Top 10 Cars of the Royal Family

Top 10 Cars of the Royal Family

The Royal Family is often photographed motoring around London in convertibles, but with a stable of professional chauffeurs, why do they even bother learning to drive? A Prince Harry biographer says they just want to feel normal every once in a while. But a royal isn’t exactly the typical luxury car driver, who’s looking to impress. For high-profile royalty, private cars mean a taste of freedom and even rebellion; Princess Diana could hardly ask the help to drive her to late-night canoodles with Captain Hewitt, and Prince Charles parked on country roads to meet up with Camilla on the sly. The top ten cars of the royal family prove that they may want to be like us, but that they’ll never compromise on style.


The Queen's vintage Rolls-Royce is up for sale - CNN Style
Courtesy of CNN

The Royal Family has owned dozens—dozens—of Phantom IVs and Vs. Of particular note was the Queen’s 1955 State Landaulet, a model reserved exclusively for heads of state.

Aston Martin

Prince Charles shows off vintage Aston Martin car during Wales visit
Courtesy of USA Today

On Prince Charles’s 21st birthday, the Queen gave him a Seychelles Blue DB6 Volante and hired two-time Formula One world champion Graham Hill to teach him how to handle it.


Mercedes Benz SL500 (R129) 1995 Model — Collectible Wheels | Princess diana,  Diana, Mercedes
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In 1991, Princess Diana leased a burgundy convertible R129 Mercedes 500 SL that oozed glamour. Unfortunately, she was pressured to return it and to instead drive something more British.


2021 Bentley Bentayga Interior Images
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The Queen can really cruise in her Bentley Bentayga, which can reach 187 miles per hour and costs more than $200,000. She has two more custom-made Bentleys as well.


Eco-warriors' Prince Harry and Meghan Markle drive off in gas-guzzling  Cadillac SUV after trip to Beverly Hills
Courtesy of The Sun UK

The good news: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have used their fame to promote environmental causes. The bad news: they’ve earned criticism for driving a luxury Escalade that’s listed as one of the worst cars for the planet.


Her Majesty the Queen's 1961 Cresta Friary Estate PA | Classic Car Magazine  | Classic Car Magazine
Courtesy of Classic Car Mag

The 1961 Cresta Friary Estate was one of the Queen’s favorites, customized with a dog guard, gun rack, and fishing rod holders on the roof.


Prince William - Prince William Photos - Prince William and Prince Harry at  the Sentebale Polo Cup - Zimbio
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William, Kate, and Harry all enjoy the German auto, but they probably don’t have to worry about car payments. Audi recently gifted William with a sharp A5 Sportback.

Land Rover

New dad Prince Harry gets first look at new Land Rover Defender | This is  Money
Courtesy of This Is Money UK

In her 90s, the Queen loves to drive herself around her Scotland estate in an older Land Rover. Prince Philip prefers the Land Rover Discovery and Freelander.


Kate Middleton's Blue VW Golf on EBay - eXtravaganzi
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Prince William’s first car was a humble Golf, evidence that he’s a man of the people. By coincidence, Kate Middleton couldn’t resist a hatchback, either; her 2001 blue beauty was put up for auction on eBay in 2011.


Courtesy of CheatSheet

Of all the top ten cars of the Royal Family, Jaguar seems to have earned the most royal loyalty. William and Kate are the latest royal generation to tool around in a Jaguar: the electric I-Pace. Princess Diana customized her XJ with two more seats for her boys; a grown-up Harry drove a Jag to his wedding reception. But Queen Elizabeth caused the biggest splash when she was spotted driving herself home from church: she zoomed back to the castle in a bottle-green Jaguar, her hat barely peeking out above the wheel.

Best Items To Look for When Thrift Shopping

Best Items To Look for When Thrift Shopping

Shopping secondhand has become a trend over the last few years. While you can attribute this to a lot of different factors, it’s a fact that people love finding great items for incredible prices. Whatever you happen to be looking for, your local thrift shop will probably have what you need. While there are the obvious items to look for in a thrift shop—like clothes and books—there are also many hidden gems you wouldn’t expect. Here’s our guide to the best items to look for when thrift shopping.


You may not want to buy a whole couch while you’re at the thrift store, but smaller pieces of furniture like end tables are perfect things to grab. Even if they aren’t exactly in line with your home décor, a little bit of creative retooling can turn a piece of furniture into the most interesting feature in the room. The next time you think your home could use another chair or coffee table, check out your local thrift shop.


While many online shopping guides will tell you about all the great clothes you can get at a thrift store, you might overlook one integral part of your outfit. Thrift stores don’t put shoes on the shelves unless they’re in good condition. Check through the shoe section, and you just might find a great pair that would have cost you four times as much if you bought them brand-new.

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Houseware and dishware are often annoying to buy all at once. They get very expensive, very quickly. At a good thrift store, you’ll be able to find:

These are just a few of the items that can really fill out your kitchen and make it feel homier. Plus, some people find getting all the same dishes a little too static and boring.

Works of Art

Some of the best items to look for when thrift shopping are pieces of artwork. You can find all sorts of interesting little knickknacks and paintings that will add a lot of personality to your home. They will certainly differentiate your interior design from that of someone who buys their decorations at a large retailer where everyone ends up buying the same thing.

Thrift shopping can be a tricky business. Although you might have to do some digging to find a great piece, the time you spend is usually worth it once you find something you love. Don’t forget to return to your thrift store regularly. You never know when they’ll get new stock to mull over.

Top 3 Ways To Propose Over a Holiday

Top 3 Ways To Propose Over a Holiday

While it’s sometimes considered taboo to propose on a special occasion such as a holiday, you know your future spouse better than anyone. If you know they’d love a traditional, holiday themed proposal, then you should go for it! Check out the top three ways to propose over a holiday.

Recreate Their Favorite Holiday Movie Proposal

If your significant other is super into cheesy holiday movies with grand romantic gestures that lead to a glorious proposal, then the work is already done for you! Simply watch their favorite proposal scene a few times. Really study it. Then recreate every possible detail. Sometimes, you can even get a ring similar to the one in the movie when you know how to buy an antique engagement ring! This above and beyond gesture is sure to stun and amaze your future fiancée!

Bonus Tip: If the grand, romantic gesture is a little unrealistic for your budget, do your best with DIY and compromise. The sentiment is all the same even if your love’s favorite moment includes snow, and you live in Florida.

Take Advantage of the Surplus of Friends and Family

Especially if you and your sweetheart don’t get to see your friends and family too often or you only visit their hometown once a year, proposing while surrounded by loved ones is always a wonderful option. This is even more perfect if your loved one experiences homesickness.

Consider letting family and friends in on the secret and planning a get together that your love thinks is for the holiday, but turns out to be a proposal and engagement party all in one!

Bonus Tip: If one of you has little nieces or nephews, get them in on the secret by letting them deliver the ring to you right as you drop to one knee for some added cuteness!

The Surprise Photoshoot Proposal

Everyone knows this proposal—but did you know that you can put a holiday spin on it? Set up a time for you and your significant other to meet up with a photographer under the guise that you’re taking photos for a holiday card to send to family and friends. This ensures your special someone will dress up and have someone there to capture the romantic moment. During the photoshoot, propose.

Bonus Tip: You HAVE to let your photographer in on the secret and have a secret signal or code word for when you’re about to pop the question so they can be prepared to capture the moment perfectly.