Ashkan Karbasfrooshan’s Public Speaking Tips

In this episode of Context Is King, Ashkan Karbasfrooshan presents his advice for anyone preparing to speak in public. How do you get over the anxiety of public speaking? How do you keep your audience engaged? And what are some of your public speaking tips?

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Video Platforms: 2009 vs 2019 vs 2029

In this episode of Business Battleground, WatchMojo founder Ashkan Karbasfrooshan outlines how YouTube became the dominant video platform (and the world’s second largest search engine) in 2009, and what has changed over the last ten years leading up to 2019. How did Snapchat become WatchMojo’s second largest source of revenue in 2019? Which video platforms are expected to dominate in 2029?

Is Coaching Experiencing Its #MeToo Movement?

In this episode of Context Is King, Ashkan Karbasfrooshan and Rebecca Brayton discuss whether sports coaching is experiencing its own MeToo movement. What do these allegations of misconduct mean for the sports industry moving forward?

“Catch Me If You Can” a.k.a How To Stay Ahead Of The Competition

In this episode of Business Battleground, WatchMojo founder Ashkan Karbasfrooshan breaks down how the independent media company strategically positioned itself to stay ahead of the competition and eventually became one of the most popular brands on YouTube.

Sexist Double Standards: Peloton and AWAY’s Steph Corey

In this episode of Context Is King, Ashkan Karbasfrooshan and Rebecca Brayton debate over the viral Peloton bike ad, “The Gift That Gives Back”, against the Aviation Gin ad posted by Ryan Reynolds called “The Gift That Doesn’t Give Back”. Is there a sexist double standard?

The FU Show – S1, E2

WatchMojo Founder Ashkan Karbasfrooshan will cover our rapid fire response to youtube’s Rewind video, “YouTube’s 2019 Rewind: FIXED”, discuss ongoing changes to the platform, creator burnout, mental health, how he leads a young progressive group of creators without “going all woke” on the audience & what’s in store for the company in 2020 with tips for you to achieve your goals in new year!

The TWO Reasons Why Google Founders Quit!

After founding Google in 1998 and a 20+ year run that saw the search engine acquire Android and YouTube, becoming one of the most valuable businesses in the world, Sergey Brin and Larry Page decided to step down from CEO of parent company Alphabet, giving the reins to Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Why?

In this Business Battleground video, WatchMojo founder Ashkan Karbasfrooshan outlines why the two multi-billionaires – with a net worth each of $60 billion – realized they could never please two key stakeholders.

WatchMojo’s Person of the Decade! In a new Bracket format!

We’ll be revealing the first round of each quadrant over the next 4 days!

How do you pick the Person of the Decade?

In honour of the end of the 2010’s, and as part of our BEST OF THE DECADE series, WatchMojo wanted to do something special to select our choice for Person of the Decade. We decided we’d create an NCAA style competition bracket to determine who had the best 10 year period. We weighed a lot of different factors in terms of their consistent success, overall success, versatility, personality and more. We also broke it down into 4 different quadrants: Movies, TV, Sports and Music.

This was not an easy process! Our internal teams argued endlessly over some of the matchups and we had to make some tough decisions. Ultimately, we won’t be able to please everyone, but there is no denying that the winners of each quadrant were at the top of their game for the past 10 years.

Tune in on Monday the 16th!

The full video will be available to watch on Monday, December 16th on our YouTube Channel and in the days leading up we will be revealing the individuals included in the first round by quadrant. So, tomorrow, we will update this post with the first round of the Movies category. Come check it out and let us know who you think should win each match up!

We’re excited about this new format and can’t wait to create more videos in this style. Please leave a comment if you have ideas for what to “bracketify” next! In the meantime, check out our Best of 2019 series for the best and worst of pop culture in 2019!

Is There Too Much Wokeness?

In this episode of Context Is King, Ashkan Karbasfrooshan and Rebecca Brayton discuss whether woke culture is simply becoming too much lately. They respond to the criticism that WatchMojo is perhaps too left-leaning in its political views, and how they approach controversial figures on Top 10 lists. Should celebs like Scarlett Johansson be excluded from a Top 10 list because of her controversial statements?