can add these chain necklaces to any outfit for casual or formal occasions.

Makeup Organizer

Everyone has that friend who enjoys collecting a lot of makeup. To help your loved one organize their makeup, you can give them a makeup organizer. These are simple gifts that help make their makeup routine—and their lives—a lot easier.

Unique Outfits

If you have a friend who wears very unique outfits, it can be difficult and frustrating to find the perfect gift. One way to find unique clothing items is to visit a thrift store. You’ll find all sorts of unique clothing that is not available at other stores. However, picking a random thrift store might not help you find a unique gift, so it’s helpful to learn how to find a thrift store that has what you are looking for.

Jewelry Box

A jewelry box is a thoughtful gift for your friends who love their accessories. This gift will help your friends keep their accessories safe and organized. Jewelry boxes come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, so you’ll have plenty of options for your friends.

Doggy Hall of Fame: Most Heroic Dogs in Canine History

Doggy Hall of Fame: Most Heroic Dogs in Canine History

When we think of heroes, our furry friends may not be the first things to come to mind. But we have dogs to thank for some of the most outstanding achievements in history. There are all sorts of common dogs for jobs, and any pooch—from detection dogs to delivery pups—can be heroic! Check out the most heroic pups in canine history to know which pooches deserved an extra-special treat.


Many people have heard tales of Balto, the wonder dog who brought life-savingmedicine to a town in Alaska. Balto didn’t act alone—he was the leader of his sled team. He had to navigate severe weather and large snowdrifts. Running day and night couldn’t have been easy, but Balto did it and helped save a community as diphtheria spread through the city of Nome.


Togo was another dog who ran across the frozen Alaskan landscape to help Balto save many lives. Just like Balto, he led his team through difficult terrain, running day and night. The dangerous journey stretched over 300 miles. Togo overcame the challenge to save the day.

Sergeant Stubby

Most people probably don’t learn about Sergeant Stubby during their World War I history lectures, but they should have. This fluffy hero was one of the most heroic dogs in canine history because of his brave actions in over 17 battles. During his time as a soldier, he saved his troop from a sudden mustard gas attack and found wounded soldiers.


Many astronomy-lovers know about Laika, the dog who gave her life during the Space Race. Scientists in Moscow decided Laika would be the first animal put into space for an orbit around Earth. Sadly, she passed away on this mission, but she remains commemorated because of her great sacrifice.


By the name, you may assume this was another space dog, but that’s not the case. Apollo the German shepherd and his handler helped rescue people on 9/11. As a part of the search-and-rescue team, this heroic pooch sniffed out people among the rubble. Despite nearly losing his life to falling debris, Apollo continued onward, and because of his bravery, he received the PDSA Dickin Medal.

Sure, most dogs aren’t running into burning buildings or treading across frozen landscapes—some work as therapy animals to comfort children in hospitals, while others serve at their local fire stations. But your furry friend is still a hero in your book. Whether your pup barks to warn you of strangers at the door or comforts you through tough times, they’re still saving the day. Heroes come in various shapes and sizes, but above all else, they act selflessly to ensure the well-being of others.

Step Back in Time: A Quick History of Southern Architecture

Step Back in Time: A Quick History of Southern Architecture

If home interior trends over the last century have taught us anything, it’s to find unique inspiration and add fun elements to our homes that we never thought of adding before. Southern architecture makes up one of the most prevalent styles. Also called antebellum architecture, this style often describes large homes on farms and plantations. These contained some of the most breathtaking home features, such as Greek-inspired columns and the renowned wrap-around porch. Let’s take a step back in time with a brief history of Southern architecture.

A Brief History of Southern Architecture

Before the Civil War began, Southern homebuilders took inspiration from Mediterranean styles. For example, Greek, gothic, and even Italian designs were popular in Southern home styles during this time.

Even though these styles were famous for their aesthetic beauty, plantation and farm owners chose them for their practicality. For instance, the wrap-around porch blocked the sun on hot days, and large windows allowed a cross breeze to pass through the house. Also, high ceilings allowed the heat to rise, keeping living areas cool.

The Must-Haves

Every Southern-style home needed at least one of these critical elements to help make the home both dramatic and practical. Take a glimpse at some of the key features that can inspire you in your own home design.

Square Structure

Looking at photos of Southern architecture, you might notice their square, symmetrical structures. The reason these homes were symmetrical was to help make the space attractive and balanced, based on where you placed your furniture inside. This balance helped the homeowners navigate easily from one part of the house to another. The exterior of these homes often featured attractive elements like french doors and tall windows.

Wraparound Porch

The most recognizable—and often the most desirable—part of any Southern home is the wrap-around porch. Since the porch provided plenty of shade, the patio also protected tenants from getting wet in the rain while they sat outside and even prevented the sitting area from flooding. If you’re considering updating your porch, we highly encourage you to consider this feature.

Dramatic Ceilings and Staircases

Cathedral-like ceilings were all the rage in the pre-War era, and they helped keep homes cool during the hot summer months. Staircases are another classic feature that added a bit of drama to a home. In fact, even though these sloping stairs were stylish—and still are—their most valuable quality was that they helped cross-ventilate the house.

The Location of Southern Homes

You won’t find many newer Southern-style homes. In fact, it’s uncommon to find recent constructions that have any of the styles we’ve mentioned. You can find Southern homes in states like Georgia, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Mississippi.

If you’re not satisfied with a quick history of Southern architecture, keep exploring the Southern architecture style and history. Who knows? The fascinating history might even inspire you to move South and buy a home in one of these styles.

Style in the Streets: How Hip-Hop Changed Fashion

Style in the Streets: How Hip-Hop Changed Fashion

Hip-hop isn’t just one of the most popular genres of music in the world; it’s a lifestyle that millions have adopted. As the decades wore on and hip-hop went from a fledgling music experiment to a bona fide institution, the outfits worn by the genre’s biggest stars became iconic. Here are four artists who showed how hip-hop changed fashion forever.

Run-DMC Set the Template for Street Fashion

In addition to being one of the first rap groups to break into the mainstream, Run-DMC profoundly changed how rap artists present themselves. Hip-hop artists previously wore bright, flashy clothes with lots of colors. Run-DMC shunned these choices and created their own image with components that would define the look of hip-hop for decades.

Street clothes influenced their outfits, and many credit Run-DMC with popularizing sneakers, tracksuits, jeans, and gold chains in hip-hop. Run-DMC’s fashion influenced what artists like LL Cool J, the Beastie Boys, and many more have worn over the years, but black fedoras are a stylistic choice that is distinctly their own.

Biggie Smalls Brought Coogi Into the Picture

After Run-DMC pioneered urban style, hip-hop artists always made fashion choices with ties to the street. Biggie Smalls was no different.

Interpolating high-fashion brands like Ralph Lauren was commonplace for hip-hop artists during this time. Nonetheless, Biggie associated himself with a brand that would become synonymous with his image: Coogi.

Although Coogi is an Australian sweater company previously marketed to the wealthy elite, Biggie became the most well-known artist to don their colorful sweaters. Now, wearing a Coogi is a way for artists to honor a hip-hop legend.

Outkast Made Statements With Their Experimental Outfits

As the sound of hip-hop began to change, artists like Outkast would be at the forefront of a new hip-hop revolution. Both members of the group, particularly André 3000, were known to wear bizarre outfits that made a statement.

Throughout their career, Outkast wore colorful bell bottoms, denim, cardigans influenced by 1950’s Americana, leather jackets, jumpsuits, and countless other unique garments. Their exploration brought new possibilities for how successful hip-hop artists could look.

Kanye West Ushered in a New Era of Hip-Hop Fashion

One of the most popular fashion icons in rap over the last decade is Kanye West. Known for his larger-than-life public persona and critically acclaimed albums, Kanye famously began his professional career as an employee at the Gap.

After his early days as a Chicago retail worker, Kanye created the Yeezy shoe collaboration with Adidas. Yeezy shoes sell out consistently worldwide, and they are one example of how hip-hop changed fashion in the mainstream. Kanye ushered in a new era of alternative fashion, lyrics, and samples in hip-hop.

Best Historical Time Periods for Fashion

Best Historical Time Periods for Fashion

When we think about fashion trends, we note that some are more popular than others. And trends change with time. Some decades had hot fashion trends, while others were downright shabby! So, if you’re intrigued and wondering about the best historical time periods for fashion, then keep reading!

The Victorian Era

Not everyone will consider the Victorian era first—the thought of a tight corset is anything but pleasant. However, one undeniable fact about the Victorian era is that the dresses and accessories were stunning! Bonnets were popular, dresses finally had natural waistlines, and men, like Abraham Lincoln, wore those infamous top hats. 

At the start, the Victorian era was the time for big dresses, but near the end of the decade, the bustle grew in popularity. And even better, women no longer had to wear corsets by the end of the era!

The Wild West

Everything from the classic western shirts to the fringe was iconic! And let’s not forget to mention the boots. Western boots will never go out of style. They have all sorts of designs, and the most common leather used for boots ranges from cowhide to ostrich! And the fact that Western themes continuously repeat throughout the decades only further proves that the Wild West was an influential time for fashion!

Art Deco

A list of the best historical time periods for fashion is incomplete without mentioning the 1920s. In Art Deco, style transformed as women’s hair and dresses got shorter. Not only this but straight dresses and pops of color also became popular.

During the Art Deco period, geometric patterns and embroidered designs became more popular. And don’t forget about the feather boas worn while people danced the night away!

Decade of Movements

The 60s is infamous for the many social movements and protests that occurred. It also had a fair amount of influence on fashion trends. By this point, wearing pants was becoming more socially acceptable for women. In the 60s, fashion transformed with the miniskirt as well as colorful patterns for all genders!

The New Wave

Another monumental time in fashion was the 80s. Who can deny the bright neon and trendy tracksuits? We’ve got the 80s to thank for converse high-tops, acid-washed jeans, and so much more. Fashion transformed thanks to daring icons and creative designers, and without this, we probably wouldn’t have many of the beloved trends today!

Recover Your Body Like a Pro with This Percussion Massager for $55

Never has muscle and joint recovery been more convenient than with the Actigun: Percussive Massager

Whether you’re an athlete, casual gym-goer, or just someone who enjoys the full mobility of your body, one thing is for certain: muscle and joint recovery are a must for everyone. They also shouldn’t cost top dollar to obtain. With visits to physical or massage therapists, you could end up paying an arm and a leg to keep your arms and legs moving the way they should. Meet the Actigun: Percussive Massager, which offers professional massaging and recovery capabilities now for $54.99, or 72% off.

Gone are the days of excessive spending to get a professional massage experience. Now, you can have access to top-tier humanized massage and recovery with a device that reacts to the conditions of your body. The Actigun uses a smart AI chip that operates at 1,200 to 3,300 percussions per minute based on your body’s needs.

The Actigun: Percussive Massager comes with 4 massage heads each designed to target specific parts of the body for a tailored experience. From bigger muscle groups to smaller joints, it’s able to handle any and all of your massage needs. For a fraction of the cost of going to a physical therapist, percussion massagers such as this are proven to increase your range of motion, relieve pain, speed up recovery, and promote healthy circulation. It’s also virtually quiet with a silent motor and barely moves in your hand thanks to its ergonomic handle and anti-slip grip. All of these functions also last an impressive 120+ minutes on a full charge.

This muscle and joint recovery tool will take your mobility to the next level and offer you the convenience of self-care from anywhere you want. 

The best part is, Actigun usually sells this massager for $199, but WatchMojo subscribers can take advantage of this 72% markdown. Thanks to this discount you’ll be able to massage and recover your muscles and joints for only $54.99.