Top 5 Anime You Will Regret Watching

That Was a Mistake…

More often than not, even the weirdest anime series has some merit to them, whether due to a narrative standpoint, unique visuals or just one likeable character. However, there are times when even the most promising of shows manage to trip over themselves, to the point where we’re all left thinking – “what was the point?” In that regard, you’d best save yourself some time by avoiding these five!

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#5: “Violence Jack” OVAs (1986-90)

For those of you that loved the darkness and unrepentant tragedy presented in Devilman Crybaby, do yourself a favour and avoid these scummy renditions of Go Nagai’s apocalyptic works. It’s not that we didn’t expect a lunatic named Violence Jack to cause some carnage, it’s just we wanted it to have some level of substance. The creators of these OVAs seemed to have confused purposeful shock value for random cannibalism, oodles of rape and way too many forms of impalement. Doesn’t make for a pleasant viewing experience.

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#4: “Conception” (2018)

It’s not often one gets to say this but; this would have worked so much better as a hentai. You’ve got a generic student being brought to a fantasy world that can only be saved if he knocks up various ladies. Don’t get any ideas though, there’s no actual nookie involved…just some magic mumbo jumbo, random nakedness and poof! Impregnation powers activate! What could have been a hilarious parody or something wholly naughty manages to fail in every regard. No matter what your motivation for watching this was, you will leave disappointed! 

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#3: “Isshoni Training: Sleeping with Hinako” (2010)

Fifty minutes of watching a teenage girl sleep. That’s it. Just…watching her sleep. For fifty minutes. You might be thinking if you just keep watching for just a little bit longer, something crazy will happen. Maybe it will turn into into a philosophical discussion on the nature of voyeurism. Perhaps an alien will burst out of her head and break into a jazz routine. Nah…you’re just stuck watching an anime girl sleep for nearly an hour. Okay I think I’m done here. 

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#2: “Hand Shakers” (2017)

If you manage to withstand the bombardment that is this anime’s explosion of art style, you’ll find that just beneath its blinding overuse of 3D lies a story that makes so little sense it hurts. Summoning supernatural weaponry by holding hands with someone? Surpassing God by becoming the ultimate beta-male? Creepily specific fanservice? And that’s to say nothing of the dizzying camerawork, woeful use of music and incoherent plotting. This truly is the chalice of awful. At least we’ll never see its kind again. What do you mean it’s got a sequel? 

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#1: “Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly” (1994)

Arguably the worst movie to ever bear the Dragon Ball name, save for Evolution, this flick is not only a horrible example of storytelling, but it also drags the once proud name of Broly through the mud. Or…bio-goop in this case. Is it a comedy? Is it a brutal action-fest? We don’t know and neither does the movie, since it goes back and forth way too many times to hold onto any kind of consistency. It’s a blight on DBZ’s legacy, with the only saving grace being that it now sits firmly in the shadow of Dragon Ball Super: Broly. 

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Top 5 Greatest Anime Reveals

Didn’t See That Coming…

Plot twists in anime often fall into two categories – either they fall flat in just how unwarranted they are, or they elevate their respective series to greater heights by enriching the narrative. In the case of these five, be it small or large, they managed to hit the sweet sport in terms of shock value.

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#5: Historia
“Attack on Titan” (2013-)

While her sweet nature and overt cuteness wasn’t lost on us, Krista wasn’t exactly a standout character when compared to the likes of Mikasa, Hange or even Sasha. Then, just like that, she became the thread that held the show together, even managing to earn herself the title of best girl in a single shining moment. Turns out that her real name is Historia, next in line to become humanity’s ruler, and a pawn in the corrupt plots of the current monarchy. Honestly, without this little lady as the focal point, we wouldn’t have had that epic third season!

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#4: Yoshida Shouyou = Utsuro
“Gintama” (2006-)

The man responsible for teaching Gintoki the way of the sword, Shouyou at first appeared to be a gentle soul who helped steer much of the main cast in the right direction. A beacon of light during the horror that was their childhoods. Unfortunately, this turned out to be just a phase, as Shouyou was nothing more than the split personality of the immortal killer Utsuro. This kinder persona eventually faded out of existent and was replaced by the cold and calculating genocide junkie we’ve all come to loathe. Upon his unmasking, Utsuro went from your run of the mill villain to one of the White Demon’s most personal foes.

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#3: The Pharaoh
“Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters” (2000-04)

Given how we were way too indoctrinated by the children’s card game that was being flung in our faces, we never really questioned as to why Yugi had a ghost friend he could switch bodies with on a moment’s notice, and for that matter neither did the cast. However, things began to make way too much sense when it was revealed that the being known Yami was actually the spirit of a Pharaoh who had once ruled over ancient Egypt thanks to his bitching hair style and mastery of the Three Egyptian Gods. Thanks to this little addition, the lore of the series practically exploded soon after!

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#2: The Son of Gol D. Roger
“One Piece” (1999-)

Hard to believe that such a beloved character ended up getting so much development during the final phase of his life. While knowing he was a badass flame-user and adopted brother to Luffy was more than enough to earn our admiration, the grand reveal that Ace was the son of the former King of the Pirates added a whole other layer to his character. The true surrounding his birth, the resentment over his heritage, not to mention his conflicted relationships as a result of Roger’s blood running through his veins – this piece of family history gave Ace so much substance that it’s no wonder his passing hit us so hard.

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#1: Kakashi Unmasked
“Naruto: Shippuden” (2007-17)

Yes, it has nothing to do with the plot. Yes, it’s technically just mindless filler – we don’t care. Do you know how long we’ve been waiting to see what this iconic mentor to finally show his face?! It had been teased across countless episodes, but fans finally got to see what the White Fang looked like just as the series was wrapping itself up. Not sure why he bothered hiding it when it’s obvious the man is aging like fine wine! It’s a little touch and a rather perfect second off from the shinobi whose been there since the beginning.

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Top 5 Worst Things Vegeta Has Done

The Prince of Saiyans Has a Shady History…

While nowadays he’s everyone’s favourite anti-hero and a devoted family man, there was a time where Vegeta was just as much of a threat to the people of Earth as Cell or Frieza. No matter how much you’ve come to adore him over the course of Z and Super, nothing can scrub away these five insidious actions that make up the Saiyan Prince’s chequered past!

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#5: Letting Cell Achieve His Perfect Form

Quite possibly the most poignant example of how dangerous Vegeta’s pride could really be, his overwhelming confidence in his own power proved to be his undoing after letting the ultimate android fulfil its purpose. By letting Cell absorb Android 18, he achieved a form that was even too much for the Saiyan Prince to handle. Not only did this result in Cell shattering both Vegeta’s body and his spirit, but also paved the way for all the deaths that came after. Including that of his future son.

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#4: Blowing up a Bug Planet

Vegeta and Nappa’s journey to Earth wasn’t without its obstacles. At some point, they ended up taking a detour to a planet made of insectoids. This little adventure included them being imprisoned, breaking out, killing a massive bug beast, overthrowing a monarchy and actually doing some good for the populace. How did it all end? Vegeta blowing up the planet without a second thought. You know, considering what happened to his own world, he really shouldn’t be throwing stones, or planet-busting ki blasts in this case. 

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#3: Killing a Crowd of People

Well, that’s certainly one way to reintroduce yourself as a bad guy. After allowing himself to be controlled by Babidi, Vegeta ushered in his new Majin form by killing a whole group of innocent bystanders at the World Martial Arts Tournament, all to prove that the Dark Prince had truly returned. It’s a rather shocking sight, and the perfect demonstration of just how eager Vegeta was to embrace his chance at establishing himself as a bonafied villain. Have fun explaining that one to Bulma…

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#2: Killing Namekians

While the blame for the massacre of the Namekian people often falls upon the likes of Frieza and his minions, there’s no escaping the fact that Vegeta also contributed to the body pile. He may have put the genocide business behind him, but his desperate search for the Dragon Balls didn’t leave room for much mercy, hence why he killed anyone who came between him and his wish-granting orbs. This unfortunately included plenty of civilians along the way. You can’t be an anti-hero without breaking a few green eggs, apparently. 

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#1: Nearly Destroying the Earth

It’s easy to forget at times that before he was defending Universe 7 from annihilation, Vegeta was one of the biggest threats the Earth had ever seen. On his mission to recover the Dragon Balls, the Saiyan Elite finally met his match in his fated confrontation with Goku. Given the absurd level of arrogance that he had back then, the Prince of Saiyans eventually decided that the only way to best his foe and prove his superiority…would be to blow up the planet, courtesy of a Galick Gun.

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Top 5 Anime Dub Openings

Timeless in Their Cheesiness

Ah, the early days of anime dubbing. While nowadays the English adaptations often give the original the respect it deserves, there was a time where censorship and Americanisation turned out some real duds. However, even as we look back on them years later, we can’t help but have a soft spot for how nostalgic and surprisingly decent some of the English dubs’ original opening songs were!

#5: “Medabots” (1999-2000)

Robots shooting the crap out of each other is awesome enough, but when you add this track to it, you can bet that every kid nearly blew a gasket. Granted, we don’t exactly see Medabee ever engaging in anything as fast-pace as the opening, but then again we don’t really need too. The song is practically non-stop in its awesomeness, continually building and building until it symphonically explodes. Kind of amazing, since the majority of the time all the song is listing different types of words with “meda” in the beginning… 

#4: “Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters” (2000-04)

There are so many aspects that make this opening such a winner, to the point where you’re left wondering how a show about a children’s card game got itself a song that wasn’t only engrossing but layered. First, you’ve got the spooky intro, unfurling before like something out ancient Egypt itself…right before the remix kicks in. Thunderous percussion, an epic choir, all the elements ended coming together to create something almost colossal in scope. However, let’s be honest, we all remember this track for one thing and one thing only. Bring it on home Yugi. 

#3: “Beyblade” (2001)

You will believe a game of spinning tops is the most awe-inspiring sport to ever be conceived, especially when it’s got a song like this to back it up. There’s no filter with this one, only plenty of guitar shredding and a singer who is so into it that he’s honestly kind of scaring us. Every collision, every launch, every spin – the song hypes it all up like it’s the greatest event in the world, and we’ll be damned if it didn’t succeed. The premise may be ridiculous, but the sheer amount of fun this song manages to deliver is just too infectious to ignore. 

#2: “Shaman King” (2001-02)

Kind of ironic, isn’t it? An anime that’s infamous for having one of the most ludicrous dubs in the medium also got one of the best original openings. From the very first note, listeners are practically overwhelmed by the hard rock style, all the while the melodic vocals provide an almost mystical tone. We can’t believe we’re saying this, but the Shaman King English Dub Opening might be one of the most shounen things we have ever experienced. The pace, the style and the execution blend together so well that it pains us to think how the rest of the show was slammed through the censor machine!

#1: “Pokémon” (1997-)

The one. The only. The best. While its seemingly endless amount of sequel series still manage to snag their own original songs, as far as we’re concerned, they’re all just pale imitations of this instant nostalgia bomb. Quite possibly the only song to hit the mainstream, everyone who grew up watching Ash’s Indigo League adventures can attest to singing along to this at least once. Don’t deny it. The lyrics bury themselves into your head like a Diglett. The tune is fun, light-hearted and so whimsical that it’s impossible not to smile. Much like Ash himself, this track is somewhat timeless.

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Top 5 Darkest Anime Endings

No Happily Ever Afters Here

Turns out that in the world of animation, nobody is safe. Even if the animation is delightful, even if the cast deserve to get their happy endings, these five examples prove it can all be taken away in the next scene. Sometimes to unbelievably upsetting degrees.

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#5: “Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak High School” (2016)

Considering the Despair Arc is practically its own anime, it’s ending is more than legible for consideration…especially since it results in the entire cast being so overwhelmed with grief over the death of their friend that they get turned into Junko’s despairing servants. Once again caught in the Ultimate Despairs antics, we’re greeted to the sight of Chisa and company succumb to their own anguish and Junko’s brainwashing after they witness Chiaki meet her end in a saw-esque dungeon. Yep, that’ll put a damper on your day all right. 

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#4: “Berserk” (1997-98)

Damn it Griffith. Look, we feel bad that you spent the last year getting tortured until you got reduced to a mute cripple, but did you really need to trigger the Eclipse? After reclaiming his Behelit, the White Hawk finds himself given the choice by the God Hand to join them as an omnipotent demon…just as long as he’s willing to sacrifice his comrades in exchange. The deal proves too tempting to pass up, leading to such wonderous sights as the Band of the Hawk being slaughtered, Guts losing an arm and eye, and Casca being violated by a reborn Griffith. 

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#3: “Devilman Crybaby” (2018)

Considering the latter half of the series chronicled humanity’s downfall into a self-destruction mob willing to butcher each other over the slightest issue, there was never any real chance the show was going to end on a happy note. Pretty sure all the happiness died out when Miki was decapitated and flung around like a flag. Of course, Go Nagai being Go Nagai, he managed to push things just a step further by having the world literally end while Satan cradles the legless body of Akira after he crushed him in their final battle. Can see why God wanted to nuke the planet. 

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#2: “The End of Evangelion” (1997)

Out of all the numerous times the world went to crap, nothing tops the one where our boy Shinji was left stranded in an orange hellscape, inexplicably strangling the girl he liked, while half of Rei’s giant decapitated head smiled at them in the distance. This was not what we thought the Third Impact would look like. Not that it’s weirder than Shinji being trapped in his own mind being told congratulations over and over and over again, we just didn’t expect the end of all humanity to be such a mindfuck.

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#1: “The Ideon: Be Invoked” (1982)

Apparently, someone thought that the original ending to Space Runaway Ideon wasn’t dark enough, so they introduced this feature flick to try and cram in as much distress and death as possible. Don’t think you’re in for a mecha-filled fun time, since everyone aboard the Solo Ship ends up getting axed off in a final firefight. If they don’t lose their heads from the laser blasts, they’re catapulted off into the vacuum of space when the ship ends up getting torn apart. And if that wasn’t enough they decide to go one step further, and destroy the entire universe, wiping out everyone and everything in the process. Lovely.

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Top 5 Avatar and Legend of Korra Antagonists

Say Hello to the Balance Breakers

Aside from its stunning animation, great storytelling and mesmerising lore, the Avatar and its successful sequel can add awesome villains to its list of achievements. Whether they’re sympathetic to the core or just have way too much fun being evil, these are the foes that nearly put the Avatar six feet under on multiple occasions!

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#5: Zaheer

Behold the one villain that left Korra utterly broken. Along with his three lethal criminal companions, Zaheer’s desire is true freedom for the world, where the likes of governments and Avatars will no longer hold sway over the people. With his newfound power of airbending and his philosophical nature, the leader of the Red Lotus committed some pretty horrific deeds in the name of his cause: he suffocated the Earth Queen and beat Tenzin to near death, not to mention he poisoned and effectively crippled Korra. He may have lost the final battle, but his actions were most definitely felt throughout the rest of the series.

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#4: Amon

In our introduction to the brand new Avatar, we were given an equally compelling villain. Leader of the Equalists, a movement that sought to battle against benders, Amon appeared to be a formidable warrior with the power to take away a person’s ability to bend the elements. Underneath that mask, however, it’s a whole different story. Amon’s father wasn’t only one of Aang’s enemies, but also possibly the most powerful bloodbender to ever live – a power Amon inherited. He may have managed to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes and inspire their prejudices, but in the end his hypocrisy and arrogance proved to be his downfall. Like father, like son.

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#3: Kuvira

In the wake of Zaheer dismantling the Earth Kingdom came one of Avatar’s most complex dictators. Highly revered as the Great Uniter, Kuvira brought hope and prosperity back to her people to the point where she amassed enough devotion and power that she could demand that the entire world submit to the new Earth Empire – or suffer the consequences. With her mastery of metalbending and an army at her back, not to mention the near unstoppable force of the Colossus at her disposal, the battle between this sympathetic tyrant and the Avatar was a truly worthy choice for Korra’s final outing.

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#2: Fire Lord Ozai

Continuing the work started by his ancestor Sozin, Ozai is the ruthless Fire Lord who holds dominion not only over his own nation, but over the rest of the world as well via subjugation, enslavement, and terror. His presence can be felt throughout the entire series even before his big reveal, and boy what an intro he makes. So without empathy that he was willing to hideously burn his own son’s face, Ozai cares only about power. This is made even clearer during his climactic final battle with Aang where he’s prepared to burn the entire Earth Kingdom to ashes. His defeat may have left him a powerless man, but the impact he made won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

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#1: Azula

A master manipulator, completely without remorse, whose inner turmoil led her down to the road to utter insanity; Azula truly was a villain’s villain. The sister of Zuko and a powerful firebender in her own right, she managed to bring down all of Ba Sing Se, practically killed Aang with a lightning bolt, and played every one of her friends and foes like pawns. Her final battle against her brother was the perfect contrast to show just how far she had fallen from grace, lifting the veil to show the madness within her. She’s a monster with a perfect smile that will incinerate you without a second thought, and oh how we love her for it!

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Top 5 Anime Girls With The Sexiest Voices

Get Ready for Audio Ecstasy

It’s a question as old as time; what makes a great waifu? Well, aside from an engaging personality, ability to stand out among the rest of the anime rabble and steal the hearts of fans everywhere, there’s also the case of the voice actor’s amping up the appeal. In this case, the original Japanese performances of these ladies went down so well that you shouldn’t be surprised if you get hot under the collar while listening!

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#5: Celty Sturluson
“Durarara!!” (2010; 2015-16)

For someone missing their head, this lovely lass sure knows how sweet talk! While she looks like your run of the mill leather-clad biker gal with an admittedly adorable helmet, in truth Celty is an Irish fairy in search of her missing cranium. It says a lot when a character manages to become so desirable even when lacking a head. Miyuki Sawashiro takes what’s admittedly a crazy fantasy being and turns her into a confident, bubbly and endearing lady. Who needs a head when Celty can lull you with such honeyed words?

Image result for Celty Sturluson “Durarara

#4: Shura Kirigakure
“Blue Exorcist” series (2011-17)

Talk about being hot for teacher. While her aversion for traditional clothing certainly often leaves her fellow Exorcists blushing up a storm, it’s Rina Satou’s saucy performance that pushes fans over the edge. With her work hard, play harder attitude, Shura certainly knew how to leave Rin and the rest red in the face, though it’s hard to tell if it’s from her endless flirting or her habit of incinerating everything around her with her raw power. All we can say is where do we sign up for private tutoring? 

Image result for Shura Kirigakure “Blue Exorcist

#3: Yumeko Jabami
“Kakegurui” (2017; 2019)

Yes, she is totally cuckoo for gambling, to the point where she almost always ends up losing herself in the thrill of it all and starts screaming like a banshee. And yet it still does absolutely nothing to diminish just how appealing Yumeko’s voice truly is. Be it her insane rambles or her playful persona, Saori Hayami brings a level of sensuality to Yumeko that makes even her most innocent of moments come across as irrefutably erotic. Of course, if that’s too much for you to handle, you may want to leave the room when she starts acting like a cat. 

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#2: Rize Kamishiro
“Tokyo Ghoul” series (2014-18)

While Kaneki will most certainly never forget the likes of this tempting Ghoul, considering she did take a bite out of his neck on their first date, Rize also left quite an impact on us as well. Not a horrific, bloody, cannibalistic impact, but rather one that had us deeply contemplating whether or not we would go out with her on a second date, even at the risk of getting eaten alive. That’s the power of Kana Hanazawa’s voice, making you question your own safety just for that chance of hearing more of that Rize goodness. 

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#1: Hitagi Senjougahara
“Monogatari” series (2009-)

The sheer force of Chiwa Saito’s performance is so intense that even the show itself had to reference just how good she was. That pretty much says all you need to know about this fiery damsel. As the supposed one true love of Araragi, every word Senjougahara speaks is practically dripping with enticement. Even if she’s being sarcastic as hell, possessed by an oddity or even threatening Araragi’s very life, not even the likes of Kiss-Shot could ever hope of undoing just how alluring this weightless wonder really is.

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Top 5 Times Cheaters Got Owned in Anime

They Never Prosper…

Whether its manipulating their way to power, besting their rivals via unfair means or just being tactless clowns, these deceivers did whatever possible in order to secure their win. Thankfully, karma swiftly followed and left them ousted and humiliated for all to see. We’re guessing they won’t be forgetting these lessons anytime soon.

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#5: The Foxy Pirates
“One Piece” (1999-)

In what universe is tangoing with the Straw Hat Pirates a good idea? You only need to take one look at Zoro to know that he means business, and yet Foxy and his crew still thought they had a chance? Granted, these battles are basically comic relief, but that doesn’t excuse how this fox-faced fiend tried to cheat at every turn. He made each contest in his crew’s favour, implemented underhanded tactics, even tried to blindsight Luffy during his boxing match. They may have been wily in their ways, but nothing tops Luffy and company when it comes to overcoming the impossible.

Image result for The Foxy Pirates “One Piece

#4: Oberon
“Sword Art Online” (2012)

Even if he does have a voice that makes angels weep, this so-called Fairy King isn’t so much a gracious ruler as he is a gamer who really needs to be put on some kind of watch-list. Willing to do anything to claim Asuna and take out Kirito, Oberon happily twisted the rules of Alfheim Online to his advantage. Considering there’s nothing this guy hates more than a fair fight, using illegal techniques like Gravity Magic in order to hold Kirito in place while he felt up Asuna is hardly a stretch. Hope he enjoyed himself, since it wouldn’t be long until he got his ass handed to him both inside and outside the gaming sphere. 

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#3: Boruto Uzumaki
“Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” (2017-)

Are you proud of yourself, young man? Just look at what you did! An unfortunate combination of teenage issues, swollen ego and manipulation all led to this shinobi throwing away his big day, when he was exposed for using an illegal Ninja Tool during the Chunin Exams. His excuse? “It’s your fault Dad because you never trained me! I hate you!” Hey kid, did you ever hear the one about how your Dad spend his childhood isolated by the whole village, and yet managed to stick to his guns and relied on his own strength to take him places? Didn’t see him whining about it did you! Now go to your room!

Image result for Boruto Uzumaki  cheat

#2: Frost
“Dragon Ball Super” (2015-)

I hate to stereotype, but it seems no matter where you look in the multiverse, Frieza’s lookalikes are always clinging to the dark side. Frost might not be a genocidal maniac, but he’s hardly leaning towards lawful good. After all, when it came time for Universe 6 and 7 to bump heads, he fooled everyone into thinking he was a stand up guy…before suddenly turning the tables on his opponent with one dirty trick after the next. He might have gotten away with it to, if not for the fact there’s nothing in all of spacetime stronger than Vegeta’s hate-boner for all things Frieza. 

Image result for Frost “Dragon Ball Super

#1: Team Masho
“Yu Yu Hakusho” (1992-95)

Even in a tournament filled with demons, these guys managed to standout as the most dishonest, underhanded, devious and assholish group you’re likely to come across. Willing to do anything to win, and backed by their slimeball manager Butajiri, their meddling almost spelled doom for Team Urameshi. With Kuwabara forced to fight while injured and Genkai and Hiei locked away from fighting, it almost looked like they would walk away the winners…but it wasn’t enough to keep Urameshi’s group of badasses down. Yep, these folks truly were the worst. Not you though Jin – you’ll always be our sweet Irish muffin.

Image result for Team Masho “Yu Yu Hakusho

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Top 5 Anime Characters Fans Completely Rejected

They Were Universally Denied

For better or worse, some characters just don’t click with audiences, even if they’re introduced as a protagonist with all the right boxes ticked. Whether it’s their personality, place in the narrative or lack of depth, nothing could save these five from scrutiny by the anime community.

Image result for chris thorndyke gif

#5: Sai
“Naruto: Shippuden” (2007-17)

Love him or hate him, Sasuke left an impact on the series that could not be undone. In the minds of fan, he would forever be one third of Team 7, which was why the reveal of Sai was met with…less than pleasant reactions. It didn’t help that his character just came across as uninteresting and uninvesting. Fans may have mellowed towards him as the series went on, and Sai did eventually establish that he did indeed have a personality buried under all that paleness, but it was a rocky start to say the least. 

Image result for Sai “Naruto: Shippuden

#4: Pan
“Dragon Ball GT” (1996-97)

A token female character that tried to come across as spunky and independent…when in truth just inherited Chi Chi’s ability to annoy. Pan wasn’t the worst thing that GT cooked up, but she certainly didn’t prove herself as a Saiyan you could take seriously. Now that we have seen what the likes of Caulifla and Kale can do, it has only furthered the opinion that Pan is nothing more than a pointless character, caught smack dab in the middle of one of Dragon Ball’s lowest points. Even Super’s baby incarnation of Pan was much more endearing.

Image result for Pan “Dragon Ball GT

#3: Shinn Asuka
“Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny” (2004-05)

It’s not that Shinn managed to help himself by coming across as a bit of brat most of the time, but there was never going to be anything he could to do to satisfy the SEED fanatics. Why? Because they would never settle for anyone other than our lord and saviour Kira Jesus Yamato. Even the series seemed to give up on Shinn, since he ended up going the villain route, casually allowing Kira to once again assume his role as the face of the franchise. Yeah…sucks for Shinn.

Image result for Shinn Asuka “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny

#2: Near
“Death Note” (2006-07)

In any other series, Near would have likely excelled as a character. A chid genius who spends his days playing with toys and also hunting down criminals with his unbelievable intellect. How could that not work? Only if he was presented as L’s successor…which he was, and fans were having none of it. L is practically sacred to the Death Note community, and it’s not hard to see why. He was both weird and wonderful in his wily ways, he came so close to catching Kira, and yet Near was the one who ultimately seized victory in his stead. We all know L did the heavy lifting! 

Image result for Near “Death Note

#1: Tracey
“Pokémon” (1997-)

You have the stones to come along and try and replace Brock?! The Ladies Man? The Lord of the Drying Pan? Keeper of the Jelly-filled Doughnuts? Yeah…Tracy kind of sucked. He was just so bland and forgettable, possessing none of the fun or charm that came from the Rock Master. It eventually got so bad that he was shipped off after Ash had finished up with the Orange Islands and, thankfully allowing Brock to make his grand return just in time for the Johto league.

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Top 5 Anime Characters That Returned Badass

From Boys to Men; Anime Edition

Every shounen hero and villain needs to start off small before they can fully establish themselves beasts in their respective shows. Normally the process is rather gradual, often fuelled by character growth and maturity. Not with these five, whose changes were so radical and sudden it took everyone by surprise. Can’t argue with the results though!

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#5: Asemu Asuno
“Mobile Suit Gundam AGE” (2011-12)

Speaking of next generations. When we were first introduced to the son of prior protagonist Flit, he was just a carefree lad. Cut to a few years later, and now he’s a goddamn space pirate. Inheriting the determination of his father while also standing as much more of a flawed character, Asemu—we mean “Captain Ash”, quickly became a highlight of the final arc, especially since his Gundam AGE-2 got a badass new coat of paint. Sorry Kio, but there is no way you can outshine your papi.

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#4: Kurapika
“Hunter x Hunter” (2011-14)

Let’s be honest here, while the Scarlet Eyes trick was pretty cool, this Hunter still wasn’t exactly on the same level as the likes of Hisoka or Killua…at least until he came back with those chains. After getting some much-needed training off-screen, Kurapika returned and was finally able to get his vengeance on a member of the Phantom Troupe, all thanks to his new weapon of choice. Able to conjure up chains with a multitude of killing traits, the moment we found out Kurapika had become a Specialist purely to exterminate the Spider, he jumped up several spots in out books.

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#3: Natsu Dragneel
“Fairy Tail” (2009-)

We won’t pretend that the Salamander wasn’t a powerhouse to begin with, after all, he had managed to burn right through rival wizards, demons and everything else under the sun. That being said, he still managed to top it all when he made his grand return after a couple of years of intense training, complete with a rather fitting mullet. Throw in the fact he set a princess’ castle on fire simply as a way to announce his plan to get the gang back together, Natsu showed that time had only made his stones bigger!

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#2: Naruto Uzumaki
“Naruto: Shippuden” (2007-17)

Maturity and Naruto don’t tend to go hand in hand. While his chihuahua-like personality was always part of his charm, it was still refreshing to see how the Jinchuruki had found a way to evolve as a character after training at the land of the frogs. Arriving just in the nick of time during Pains assault on Konoha, Naruto dons a badass new coat very reminiscent of his fathers. With his new sage mode in tow, Naruto manages to quickly take down most of the paths of pain. He may still be knuckle-headed, but at least he stepped up his game in this dramatic moment. 

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#1: Usopp
“One Piece” (1999-)

We’re still struggle to come to grips that the long-nosed marksman actually managed to pull such an incredible one eighty. Sure, all the members of the Straw Hat crew got a boost during the two years they spent powering up, but this is Usopp we’re talking about. He’s hilarious, but he ain’t no Zoro. At least until we saw him casually make his reappearance, buffed up beyond belief, and armed to the teeth with a crazy amont of nature-based weaponry. This turnaround is such a miracle that it’s only fitting that Usopp ended up earning the moniker of God down the line.

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