5 Best Gifts to Give Your Tech-Savvy Younger Brother

5 Best Gifts to Give Your Tech-Savvy Younger Brother

Gift-giving can be tricky, especially when you want to make a good impression on the recipient. The best rule for finding a gift is to consider the personality and interests of who you’re buying the gift for. Consider these five best gifts to give your tech-savvy younger brother, fit for any special occasion.  

Gaming Accessories

If your younger brother is a passionate gamer who wants to go pro someday, buying him a few essential gaming accessories is a thoughtful way to upgrade his setup. This is the perfect opportunity to show him you’re willing to invest in hobbies that make him happy while also supporting his dreams.

VR Goggles

Virtual Reality headsets are perfect for your fun-loving brother who enjoys immersing himself in games. This tech allows users to have an interactive and immersive experience by essentially placing them inside the game. Your younger brother will love this gift, especially if he has an affinity for virtual reality games.

Bluetooth Headphones

If your younger brother loves music, invest in Bluetooth headphones as a gift. Many brands, like Apple Airpods, have these wireless headphone options. This gift is incredibly cool for a younger brother who loves music technology and wants to explore different ways to experience music.

Nintendo Switch Lite

This gift is fun and portable, so your younger brother can be entertained on the go. Bonus points if your brother is a huge Nintendo fan! The Switch is ideal if your younger brother travels a lot or loves to take his game everywhere.

Mini Tablet

A mini tablet is a portable and hand-held touchscreen device that your younger brother can use on the go. This device will ensure that your younger brother can easily and readily access games, videos, movies, and more. This is an excellent alternative if your younger brother wants a break from his console or PC.

Use one of these five best gifts to give your tech-savvy younger brother and reduce the stress when shopping for your loved one.

Why Did the Plasma TV Disappear So Quickly?

Why Did the Plasma TV Disappear So Quickly?

Remember plasma TVs? Either you remember how fancy these iconic TVs seemed, or maybe you recall Michael Scott of The Office (US) finally broke down and bought one, inclined to stand and watch it for hours. They were all the rage in the late 90s and early 2000s, boasting sleek and sexy designs and crystal-clear picture quality. Manufacturers promised a new era of television viewing.

Today, it seems as if these TVs only exist in secondhand shops. Why did the plasma TV disappear so quickly? Read on to discover what caused the downfall of this TV titan.

Expensive To Manufacture

Despite its clear advantages, plasma TVs turned out to be more expensive to manufacture than LCD TVs. With the global recession, consumers became less willing to spend top dollar on a new TV, and plasma TVs were among the first casualties.

Burn-In Issues

Another issue with plasma TVs was that they were prone to burning in. If you left a static image on the screen for too long, it could burn into the panel and display permanently. This burn-in was a major issue for retailers, who found that customers often returned plasma TVs because of this flaw. The idea of not letting an image burn into your TV persists, even for modern TVs that are immune to the issue!

Electricity Hog

Plasma TVs also tend to use a lot of electricity. Initially, this wasn’t a problem, but as energy prices increased, consumers became more mindful of how much power their electronics used. Plasma TVs can use up to twice as much electricity as other TVs, which is one of the reasons why they’ve fallen out of favor in recent years.

Environmental Concerns

Plasma TVs generate a lot of heat, making them less desirable from an environmental standpoint. In an age where people are increasingly concerned about their carbon footprint, plasma TVs just couldn’t compete with their cooler, more energy-efficient counterparts.

Difficult To Repair

Thanks to their intricate and delicate circuitry, plasma TVs also proved more time-consuming to repair. If something went wrong with a plasma TV, it was often less frustrating—and less expensive—to buy a new one.

However, if you have an old plasma TV lying around and you’re not ready to say goodbye to it just yet, you can buy parts online so you can perform repairs and extend its life. Understanding how a plasma TV works alongside its basic components can help you with this process.

“Why did the plasma TV disappear so quickly?” you might ask. Combined, the multiple realities of this high-tech device make it a less-than-ideal choice for consumers in an increasingly competitive TV market. While they have their advantages, plasma TVs have found themselves in more of a niche market, reserved for sports fans and cinema junkies seeking its rich color range.

Outdoor Activities To Try on Your Next Vacation

Outdoor Activities To Try on Your Next Vacation

Let’s be honest: vacations can be boring if you just sleep in and watch television every day. If you want to make your time off exciting and unforgettable this year, keep these outdoor activities to try on your next vacation in mind. Whether you participate in one or all these activities, you’re sure to have a ton of fun and create some awesome memories.

White-Water Rafting

If you’re searching for an activity that will make your heart race with excitement, look no further. White-water rafting involves racing down a river, avoiding large obstacles, and exploring the great outdoors. It’s a fun, thrilling, unique adventure that you can share with your friends, family members, and fellow adventurers.

If you need to hike to your location, purchase a sturdy pack raft that’s easy to pack and carry in your backpack. Pack rafts are lightweight, strong, portable rafts that are excellent choices for white-water rafting or simply exploring the river.


Zip-lining is one of the best ways to get a bird’s-eye view of nature. You’ll feel as though you’re flying when you glide smoothly and safely over a serene lake or gorgeous valley. Zip-lining might not be as scary as skydiving, but keep in mind that ziplines usually travel from 30 to 50 miles per hour, so you’ll definitely feel a rush of adrenaline as you race through the skies!


The last and probably most popular outdoor activity to try on your next vacation is camping. Take a break from civilization and surround yourself with the beauty and peace of nature. During your camping trip, you can sleep under a sky of shining stars, roast tasty marshmallows over a campfire, and breathe the crisp, fresh outdoor air. Also, remember that you can combine camping with many other fun activities, such as fishing, white-water rafting, road-tripping, hiking, and rock-climbing.

The Best Winter Vacation Spots in the US

The Best Winter Vacation Spots in the US

Living in the United States, we’re lucky to have a diverse landscape with plenty of winter vacation spots to consider. From California’s wine country to the beaches of Florida, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a snowy mountain escape or a beach getaway, these best winter vacation spots in the US will make your winter break unforgettable.

1) Aspen, Colorado

Aspen is a famous ski resort town in the Rocky Mountains. It’s a winter paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, with world-class skiing and snowboarding. During your stay, enjoy a sleigh ride through snow-covered pines, or go ice skating on the frozen lakes nearby.

Don’t forget to take some time out of your busy schedule to visit one of Aspen’s many great restaurants—such as Elway’s Steakhouse or Ajax Tavern—for some delicious food after a day spent playing in the snow.

2) Napa Valley, California

If you’re looking for a winter escape to California’s wine country, look no further than Napa Valley. With its rolling hills and picturesque vineyards, Napa Valley is one of the most beautiful places in the US in any season. Here you can visit world-famous wineries such as Robert Mondavi Winery or Chandon for a wine-tasting experience you won’t soon forget.

3) New York City

There’s no place like New York City in the winter. With its festive holiday atmosphere and endless things to do, New York is an excellent destination for a winter vacation. There’s no shortage of things to do here, from sightseeing at world-famous landmarks such as Times Square and the Statue of Liberty to shopping on Fifth Avenue or taking a ride on the famous Central Park Carousel.

4) South Walton, Florida

With its warm weather and beautiful beaches, the Sunshine State is one of the best winter vacation spots in the US. From Daytona Beach to Key West to Miami Beach, there’s something for everyone in Florida.

One of the state’s best-kept secrets is the stretch of beaches and towns known as the 30A. There are numerous reasons to visit the 30A, from its white-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters to the wealth of attractions. It’s a paradise for swimming, sunbathing, and snorkeling, and it’s close enough to the big city if you want some nightlife.

5) Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe is a small town nestled in the mountains, with amazing views. You can ski or snowboard at Ski Santa Fe and other nearby resorts. There are also plenty of restaurants serving delicious local cuisine such as green chili stew, which will warm you up after you’ve played in the snow all day long.

Santa Fe is also home to some of the best art galleries and museums in New Mexico, including the Museum of International Folk Art, the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, and the Meow Wolf Experience. There’s also the Bandelier National Monument, just southwest of Santa Fe, which is a great place to go hiking in the winter.

There’s no shortage of fantastic winter vacation spots in the US—these are just a few of our favorites! Whether you’re looking for a mountain lodge or a beach house, this list has something for everyone.

Top Filmmakers Who Started Late in Life

Top Filmmakers Who Started Late in Life

Do you dream of becoming a filmmaker but fear that Hollywood is exclusively a young person’s world? If so, that’s a hesitancy you should immediately throw away. It’s never too late to pursue your dreams, especially if you want to make films. The filmmaking industry hosts countless examples of mature filmmakers.

Some directors, actors, and cinematographers enter the industry far later than their counterparts. Yet they’ve managed to find massive success. If you want to learn more about famous filmmakers that started later in life, you’re in the right place. Hopefully, their stories will inspire you to pick up a camera and start filming. Keep reading to discover the top filmmakers who began late in life.

Gus Van Sant

A pioneering director of arthouse cinema, Gus Van Sant rose to international fame with Good Will Hunting. His true breakout film was My Own Private Idaho in 1992. So, what’s the catch? He was already over 40 by the time his film came out.

He also directed classics such as Milk and Elephant. He’s living proof that it’s never too late to find success in the film industry.

Ridley Scott

The chances are high that you’re well-acquainted with the films Gladiator and Alien. They’re two of the most recognizable movies in Hollywood history. Ridley Scott often makes lists of the greatest directors of all time. On top of his status as an award-winning filmmaker, he was also a “late bloomer.” Scott didn’t release a feature film until he was 40.

Manoel de Oliveira

While Oliveira started making films at age 19, he didn’t find success until he turned 73, earning him a rightful place among the top filmmakers who started late in life. His age didn’t stop him from going on to enjoy a lucrative film career after his first success, either. He would win numerous awards from prestigious film festivals.

While his career started at 73, Oliveira would go on to enjoy 33 more years of moviemaking. He continued making movies until he turned 106 years old.

That’s our list of late bloomer filmmakers to inspire you never to give up on your career goals. If you have passion in your heart for cinema, then it’s never too late to find success. Simply set yourself up with the filmmaking gear you need, develop connections, and start exploring the visual medium of film!