The Best DIY Hacks for Cosplay

The Best DIY Hacks for Cosplay

Anyone can cosplay, no matter your age, shape, or background. Still, any of the best DIY hacks for cosplay will save you money and time from laborious sewing and crafting. Take note of each of these hacks and how they can better your cosplay experience and costume design.

Think Outside the Box with Costume Materials

Even if it’s not your first cosplay experience, you don’t need to be an expert sewer or knitter to create an elaborate piece. Instead, get creative with your costume materials. For instance, puff paint creates a great fake embroidery that will baffle others. Embroidery is not an easy skill, but you can create the same illusion using puff paint as a base. Outline the detail in puff paint and sew around this layer for the visual effect. Another trick is to use hand socks for unnatural skin colors, including green, purple, red, or blue. Instead of painting your whole body this color, have a set of colored gloves that match the desired skin tone. You’ll save precious time and energy from painting your whole body, especially if you’ll be attending a hot, crowded convention later.

Hot Glue Goes a Long Way

Another great DIY trick is to use hot glue. Hot glue guns are great for cosplay because they can create perfect miniature details. You might not be a skilled artist, and that’s perfectly okay. Consider hot glue as a cheap, easy option. Simply trace over your design with hot glue, whether armor, clothes, or accessories. Highlighting a shield or tiara is easy with this hack. Hot glue remains in place for a considerable amount of time after it dries, meaning you won’t need to fuss with the finished result.

Take Time Finding Fabrics

Every cosplayer knows the importance of finding the right cosplay fabrics for their costume. Still, at the end of the day, everyone just wants to look their best. That’s why you must take the time to find the best fabrics for your specific costume. Some of the most popular options include natural fibers, like cotton, linen, and silk, or synthetic fibers, like nylon, spandex, or neoprene. Each of these has its own advantages and disadvantages, so take your time researching each one and how it fits your character. For example, a Renaissance period costume requires wool but not spandex, or vice versa for a modern superhero’s costume, depending on the level of authenticity you desire.

Save Some Money and Thrift

The final DIY hack for cosplay is to hit the thrift shop. Thrifting is one of the easiest ways to save money in cosplay, especially for those who frequently wear or create different costumes. While creating a costume from scratch is fun, materials and labor cost time and money. Do yourself and your wallet a favor and thrift shop for older or previously worn clothes, as these are cheaper than costume stores or other retail outlets. Thrift stores also have different styles and sizes that are great for experimenting with different looks.

And when all else fails, you can always consult The Cosplay Handbook and watch our video on the Top 10 Famous Cosplayers for some inspiration!

The Perfect “Avatar: The Last Airbender” Fan Art for Every Sign

It’s true that we’ve all been spending a lot more time at home lately, but there are still silver linings.  Like having more time to binge watch the amazing Nickelodeon show, “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” now that it’s available to stream.  Whether you’re a new fan or an old member of the gAang, “Avatar” has something for everyone to love; the internet is just full of incredibly talented artists making it possible to turn that fandom into a feature of your space.  But how to choose?  Well, for a show that highlights the four elements, there’s no better way to start stylebending than to get your own elemental energy in line and follow your sign.  

Just a note: Clicking a link may generate revenue for WatchMojo.  Thank you so much for the support that helps us keep creating content we get excited about.  


“Fire Lord Azula” Canvas Print; Redbubble

Passionate, motivated, confident leaders, strong personalities.  If it sounds familiar it’s not just because we’re describing some of the best traits of Aries individuals.  Princess Azula is a fabulously complicated lady with some serious Aries energy of her own.  The bold colors of this print pop as vividly as the sign’s typically bold aura, while the minimalist style is perfect for direct Aries’ dislike of unnecessary complications.  A fierce firebender representing the first fire sign of the Zodiac is a great addition to the collection of any style savvy Aries.  

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“Visit Beautiful Ba Sing Se” Poster; Redbubble

Taurus is a sign that loves their luxury.  They prize the finer things in life, and enjoy the consistency that makes all that pampering possible.  That’s why a Taurus would definitely be at home in the city of Ba Sing Se.  Whether it’s a trip to the day spa, or a shopping spree in the Upper Ring, serene, orderly Ba Sing Se with its commitment to maintaining a peaceful status quo can offer the very best of Earth Kingdom amenities.  This travel poster will let Taurus kick back, sip a cup of tea, and imagine they’re chilling at the Jasmine Dragon.  

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Planetarium Calendar Clock; Redbubble

For Gemini there are never enough hours in the day.  These curious, intellectual types are always chasing some stimulating new hobby, idea, or activity; a trip to Wan Shi Tong’s Spirit Library would be an opportunity any Gemini would jump at.  This reproduction of the library’s Planetarium Calendar lets them bring home a little piece of the knowledge of the ages, one that doesn’t involve any disruptive spirits.  Superimposed on a clock face, it might even help Gemini manage their time as they pursue their own 10,000 things worth knowing.

Buy Now on Redbubble


“Water Spirit” Floor Pillow; Redbubble

It’s tough to be a Cancer.  Though they’re naturally homebodies, these strongly psychic water signs can’t help but toggle between planes.  So what to do?  This beautiful pillow cover might be a nice place to start.  With a size that’s perfect whether sitting on the floor or lounging in bed, it offers cozy Cancer all the creature comfort they covet, while the dreamy water spirit print soothes the psyche.  The material and spiritual meeting in one lovely piece?   That’s as quintessentially Cancer as it gets.

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“Avatar The Firebending Style” Art Print; Redbubble

There’s no denying that Leos are the most dramatic of all the signs.  Daring, fearless, and creative, these folks like to make a statement, and this gorgeous firebending print blazes its own impression in a way that can’t help but bring Leo to mind. With the striking central silhouette and the bold sweep of the flames, this artwork reflects the kind of eye-catching ferocity that Leo individuals naturally project.  The vibrant vibes of this piece are a great match to the undeniable blaze of the fire sign’s personality. 

Buy Now on Redbubble


“Minimalist Earth” Green iPad Skin and Case; Redbubble

Virgo is the kind of person who has it all planned out.  Perhaps the most rooted of the Earth signs, they are hardworking, committed, and they just want to make the world a more efficient place.  The symmetry of this design is the perfect visual representation of logical order, while the use of art in a functional medium is practical Virgo’s dream come true.  The Earth Kingdom emblem on an iPad case is everything that Virgo craves with the bonus of a soothing green color pallet that may calm their irritation in those moments when the rest of the world isn’t quite as well-prepared as they are. 

Buy Now on Redbubble


“Tribal Air” Travel Mug; Redbubble

Like the Air Nomads with whom they share an element, Libra is guided by a strong desire for balance.  That doesn’t mean they want to sacrifice aesthetics to achieve it, though.  In a Libra’s ideal world everything would exist in harmony and look fabulous too.  That might not always be possible, but this mug can at least give the illusion that it is.  The tri-spiral air symbol is the kind of visual balance that Libra loves, while the swirling design enhancements and rich chocolate and gold color scheme provide just the right hint of decadence to suit their upscale tastes.  And turning a mundane daily item like a travel mug into art?  That’s the kind of jam Libra can always appreciate. 

Buy Now at Redbubble


“The Legend of Raava and Vaatu” Mounted Print; Redbubble

Ruled by Pluto, it’s no wonder that Scorpio can be frustratingly misunderstood.  Calculating and intuitive, seductive and mysterious, empathetic but occasionally volatile, they sometimes seem impossible to figure out.  So what better to represent Scorpio than the dual spirits of Light and Dark?  This stunning mounted print of Raava and Vaatu demonstrates the equilibrium that exists at the heart of these enigmatic Scorpio  individuals.  Whether they’re the best friend you’ve ever had or they’ve delivered a sharp sting, Scorpios exist in perfect harmony with the light and dark that exists in everyone.  A human Harmonic Convergence, if you will.  

Buy Now at Redbubble


“Avatar: The Last Airbender Map” Poster; Redbubble

No one can quite match the enthusiasm of a Sagittarius.  The term “Wanderlust” might as well have been coined to describe these folks who are always the first in line to go on an adventure.  This map poster of the “Avatar” world isn’t just a nice wall decoration, it’s the stuff of Sagittarius’ dreams: New places, undiscovered knowledge, and stories waiting to be told.  The dauntless archers won’t just see a fantasy world in this image, they’ll see inspiration to go out and make their own epic saga come to life. 

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University of Earthbending Graphic Tee; Redbubble

Outwardly, the Capricorn is a focused, goal-oriented, and ambitious individual, but underneath there is an unexpected and mischievous sense of fun.  Is it just us, or does that sound kind of like a university student?  By sporting this artwork on a high quality t-shirt, the Capricorn can announce themselves to the world: That they have the brains and the determination to succeed in an elite environment…and that they have the whimsy to take pride in a school that doesn’t technically exist.  Both sides of the Capricorn nature are well represented in this wearable design.  

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“Avatar Korra Swamp” Canvas Print; Redbubble

Rebellious, visionary, and often considered eccentric, Aquarians may seem like they’re off in their own world.  That’s why the tree at the center of the Earth Kingdom’s mysterious swamp is such a fascinating prospect for the Aquarius mind, and why this canvas print would be the perfect addition to any Water-Bearer’s space.  The powerful spiritual energy and mystical properties of the swamp are comforting to free-spirited Aquarius, who is always ready to chase some higher vision or deeper mystery.  Maybe just having this art on the wall would help to focus all that cosmic energy Aquarius is always vibrating with, and boost them to their natural greatness. 

Buy Now at Redbubble


“Moon Spirit” Sticker; Redbubble

Pisces is a sign known for a deeply compassionate and sensitive nature, which is why they would surely feel an affinity with The Painted Lady.  This gentle guardian is depicted here with the Moon and Ocean Spirits, representing balance, all things that speak to the nature of the empathetic water sign.  For the Pisces individual, who often feels suspended between fantasy and reality, the spiritual entities who choose to dwell in the mortal world become apt signifiers of their own duality, which they can carry with them wherever they go thanks to the convenience of being able to buy artwork in a sticker format.  

Buy Now at Redbubble

WatchMojo’s Best of the Decade! Help us rank the last 10 years!

WatchMojo loves the number 10. What better way to celebrate that than to look back at the last 10 years and rank the 10 best (and worst!) of all the things we love. Movies, Video Games, TV/Streaming, Anime! So much has been created and released in the past decade that it’s hard to nail down the perfect rank. That’s where you come in! WatchMojo has always been about audience involvement as well, and for this Best of the Decade special feature, we need you more than ever to help us rank a whole bunch of new lists.

Below you will find links to all the brand new voting pages that we have created specifically for this series. You can vote right away on these lists!


Video Games



Thanks for voting! We’ll be publishing these topics with the final, official WatchMojo rank in November, so keep an eye out for videos and don’t hesitate to suggest more Best of the Decade ideas at!

Everything Coming to Netflix June 2019

New Month, New Movies

June is finally here, which means a brand new list of film and TV titles is coming to Netflix and we’ve got every single one listed below! This month we can expect a solid mix of incoming titles that range from beloved superhero films like “The Dark Knight” and “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”, to highly anticipated series continuations like season 3 of “Jessica Jones” and season 5 of “Black Mirror“, featuring Miley Cyrus. There will also be a handful of fresh Netflix originals such as “Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese”. So if any of this interests you, or to find out which titles are leaving Netflix this month, keep reading!

June 1

“Arthdal Chronicles“ (Netflix original series)
“Oh, Ramona!”
(Netflix original)
“A.I. Artificial Intelligence”
“Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day”
“Batman Begins”
“Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”
“Dynasty: Season 2”
“Good Night, and Good Luck”
“Gran Torino”
“Life in the Doghouse”
“Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa”
“Magic Mike”
“Prosecuting Evil: The Extraordinary World Of Ben Ferencz”
“Satan & Adam”
“Small Soldiers”
The Dark Knight
“The Phantom of the Opera”
“The Space Between Us”
“What a Girl Wants”

June 3rd

“Documentary Now!” Season 3
“Malibu Rescue: The Series”
(Netflix original series)

June 4th

“Miranda Sings Live…Your Welcome” (Netflix original)

June 5th

“A Silent Voice”
“Black Mirror,” Season 5
(Netflix original series)
“Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch”

June 6th

“Alles ist gut” (Netflix original)
“Everybody Knows” (Todos lo saben)

June 7th

“3%,” Season 3 (Netflix original series)
“The Black Godfather”
(Netflix original)
“The Chef Show“
(Netflix original)
“Designated Survivor,”
Season 3 (Netflix original series)
“Elisa & Marcela”
(Netflix original)
“I Am Mother”
(Netflix original)
(Netflix original)
“Rock My Heart“
(Netflix original)
“Super Monsters Monster Pets”
(Netflix original series)
“Tales of the City“
(Netflix original miniseries)

June 8th

“Berlin, I Love You”

June 11th

Disney’s “Ralph Breaks the Internet

June 12th

“Jo Koy: Comin’ In Hot” (Netflix original stand-up special)
“Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese”
(Netflix original)

June 13th

“The 3rd Eye 2” (Netflix original)
“Jinn” (Netflix original series)
“Kakegurui xx” (Netflix original anime series)

June 14th

“Aggretsuko,” Season 2 (Netflix original series)
“The Alcàsser Murders”
(Netflix original series)
“Awake: The Million Dollar Game”
(Netflix original game show)
“Charité at War”
(Netflix original series)
“Cinderella Pop”
(Netflix original)
“Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce,”
Season 5
“Marvel’s Jessica Jones,”
Season 3 (Netflix original series)
(Netflix original series)
“Life Overtakes Me”
(Netflix original)
Season 2
“Murder Mystery”
(Netflix original)
“Unité 42”
(Netflix original series)

June 15th

“Grey’s Anatomy” Season 15

June 16th

“Cop Car”

June 18th

“Adam Devine: Best Time of Our Lives” (Netflix original)
Big Kill”

June 19th

“Beats” (Netflix original)
“The Edge of Democracy” (Netflix original)

June 20th

“Le Chant du Loup” (Netflix original)

June 21st

“Ad Vitam” (Netflix original series)
Bolívar” (Netflix original period piece)
“The Casketeers,”
Season 2 (Netflix original series)
“The Confession Tapes,”
Season 2 (Netflix original series)
Season 2 (Netflix original series)
“The End of Evangelion”
“Girls Incarcerate,”
Season 2 (Netflix original series)
“GO! Live Your Way,”
Season 2 (Netflix original series)
“Jaoon Kahan Bata Ae Dil”
(Netflix original)
“La misma sangre”
(Netflix original)
“Mr. Iglesias“
(Netflix original series)
“Neon Genesis Evangelion”
(Netflix original anime series)
Season 3 (Netflix original series)

June 24th

“Forest of Piano” Season 2 (Netflix original series)

June 25th

“Mike Epps: Only One Mike” (Netflix original comedy series)

June 26th

“The Golem”
“Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”
“The Zookeeper”

June 27th

“Answer for Heaven” (Netflix original series)

June 28th

“20th Century Women”
(Netflix original manga series)
Season 3 (Netflix original series)
“Exhibit A”
(Netflix original)
“Instant Hotel,”
Season 2 (Netflix original series)
“Motown Magic,”
Season 2 (Netflix original series)
“Paquita Salas,”
Season 3 (Netflix original series)
“The Chosen One”
(Netflix original series)

June 29th

“Scare Tactics” Seasons 4 & 5

June 30th

“Madam Secretary” Season 5


“Trinkets” (Netflix original series)

For all the details about the most anticipated incoming titles from this list, as well as the series and films LEAVING Netflix including “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” and “Kill Bill Vol. 1”, check out our video below!

Top 5 Anime You Will Regret Watching

That Was a Mistake…

More often than not, even the weirdest anime series has some merit to them, whether due to a narrative standpoint, unique visuals or just one likeable character. However, there are times when even the most promising of shows manage to trip over themselves, to the point where we’re all left thinking – “what was the point?” In that regard, you’d best save yourself some time by avoiding these five!

Image result for final fantasy unlimited gif

#5: “Violence Jack” OVAs (1986-90)

For those of you that loved the darkness and unrepentant tragedy presented in Devilman Crybaby, do yourself a favour and avoid these scummy renditions of Go Nagai’s apocalyptic works. It’s not that we didn’t expect a lunatic named Violence Jack to cause some carnage, it’s just we wanted it to have some level of substance. The creators of these OVAs seemed to have confused purposeful shock value for random cannibalism, oodles of rape and way too many forms of impalement. Doesn’t make for a pleasant viewing experience.

Image result for Violence Jack OVA

#4: “Conception” (2018)

It’s not often one gets to say this but; this would have worked so much better as a hentai. You’ve got a generic student being brought to a fantasy world that can only be saved if he knocks up various ladies. Don’t get any ideas though, there’s no actual nookie involved…just some magic mumbo jumbo, random nakedness and poof! Impregnation powers activate! What could have been a hilarious parody or something wholly naughty manages to fail in every regard. No matter what your motivation for watching this was, you will leave disappointed! 

Image result for Conception anime

#3: “Isshoni Training: Sleeping with Hinako” (2010)

Fifty minutes of watching a teenage girl sleep. That’s it. Just…watching her sleep. For fifty minutes. You might be thinking if you just keep watching for just a little bit longer, something crazy will happen. Maybe it will turn into into a philosophical discussion on the nature of voyeurism. Perhaps an alien will burst out of her head and break into a jazz routine. Nah…you’re just stuck watching an anime girl sleep for nearly an hour. Okay I think I’m done here. 

Image result for Isshoni Training: Sleeping with Hinako

#2: “Hand Shakers” (2017)

If you manage to withstand the bombardment that is this anime’s explosion of art style, you’ll find that just beneath its blinding overuse of 3D lies a story that makes so little sense it hurts. Summoning supernatural weaponry by holding hands with someone? Surpassing God by becoming the ultimate beta-male? Creepily specific fanservice? And that’s to say nothing of the dizzying camerawork, woeful use of music and incoherent plotting. This truly is the chalice of awful. At least we’ll never see its kind again. What do you mean it’s got a sequel? 

Image result for Hand Shakers

#1: “Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly” (1994)

Arguably the worst movie to ever bear the Dragon Ball name, save for Evolution, this flick is not only a horrible example of storytelling, but it also drags the once proud name of Broly through the mud. Or…bio-goop in this case. Is it a comedy? Is it a brutal action-fest? We don’t know and neither does the movie, since it goes back and forth way too many times to hold onto any kind of consistency. It’s a blight on DBZ’s legacy, with the only saving grace being that it now sits firmly in the shadow of Dragon Ball Super: Broly. 

Image result for Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly

Be sure to check the video below to see our picks for the Top 10 Worst Anime Battles.

Top 10 Dragon Ball Super: Broly Moments


With fight scenes that eclipse even the most hardcore of shounen series, top tier animation and an excellent revamp of a cult character into the mainstream, Dragon Ball Super: Broly became something of a landmark event for fans of the franchise. From the surprisingly potent character study of its titular Saiyan all the way to the return of a certain Fusion, these are the moments that proved the hype was worth it!

Image result for broly gif

#5: Call Me Kakarot

Kakarot may have been born on Planet Vegeta, but Son Goku is a byproduct of Earth. Seeking to extend an olive branch after the fighting concludes, Goku formally introduces himself to Broly as an Earthling and a Saiyan. In certain ways, Goku and Broly share a lot in common. Both were forced off their home planet at a painfully young age and only learned about their species through second-hand accounts from people like Paragus and Vegeta. By adopting the name Kakarot, Goku shows Broly there is still a place for Saiyans in this universe.

Image result for broly Call Me Kakarot

#4: Goku vs. Broly

An interesting story is all fine and dandy, but “Dragon Ball” is nothing without explosive action and “Broly” delivers the goods in spades! As the second in three main fights, Goku’s battle against Broly progresses through multiple phases of awesomeness, with the momentum swinging back and forth along the way. The pair end up fighting in magma, so things get pretty insane! We’d put this fight higher on the list, but unfortunately the 3D segments really bring it down – no one wants to see that shit, c’mon.

Image result for broly Goku vs. Broly

#3: Fusion…Success!

Due to the unofficial status of the “Dragon Ball Z” movies and “GT,” technically, Goku and Vegeta perform their first official fusion dance in 2018’s movie. Vegeta is so mortified by the ritual, the prideful prince initially elects to let the planet be destroyed, but eventually agrees out of love for Bulma. Following two failed albeit hilarious attempts, the Saiyans manage to fuse and the moment more than lives up to the hype. While Goku and Vegeta spend an hour attempting to create Gogeta, Frieza’s face becomes painfully familiar with Broly’s fist.

Image result for broly film fusion

#2: Vegeta vs. Broly

As the movie’s first proper battle, Vegeta versus Broly tells an effective story while delivering numerous visually stunning set pieces. Due to being far more battle-hardened, Vegeta dominates most of the encounter and – in one particularly memorable moment – punches Broly through several mountains. Thanks to the dynamic animation, each blow feels impactful and significant, even more so than the Goku and Broly battle. Vegeta’s first Super Saiyan God transformation is definitely a highlight; that being said, this fight is all about Broly’s doomed internal struggle to not lose control.

Image result for broly Vegeta vs. Broly

#1: Gogeta vs. Broly

Just when it seems “Dragon Ball” could not possibly outdo itself, Gogeta and Broly create an energy clash powerful enough to shatter reality. Blending traditional animation and CGI, “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” produces an absolutely mesmerizing visual spectacle that literally transcends space and time. From the first to the last second, the climactic battle oozes epicness out of every frame and the chaos only intensifies as the outmatched Broly grows more desperate with each new attack. While the Vegeta and Goku battles are great traditional “Dragon Ball” fights, Gogeta versus Broly raises the bar in terms of kinetic action.

Image result for Gogeta vs. Broly

Be sure to check out the video below to see our picks for the Top 10 Dragon Ball Z Fights.

Top 5 Greatest Anime Reveals

Didn’t See That Coming…

Plot twists in anime often fall into two categories – either they fall flat in just how unwarranted they are, or they elevate their respective series to greater heights by enriching the narrative. In the case of these five, be it small or large, they managed to hit the sweet sport in terms of shock value.

Image result for assassination classroom moon

#5: Historia
“Attack on Titan” (2013-)

While her sweet nature and overt cuteness wasn’t lost on us, Krista wasn’t exactly a standout character when compared to the likes of Mikasa, Hange or even Sasha. Then, just like that, she became the thread that held the show together, even managing to earn herself the title of best girl in a single shining moment. Turns out that her real name is Historia, next in line to become humanity’s ruler, and a pawn in the corrupt plots of the current monarchy. Honestly, without this little lady as the focal point, we wouldn’t have had that epic third season!

Image result for Historia “Attack on Titan

#4: Yoshida Shouyou = Utsuro
“Gintama” (2006-)

The man responsible for teaching Gintoki the way of the sword, Shouyou at first appeared to be a gentle soul who helped steer much of the main cast in the right direction. A beacon of light during the horror that was their childhoods. Unfortunately, this turned out to be just a phase, as Shouyou was nothing more than the split personality of the immortal killer Utsuro. This kinder persona eventually faded out of existent and was replaced by the cold and calculating genocide junkie we’ve all come to loathe. Upon his unmasking, Utsuro went from your run of the mill villain to one of the White Demon’s most personal foes.

Image result for Yoshida Shouyou = Utsuro

#3: The Pharaoh
“Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters” (2000-04)

Given how we were way too indoctrinated by the children’s card game that was being flung in our faces, we never really questioned as to why Yugi had a ghost friend he could switch bodies with on a moment’s notice, and for that matter neither did the cast. However, things began to make way too much sense when it was revealed that the being known Yami was actually the spirit of a Pharaoh who had once ruled over ancient Egypt thanks to his bitching hair style and mastery of the Three Egyptian Gods. Thanks to this little addition, the lore of the series practically exploded soon after!

Related image

#2: The Son of Gol D. Roger
“One Piece” (1999-)

Hard to believe that such a beloved character ended up getting so much development during the final phase of his life. While knowing he was a badass flame-user and adopted brother to Luffy was more than enough to earn our admiration, the grand reveal that Ace was the son of the former King of the Pirates added a whole other layer to his character. The true surrounding his birth, the resentment over his heritage, not to mention his conflicted relationships as a result of Roger’s blood running through his veins – this piece of family history gave Ace so much substance that it’s no wonder his passing hit us so hard.

Image result for ace reveal goldroger

#1: Kakashi Unmasked
“Naruto: Shippuden” (2007-17)

Yes, it has nothing to do with the plot. Yes, it’s technically just mindless filler – we don’t care. Do you know how long we’ve been waiting to see what this iconic mentor to finally show his face?! It had been teased across countless episodes, but fans finally got to see what the White Fang looked like just as the series was wrapping itself up. Not sure why he bothered hiding it when it’s obvious the man is aging like fine wine! It’s a little touch and a rather perfect second off from the shinobi whose been there since the beginning.

Image result for Kakashi Unmasked “Naruto: Shippuden

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Top 5 Worst Things Vegeta Has Done

The Prince of Saiyans Has a Shady History…

While nowadays he’s everyone’s favourite anti-hero and a devoted family man, there was a time where Vegeta was just as much of a threat to the people of Earth as Cell or Frieza. No matter how much you’ve come to adore him over the course of Z and Super, nothing can scrub away these five insidious actions that make up the Saiyan Prince’s chequered past!

Related image

#5: Letting Cell Achieve His Perfect Form

Quite possibly the most poignant example of how dangerous Vegeta’s pride could really be, his overwhelming confidence in his own power proved to be his undoing after letting the ultimate android fulfil its purpose. By letting Cell absorb Android 18, he achieved a form that was even too much for the Saiyan Prince to handle. Not only did this result in Cell shattering both Vegeta’s body and his spirit, but also paved the way for all the deaths that came after. Including that of his future son.

Image result for Letting Cell Achieve His Perfect Form

#4: Blowing up a Bug Planet

Vegeta and Nappa’s journey to Earth wasn’t without its obstacles. At some point, they ended up taking a detour to a planet made of insectoids. This little adventure included them being imprisoned, breaking out, killing a massive bug beast, overthrowing a monarchy and actually doing some good for the populace. How did it all end? Vegeta blowing up the planet without a second thought. You know, considering what happened to his own world, he really shouldn’t be throwing stones, or planet-busting ki blasts in this case. 

Related image

#3: Killing a Crowd of People

Well, that’s certainly one way to reintroduce yourself as a bad guy. After allowing himself to be controlled by Babidi, Vegeta ushered in his new Majin form by killing a whole group of innocent bystanders at the World Martial Arts Tournament, all to prove that the Dark Prince had truly returned. It’s a rather shocking sight, and the perfect demonstration of just how eager Vegeta was to embrace his chance at establishing himself as a bonafied villain. Have fun explaining that one to Bulma…

Related image

#2: Killing Namekians

While the blame for the massacre of the Namekian people often falls upon the likes of Frieza and his minions, there’s no escaping the fact that Vegeta also contributed to the body pile. He may have put the genocide business behind him, but his desperate search for the Dragon Balls didn’t leave room for much mercy, hence why he killed anyone who came between him and his wish-granting orbs. This unfortunately included plenty of civilians along the way. You can’t be an anti-hero without breaking a few green eggs, apparently. 

Image result for Killing Namekians vegeta

#1: Nearly Destroying the Earth

It’s easy to forget at times that before he was defending Universe 7 from annihilation, Vegeta was one of the biggest threats the Earth had ever seen. On his mission to recover the Dragon Balls, the Saiyan Elite finally met his match in his fated confrontation with Goku. Given the absurd level of arrogance that he had back then, the Prince of Saiyans eventually decided that the only way to best his foe and prove his superiority…would be to blow up the planet, courtesy of a Galick Gun.

Image result for vegeta galick gun

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Top 5 Anime Dub Openings

Timeless in Their Cheesiness

Ah, the early days of anime dubbing. While nowadays the English adaptations often give the original the respect it deserves, there was a time where censorship and Americanisation turned out some real duds. However, even as we look back on them years later, we can’t help but have a soft spot for how nostalgic and surprisingly decent some of the English dubs’ original opening songs were!

#5: “Medabots” (1999-2000)

Robots shooting the crap out of each other is awesome enough, but when you add this track to it, you can bet that every kid nearly blew a gasket. Granted, we don’t exactly see Medabee ever engaging in anything as fast-pace as the opening, but then again we don’t really need too. The song is practically non-stop in its awesomeness, continually building and building until it symphonically explodes. Kind of amazing, since the majority of the time all the song is listing different types of words with “meda” in the beginning… 

#4: “Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters” (2000-04)

There are so many aspects that make this opening such a winner, to the point where you’re left wondering how a show about a children’s card game got itself a song that wasn’t only engrossing but layered. First, you’ve got the spooky intro, unfurling before like something out ancient Egypt itself…right before the remix kicks in. Thunderous percussion, an epic choir, all the elements ended coming together to create something almost colossal in scope. However, let’s be honest, we all remember this track for one thing and one thing only. Bring it on home Yugi. 

#3: “Beyblade” (2001)

You will believe a game of spinning tops is the most awe-inspiring sport to ever be conceived, especially when it’s got a song like this to back it up. There’s no filter with this one, only plenty of guitar shredding and a singer who is so into it that he’s honestly kind of scaring us. Every collision, every launch, every spin – the song hypes it all up like it’s the greatest event in the world, and we’ll be damned if it didn’t succeed. The premise may be ridiculous, but the sheer amount of fun this song manages to deliver is just too infectious to ignore. 

#2: “Shaman King” (2001-02)

Kind of ironic, isn’t it? An anime that’s infamous for having one of the most ludicrous dubs in the medium also got one of the best original openings. From the very first note, listeners are practically overwhelmed by the hard rock style, all the while the melodic vocals provide an almost mystical tone. We can’t believe we’re saying this, but the Shaman King English Dub Opening might be one of the most shounen things we have ever experienced. The pace, the style and the execution blend together so well that it pains us to think how the rest of the show was slammed through the censor machine!

#1: “Pokémon” (1997-)

The one. The only. The best. While its seemingly endless amount of sequel series still manage to snag their own original songs, as far as we’re concerned, they’re all just pale imitations of this instant nostalgia bomb. Quite possibly the only song to hit the mainstream, everyone who grew up watching Ash’s Indigo League adventures can attest to singing along to this at least once. Don’t deny it. The lyrics bury themselves into your head like a Diglett. The tune is fun, light-hearted and so whimsical that it’s impossible not to smile. Much like Ash himself, this track is somewhat timeless.

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Top 5 Video Games Never Released Outside of Japan

Western Gamers Can Only Wait and Hope…

While nowadays the west is used to receiving gaming imports from the land of the rising sun, there are still a handful of titles that the rest of us have yet to get our hands on. Which is a real shame since these five are considered gems by fans the world over. Maybe one day we might see these transition to our home consoles, but for now all we can do is pine from afar…

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#5: “Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse” (2008)

The niche ghost hunting franchise has been popular enough to keep getting semi-regular installments, but apparently not enough to bring over this fourth entry in the series exclusive to Japanese Wii’s. While there is a fan translation available to let gamers everywhere put the heart attacks they’re inevitably about to suffer in context, it’s still a little unfortunate that we were robbed of one of the higher quality titles of the series. Adding on to the familiar formula with more characters, locations, and of course, scares, this is one entry that you should definitely give a shot, Japan only or not.

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#4: “Phantasy Star Online 2” (2012)

Let’s face it, we’ve gotten some bad Japanese games over the years, and every “miss” we play through simply reminds us that Sega’s space MMO is definitely one title we’d rather be playing. With good character customization offering up four different races and five different classes to mix and match at their leisure, the gameplay stays fresh, varied, and uniquely addicting. While this one was promised to be localized and brought overseas, this entry is just another victim of the ‘delayed indefinitely’ status. Gamers everywhere were once optimistic, but there’s probably no chance we’ll see this one ever.

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#3: “Valkyria Chronicles III” (2011)

As the second game in the franchise to grace the PSP, this third installment follows the Gallian criminal military unit called ‘The Nameless’ through their involvement in the fictional Second European War. Seamlessly combining Fire Emblem style tactical overview maps with third person movement and combat, the title looks good, plays great, and managed to garner enough popularity to encourage spinning off into animated series, mangas, and cameo appearances in other games. It appears everywhere, it seems, except in an English version. Of course.

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#2: “Seiken Densetsu 3” (1995)

There’s no shortage of fantasy RPG’s on the market, and that was even more true back in Nintendo’s heyday of the Super NES. Still, even among the Final Fantasy’s and Chrono Trigger’s, Secret of Mana captured gamers’ imaginations and managed to carve out its own little base of dedicated fans. Despite the follow up being an extremely good entry with different playable characters, a decent story and strategic combat, overseas fans never got experience it. It’s not too hard to dig around and find a copy now, but that’s little consolation to those still patiently waiting to play a legitimate copy since the 90s.

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#1: “Mother 3” (2006)

With the cult classic Earthbound finding great success among nostalgia junkies in recent times, it’s no surprise fans are looking for every fix they can get, and why wouldn’t they? The series features great characters, fun pop culture references, memorable enemies, and a surprisingly dark, mature story tying it all together. While Ness has had his time in the spotlight, Lucas is still awaiting his true overseas debut despite critical and commercial success. It may not radically alter the formula, but that’s not what anyone is asking for. We’re running out of ways to tell Nintendo just how badly we want this game, so we’ll try one more time. Nintendo, we want Mother 3.

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