Barry Diller On Amazon Employees in Seattle: “All Work and No Life”

In this episode of Context Is King, Ashkan Karbasfrooshan and Rebecca Brayton discuss Barry Diller’s recent tweet about Amazon employees in Seattle. Does the IAC Chairman make a fair point, or is he out of line? What’s the difference between workers at Amazon versus Expedia?

COVID-19’s Impact On Elections

In this episode of Context Is King, Ashkan Karbasfrooshan and Rebecca Brayton discuss whether the novel coronavirus will impact the 2020 democratic primaries and the eventual general election. Will a public health crisis influence the electoral process? Could it radically change the outcome of the election?

COVID-19’s Impact On Media and Advertising

In this episode of Context Is King, Ashkan Karbasfrooshan predicts how a coronavirus pandemic, or COVID-19, will impact media and advertising. We are already seeing film studios rescheduling release dates of 2020 titles like F9, Mulan, and No Time to Die. What are the next steps?

The Ultimate Superhero – Play along with WatchMojo’s newest Bracket challenge!

Now that’s a good looking bracket!

March Madness may be cancelled, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a little competition! The next bracket in our ongoing Bracket Series focuses on something near and dear to our heart… Superheroes! We’re pitting Marvel versus DC in the ultimate Superhero showdown, and this time, you can participate! Create your own personal version of our Superhero Bracket and if you follow our competition rules and match up with an identical bracket to ours, we’ll send you a discount code to the WatchMojo Store!

We’ll be publishing 3 videos,

  • Thursday, March 19th – video #1 for the Marvel side of the bracket
  • Friday, March 20th – video #2 for the DC side of the bracket
  • Saturday, March 21st – video #3 final between DC and Marvel for the crowning of the Ultimate Superhero!

Want to participate?

The first round competitors are set and our first video will publish on March 19th, but if you’d like to play along and create your own bracket, here’s what you’ve got to do.

  • Make sure you have a Google account (you can pretty easily create one if you don’t already have one)
  • If you have a Google account, you can use this link and then click “File” to “Make a copy” which you can then edit (if on mobile device, you may have to open Google Sheets app)
  • From there, follow the instructions in the READ ME section found at the bottom(or top depending on device) of the page and make your picks to fill out your bracket! Good luck! 

As long as you submit your version of the bracket back to us by March 18th, you will be eligible. You can either share it back to the designated email address, or send the PDF version to that same email address. Don’t forget to share your bracket out on your social networks and tag WatchMojo so that we can re-share you!

Good luck and may the best Superhero win!

Jeff Bezos’s 10 Billion Dollar Earth Fund: A Nice Gesture?

In this episode of Context Is King, Ashkan Karbasfrooshan and Rebecca Brayton discuss whether Jeff Bezos’s ten billion-dollar climate change relief effort is truly an altruistic gesture. Is Bezos simply trying to save face? Should billionaires be taxed significantly more than the average citizen?