Vanlife Essentials for Your Build

Vanlife Essentials for Your Build

One of the trendiest things taking over the internet right now is vanlife. Vanlife is something many 20- and 30-somethings are doing to escape the nine-to-five corporate city life. Vanlifers usually sell their homes, sublet their apartments, and sell their things to invest in a van where they will live full-time. Vans are typically regular work vans that need converting into a livable home—and a lot of them are really cool! Discover the vanlife essentials for your build so that you can join the vanlife.

A Quality Fan for Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation is absolutely essential for vanlife. Vanlife means that your van is where you live—it’s your home. While your van may have working windows, often you’ll need more than this if you plan to cook in your van.

Invest in a high-quality fan for your van to ensure you will be safe if a cooking error or small gas leak occurs.

Sneaky Storage Solutions

One thing lots of hopeful vanlifers forget is how much stuff they have. Even on the road, you still need clothing, kitchen utensils, recreation items, and more. For all this stuff, you need a place to store it.

Living in a van means assuming very little floor space—so whatever floorspace you do have shouldn’t be full of clutter. Find ways to build in sneaky storage to hold all your possessions, such as under the bed, in cabinets, and in lots of storage furniture.

A Functional Kitchen

A functional kitchen is a must-have when it comes to living in a van. Many people choose this lifestyle to save money, so eating out for every meal isn’t in-line with that goal. Design a cute and functional kitchen area with flooring that makes sense, such as a trendy patterned porcelain tile. Many people make the mistake of using the same flooring throughout their van, but using tile for the kitchen and bathroom areas and wood or laminate for the other living areas can help create a bit of room separation and make your space more functional.

There are many factors to consider before selling off all your belongings and taking to the roads, but from countless testimonies from current vanlifers, it seems to be worth it all. Even if you’re just starting a DIY vanlife project, keep these vanlife essentials for your build in mind—and remember, always measure twice and cut once.

How To Improve Your Gaming Experience

couple hands love sitting

If you’re newer to PC gaming, you may play without thinking too much about your setup. As you spend more hours immersing yourself in various engaging storylines and competing with other players online, though, you’ll probably run into some inconveniences or even major disruptions. These can occur because of tech limitations and your physical gaming arrangement. Find out how to improve your gaming experience with the adjustments we recommend here.

Consider Desk Ergonomics

When you’re only sitting at your desk for short periods of time, ergonomics doesn’t matter much. But for gamers, ergonomics is vital to keep in mind. If you don’t create a fitting setup, you’ll quickly start to develop aches and pains from sitting in awkward positions. For this reason, you should invest in a cushioned and adjustable chair that will provide you with enough back and arm support. It should help you sit up straight, so your neck doesn’t hurt from hunching over. In addition, your monitor should be at a height where your eyes are level with the top edge of the screen. You should keep your arms bent at about 90-degree angles as you use your keyboard and mouse as well. This will keep you comfortable while gaming.

Use a Solid-State Drive

A solid-state drive, or SSD, is a device that stores your games’ data. You can choose to replace your PC’s default hard disk drive (HDD) with an SSD to improve your gaming experience. SSDs can access their stored data faster than HDDs. This reduces the time you’ll spend waiting for your games to boot up and shortens loading screens. Sometimes, you may also have moments where your game freezes or does not load completely because your computer needs more time to generate in-game assets. With an SSD, this will no longer occur or hurt your play.

Bolster Your Network Setup

To interact with others online, you need to have a strong network connection at home. Otherwise, you’ll frequently deal with lagging and even complete halts while gaming. Therefore, you should find ways to bolster your network’s speed and reliability. Simpler options could be to update your operating system or move the position of the router closer to your computer to minimize interference. You could also upgrade to a better gaming router or use ethernet cables instead of relying on wi-fi. With ethernet’s direct wired network connections, you’ll attain the responsiveness and consistency you need. If you’re worried about the cables becoming messy, you can also learn how to terminate ethernet cables and select the correct ethernet connector heads to get the exact lengths you want for your setup.