5 More Hilarious Celebrity April Fools’ Pranks

The Joke’s On Us And We’re Okay With It

Everyone loves a well-executed joke, especially when it’s delivered on the one day a year that pardons all pranks: April 1st. Over on our YouTube channel, we went over the funniest April Fools’ pranks that celebrities have played over the years; from Ellen pranking her audience to Joe Jonas’ sonogram gag, to Netflix acquiring Seth Rogen! Since tomorrow’s the big day, we thought we’d give you 5 bonus pranks that didn’t make our rank but still had us fooled.

George Clooney’s Sweet Treat for “Oceans” producer, Jerry Weintraub

Is it really a prank list if we don’t include George Clooney? He’s pranked Tina Fey, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and Meryl Streep, among others, but the joke he pulled, along with Brad Pitt, on the late “Oceans” producer, Jerry Weintraub, takes the cake…or the candy. The three were reportedly playing a drinking game that resulted in Weintraub falling asleep, giving Clooney and Pitt (who were secretly drinking water the whole time) the ultimate opportunity to fill his underwear with M&Ms. It’s a simple and juvenile school joke, but coming from two A-list actors makes it instantly legendary.

Gigi Hadid’s New Hair

Short hair, don’t care? Not if it’s Gigi Hadid, apparently! Back in April 2017, the supermodel decided to take to Instagram to fool her millions of followers by posing with a short pixie cut; a drastic change from her usual long hair. It might seem like a small prank, but the internet definitely wigged out.

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✄ ✄ ✄ happy April foolz fwends 😉 😛

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Trader Joe-kster

A solid April fools joke can be pulled off by pretty much anyone if it’s convincing enough, even Trader Joe’s! Back in 2016, the grocery chain, popular for it’s unique food items like everything bagel seasoning and cookie butter, decided to join in on the fun by jokingly threatening to close and discontinue products by 2017. This joke had customers freaking out online, even Chrissy Teigen chimed in!

George Takei for Congress???

Star Trek” star George Takei played us all in 2018 when he publicly stated he would run for Congress in California’s 22nd District and take on Republican Devin Nunes. This joke even attracted a sincere endorsement from the Hulk himself, Mark Ruffalo! Too bad it was all a hoax…

Stephen King is running for Governor of Maine???

The king of horror may not have been directly involved in this practical joke, but the execution was well worth a mention either way. A fan created king4maine2018.com on April Fools Day and claimed, “After years of criticizing Governor Paul LePage, Stephen is considering making a run for Governor in 2018.” It was clearly a prank, as the linked campaign video redirects to the most classic punchline there is: a rickroll.

Which celebrity’s April Fools prank did you fall for??? If the entries above weren’t enough to trick you, make sure to check out our FULL list of the Top 10 Funniest Celebrity April Fools’ Pranks on YouTube!

If you’re a fan of video games, you NEED to see the pranks pulled by the gaming community below!

Top 5 Batman Moments that Made Fans Rage Quit

The Dumb Knight Rises

He may be vengeance, he may be the night, but that doesn’t mean the Caped Crusader is immune from some really aggravating storylines, especially in the world of comic books. Everyone has their own interpretations of how they feel the Dark Knight should be, but its fair to say these moments pushed fans too far, leading to mass outrage across the board!

Image result for batman fortunate son

#5: The Wedding That Never Happened

Batman gets engaged; he doesn’t get married. But honestly, this time around, DC really had us convinced that they’d finally opened up to changing Batman’s status quo. After 50 issues of build-up and a big PR campaign advertising the impending marriage of Batman and Catwoman, fans got burned. TWICE. Though to be fair, only one is DC’s fault. First, the New York Times spoiled the ending – that’s on them. But the ending in question? The marriage never happens, and honestly, that was arguably worse. In the end, Selena refuses to marry Bruce because she believes that their marriage would rob him of the fire he needs to protect Gotham. In an otherwise great run, this felt like a hugely disappointing return to the status quo.

Image result for catwoman leaves batman at the altar

#4: Abandoning Gotham

When a character has been around as long as Batman, there’s no such thing as “one definitive version”. The character evolves as each new writer takes the reins. Be that as it may, with a character as iconic as Batman, an overarching personality, psychology and set of values takes shape regardless. Readers can see the forest for the trees – so to speak. And when a writer has Batman do something fundamentally out of character, well… a rage quit courtesy of readers becomes a very real possibility. The fact that Batman would remain absent from Gotham, for months during the catastrophic events of No Man’s Land isn’t just a plot hole. It’s preposterous.

Image result for batman no mans land

#3: Batman Peeing His Pants

Remember when we said that The Widening Gyre was a weak story start to finish? Yeah…it bears the unflattering distinction of giving readers not just one, but two major opportunities to simply put the comic down and say: “you know what? It’s not worth finishing this story!” This is a scene that only Kevin Smith would come up with. In it, Batman reminisces about a crucial scene from “Batman: Year One” and adds that actually peed his pants because his incendiary was hotter than expected. Yes, really. Note to any aspiring writers out there: if they give you the keys to the Batcave, don’t make Batman piss himself. 

Related image

#2: Everything in The Dark Knight Strikes Again

The Dark Knight Returns? It’s one of the most widely cited, beloved, influential and critically acclaimed stories in the medium. And rightfully so! Yes, this world-weary Batman’s personality and mannerisms are a departure from those of the main continuity, but they work in the context. And that context makes for a great, insightful read. So when it was announced, over 15 years later, that we were getting a sequel, fans were understandably over the moon. That is until they actually read the thing. Rarely has something so highly anticipated disappointed so spectacularly. The art was childish, heroes behave unrecognizably, and Wonder Woman and Superman have sex that causes natural disasters. If you haven’t read it, probably best to keep it that way.

Related image

#1: Flaming Dock Intimacy

In 2002, The Dark Knight Strikes Again felt like a low point for both Batman and Frank Miller. But together, they managed to dig far deeper just a few years later in the pages of All-Star Batman and Robin. We could highlight any number of things that inspired us to stop reading, but for fear of beating a dead horse (or the charred remains of nameless henchmen), we’re going with flaming dock sex as the moment that really did people in. Batman and Black Canary have sex, in-costume, while recently defeated goons burn to death nearby. As if that’s not bad enough, the dialogue, both before and after, feels like it was written by a pubescent extraterrestrial who hasn’t been paying attention in “human” class.

Related image

Be sure to check out the video below to see our picks for the Top 10 Best Batman Moments of All Time.

Top 5 Worst Things Sasuke Has Done

Once a Bad Boy…

Arguably one of the most divisive characters in the entire series, Sasuke Uchiha has made the transition from traumatised youth to vengeful student to wanted criminal and back around to edgy good guy all within one lifetime. Whether you feel his actions and ultimate redemption were justified, it can’t be denied that Sasuke accumulated quite a laundry list of dark deeds, with these five standing out as the most shocking.

Image result for sasuke kills karin gif

#5: Tried to Kill Sakura

After finding Sasuke shortly after he stabs Karin, Sakura’s intent is to kill the young man she (for some reason) loves, to spare Naruto and everyone else the pain. Sasuke is naturally suspicious of her offer to join him and, after demanding she kill Karin to prove her loyalty, then follows it up by trying to murder her from behind when she hesitates. It’s only the timely intervention of Kakashi that saves Sakura’s life, and Sasuke even makes an attempt on his former teacher’s life to boot! I wonder if Sakura ever fondly looks back and remembers that time her husband tried to murder her.

Image result for sasuke tries to kill sakura

#4: Plotting the Destruction of the Leaf Village (And Mass Murder)

After Tobi reveals to Sasuke that his brother Itachi massacred their clan to avert a civil war and at the behest of Konoha’s elders, Sasuke is naturally upset. Rather than verify this information for himself, Sasuke trusts a stranger and almost immediately swears vengeance on not only those directly responsible, but the entire Leaf Village. Not only is this exactly the kind of thing Itachi sacrificed everything to stop, but it’s also Sasuke planning to commit mass murder against the inhabitants of his home village! Yeah, yeah, you can cite his “curse of hatred,” his painful experiences, whatever – this is not moral behavior.

Image result for sasuke destroy the leaf

#3: Neglects His Daughter

Just like his neglect of his wife, Sasuke also neglects his daughter, Sarada. The sullen shinobi is absent from her life on mostly self-imposed missions so much so that she has few memories of him. And when they do finally reunite, Sasuke’s first course of action is to almost murder her, all because he doesn’t recognize her! But really, Sarada shouldn’t take it personally! Aside from his own parents, is there anyone close to Sasuke that he hasn’t attempted to kill?

Image result for sasuke and sarada

#2: Became a Rogue Ninja and Joined the Village’s Worst Enemy

Sasuke begins the series consumed with hatred for his brother Itachi. Sasuke’s desperation to become stronger leads him to accept an offer of training from Orochimaru, a man who’s already invaded Konoha, gave Sasuke a cursed seal, and was responsible for the Third Hokage’s death. Sasuke betraying his friends and the village is hardly surprising to us now, given everything he’s done since and his general self-centeredness, but back when it first happened, it was a huge deal. His betrayal ended up endangering his classmates who tried to retrieve him and led to many of the headaches and heartbreaks that followed.

Related image

#1: His Warped Plot to Change the Shinobi World

Upon saving the world from Kaguya, whose plot led almost everyone to be put into an endless sleep, Sasuke announces his intention to murder the five Kage in their sleep, as well as Naruto and the other Tailed Beasts; blaming them for the state of the world, instead of the villains they just fought a war to defeat. He then plans to shoulder the world’s hatred on himself by becoming the most powerful, hated enemy of everyone; essentially imitating what his brother did to him on a global scale. Because Sasuke turned out so well from that traumatic experience, why wouldn’t he want to inflict the same thing on the whole planet? What a hero!

Image result for sasuke vs naruto final

Be sure to check out the video below to see our picks for the Top 10 Worst Things Naruto Has Ever Done.

All the Releases Coming to Netflix in April 2019

Ready? Set? Stream!

Spring has sprung and so has Netflix’s catalog! This month, we will see many new and exciting Netflix original movies like “Unicorn Store”, directed by Captain Marvel herself, Brie Larson! There will also be a handful of re-watchable movies hitting the streaming service, including the extended version of “The Hateful Eight” and new series’ like “Our Planet” and “Ultraman”, alongside new seasons of shows like “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”. Want to find out more? Head over to our YouTube channel where we went over the 10 most exciting releases coming to Netflix in April 2019. While that list features the most anticipated titles, there are even MORE coming; check out the rest below!

April 1st

Across The Line (2015)
Arthur (2011)
Bonnie and Clyde (1967)
Deliverance (1972)
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (2002)
Evolution (2001)
Friday the 13th (2009)
Hong Kong West Side Stories (Season 1)
I Am Legend (2007)
Lakeview Terrace (2008)
JingleKids (Season 1)
Monster House (2006)
Obsessed (2009)
Penelope (2006)
P.S. I Love You (2007)
Sherlock Holmes (2009)
Snatch (2000)
Spy Kids (2001)
Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D (2013)
The Bone Collector (1999)
The Golden Compass (2007)
The Legend of Michael Mishra (2016)
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 (2008)
Valkyrie (2008)

April 3rd

Suzzanna: Buried Alive (Netflix Original Film)
Ricardo Quevedo: Los amargados somos más (Netflix Original Stand-up Special)

April 5th

Trolls: The Beat Goes On! Season 6 (Netflix Original Kids Series)
Legacies: Season 1
Persona: Collection (Netflix Original Anime Series)
Roman Empire: Caligula: The Mad Emperor Season 3 (Netflix Original Series)
Spirit Riding Free: Season 8 (Netflix Original Kids Series)
Tijuana (Netflix Original Film)

April 10th

Liss Pereira: Reteniendo líquidos (Netflix Original Stand-up Special)
New Girl: Season 7

April 11th

Black Summer: Season 1 (Netflix Original Series)

April 12th

A Land Imagined (Netflix Original Film)
Band Aid (2017)
Francesco De Carlo: Cose di questo mondo (Netflix Original Stand-up Special)
Huge in France (Netflix Original Series)
Mighty Little Bheem (Netflix Original Series)
The Perfect Date (Netflix Original Film)
The Silence (Netflix Original Film)
Special (Netflix Original Series)
Who Would You Take to a Deserted Island? (Netflix Original Film)

April 15th

Luis Miguel – The Series: Season 1
No Good Nick: Season 1 (Netflix Original Kids Series)
The New Romantic (2018)

April 16th

Super Monsters Furever Friends (Netflix Original Kids Series)

April 18th

My First First Love: Season 1 (Netflix Original Series)

April 19th

Brené Brown: The Call to Courage (Netflix Original Stand-up Special)
A Fortunate Man (Netflix Original Film)
Cuckoo: Season 5 (Netflix Original Series)
I, Daniel Blake (2016)
Music Teacher (Netflix Original Film)
Rilakkuma and Kaoru: Season 1 (Netflix Original Anime Series)
Samantha!: Season 2 (Netflix Original Series)
Someone Great (Netflix Original Film)

April 20th

Grass is Greener: Season 1 (Netflix Original Series)

April 22nd

Pinky Malinky: Part 2 (Netflix Original Series)
Selection Day – New Episodes (Netflix Original Series)

April 23rd

I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson (Netflix Original Sketch Comedy Series)

April 24th

Bonding (Netflix Original Series)

April 25th

The Ugly Truth (2009)

April 26th

The Protector: Season 2 (Netflix Original Series)
ReMastered: Devil at the Crossroads (Netflix Original Series)
Otherhood (Netflix Original Film)
The Sapphires (2012)
Yankee: Season 1 (Netflix Original Series)

April 27th

American Honey (2016)

April 28th

Señora Acero: Season 5

April 29th

Burning (2018)

April 30th

Anthony Jeselnik: Fire in the Maternity Ward (Netflix Original Stand-up Special)
Baki: Part 2 (Netflix Original Anime Series)
Ingress: The Animation (Netflix Original Anime Series)

If there’s a title you didn’t see on our list above, that’s because it’s in our Top 10 already! Take a look below to get the FULL list of the most promising, intriguing and classic titles you won’t want to miss.

Top 5 Superheroes Who Hooked Up With Supervillains

Sometimes The Dark Side Is Just Too Tempting

When it comes to love and lust in the world of superhero comics, things aren’t always so clear cut. There are times when two individuals on opposite sides of the battlefield find themselves wrestling with feelings of desire. In the case of these five pairings, they ended up acting upon them…for better or worse.

Image result for cyclops and emma frost

#5: Sue Storm & Doctor Doom

That devious Doctor Doom, not only is he a criminal mastermind and dictator… he also insists on complicating matters of the heart. As part of the Secret Wars storyline, which saw him effectively become the god and designer of a collaged reality, Sue Storm is his wife – or rather Susan Von Doom. Well… that’s one way to give the middle finger to your arch nemesis, Reed Richards. In this reality, not only have Sue Storm and Victor Von Doom fallen in love and gotten married, but they also have two children together – Franklin and Valeria. Of course, this isn’t the only morally gray character Sue has gotten intimate with – she and Namor also have a history.

Related image

#4: Wolverine & Mystique

Wolverine is known to be the best at what he does, and that’s heavily implied to be tracking, fighting and killing, but based on his romantic track record, he also appears to excel at being a shameless womanizer – and that extends to both sides of the battlefield. As explored in the Wolverine arc “Get Mystique” from 2008, Logan and Raven Darkholme go way back, as does their love-hate relationship. They’ve clearly always rubbed each other the wrong way, while simultaneously taking regular breaks to rub each other the right way… if you know what we mean. 

Related image

#3: Spider-Man & Black Cat

Whereas many contemporary superheroes operate within shades of gray, Peter Parker has long been held up as one of Marvel’s more clear-cut do-gooders. Sure, he tackles plenty of megalomaniacs and freaks looking to end the world, but he’s also just as committed to stopping more everyday crimes, like burglary. So it’s admittedly rather problematic that he, of all people, could become romantically involved with a crook like Black Cat. Something tells us that he doesn’t take time to flirt and fool around with the other burglars he encounters on the rooftops of NYC. Of course, they’ve done more than hook up – they’ve actually been in a relationship more than once. 

Image result for Spider-Man & Black Cat

#2: Daredevil & Elektra

Speaking of NYC-based superheroes and the femme fatales they love, how about the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen and his assassin of a flame? Elektra’s introductory arc in Frank Miller’s critically acclaimed run of Daredevil in the early ‘80s delivered a complex love story that saw the off-panel old lovebirds reunited. Though they would work together and rekindle old passions, they also frequently came to blows and continued to be at odds, as their respective philosophies made them fundamentally different. Elektra would even wind up working for crime boss Kingpin. A tragic love story, Elektra’s initial arc would end with her death at the hands of Daredevil’s nemesis, Bullseye… but she would return

Related image

#1: Batman & Talia Al Ghul

Batman’s most popular flame might be Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman, but honestly, she’s been an ally for so long now that her cat burglarizing feels like more of a side hustle. And besides, Batman’s relationship with the more overtly villainous Talia Al Ghul is far more troubling. Honestly, their night of passion has been recontextualized so many times, we don’t know what the truth is. But at some point, Bruce Wayne was either seduced or drugged into having an affair with the daughter of his enemy, Ra’s Al Ghul, an act of copulation that resulted in a son. Regardless, these two are clearly both interested, as exemplified by their frequent flirtation and multiple trysts.

Image result for Batman & Talia Al Ghul comic

Be sure to check out the video below to see our picks for the Top 10 Couples in DC Comics.

Top 5 Avatar and Legend of Korra Antagonists

Say Hello to the Balance Breakers

Aside from its stunning animation, great storytelling and mesmerising lore, the Avatar and its successful sequel can add awesome villains to its list of achievements. Whether they’re sympathetic to the core or just have way too much fun being evil, these are the foes that nearly put the Avatar six feet under on multiple occasions!

Image result for vaatu gif

#5: Zaheer

Behold the one villain that left Korra utterly broken. Along with his three lethal criminal companions, Zaheer’s desire is true freedom for the world, where the likes of governments and Avatars will no longer hold sway over the people. With his newfound power of airbending and his philosophical nature, the leader of the Red Lotus committed some pretty horrific deeds in the name of his cause: he suffocated the Earth Queen and beat Tenzin to near death, not to mention he poisoned and effectively crippled Korra. He may have lost the final battle, but his actions were most definitely felt throughout the rest of the series.

Image result for Zaheer

#4: Amon

In our introduction to the brand new Avatar, we were given an equally compelling villain. Leader of the Equalists, a movement that sought to battle against benders, Amon appeared to be a formidable warrior with the power to take away a person’s ability to bend the elements. Underneath that mask, however, it’s a whole different story. Amon’s father wasn’t only one of Aang’s enemies, but also possibly the most powerful bloodbender to ever live – a power Amon inherited. He may have managed to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes and inspire their prejudices, but in the end his hypocrisy and arrogance proved to be his downfall. Like father, like son.

Image result for Amon

#3: Kuvira

In the wake of Zaheer dismantling the Earth Kingdom came one of Avatar’s most complex dictators. Highly revered as the Great Uniter, Kuvira brought hope and prosperity back to her people to the point where she amassed enough devotion and power that she could demand that the entire world submit to the new Earth Empire – or suffer the consequences. With her mastery of metalbending and an army at her back, not to mention the near unstoppable force of the Colossus at her disposal, the battle between this sympathetic tyrant and the Avatar was a truly worthy choice for Korra’s final outing.

Image result for Kuvira

#2: Fire Lord Ozai

Continuing the work started by his ancestor Sozin, Ozai is the ruthless Fire Lord who holds dominion not only over his own nation, but over the rest of the world as well via subjugation, enslavement, and terror. His presence can be felt throughout the entire series even before his big reveal, and boy what an intro he makes. So without empathy that he was willing to hideously burn his own son’s face, Ozai cares only about power. This is made even clearer during his climactic final battle with Aang where he’s prepared to burn the entire Earth Kingdom to ashes. His defeat may have left him a powerless man, but the impact he made won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

Image result for Fire Lord Ozai scene

#1: Azula

A master manipulator, completely without remorse, whose inner turmoil led her down to the road to utter insanity; Azula truly was a villain’s villain. The sister of Zuko and a powerful firebender in her own right, she managed to bring down all of Ba Sing Se, practically killed Aang with a lightning bolt, and played every one of her friends and foes like pawns. Her final battle against her brother was the perfect contrast to show just how far she had fallen from grace, lifting the veil to show the madness within her. She’s a monster with a perfect smile that will incinerate you without a second thought, and oh how we love her for it!

Related image

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Top 5 Bizarre Villain Deaths

That’s One Way to Kill Off an Antagonist…

Whether they’re henchman or the big boss, there’s nothing in a villain’s contract that says they’re guaranteed to receive a dignified ending. Even some of the most iconic villains in cinematic history have left the mortal coil in a most unflattering fashion, with these five standing at the top of the leaning tower of crazy!

Related image

#5: Auric Goldfinger
“Goldfinger” (1964) 

Even in a film that sees a woman die by being coated in gold paint, the villain’s death is still, somehow, the weirdest. Going up against Goldfinger and Oddjob, Sean Connery’s James Bond attempts to foil Goldfinger’s plan to contaminate Fort Knox’s gold reserves. Bond proves successful, prompting a vengeful Goldfinger to hijack the agent’s airborne plane, leading to a cabin window accidentally being shot and the plane decompressing. With Bond holding on for dear life, a bewildered Goldfinger is sucked out of the window. It’s certainly an odd way to go, but with age, the special effects involved have made this death almost comedic.

Related image

#4: Hitman
“Shoot ‘Em Up” (2007) 

Oh, you thought John Wick killing someone with a pencil was impressive? Clive Owen’s Shoot ‘Em Up is an hour-and-a-half of pure insanity, with the most ludicrous moment occurring in the first ten minutes. Owen’s Smith is a drifter with a heart of gold, who ends up saving a pregnant woman from the clutches of a villainous hitman. Facing off against the gun-happy attacker, Smith sticks a carrot in the dude’s mouth and punches the produce right through the offender’s skull. Who said vegetables were good for you?

Image result for Shoot 'Em Up carrot

#3: Wicked Witch of the West
“The Wizard of Oz” (1939) 

Arguably one of the most famous deaths in movie history, the manner in which this witch perishes is also pretty weird. Aided by an army of monkeys, the Wicked Witch of the West is a genuinely terrifying villain, one capable of eliciting fear across the magical land of Oz. Desperate to return to Kansas, Dorothy must first best the Wicked Witch, an act accomplished by throwing a bucket of water on the villain, which causes the Witch to melt. This might be a reference to history, as potential witches were thrown into a river to see if they float. Regardless… it’s an oddly simple Achilles heel for such a powerful villain.

Related image

#2: Dr. Kananga
“Live and Let Die” (1973) 

With Roger Moore’s first appearance as James Bond, this eighth installment took the franchise in a goofier direction. Live and Let Die sees the MI6 spy trying to foil Dr. Kananga’s plan to produce and distribute heroin. Along the way, Bond uses tarot cards to seduce Solitaire, escapes certain death by jumping along the backs of alligators, and stops a voodoo sacrifice. Annoyed by Moore’s constant interferences, Karanga tries to feed the agent and Solitaire to sharks, but Bond escapes and stuffs a compressed-gas pellet into the Doctor’s mouth, causing the villain to explode. It might be a live action film, but that move is straight out of a cartoon.

Related image

#1: Thunder
“Big Trouble in Little China” (1986) 

Ever felt so angry that you might explode? Thunder knows that feeling. John Carpenter’s Big Trouble in Little China is a hilariously over-the-top action-comedy starring Kurt Russell as Jack Burton, a truck driver who gets entangled in a centuries-old conspiracy involving curses and wizards. The final battle sees Jack use his rad knife-throwing skills to take out the big-bad, David Lo Pan; causing Thunder – his henchman – to self-destruct out of frustration. The hero had absolutely nothing to do with it… Thunder just inflates into the shape of a basketball and pops all on his own.

Image result for Thunder “Big Trouble in Little China

Be sure to check out the video below to see our picks for the Top 10 Funniest Animated Villains in Movies.

What’s The Value of YouTube Subscribers? Check Out Context TV To Find Out!

This Channel Means Business

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What’s The Value of YouTube Subscribers?

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Top 5 PlayStation 4 Exclusives

The Best of the Best

Whatever your opinion on the seemingly never-ending console wars, it can’t be denied that exclusive games baring the PlayStation brand have excelled over the last few years. If you ever needed a reason to branch out and purchase Sony’s darling platform, it would be these five mini-masterpieces!

Image result for spider-man ps4 gif

#5: “Persona 5” (2017)

Technically we’re cheating a little since Atlus did release this title on the PS3, but let’s be honest, this game was made for the PS4. The hyper-stylized entry feels familiar with its story and high-school setting but dresses the combat in a new coat of paint by reintroducing long-lost mechanics like ranged attacks for the first time in a while. That diversity is much needed too since the larger palaces would risk getting stale with dozens of enemy encounters impeding your progress. The combat system really drives the experience of a JRPG and based on how much fun we had with this one, we’re comfortable saying it’s one of the best examples the genre has to offer.

Image result for Persona 5

#4: “Bloodborne” (2015)

Taking the “souls” gameplay formula of heavy, thoughtful combat and tweaking it to make it slightly faster, Bloodborne is arguably From Software’s masterpiece that surpasses all previous efforts in a genre they themselves created. The dreary, gothic environments are detailed and atmospheric, and its faster combat results in aggressive play styles. And, like any Souls game, the bosses are incredibly tough, so if you couldn’t “git gud” at Dark Souls, chances are “Bloodborne” won’t be any easier on you.

Image result for Bloodborne

#3: “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End” (2016)

The fourth iteration of Nathan Drake’s adventures delivers a story and world that’s not only as rich and exciting to explore as ever, but also a combat system that fixes all the problems of past games. The story delivers from start to finish, and the game works as a fitting final chapter for Nathan Drake. It’s the kind of quality gaming experience Naughty Dog has delivered time and time again, so it should come as no surprise that this game is among the PS4’s best. 

Image result for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

#2: “Horizon Zero Dawn” (2017)

We don’t blame you if you’re getting tired of the open world template in video games, but as burnt out as you might be, you owe it yourself to give Horizon a shot. Yes, it looks gorgeous and the world feels alive thanks to its dynamic weather and day/night cycles, but it’s not just eye candy. The biologically inspired machine aesthetic for the enemies you’ll encounter is some of the most innovative that we’ve come across, and Aloy’s methods of dispatching them are equally fun. “Horizon Zero Dawn” gives us hope for the future of open-world games.

Image result for Horizon Zero Dawn

#1: “God of War” (2018)

This is how you bring back a franchise. Not only do new weapons like the Leviathan Axe change the way players have to approach combat as opposed to the faster Blades of Chaos, but the Norse Mythology influence on the world really pushes the series in a fresh direction. The traditionally rage-fueled Kratos is now more relatable and dynamic than ever thanks to his interactions with Atreus, which results in the best story the series has ever seen. It’s not just Sony’s greatest exclusive, but also one of the greatest games of this console generation, period.

Image result for God of War

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5 Bonus “Queer Eye” Fab 5 Moments You Need to See

When They’re Done With Lifestyle Makeovers, They Give Us These Fabulous Moments

If you watch Netflix’s “Queer Eye”, you know that Karamo, Tan, Antoni, Jonathan, and Bobby are basically superheroes and the only squad we’d call in a makeover emergency. Over on MsMojo, we looked at cast moments from outside the show, excluding solo outings such as when Tan gave Pete Davidson a makeover, and ranked our top 10. Our list includes The Fab 5 ace a friendship test, The Fab 5 does a compliment battle, The Fab 5 insta-stalk each other, The Fab 5 does nailed it, and more. You can check out that video below, as well as 5 BONUS moments that almost made our list!

5. Helping a Stranger Propose to His Girlfriend

The Fab 5 may be known for curating dramatic lifestyle transformations, but clearly their expertise stretches across other areas as well, like wedding proposals. During this collaboration with Brides, the guys help a man named Jake create the perfect proposal for his girlfriend and seeing how passionate each Fab 5 member gets about the event is the best, especially in the screenshot below when Karamo green light’s the idea of a skull ring and you can see the panic on every other member’s face.

4. Never Have I Ever

This party game is a classic where shade is thrown and secrets are revealed, so who better than the Fab 5 to make it even more entertaining? In this version, the squad takes turns reading ‘never have I ever’ cards and drinking if they’ve done what’s on the card. Every card prompts their classic, hilarious banter, but Jonathan’s reaction to Antoni revealing he’s eaten a live scallop takes the cake by far: “You ate a live SCYAAALLOPPP!?”

3. Who They’d Be In Other Famous Fab Fives

While they may be our favorite Fab 5, they aren’t the only famous quintet in the game and in this Entertainment Weekly segment, the guys choose who they’d be in other legendary Fab 5’s. From Jonathan wanting to be “Winona Ryder at the SAG awards” in the cast of Stranger Things, Antoni demanding “I get the dog!” in the “Wizard of Oz” cast, and Jonathan throwing TONS of shade at Adele when Tan tries to include her in The Divas over Barbra Streisand, we get some pretty hilarious opinions thrown around. They may not be the only Fab 5, but their cheeky dynamic is unmatched.

2. How Well Do You Know Your Co-Star?

Okay, we might be cheating with this one since it’s only 3 of the 5 guys, but once you see the way things heat up in this Marie Claire game, you’ll forgive us. Tan, Antoni and Jonathan each go around asking multiple choice questions about themselves that the other 2 have to try and answer correctly. It’s an ultimate test of their friendship and it definitely gets sassy and surprising, like who knew Jonathan was a Hanson stan? Also the fact that the segment ends with Antoni and Jonathan belting out Jewel’s “Foolish Games” is everything.

1. The LGBTQuiz: Queer Taboo Edition

It’s official, we need to plan a game night with the Fab 5! This rendition of taboo finds the squad challenging their knowledge of key words and figures like “Drag Queen”, “Bear”, “Madonna” and “Ellen” by describing them without the use of crucial descriptors i.e. “taboo” words. Some of the best moments include the fact that Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer are taboo words for ‘Peach’ and Tan trying to describe Laverne Cox by saying “This person has become iconic in our community…”, to which Karamo responds, “Jonathan!”

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