Are These the 3 Worst Things Mr. Burns Has Ever Done?

He’s one of the most notorious villains in TV history for a reason.

Let’s look at 3 of the absolute worst atrocities that Mr. Burns has committed throughout the entire run of “The Simpsons.”

Mistreating and Endangering His Employees

It’s no secret that the megalomaniacal, greedy, and incredibly selfish Mr. Burns isn’t the greatest employer in Springfield. Sure, there are the relatively little things like intently spying on his employees through security cameras and not bothering to learn their names. But then there’s the fact that he callously cuts their dental plans, wilfully ignores even basic safety regulations, and regularly drops them down a secret trap door in his office with the full intention of killing them. Next time you whine about your boss, just remember that they don’t have a secret trap door in their office. At least, we hope they don’t.

Hitting Bart with His Car (and Not Caring About It)

While he’s skateboarding around Springfield, Bart is hit by Mr. Burns and suffers a near-death experience. While accidents certainly happen, it’s Burns’ callous disregard for Bart’s well-being that earns this episode a spot on our list. While Smithers checks on Bart and shows some concern for his health, Burns just wants to give him a nickel and drive away. Later in the episode, he offers the Simpsons $100 in compensation, which Homer rightfully calls pathetic. This was the first episode in which we saw Mr. Burns’ true penchant for evil, and with it, a classic TV villain was born.

Blocking Out the Sun

Burns isn’t afraid to put the entirety of Springfield at risk to get what he wants. To discourage a strike, he once shut off the entire town’s power supply. And in Who Shot Mr. Burns?, he unveiled his most James Bond-ian scheme – blocking out the sun with a giant disc so the residents of Springfield would be forced to use his power. While Burns has always been evil, this is the scheme that finally pushed Smithers over the edge. After voicing his displeasure with Burns, Burns fires him for “insubordination.” When even Smithers calls Burns “insane,” you get a feeling for just how truly evil the man can be.

What’s your “favorite” terrible thing Mr. Burns has done?

Are These the 3 Most Over-the-Top Action Movies of All Time?

Subtlety? Who needs it?

Let’s look at 3 of the craziest, most overblown and wonderfully over-the-top action movies.

If you need action and you need it big, loud and ridiculous, you’ve come to the right place.


Now here’s a movie that should need no introduction, but here’s the rundown just in case. Jason Statham plays an assassin who gets dosed with a rare poison that will kill him if his heart rate drops below a certain point. Not one to take this lying down, Statham sets out to find the antidote, engaging in various high-octane action on the way to keep his heart racing. This means that once the film gets going, it really never stops until the credits roll. Jason Statham is no stranger to insane action, and this one even tops the heights previously hit by movies like The Transporter 2.


Kill Bill: Vol. 1

The first instalment of Quentin Tarantino’s blood-soaked revenge epic is definitely the more over-the-top of the two, with Uma Thurman’s Bride slashing her way through more gang members than we care to count. The film’s show-stopping sword battle is full of so much carnage that the MPAA demanded that the scene be altered, and Tarantino pulled out an old trick used by vintage martial arts shows: have the scene play out in black-and-white in order to downplay the massive amount of bloodshed. But even in classy black-and-white, this has to be one of the goriest, most over-the-top and most awesome sword fight scenes in movie history.


Without a doubt the cheesiest, most over-the-top, most absolutely bonkers action movie in the Governator’s repertoire, this 1985 action spectacular distills everything we love about the action movie legend into one film. After his daughter is kidnapped, Arnold’s former Black Ops soldier launches a one man war against a band of South American criminals. What follows is a solid 90 minutes of ridiculous action and some of the finest one liners ever to be uttered in an action movie. It’s like the Platonic ideal of what an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie is, the purest expression of ’80s action movie cheese, and definitely the most over-the-top action movie of all time.


What’s your pick for the craziest action flick of all?


Three of the Most DISLIKED Music Videos on YouTube, EVER!

Not all popular videos are created equal.

Let’s look at 3 music videos that created enough hate to earn millions of dislikes online. We’re basing our choices on a mix of statistics (as of mid-2018) and the various reasons behind the outrage.

“Look What You Made Me Do”
Taylor Swift

With its graveyard opening and high concept visuals, there’s definitely a lot going on in ‘Look What You Made Me Do’. While the video is certainly complex, much of the negative attention came from Swift’s unexpected musical switch-up. In fact, ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ broke a record by earning an unprecedented 43 million views within 24 hours of releasing, but it also eventually racked up 1.2 million dislikes. Artistically killing her former personalities didn’t earn T-Swift much good will with her fans either. However, the negative press turned ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ into a colossal hit, proving there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

“Gangnam Style”

‘Gangnam Style’ is undeniably different than your average music video. All the outlandish style and bizarre scenes are certainly memorable, but over two million of its viewers think it’s memorable for all the wrong reasons. While any video would attract a few haters, three billion views brings PSY plenty of attention, whether it’s helpful or not. However, at the height of its popularity, the video also became the first on Youtube to pass one billion views, so it’s safe to say the song has more than its fair share of fans. The unapologetic quirks of ‘Gangnam Style’ continue to perplex its droves of viewers around the world.

“Baby” feat. Ludacris
Justin Bieber

While hating on Justin Bieber has gone out of style, his video for ‘Baby’ has repeatedly become the most disliked video on YouTube since 2010. While the video certainly looks a little dated, most of the vitriol seems to be directed at Bieber and his voice. Between a mob mentality of haters and Bieber’s own occasionally mischievous behavior, ‘Baby’ has been the focal point of many people’s rage. While ‘Sorry’ has earned over one million dislikes, ‘Baby’ has soared above nine million. With Bieber’s notoriety and the song’s success, it doesn’t look like ‘Baby’ will be dethroned anytime soon.

Get Stoked for These Upcoming Most Anticipated September Releases!

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean there’s nothing left to look forward to.

Here are 3 upcoming releases that just look awesome.

“BoJack Horseman” – Season 5
Release Date: September 14, 2018

This underrated Netflix series is not only one of the best animated programs currently on TV, but also one of the funniest comedies and – weirdly enough – arguably one of the most compelling dramas. The complex BoJack has more in common with Don Draper than Mr. Ed, although Season 4 left him on an uncharacteristically optimistic note. Will BoJack continue to get his life on track or fall back into his self-loathing ways? Either way, we know what we’re binging this month!

“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” – Season 13
Release Date: September 5, 2018

Another show that doesn’t get nearly as much recognition as it deserves, “It’s Always Sunny” has shown no signs of become less edgy, cringy, or funny over its past 12 seasons. The Paddy’s Pub gang may have some significant changes in store for them, however, as last season saw Glenn Howerton’s Dennis make a life-altering decision. Of course, since the show is essentially a live-action cartoon, it wouldn’t be surprising if things immediately returned to the status quo. Could this be the beginning of a new era for the gang, though?

“Marvel’s Spider-Man”
Release Date: September 7, 2018

Spider-Man has starred in a couple of quality games, but this title aims to set a new standard. Like the “Batman Arkham” series, this action adventure will refreshingly tell an original story with an older, seasoned Spider-Man at the center. Insomniac Games wants to make the player feel as if they’re actually Spider-Man, immersing us in an open world with all of the web-slinger’s trademark abilities at our disposal. With a slew of fan favorite villains and other iconic characters in the mix, our spider senses are already tingling.

What upcoming September release are you most excited about?

Are These the Best 3 Tracks Mac Miller Has Ever Dropped?

“Self Care”
Swimming (2018)

After facing some hard hard times in his life, Mac explores his persecution in the media on ‘Self Care.’ Miller describes looking after himself, while also exploring the comfort he’s found in endless chaos. Though the song opens on gloomy hip hop, its second-half evolves into a wondrous and loud mix of synths. With over 14 million views on Youtube, Mac’s fans are clearly embracing his story of personal growth. With help from his long-time collaborators at I.D. Labs, Mac makes ‘Self Care’ personal and catchy at the same time.

“Frick Park Market”
Blue Side Park (2011)

Ahead of his debut album, Mac Miller put out ‘Frick Park Market’ to showcase his sound with some new tricks. Miller assures listeners he’s wise beyond his years while comparing himself to his favourite Pittsburgh deli. While the track starts out distorted, its synths become more exotic and psychedelic as the song goes on. The song – and its accompanying music video – has even given its namesake store a boost in business since its release. ‘Frick Park Market’ not only excites listeners for Miller’s album; it keeps you coming back.

“Nikes on My Feet”
K.I.D.S. (2010)

During the early days of Mac’s career, ‘Nikes on My Feet’ was a turning point for his sound and popularity. The sample-driven backing track mashes up Nas with some Dexter Wansel to create a suave feeling with real grit. Though Mac’s flow is a lot more straightforward than his later work, he balances that out with true rap swagger. While he was still obscure at the time, the track helped Miller rack up millions of views on YouTube. Through all the models of shoes Mac names off, ‘Nikes on My Feet’ sums up his career hilariously well.


What’s your fave Mac track?


3 Celebrities Whose Old Tweets Came Back to Haunt Them

Just because you posted a tweet a while ago doesn’t mean you’re in the clear.

Let’s look at three top celebrities whose past tweets have been used against them.

Blake Shelton

In 2016, Twitter users started posting screenshots of controversial tweets made by Blake Shelton that had some of his country music fans upset. These tweets, posted between 2009 to 2012, were seen as sexist and homophobic, with the country singer joking about Richard Simmons, date rape, and having a “sick fantasy” about Dakota Fanning, who was 16-years-old at the time. When Shelton apologized for his tweets, he said they were the result of an “immature” sense of humor and none of them were based on hate.

Trevor Noah

In 2015, before Trevor Noah was set to host “The Daily Show,” some politically incorrect jokes Noah had made on twitter were brought under public scrutiny. These jokes included references to running over a Jewish kid with a German car and “fat chicks” getting lucky at a party. For those judging Noah by these tweets, he didn’t look like a promising successor to Jon Stewart. Because of the insensitive nature of the jokes, some people called for Comedy Central to deny Noah the chance to host “The Daily Show.” Still, the TV network defended their decision, and as of 2018 Noah is still hosting the satrical news program.

Iggy Azalea

One thing that can be said about Iggy Azalea is that she’s very outspoken, and sometimes she can rub people the wrong way with her comments. In 2015, Azalea received criticism for tweets that were written in 2011 and 2012 and were considered homophobic. The rapper had planned to attend a pride event in Pittsburgh, but one prominent LGBTQ+ group threatened to pull out if she made an appearance. Because of the pressure and backlash she faced, she made the decision to back out of the event.



What other celebrities have come to regret their old tweets? (Lookin’ at you James Gunn . . .)


Danger, Mouse! Are These the Top 4 Celebrities FIRED by Disney?

Gee, who knew the Mickey Mouse Club was so exclusive?

We’re taking a look at celebrities who were let go from Disney either due to poor behaviour, bad press, or contrasting creative visions.

Megan Mullally

Megan Mullally rose to fame with her Primetime Emmy-winning performance as Karen Walker on “Will & Grace.” We can definitely see why Pixar wanted a comedic actress of her caliber onboard for “Finding Nemo.” Mullally made it clear upfront that she was interested in creating an entirely original character for the film. Although the studio initially seemed to be on the same page, Mullally was continually asked to put on her high-pitched Karen persona in the recording booth. After refusing to do so, Mullally was forced to walk the plank. While it’s uncertain who Mullally would’ve played, we could totally see her voicing Deb or her sister Flo, who’re both just as nutty as Karen.


Having the most subscribed channel on YouTube, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg caught the eye of the Disney-owned Maker Studios with his numerous Let’s Play videos. The Swedish YouTuber signed up with Maker in 2012 and, as you can imagine, became one of the multi-channel network’s hottest commodities. While PewDiePie has made some edgy comments over the years, many felt he crossed a line in 2017 with a video widely construed as anti-Semitic. For the video, PewDiePie hired a couple guys to present a sign reading, “Death to all Jews.” The 27-year-old Internet celebrity quickly issued an apology, saying that he “didn’t think they would actually do it.” Nevertheless, the damage was done and Maker said goodbye to PewDiePie.

Jake Paul

Jake Paul is an acquired taste to say the least. Although he produced the second most disliked video on YouTube, his popularity helped him to score the role of Dirk Mann on Disney Channel’s “Bizaardvark.” When KTLA ran a segment on Paul in 2017, however, it was revealed that he had thrown furniture into an empty swimming pool and set it on fire, much to the chagrin of his neighbors. Paul left “Bizaardvark” amidst its second season and later confirmed that Disney had fired him over the KTLA report. In regards to this experience, Paul said he felt “like a zoo animal.” We imagine Lampwick felt the same way when he turned into a donkey.

James Gunn

Even when an artist gets their act together, the past can come back to haunt them. With the first two “Guardians of the Galaxy” movies, James Gunn took an obscure Marvel property and turned it into a household name. It’s hard to imagine this franchise without Gunn, which made it all the more shocking when Disney kicked him off of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.” Gunn’s termination stemmed from a series of tweets he posted several years earlier regarding rape and pedophilia. Disney’s actions were met with a backlash from fans, journalists, and even celebrities, including the “Guardians” cast. Although a petition to reinstate Gunn attracted thousands of signatures, it hasn’t shifted Disney’s decision.


Who do you think is the biggest celebrity terminated by Big Mouse?


New Album Out! But Are These the Top 3 Travis Scott Tracks EVER?

If you only see him as a towering figure in the Wild West of autotune rap, then you’ve kind of been living under a rock. On the heels of giving birth to a daughter with Kylie Jenner and releasing his star-studded third record “Astroworld,” he’s now nothing less than a full-blown artist and celeb.

Let’s look at three of his best tracks.

“Pick Up the Phone” (2016); Travis Scott feat. Young Thug & Quavo


There’s no question that Scott’s 5th collab with Young Thug and 4th with Quavo was a team made in heaven. “Pick Up the Phone” was a major success and went Platinum, even though its meaning is actually rooted in failure. In their respective verses, each rapper bemoans their state of unrequited love due to unanswered calls and texts from their object of desire who they know is really only pretending to be unavailable. It’s built on themes of fidelity and commitment, but between Travis yelling “it’s lit!” and Thugger’s flex of a verse, it has all the trappings of a nightclub anthem.

“Antidote” (2015); Travis Scott


The second single from “Rodeo” wasn’t even supposed to be on Travis’s album… but after an unofficial SoundCloud drop and swiftly becoming a fan favourite, “Antidote” evolved into one of Travis’s hugest songs. And for good reason: it’s irresistibly catchy, exhibiting Travis’s aptitude for producing a radio-friendly hook. Its lyrics also spotlight his frequent subject matter of popping pills and partying, while casting the drug-fueled lifestyle in the most sombre of tints. “Antidote” may be about living freely, but Travis is clearly weighted by a lot of personal demons, which is why he resorts to weed as his antidote, as he describes hotboxing a car in the track’s chorus.

“90210” (2015); Travis Scott feat. Kacy Hill

This ZIP code is best known for being re-appropriated as the title for teen TV series “90210,” which Travis pays homage to while exposing the darker underworld of Beverly Hills. The song paints a picture of a valley girl on a quest to find the right alley, which may insinuate drug dealing, sexual exploits, or any sort of other illicit activity. Yet somewhere beyond that alley, melodic sax and keyboards segue into the song’s part 2, widening its scope from the shady search for pleasure into a divulgence about Travis’s family life. Don’t let its Barbie-inspired video fool you: “90210” is flowing with emotional depth.

What’s your favorite Travis Scott jam?


Are These the Top 3 Summer Sports Signings EVER?

Big summer signings have the potential to take your favorite team to the next level!

Let’s look at 3 picks for the best summer sports signings EVER.

Peyton Manning
Denver Broncos

Peyton Manning remains one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the NFL; however, a career-threatening neck injury placed him in a precarious situation in 2011. Without having Manning to start, the Colts had a disastrous season, and opted to use their number one pick to draft another quarterback, Andrew Luck. The Colts released Manning, and he eventually signed with the Denver Broncos, turning them into an AFC powerhouse. During this time he led the organization to several wins, including a Super Bowl appearance, all while breaking several records.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is set to sign with Juventus after nine seasons of playing for Real Madrid. During this time, he secured the spot of all-time leading scorer for Real Madrid, and led the team to four Champions League-winning seasons. Ronaldo is perhaps one of the most recognizable names in soccer, which is sure to bring a boost in revenue for the club. However, even at 33, Ronaldo remains a deadly striker who uses his speed to accelerate past defenders and touch score finesse goals.

LeBron James
Miami Heat

There are few players in the history of sports that maintain as much attention and news coverage, as LeBron James. The superstar was drafted by the Cavaliers straight out of high school, and maintained a heroic image until his infamous decision in 2010 to leave Cleveland and join the Miami Heat. James and the Heat would dominate the Eastern Conference over the next four seasons as they went on to win two finals. LeBron also took home two league MVP’s and finals MVP’s during that time. While any signing involving James is a big one, this one had a bigger impact on the NBA as a whole, which is why we picked it over his signings with the Cavs and Lakers.


What do you think was the best summer sports signing of all time?

NOBODY BEATS THE WIZ! Are These the 3 Best Tracks Ever from Wiz Khalifa?

While he’s young, wild and free, Wiz still knows how to make it hot.

These are 3 of Khalifa’s fiercest tracks that still keep us mesmerized. We’re basing our choices on a mix of powerful beats, captivating production and the sublime delivery that Wiz brings to all his songs.

“No Sleep” (2011)


Despite a lot of delays in between their individual contributions, Benny Blanco and Wiz Khalifa created ‘No Sleep’ from spontaneous creativity. The track’s cheery pianos and distorted keyboards set the stage for carefree hangouts with friends. Wiz runs with this idea and sings about enjoying the weekend so much that you never actually rest. Blanco wanted to capture the spirit of Khalifa’s feel-good tracks, while bringing his own banging drums into the mix. Though it took some time to get the song right, it eventually debuted at number six on the Billboard Hot 100. Khalifa’s ecstatic performance still has us living it up to ‘No Sleep.’

“We Dem Boyz” (2014)


Wiz Khalifa rose from humble beginnings and always praises hard work, and ‘We Dem Boyz’ celebrates the riches he’s earned. The track mixes a banger beat and a bit of auto-tune for an aggressive track with accessible sounds. Wiz wanted a proper anthem in his backlog, but he was also searching for audiences beyond the rap world. He raps through all the fun his fame has brought him, along with people chasing his celebrity. The simple but effective hip hop production stood out immediately, prompting plenty of parodies online. By taking things back to basics, ‘We Dem Boyz’ became synonymous with Wiz and trap music.

“Black And Yellow” (2011)


From its first ringing bells, ‘Black And Yellow’ gets stuck in your head and never lets go. The song’s trap beats and repetitive hook gets people moving and chanting to each of Wiz Khalifa’s powerful choruses. As he shouts the colors of his native Pittsburgh, Khalifa talks about his local pride and what it means to others. He even names off black and yellow wines, while adding that his diamonds also follow the titular color scheme. As Wiz’s first number one in the U.S., it became both his calling card as well as proof that he had a long career ahead of him.

What’s your favorite Wiz track?