Twitter Reacts to the New “Sonic The Hedgehog” Trailer

There May Be A Silver Lining for This Harshly Received Trailer

A new trailer for the upcoming video game franchise, turned live-action film, “Sonic The Hedgehog” dropped today and with the amount of negativity or at least, uncertainty, surrounding the movie, the only accurate way to portray the general consensus is through a good old fashion roundup of Twitter reactions. But before reading everyone else’s opinions, check out the trailer for yourself!

Based on the trailer alone, the plot seems straightforward and fairly action-packed, with local policeman Tom Wachowski (James Marsden) teaming up with Sonic to defeat his long-standing enemy, Dr. “Eggman” Robotnik (Jim Carrey). Robotnik on the other hand has plans of his own to take down Sonic, in curious connection with the United States military.

Now in terms of the reactions, many were quick to call out the trailer’s flaws like Sonic’s CG design and Jim Carey’s initial reveal as the series and film’s main antagonist, Dr. Robotnik.

While others weren’t quite as offended:

But the primary consensus is that there is one silver lining in the last 2 seconds of the trailer: Jim Carrey’s final reveal as a more convincing Eggman.

What did you think of the trailer? Whether you’re planning on seeing the movie or not, check out our video below where MojoPlays’ biggest Sonic fans break down the leaked presentation deck from “Sonic The Hedgehog” and give you their reaction and impressions!

What’s New on Netflix This May 2019

Looks Like Netflix Did Some Spring Cleaning

Sure warmer weather and budding flowers are cool, but have you seen the incredible list of new Netflix content coming this May?!? Don’t worry, you can rest assured that we have the full lineup below, including a number of beloved classics like the Matrix trilogy, alongside brand new Netflix originals that you won’t want to miss, including Zac Efron’s portrayal of Ted Bundy in “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile”. Also, before it’s too late, check out our video below to find out about the titles Netflix will sadly be dropping come May 2019.

Date TBD

Charmed (2018): Season 1
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Season 4
Supergirl: Season 4
The Mechanism: Season 2

May 1st

Knock Down the House (Netflix Original Documentary)
Munafik 2 (Netflix Original Foreign Movie)
Angels & Demons (2009)
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997)
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999)
Casper (1995)
Chasing Liberty (2004)
Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Part 1 & 2
Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat (2003)
Dumb and Dumber (1994)
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)
Gosford Park (2001)
Gremlins (1984)
Hairspray (1988)
Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay (2008)
Her Only Choice (2018)
Hoosiers (1986)
Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer: Season 2
John & Yoko: Above Us Only Sky (2018)
Just Friends (2005)
Revolutionary Road (2008)
Roswell, New Mexico: Season 1
Scarface (1983)
Scream (1996)
Snowpiercer (2013)
Taking Lives (2004)
The Da Vinci Code (2006)
The Dark Crystal (1982)
The Final Destination (2009)
The Matrix (1999)
The Matrix Reloaded (2003)
The Matrix Revolutions (2003)
To Rome With Love (2012)
Wedding Crashers (2005)
Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966)
Zombieland (2009)

May 2nd

Colony: Season 3
Olympus Has Fallen (2013)

May 3rd

A Pesar De Todo (Netflix Original Movie)
All In My Family (Netflix Original Documentary)
Alles ist gut (Netflix Original Foreign Series)
Cupcake & Dino – General Services: Season 2 (Netflix Original Kids Series)
Dead to Me (Netflix Original Series)
Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile (Netflix Original Movie)
Flinch: Season 1 (Netflix Original Reality Series)
Jo Pil-ho: The Dawning Rage (Netflix Original Movie)
The Last Summer (Netflix Original Movie)
Mr. Mom (1983)
Supernatural: Season 14
True and the Rainbow Kingdom: Mushroom Town: Season 3 (Netflix Original Kids Series)
Tuca & Bertie (Netflix Original Series)
Undercover: Season 1 (Netflix Original Series)

May 4th

Like Arrows (2018)

May 6th

Abyss (Netflix Original Series)

May 7th

The Heat: A Kitchen (R)evolution (2018)
Queen of the South: Season 3

May 8th

Lucifer: Season 4 (Netflix Original Series)

May 9th

Bathtubs Over Broadway (2018)
Insidious (2010)

May 10th

Dry Martina (Netflix Original Movie)
Easy: Season 3 (Netflix Original Series)
Gente que viene y bah (Netflix Foreign Movie)
Harvey Girls Forever!: Season 2 (Netflix Original Kids Series)
Jailbirds (Netflix Original Series)
Pose: Season 1
ReMastered: The Lion’s Share (Netflix Original Documentary)
Shéhérazade (Netflix Foreign Movie)
The Society (Netflix Original Series)
Wine Country (Netflix Original Movie)

May 12th

Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj: Volume 3 (Netflix Original Series)

May 13th

Malibu Rescue (Netflix Original Series)

May 14th

revisions (Netflix Anime Series)
Still LAUGH-IN: The Stars Celebrate (Netflix Special)
Weed the People

May 15th

Dennis & Gnasher: Unleashed!

May 16th

Good Sam (Netflix Original Movie)
Take Me Home Tonight (2011)

May 17th

1994: Limited Series (Netflix Original Series)
Chip & Potato (Netflix Original Series)
It’s Bruno (Netflix Original Series)
Maria (Netflix Original Film)
Morir para contar (Netflix Foreign Movie)
Nailed It!: Season 3 (Netflix Original Series)
See You Yesterday (Netflix Original Movie)
The Rain: Season 2 (Netflix Original Danish Series)
Well Intended Love (Netflix Original Series)
White Gold: Season 2 (Netflix Original Series)

May 18th

The Blackcoat’s Daughter (2015)

May 20th

Prince of Peoria: Part 2 (Netflix Original Series)
Rosario Tijeras (Mexico Version): Season 2

May 21st

Arrow: Season 7 
Moonlight (2016)
Wanda Sykes: Not Normal (Netflix Comedy Special)

May 22nd

A Tale of Two Kitchens (Netflix Original Series)
One Night in Spring (Netflix Original Series)
The Flash: Season 5

May 23rd

Riverdale: Season 3
Slasher: Solstice (Netflix Original Series)

May 24th

After Maria (Netflix Original Series)
Alta Mar (Netflix Spanish Series)
Joy (Netflix Original Movie)
Rim of the World (Netflix Original Movie)
She’s Gotta Have It: Season 2 (Netflix Original Series)
The Perfection (Netflix Original Movie)
WHAT / IF (Netflix Original Series)

May 27th

Historical Roasts (Netflix Original Series)
Outlander: Seasons 1-2

May 28th

Disney’s The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (2018)

May 30th

Chopsticks (Netflix Original Movie)
My Week with Marilyn (2011)
Svaha: The Sixth Finger (Netflix Original Film)
The Last Kids on Earth (Netflix Original Series)
The One I Love (2014)

May 31st

Always Be My Maybe (Netflix Original Movie)
Bad Blood: Season 2 (Netflix Original Series)
Black Spot: Season 2 (Netflix Original Series)
How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) (Netflix Original Series)
Killer Ratings (Netflix Original Series)
When They See Us (Netflix Limited Series)

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20 Amazing Shark Tank Inventions You Can Get on Amazon

You Saw it on TV and Now You Can Have it in Real Life!

Contestants can’t always convince the sharks to invest in their idea, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want them for ourselves! We put together a list of the best products that appeared on “Shark Tank” and have since gone on to sell well on Amazon – regardless of whether or not the Sharks said yes. We’ve based our ranking on the number of reviews and average review scores and included all the links below, so you can get your hands on these unique products! To find out more details about each product and its “Shark Tank” experience, head over to for the full video!

20: GoCubes

Season 8

Chewable coffee cubes designed to give you the caffeine boost you expect from a cup of joe, but in a steadier and more balanced dose.

19: Frywall

Season 9

A silicon funnel-shaped sleeve that fits into your pan, protecting you from hot oil splatter without compromising your food. Safe at up to 450 degrees fahrenheit, and available in three sizes.

18: CreaClip

Season 7

In the age of YouTube beauty vloggers, many people have started getting creative with their hair at home, meaning that there’s definitely a market for a product like the CreaClip: a tool and guide that, paired with inventor and professional stylist Mai Lieu tutorials, enables you to cut your own hair at home.

17: The Cut Buddy

Season 9

A simple but versatile tool for shaping and trimming your beard, hairline, moustache, sideburns or goatee.

16: Eco Nuts

Season 4

As an environmentally friendly alternative to detergent, Eco Nuts release a natural soap when exposed to water, and can be reused up to 10 times.

15: The Comfy

Season 9

An oversized, reversible sherpa blanket/sweater, complete with a central pouch-pocket.

14: Bottle Bright

Season 6

All natural biodegradable tablets that clean those pesky travel mugs and reusable water bottles.

13: PhoneSoap

Season 6

This ultraviolet phone sanitizer not only cleans your phone, but charges it at the same time

12: Baker’s Edge Non-Stick Pan

Season 5

For those who cherish the corner piece of a brownie due to the delightful textural contrast it provides, this maze-like baking pan is a dream come true – shaped in such a way as to give every piece two crispy edges and make cutting a breeze.

11: Stasher Reusable Silicone Food Bags

Season 9

Stasher offers a convenient alternative to conventional plastic kitchen bags in the form of its reusable, food-grade silicone bags.

10: Vibes High Fidelity Earplugs

Season 8

High quality earplugs with over 1000 reviews at an average of about 4.3 stars!

9: Q-Flex Acupressure Back and Body Massage Tool

Season 6

A self-acupressure device for easy and effective back and body massages.

8: Rapid Ramen Cooker

Season 5

Rapid Ramen Cooker is a microwavable tray specifically designed to cook your ramen quickly, perfectly and with minimal fuss. With over 1000 reviews at an average of 4.6 stars, the college kids are clearly loving this novel invention.

7: EZPZ Happy Mat

Season 7

EZPZ, the one-piece silicon placemat, certainly is a useful weapon to have in your parenting arsenal come mealtime!

6: Simply Fit Board

Season 7

Simply Fit is a modified balance board that’s designed to give you a full-body workout in just “minutes a day”.

5: The Mission Belt

Season 4

Advertised as “the belt that changed the belt” this updated version of the age old utilitarian accessory gets rid of the holes and replaces them with a ratchet system for a better fit – and a belt that won’t wear out so quickly.

4: Nerdwax

Season 7

With Nerdwax, Don Hejny aimed to put an end to the recurring annoyance of having your glasses slip down your nose. His solution? A wax compound applied to the bridge of the nose and the glasses that provides just enough grip to keep them secure throughout the day.

3: Scrub Daddy

Season 4

As of 2019, it’s the most successful product (in terms of revenue) to ever be awarded funding on “Shark Tank”. Invented by Aaron Krause, Scrub Daddy is a high tech polymer sponge that changes texture when put in cold or hot water.

2: Drop Stop

Season 4

Successfully pitched in season four by Marc Newburger and Jeffrey Simon, Drop Stop is a simple product that blocks the crack between the seat of a car and its center console – eliminating the risk of dropping things into that abyss.

1: Squatty Potty

Season 6

The founders of Squatty Potty forced a conversation about better bowel movements when they made this season six pitch and wouldn’t you know it? They not only helped people deal with constipation, but the Edwards family have become multimillionaires in the process with this small plastic footstool that changes the position of your knees on the toilet, making for a healthier, more natural posture on the toilet.

If any of these unique products caught your interest, check them out using the links provided and find out more about their interesting conception on “Shark Tank” by heading over to to see our full video!

Some “Shark Tank” pitches don’t reach the same success however, but they did make it into one of our videos…check out the Top 10 Weirdest Shark Tank Pitches below!!!

All 20 Jurassic World Moments We Recreated in our Chain Reaction Machine!

How Many Did You Catch?

Did you know we created a chain reaction machine that retells the Jurassic World stories in under 5 minutes?!? Using Mattel and LEGO’s nifty toys and inspired by classic quotes and scenes from “Jurassic Park”, “Jurassic World” and “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”, our machine recreates the most awe-inspiring and terrifying moments from the films. But how many of those moments did YOU catch??? There are 20 in total and we outlined each one below, but first, try to see them for yourself!

Alright, let’s see how you did. Here are the 20 movie moments we recreated, with their associated chain reaction video moments all linked!

From “Jurassic World”

1:05 –The Gates of Jurassic World
1:10 – Owen Signals the Raptors

1:20 – The Mosasaurus Feeding Show
1:27 – Indominus Breaks Out
1:32 –Gyrosphere Tour
1:43 – Gyrosphere is Attacked by Indominus
1:54 – Jurassic Park Jeep is Revived

1:57 – Helicopter Crash & Pteranodon Attack
2:04 – Raptor Ambulance Chase
2:10 – 3 Raptors Attack Indominus
2:19 – T-rex Chases Claire
2:24 – T-Rex, Indominus and Blue Fight
2:26 – Mosasaurs Eats Indominus

From “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”

2:28 – Submarine Sequence
2:35 – Helicopter & T-Rex Chase (It happens quickly, but it happens!)
2:43 – Volcano Erupts on Isla Nublar, Dinosaurs Flee Toward Cliff

3:05 – Stiggy Breaks Owen and Claire out, then Dinosaurs Get Released From Their Cages
3:10 – Maisie in the Dumbwaiter
3:15 – Blue Attacks Indoraptor, It Gets Impaled
3:18 – Remaining Dinosaurs are Released Into the World

How many of these moments did you manage to spot? Check out the full video linked above and let us know in the comments!

If you’re a fan of the Jurassic World Franchise, check out the 5 best action scenes from the movies in our video below!

How To Volunteer and Travel the World – 10 Best Volunteer Trips Around the World

Take a Trip, Make a Difference

We put together a list of the best ways you can volunteer and travel the world at the same time! Whether you’re in school, a recent graduate, a full-time employee or just taking life day by day, making a positive impact and venturing to new places are basically universal desires. Good deeds are their own reward – but some have better rewards than others – so for this list we’re looking at programs through which you can volunteer to help people and animals around the globe. Some are cost-effective, while others require some saving, but all are deeply worthy and have been vetted by the MojoTravels team. Be sure to check out the full video as well as all things travel on our YouTube channel, MojoTravels!

10: TEFL

Where many volunteer programs or companies unfortunately aren’t free, TEFL, or Teach English as a Foreign Language, will actually pay YOU to travel the world. They’re constantly looking for native or high-level English speakers to go to different countries and help teach English, and most of the time you won’t need to have any knowledge of the home language to do so. The only potential downside of working for TEFL is the placements are often an entire year, or longer, so you’ll want to think carefully before applying – though a year abroad might be just what you’re looking for. They even pay your expenses!

9: African Impact

This volunteer organization has roots in eleven different African countries, including Zanzibar, Kenya, and most recently South Africa. It began in Zimbabwe, when locals wanted to give many well-meaning tourists opportunities to actually do something substantial in the countries they were visiting. That was in 2004, and today they have over 2000 volunteers, doing everything from helping children orphaned by HIV & AIDS, to working at wildlife sanctuaries, to assisting with conserving the continent’s diverse fauna and even teaching at local schools! Yes, a trip with African Impact might cost you a few thousand dollars, but few would say it isn’t worth it. 

8: Turtle Teams

Marine conservation is always a great cause, and few animals represent the fight against ocean pollution as much as sea turtles do. That’s why there are thousands upon thousands of local groups all fighting to protect endangered turtles, and if you can get to the coastal beaches, they’ll be happy to have you. You can join the Turtle Island Restoration Network, which operates largely in the Gulf of Mexico, California and Hawaii, or you can join Wildlife Sense on the Greek island of Kefalonia. A good resource is The State of the World’s Sea Turtles partnership, who aim to study and protect turtles around the entire world, and there are many more groups as well.

Image result for marine conservation exhibition

7: Caring for Elephants

Through services like GVI, Global Vision International, and others, like Volunteering Solutions and Pod Volunteer, you can go all the way to Thailand and help rehabilitate abused elephants. Elephants often suffer greatly in Thailand thanks to the booming tourism and logging industries putting them to work. These elephants have a low quality of life, but once they’re rescued, you can apply to help out at a sanctuary. You’ll be cleaning them, feeding them, working at local farms, and generally improving the elephants’ lives. While it’s not free, you’ll be provided with nearby accommodation and plenty of time to explore Thailand for yourself.

6: Appalachian Trail Conservancy

This 2200-mile-long footpath is one of America’s most beautiful natural wonders, and it’s a constant draw for people looking to test their hiking mettle. But protecting it is a constant struggle, as volunteers and National Parks workers fight against increasing urban expansion, all of which puts the area’s 2000 endangered species at even greater risk. If you’re especially passionate about wildlife conservation, you can volunteer to go and work on the Appalachian Trail, helping maintain it and protect the many plants and animals who call the area their home. Just make sure you have a sturdy pair of boots (or two).

5: Helping Refugees in Greece

Instability in the Middle East has led to a worldwide refugee crisis, and one of the countries hit hardest by the sudden influx of people seeking help and asylum is Greece. With the country already reeling economically, the 62,000 plus refugee population is pushing the infrastructure to its limit. But if you’re passionate about both helping people displaced by warfare and visiting the gorgeous Greek islands, you can volunteer to help, through charities like Khora, One Happy Family, and ReVive Greece, just to name a few. You’ll be going to camps to provide education, legal aid, and improve conditions in the crowded camps.

4: Joining a Marine Conservation Expedition

Are you an ocean fan? There are Marine Conservation Expeditions around the world, including in Mexico, where volunteers will work to heal the Mesoamerican Coral Reef – the second-largest reef in the world. You’ll get to experience marine life in a way like no other, since you’ll also be working to become a PADI-certified scuba diver at the same time (There are also spots for experienced divers). You’ll be up close and personal with the coral reef and its inhabitants, becoming an expert on what lies beneath the surface. You can even work there for six months at a time and will be able to experience everything else Mexico has to offer.

Image result for coral reef


World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms is one of the world’s oldest “voluntourism” organizations, founded in 1971, and it’s still thriving. You can now visit 132 different countries by volunteering with them, working on farms and helping grow sustainable, organic produce. It’s expected that the farm owners will provide board and lodging to any volunteers, so the only thing a term will cost you is your flights. They’re also one of the most flexible charities, with farms taking people on for just a week or for a number of years. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to live on a farm, WWOOF is for you.

View this post on Instagram

“Animals are an integral part of Hana Tropicals, as we are a sustainable farm and try to operate on a full circle permaculture system. We have several bee hives for pollination and the occasional honey harvest; a flock of ducks and two flocks of chickens who all function to decrease pests, increase fertilizer inputs (poop), and boost our composting systems (poop and turning compost piles); four sweet goats who act as invasive plant species disposal and poop for fertilizer (as well as keeping whoever their caretaker is on their toes with their various escape attempts), two of the sweetest doggos in the whole world, and a plethora of loveable farm cats. Animal love is REAL at Hana Tropicals.” – @wwoof_at_ht 🐝🐔🦆🐕🐱

A post shared by WWOOF-USA® (@wwoofusa) on

2: Peace Corps

It’s one of the best-known ways to do some good and see the world but is limited only by being a government program open exclusively to US citizens. So if you are an American looking to do good around the world, you can volunteer to go assist in a myriad of ways, in a wide variety of developing countries across the globe. As well as organizing this massive army of volunteers, the Peace Corps also provides free flights to the destinations, as well as full medical and dental coverage. They even provide paid vacation days while abroad. Maybe the Peace Corps is for you.

1: GoEco

This respected organization sends willing and eager volunteers to dozens of different countries, and has won many awards for their programs. Their focus and priority is enabling eco-tourism, which has been growing in popularity for years, by offering people the opportunity to travel and help our struggling environment. These volunteering opportunities are, like others on our list, not free, but they’re certainly more affordable than some, and are among the most ethical around! You can, for example, go work in wildlife sanctuaries housing sloths, camels and pandas or you can help with community development in Vietnam and Thailand. With GoEco, the world really is open to you, and you can give back in a meaningful way.

If you’re interested in planning your next vacation or satisfying your wanderlust, MojoTravels is the channel for you! We’ve got insider videos on food, hot spots, hacks, adventures, beaches, and much, much more.

To find out more about these incredible opportunities to travel while making a difference, check out our video below!

Top 5 Mortal Kombat Finishers


With the release of Mortal Kombat 11, everyone’s favourite death dealers have returned, and you can be they’ve got fatalities to spare. While the newest additions to the bloody line up have certainly managed to turn stomachs, we can’t forget about just exquisite examples of video game dismemberment!

Image result for fatality gif

#5: Quan Chi’s Leg Club
“Mortal Kombat 4” & “Mortal Kombat” (2011) (1997, 2011)

Quan Chi wasn’t an OG villain when the “Mortal Kombat” games were first released, but his first fatality in Mortal Kombat 4 made quite the impact. The act of ripping off an opponent’s leg and mercilessly beating them to death with it may sound simple, and that’s because it is. Still, it’s this sort of visceral satisfaction that makes Quan Chi’s leg beatdown finisher something that we just keep returning to again and again.

Image result for Quan Chi’s Leg Club gif

#4: Johnny Cage Does Kubrick
“Mortal Kombat X” (2015)

Sure, we all know that Johnny Cage is a martial arts movie star, but does he possess any real acting chops? Well, in this amazing fatality, we see J.C. doing his best Jack Nicholson impression…albeit with a bit more blood and guts. (“Here’s Johnny”) Honestly, we can’t get enough of this one, and it’s the perfect, ridiculous finisher for an equally flamboyant personality.

Image result for mortal kombat heres johnny

#3: Sub-Zero’s OG Spine Rip
“Mortal Kombat” (1992)

There are few characters within the “Mortal Kombat” universe as beloved or iconic as Sub-Zero. He’s the only character in the franchise to appear in every game, and he even received his own spin off title. Part of that is because of his Spine Rip fatality, which was one of the first game’s most memorable moments, so memorable that it caught the attention of the United States Senate. Plus, it’s been seriously upgraded over the years, including at one point in Deadly Alliance where instead of the spine, he ripped out the whole skeleton.

Related image

#2: Noob Saibot’s Wishbone
“Mortal Kombat” (2011)

The mysterious ninja Noob Saibot may possess a silly sounding name-actually taken from MK creators John Tobias and Ed Boon spelled backwards-but there’s absolutely NOTHING funny about his finishing move set. Our particular favorite has to be the Wishbone fatality from “Mortal Kombat 9,” where Saibot summons a shadowy mirror image of himself to grab their opponent’s legs and tears the unfortunate victim apart! It’s funny and gross all at the same time, sentiments which actually speak volumes about the “Mortal Kombat” series as a whole.

Image result for Noob Saibot Wishbone

#1: Into the Pit
“Mortal Kombat” series (1992-)

Sometimes, the first time is the best time. Maybe it’s the surprise we felt when we first discovered you could knock off your opponent into a pit of sharp spikes back when we played the original “Mortal Kombat.” Or, maybe it’s how the Pit Drop stage fatality has been modified and amplified so much over the years, without losing an inch of awesomeness or steam. Either way, an uppercut coup-de-grace was all that was required to trigger this gruesome finish back in the day, and it didn’t matter that the MK narrator didn’t specifically announce this as a “fatality.” We knew that we had stumbled across something awesome and iconic; a finishing moment which would stay with the “Mortal Kombat” universe forever.

Image result for Into the Pit "Mortal Kombat gif

Be sure to check out the video below to see our picks for the Top 10 Mortal Kombat Controversies.

Top 5 Video Game Characters Who Get Picked On a Lot

It’s Not Easy Being These Guys

Whether they’re the butt of every joke or have lived a life of tragedy, these five video game characters haven’t had the easiest life. Of course, its because they face these hardships head on and overcome them that they manage to endear themselves to us even more!

Image result for Tatsu Xenoblade Chronicles X gif

#5: Ren Amamiya (aka “Joker”)
“Persona 5” (2017)

You ever had a rumor spread about you? Well, “Persona 5” will happily give you that experience! When Ren Amamiya (aka “Joker” (aka YOU)) move to Yongen-Jaya, you learn that you’ve been forced to move away from home because you stopped an aggressive man from harassing a woman. However, because you hurt the man, a criminal charge was put on your record. As you begin attending Shujin Academy, you learn students see you as the scary, quiet kid or the guy who has a violent hatred burning inside him. Although, nobody bothers asking you what REALLY happened, choosing to continue the rumors rather than investigate. Everyone wants to believe their own narrative, even if they know nothing.

Image result for persona 5 joker

#4: Johnny Cage
“Mortal Kombat” series (1992-)

Look, we get why most of the “Mortal Kombat” crew give Johnny Cage a lot of crap. He thinks he’s cool, he says some of the dumbest things imaginable, and there’s something about that sh**-eating grin that makes you want to kick his teeth in. Oh, and lest we forget his nut-punching abilities? Yeah, we wouldn’t be Johnny’s biggest fan either, but like with “Danganronpa’s” Mikan, there’s a point where the mockery gets too much. Johnny can be an ass sometimes, but his heart’s in the right place. He saved Sonya Blade from Kano in “MK9”, helped defend Earthrealm on more than a few occasions, and has been a good father to Cassie Cage. This is a good man here! Let’s show some respect!

Image result for Johnny Cage “Mortal Kombat

#3: Chell
“Portal” series (2007-12)

We all know GLaDOS is one sadistic AI, almost up there with “System Shock’s” SHODAN. However, GLaDOS is on a different scale. Instead of making vicious threats, she’ll happily try to demoralize Chell by mocking her intelligence, no matter how personal things will get. She’ll insult Chell for having adopted parents, incinerating a cube that may have had a living thing inside it, or just flat out saying what a horrible person Chell is. GLaDOS doesn’t even have a good reason for forcing Chell through her experiments. She simply does it for her sick kicks! Here’s hoping our heroine found some kind of peace after the events of “Portal 2”.

Image result for portal game

#2: Aloy
“Horizon Zero Dawn” (2017)

Aloy is, perhaps, one of the most underappreciated video game characters we’ve come across. Throughout most of her life, Aloy was viewed by many as a “cursed” child, causing her and her foster father Rost to be shunned by their own tribe. Throughout her childhood, Aloy was picked on because she didn’t’t have a mother. Later in the game, we learn that she was shunned because her birth came around the same time the machines started rampaging around the planet. Both reasons are insanely stupid to justify picking on somebody, and it felt so damn good being the only one who could tame the machines! Let’s see someone tease her when she’s got a Sawtooth for a pet!

Image result for Aloy “Horizon Zero Dawn

#1: Luigi
“Super Mario” series (1985-)

Poor Luigi just can’t catch a break, even when he’s with his brother. While most of the Mushroom Kingdom is rather accepting of the green-capped Mario brother, Luigi is teased a lot outside of the main games. In the “Mario & Luigi” games, he’s often mistaken for someone else or completely ignored by other characters. In “Super Smash Bros. Brawl”, he’s the literal punching bag for some of the cast. In “Smash for Wii U”, Viridi from “Kid Icarus” takes an unnessisary jab at his attire. Oh, AND he was killed in the reveal trailer for Simon Belmont. Just…why Nintendo?? Why Mario and friends?? WHY are you SOOO hell-bent on making Luigi the butt of every….damn…joke??? We love you, Luigi…and we will protect you.

Image result for Luigi Super Mario

Be sure to check out the video below to see our picks for the Top 10 Angry Video Game Characters.

Top 5 Anime You Will Regret Watching

That Was a Mistake…

More often than not, even the weirdest anime series has some merit to them, whether due to a narrative standpoint, unique visuals or just one likeable character. However, there are times when even the most promising of shows manage to trip over themselves, to the point where we’re all left thinking – “what was the point?” In that regard, you’d best save yourself some time by avoiding these five!

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#5: “Violence Jack” OVAs (1986-90)

For those of you that loved the darkness and unrepentant tragedy presented in Devilman Crybaby, do yourself a favour and avoid these scummy renditions of Go Nagai’s apocalyptic works. It’s not that we didn’t expect a lunatic named Violence Jack to cause some carnage, it’s just we wanted it to have some level of substance. The creators of these OVAs seemed to have confused purposeful shock value for random cannibalism, oodles of rape and way too many forms of impalement. Doesn’t make for a pleasant viewing experience.

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#4: “Conception” (2018)

It’s not often one gets to say this but; this would have worked so much better as a hentai. You’ve got a generic student being brought to a fantasy world that can only be saved if he knocks up various ladies. Don’t get any ideas though, there’s no actual nookie involved…just some magic mumbo jumbo, random nakedness and poof! Impregnation powers activate! What could have been a hilarious parody or something wholly naughty manages to fail in every regard. No matter what your motivation for watching this was, you will leave disappointed! 

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#3: “Isshoni Training: Sleeping with Hinako” (2010)

Fifty minutes of watching a teenage girl sleep. That’s it. Just…watching her sleep. For fifty minutes. You might be thinking if you just keep watching for just a little bit longer, something crazy will happen. Maybe it will turn into into a philosophical discussion on the nature of voyeurism. Perhaps an alien will burst out of her head and break into a jazz routine. Nah…you’re just stuck watching an anime girl sleep for nearly an hour. Okay I think I’m done here. 

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#2: “Hand Shakers” (2017)

If you manage to withstand the bombardment that is this anime’s explosion of art style, you’ll find that just beneath its blinding overuse of 3D lies a story that makes so little sense it hurts. Summoning supernatural weaponry by holding hands with someone? Surpassing God by becoming the ultimate beta-male? Creepily specific fanservice? And that’s to say nothing of the dizzying camerawork, woeful use of music and incoherent plotting. This truly is the chalice of awful. At least we’ll never see its kind again. What do you mean it’s got a sequel? 

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#1: “Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly” (1994)

Arguably the worst movie to ever bear the Dragon Ball name, save for Evolution, this flick is not only a horrible example of storytelling, but it also drags the once proud name of Broly through the mud. Or…bio-goop in this case. Is it a comedy? Is it a brutal action-fest? We don’t know and neither does the movie, since it goes back and forth way too many times to hold onto any kind of consistency. It’s a blight on DBZ’s legacy, with the only saving grace being that it now sits firmly in the shadow of Dragon Ball Super: Broly. 

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“Avengers: Endgame” Spoiler-Free Movie Review

Was ‘Whatever It Takes’ Enough?

Our heroes have finally hit the big screen and the embargo has lifted. Here is our spoiler-free “Avengers: Endgame” review.

We’re in the endgame now. After more than a decade of serialized cinematic storytelling, “Avengers: Endgame” is the 22nd film in an unprecedented movie franchise, and while this certainly isn’t the end for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the film delivers in its promise of finality and provides beautifully poignant endings for many of the franchise’s most enduring characters.

While newer heroes like Ant-Man, Rocket Raccoon, Gamora, and – the most recent addition to the MCU – Brie Larsson’s Captain Marvel have their roles to play in this 3-hour-long epic, “Endgame” is squarely focused on the original Avengers roster, and rightfully so. A lot has changed since the Avengers first assembled in Joss Whedon’s 2012 crossover, and while last year’s “Avengers: Infinity War” was a triumphant reminder of how large the MCU has become, “Endgame” is a celebration of the saga’s roots.

It’s also a celebration of the films that have come before it – even the not-so-good ones like “Thor: The Dark World.” Die-hard MCU fans will notice all the small (and the not-so-small) call-backs to previous events, but these small moments go beyond basic lip-service. These moments are a reminder of the journey that preceded “Endgame” and an essential part of the overall experience. It would have been enough for “Endgame” to simply be a good superhero movie, but the fact that it honors everything that came before so beautifully and artfully makes it more than just the sum of its action-packed parts.

While Thanos was practically the main character in “Infinity War” he takes a back seat in “Endgame,” but his presence always looms large. The world of “Endgame” is a world of trauma and loss, and the film pulls off the magic trick of both letting the audience live in that loss along-side our heroes while also providing enough levity and comedy to lighten the mood when appropriate. It can be thrilling, exhilarating, hilariously, but also deeply sad and contemplative, which could have come off as cheesy or unearned, but is ultimately the most noteworthy part of the experience.

There is, of course, a big, bombastic action set-piece at the film’s climax that goes above and beyond anything we’ve seen in the MCU before, but the real highlights are the touchingly human moments between these characters that happen both in the final moments and throughout the film. “Endgame’s” greatest achievement is providing both the spectacle and the heart that makes these films more than expensive VFX showcases.

The MCU will go on, but if “Endgame” truly was the end, it would be a worthy finale to one of the most important, successful, and decade-defining franchises in the history of cinema.

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First “Avengers: Endgame” Premiere Reviews!

Find Out If Our Expectations Became Reality (No Spoilers, Don’t Worry)

“Avengers: Endgame”, the movie who’s surrounding hype is almost as powerful as the heroes within it, finally had its world premiere last night in Los Angeles and although the formal review embargo only lifts this afternoon, nothing was stopping those in attendance from sharing their immediate response on Twitter. So if you’re interested in some spoiler-free first reactions, we compiled the best tweets below from award-winning journalists, film buffs, reporters, magazine editors, celebrity interviewers, hosts, comics enthusiasts, LA Film Critics and more.

To break down the majority verdict, the reviews so far unanimously agree that “Avengers: Endgame” is marvellous. Even Rotten Tomatoes Editor-In-Chief Joel Meares was left speechless:

Some were shocked…

While others teared up…

But the general consensus on Twitter seems to be that Marvel delivered a final piece that not only honours the collective journey of our heroes, but manages to live up to and somehow rise above expectations.

Although public screenings only begin this Thursday night, we’ve got you covered before then. Check back in to for a full review of the movie later today and until then, check out the videos below to make sure you walk into the theatre as prepared as humanly possible.