5 Hobbies You Can Turn Into a Clever Career

5 Hobbies You Can Turn Into a Clever Career

For some people, hobbies are a fun way to pass the time, decompress, or do a bit of both. But for others, hobbies are a fun and easy side hustle. If you need some extra cash, check out the top five hobbies you can turn into a clever career.

Shopping Hobbies

Some of us love clothes shopping, and if you have a passion for fashion, becoming a personal shopper may be the perfect side gig for you. Not only do you get to embrace a hobby you love, but you also get paid to buy outfits for others.

Creative Hobbies

Creativity comes in many forms, stretching from music to writing to painting. If it requires imagination, it falls under the artistic umbrella, which is great news for an art lover. As you turn this hobby into a career, consider which type of art you like most and what you’re best at. You can narrow your options to make the best career choice by doing this!

For example, look for opportunities to become a freelancer if you love writing. On the other hand, if you prefer something hands-on, like jewelry making, check out ways to make a profit by cutting gems. In jewelry-making, you have to take your supplies, time, and market into account before setting prices for your work.

Culinary Hobbies

Opening a bakery or restaurant is anything but easy, not to mention expensive. Embrace your love for treating others with your incredible cooking by transforming it into a side job. You could do this as an occasional side job or start your own catering business.

Nature Hobbies

Whether you love animals or the great outdoors, why not transform one of these passions into your new side gig? Gardening is relaxing and a great way to add some greenery to the Earth! Plus, if you have a talent for design, you could help homeowners create the perfect landscaping to boost their curb appeal.

On the other hand, if you love animals, start a dog walking business so you can spend some quality time with these four-legged companions. As a bonus, you get to set the prices while booking appointments with all your new clients.

Planning Centric Hobbies

Event planning is a great hobby you can turn into a clever career, especially if you’re a total extrovert with great organizational skills. You can help plan anything from family reunion parties to weddings! However, as you turn your hobby into a job, remember to have fun.

5 Flyover States That Are Actually Worth a Visit

5 Flyover States That Are Actually Worth a Visit

When people look for their next vacation, they often look at the most popular coastal towns or cities as their preferred destinations. Others simply travel internationally to celebrate time off. However, our country has 50 extraordinary states that all offer excellent experiences for a lower price tag. Overlooked areas are often called “flyover states,” but many of these areas contain hidden gems just for you and the family to discover! Check out these five flyover states that are actually worth a visit!


The Midwest is much more than Chicago, Detroit, and Milwaukee. Kansas is a sprawling paradise that features fantastic views and environments. Twelve scenic byways run across the state, and there’s even a collection of local landmarks known as the “eight wonders of Kansas.” Plus, towns like Kansas City and Manhattan are just as fun as their more famous, similarly named contemporaries.

North Dakota

North Dakota offers a smidge more in experiences than South Dakota of the Dakota’s. If you can, you should visit both states; however, the northern option features the world-famous Enchanted Highway. This rugged road cuts through breathtaking grasslands and features eccentric metal sculptures along the way. There are also plenty of wildlife refuges where you can discover the fantastic flora of North America.


Wyoming is most publicly known as the state with the fewest people, but if you ask the roughly 500,000 residents who live there, they’ll tell you about all the great activities their home offers for travelers. The main draw for Wyoming is the wide-open space and true sense of freedom. You can spend a week clearing your mind and taking in the serenity of this location. Wyoming also offers many of the best off-roading spots in the entire country!


Nebraska is definitely not a flyover state, and the area offers many experiences that are perfect for the whole family. You can visit the world’s largest indoor rainforest or venture out to nature to see spectacular rock formations and intriguing terrains. There’s also the largest rail-to-trail project in the entire country that’s worth a visit!


The South has more to offer than the beaches of Florida or the bars of Nashville. People often overlook Arkansas when planning a trip, but the area prides itself on its rich culture and beautiful landscape. Known as the Natural State, Arkansas lets you experience a genuinely captivating vacation at a great value. Arkansas has the nation’s only active diamond mine, the country’s first national park, and cozy hot springs.

These five flyover states that are actually worth a visit are only a few great options for your next domestic vacation. Research ahead of time and find the perfect destination for you and the family!

Most Iconic Lamborghini Models of All Time

Most Iconic Lamborghini Models of All Time

Lamborghini is one of the most iconic automakers in the industry. Known for their innovative, eye-catching designs and the prestigious badge, these beautiful cars certainly scream luxury. These Italian cars have affected the world of sports cars with a name that will last for the foreseeable future.

It’s no wonder why so many people look to ride in one at least once in their life—even if it means renting a Lambo for the day. However, some of the models have serious staying power. These most iconic Lamborghini models of all time are certainly designed to impress.


First appearing in 1966 at the Geneva International Auto Show, this vehicle changed the way people looked at cars. At the time, this vehicle was the world’s fastest. It was also the first mid-engine vehicle and the first with a transverse V12 engine, making the car as unique as it was breathtaking. With retractable headlights, smooth curves, and a practically perfect silhouette, this car is perhaps the most beautiful ever to grace the roads. To this day, it’s still one of the most iconic Lamborghini models of all time, and it absolutely deserves its spot on the list.


Despite how rare it is nowadays, you can still find the Countach on posters. Though old, this beautiful car was dramatically designed with sharp angles and a large spoiler that set its silhouette apart from the rest. First appearing in 1971, this car featured a powerful V12 engine—the first of its kind—with 375 horsepower.

Sesto Elemento

The Sesto Elemento, or “six elements,” was aptly named after the element carbon, which has the atomic number six. This is a reference to the vehicle’s body, which is built from carbon fiber. This car is sleekly designed and certain to catch the eye of anyone who sees it.


The Murciélago is attention catching in its own way, but the real excitement comes from the thrill of driving it, not from what you see on the outside. With a curved body and angular lights, it certainly stands out in its own fanatical way. With a 580-horsepower engine, it’s not particularly powerful, but the ride it delivers is exciting on its own.


The Huracán, named for the Mayan god of wind, fire, and storm, exudes speed. Featuring the 5.2-liter V10 engine known from the Gallardo, this sporty car still provides plenty of value that sets it apart from the rest. This is the best-selling Lamborghini in existence, and for good reason. With over 14,000 units sold around the world, it’s incredibly recognizable.