Top 3 Ways To Propose Over a Holiday

Top 3 Ways To Propose Over a Holiday

While it’s sometimes considered taboo to propose on a special occasion such as a holiday, you know your future spouse better than anyone. If you know they’d love a traditional, holiday themed proposal, then you should go for it! Check out the top three ways to propose over a holiday.

Recreate Their Favorite Holiday Movie Proposal

If your significant other is super into cheesy holiday movies with grand romantic gestures that lead to a glorious proposal, then the work is already done for you! Simply watch their favorite proposal scene a few times. Really study it. Then recreate every possible detail. Sometimes, you can even get a ring similar to the one in the movie when you know how to buy an antique engagement ring! This above and beyond gesture is sure to stun and amaze your future fiancée!

Bonus Tip: If the grand, romantic gesture is a little unrealistic for your budget, do your best with DIY and compromise. The sentiment is all the same even if your love’s favorite moment includes snow, and you live in Florida.

Take Advantage of the Surplus of Friends and Family

Especially if you and your sweetheart don’t get to see your friends and family too often or you only visit their hometown once a year, proposing while surrounded by loved ones is always a wonderful option. This is even more perfect if your loved one experiences homesickness.

Consider letting family and friends in on the secret and planning a get together that your love thinks is for the holiday, but turns out to be a proposal and engagement party all in one!

Bonus Tip: If one of you has little nieces or nephews, get them in on the secret by letting them deliver the ring to you right as you drop to one knee for some added cuteness!

The Surprise Photoshoot Proposal

Everyone knows this proposal—but did you know that you can put a holiday spin on it? Set up a time for you and your significant other to meet up with a photographer under the guise that you’re taking photos for a holiday card to send to family and friends. This ensures your special someone will dress up and have someone there to capture the romantic moment. During the photoshoot, propose.

Bonus Tip: You HAVE to let your photographer in on the secret and have a secret signal or code word for when you’re about to pop the question so they can be prepared to capture the moment perfectly.