Top 5 Best TV Moments of 2018

It’s Our Version of the Emmy’s

2018 was a great year for TV, with streaming services like Netflix and networks like HBO creating content that not only competes with the esteemed film world, but even surpasses it in some ways. For this MsMojo list, we ranked the funniest, saddest, most dramatic, and most shocking scenes of the year from 2018’s scripted TV shows and we’re giving you a sneak peak at the Top 5 entries right here! Spoilers abound, so be warned.

#5: Black Hood Is Revealed

“Riverdale” (2017-)

When we heard that Archie was being rebooted into a gloomy murder-mystery, we all kind of laughed in disbelief. But it’s scenes like this that make us feel silly for laughing, because damn did they ever nail the drama. Black Hood was one of the main villains of season two, the culprit behind numerous shootings and the murder of Geraldine Grundy. In the penultimate episode of season two, it was finally revealed that Black Hood was none other than Betty’s father, Hal! Sure, it was a little predictable, but it’s nice to finally know for sure, and it throws his character into a whole new, terrifying light.

#4: The Final Montage

“Adventure Time” (2010-18)

Saying goodbye to “Adventure Time” is like saying goodbye to a great friend. It’s been with us for years, it’s entertained us and made us happy, and it saddened us when it needed to leave. Which is why the final montage was so damn affecting. Seeming to acknowledge the fact that sometimes, music can convey mood better than words, the finale launches into a cute musical montage using the end credits theme song that wraps up everyone’s journey. It’s a touching goodbye to the show and the characters we’ve grown attached to over the better part of a decade, and we couldn’t think of a better finale for such a brilliant program.

#3: “All This Time.”

“The Americans” (2013-18)

The Americans” is still the greatest show that no one watches. Maybe now that it’s over it will generate the audience it always deserved, like a brilliant artist only discovered after his demise. The show built an incredible amount of tension over the years before unleashing this climax in its final episode. When Stan confronts Philip and Elizabeth in the parking garage and finally learns their secret, it’s a painful, cataclysmic shock for everyone involved. The scene’s impact is in no small part thanks to Matthew Rhys’s Emmy-winning performance as Philip. “The Americans” has always been about family and friendship, and here we watch them all falling apart.

#2: Winston’s Ultimate Prank

“New Girl” (2011-18)

Winston’s reputation for awful pranks set audience expectation high for the series finale. Fortunately, “New Girl” delivered. In the final episode, newly married Nick and Jess discover that they’re being evicted. After packing and loading the moving truck, Winston finally reveals that the eviction was just an elaborate prank, because, well, Winston doesn’t know how to prank. Luckily for him, Nick and Jess don’t kill him, but decide to finish their move. It’s hilarious, but it also leads to a touching send-off for the characters and the apartment they’ve inhabited for nearly 150 episodes. Think of it as a new beginning.

#1: Jack’s Death

“This Is Us” (2016-)

Some people may criticize “This Is Us” for being little more than sorrow porn, but when the sadness is this unbelievably rendered, we can forgive it. We’ve all been waiting for Jack’s death, and it finally came on Super Bowl Sunday – literally, that’s what the episode is called. Mandy Moore is spectacular in this scene, fluidly transitioning from complete disbelief and annoyance to shock and finally grief. Few shows and movies have captured the pain and confusion of death so vividly, and it made for supremely uncomfortable yet tantalizing television.

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If your favorite christmas movie is “Die Hard”, this week was made for you! Starting today and lasting an entire week, WatchMojo is releasing new and exciting action-related videos, covering anything from “Fast and the Furious” to “Terminator” and everything in between. Get ready, because this action-packed week will also mark the beginning of a new series on our channel called Film Franchise Origins, where we break down a popular movie franchise in the form of a video essay and discuss the pivotal details and facts behind it’s inception and creation that lead to it’s success. As if all that wasn’t enough to look forward to, we’re thrilled to announce that Action Week is brought to you by “Just Cause 4”, the newest installation in Square Enix’ action-adventure series that we’ve been waiting for since 2015’s “Just Cause 3”! Head over to MojoPlays this week to find out more about the game which is set to release on December 4th and tune-in to WatchMojo everyday or…

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Anticipated Movies That are Already Hated, SpongeBob Characters Who Hate SpongeBob & Things Bohemian Rhapsody Got Right and Wrong – Top 3 WatchMojo Videos of the Week!

Have YOU Seen Them?

Have you been keeping up with this week’s WatchMojo videos?! We publish over five new videos everyday in the realms of TV, Film, Pop Culture, Video Games, Anime, Comics and more, so by the end of the week, there are definitely some stand-out videos that seem to be the most successful thanks to you guys. If you’re interested in finding out which videos are a must-see for this week, keep reading because we’re starting a new segment on the blog called: Top 3 WatchMojo Videos of the Week, where we talk about the three videos that had the most views and action on our YouTube channel. Make sure to subscribe and ring the notification bell if you want to get a head start on next week’s videos! Now, let’s talk about the videos from this week that made us happy dance.

#3: Top 10 Things Bohemian Rhapsody Got Factually Right and Wrong

This video was released right after the long-awaited “Bohemian Rhapsody” film went through it’s first wave of views, leaving some audience members feeling disappointed, while others left in pure bliss, belting out Queen songs all the way home. If you’re wondering why people felt let down by the movie, this video outlines the top ten things “Bohemian Rhapsody” got factually right and wrong, going into detail about how well the reality of Queen and Freddie Mercury’s story was translated onto the screen. A few of the topics presented in the movie that we discussed include: Freddie & Mary’s Relationship, Freddie Knowing He Was HIV-Positive Before Live Aid and Queen’s Split Up, so check it out below or read about it on the Blog to find out the truth!

#2: Top 10 SpongeBob Characters Who Hated SpongeBob

Everybody loves Spongebob, in fact, it’s almost impossible to find anyone who genuinely dislikes SpongeBob, at least above water apparently. For this list, we looked at characters from “SpongeBob SquarePants” that for one reason or another can’t stand the titular yellow sponge. Bikini Bottom citizens like Bubble Bass, DoodleBob, Sheldon J. Plankton and Mrs. Puff all have an aversion to the friendly sea sponge be it for his devotion to the Krabby Patty secret formula or his lack of driving skills, but no one beats Squidward. SpongeBob’s mere existence is irksome to him and their dynamic is hilarious on account of this unchanging hatred and SpongeBob’s total obliviousness. Check out the video below to find out more!

#1: Top 10 Anticipated Movies That Are Already Hated (2019)

The internet age is a tough time to be an upcoming film and this list definitely proves it. We looked at films scheduled for a 2019 release that boast big name recognition and have generated plenty of buzz, but which have also been the subject of online hate. For the record, we don’t necessarily hate these upcoming films – some of them actually look or sound pretty good – but if it appears on this list, there’s a sizeable number of vocal people out there who do. The entries on this Top 10 include “Frozen 2”, “Dora the Explorer”, “Toy Story 4”, “Star Wars: Episode IX” and more, so check out the video below to find out why these upcoming films are getting negative criticism and vote HERE on your pick!

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Top 5 Video Game Edgelords

You Can’t Handle The Edge

There’s a delicate art when crafting a brooding badass in video games. After all, having a character mired in sorrow and darkness can certainly pave the way for some intriguing development. Then again, if you go overboard, you might end up with examples like these. While they have their moments of brilliance, they also really need to learn to lighten up!

Image result for riku gif
#5: Dante
“DmC: Devil May Cry” (2013)

Sometimes you look at a character and know, without a shadow of a doubt, that they flip off authority figures, smoke behind the bleachers, and spray graffiti on the walls. Much like Bomberman, this was not the reimagining fans were expecting, especially when the Dante they’d come to know was an over-the-top badass full of a cheesy, endearing sort of charm. We got some of that far out, pizza flying through the air charm, and we definitely got the fast-paced action, but overall, DmC’s Dante came off as a moody edgelord — the kind your parents try and keep you away from.

Image result for Dante “DmC: Devil May Cry”

#4: Adam Jensen
“Deus Ex” series (2000-17)

We don’t wanna assume that he’s a stoic loner based on looks alone but… yeah, he’s a stoic loner, isn’t he? They say not to judge a book by its cover, but with Deus Ex, you know what you’re in for as soon as you grab the box. Cool dude dressed in all black, equipped with sunglasses, a gun, and a futuristic cityscape behind him? Yeah, that’s a decent amount of edge, but Adam Jensen turned up all the notches in 2011. Black clothes, sunglasses, shattered bits of glass with intense game titles AND a tragic backstory? That, dear Mojoholics, is the very definition of edge.

Image result for Adam Jensen “Deus Ex topless

#3: Reaper
“Overwatch” (2016)

His name is Reaper. Need we say more? He’s got Hellfire Shotguns and can step between shadows. What, still need more? He walks around with a hood over his head and a skull mask. His past is shrouded in mystery. He’s known for being so treacherous on the battlefield that it’d be easier if he killed you instead of leaving you to survive the carnage and the eventual nightmares you’ll be haunted with. He can drain your health. He has a wraith form where he can pass through his adversaries. We’re not saying that he’s the edgiest angel of death, but if the shotgun fits? Fire it.

Image result for reaper overwatch

#2: Shadow the Hedgehog
“Sonic the Hedgehog” series (1991-)

Oof. You knew this one was coming. Shadow is the very definition of trying way too hard to be cool, and honestly? You can’t help but love him. Serving as a rival hedgehog to the fastest thing alive, he is the polar opposite of the blue blur. He’s not gonna make way past cool quips and eat chili dogs, no, none of that. He’s gonna stand in the corner with his arms crossed, brooding as he goes through an existential crisis where he wonders who he really is. Fortunately, he’s got grunge rock, a motorcycle, and a machine gun to see him through.

Image result for Shadow the Hedgehog

#1: The Antagonist
“Hatred” (2015)

You know when you hear someone talking about how video games are a bad influence? Hello, and welcome to Hatred. The cover alone is enough to ward off, well… everyone, but if you can get past the long haired angst lord you find out that his name is (3:30)… oh, ok, his name isn’t important, he’s just a man who hates humanity because… reasons? To him, the world is so awful that the only solution is to kill everything — himself included? We’re fairly certain that when people mock edgelords this is the exact character they have in mind… that’s probably why he wants to kill us all, huh?

Image result for The Antagonist “Hatred”
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Dating App Red Flags, Redeemed Villains & Disney Shows That Deserve a Reboot – Top 3 Suggested Ideas of the Week!

Now There’s an Idea!

You guys have continued to suggest and vote and now it’s time to check out the Top 3 Suggested Ideas of this week! If you didn’t know, at the end of every week we pick 3 of the trending voting pages from our suggest tool that got the most action and votes, or a page that simply stood out as creative and interesting. If you want to take part in the fun and maybe…just maybe…have your suggested “Top 10” list become a WatchMojo video, or at least, get some well-deserved praise right here on the blog, then make sure to head over to and create your MyMojo account! It literally takes 30 seconds and you can create a new account or just sign in with an existing Google or Facebook account, so get going because who knows, maybe your idea will be included in our new weekly segment!

#3: Top 10 Red Flags on Dating Apps

While this suggestion may not have received quite as many votes as the other two picks of the week, it definitely stood out as an interesting topic that we haven’t really delved into on the blog and it is certainly a timely issue that most people can relate to. Red flags are not a new concept, they’re generationally persistent in the form of uncomfortable subject matter and unsettling mannerisms. However, the current prevalence of dating apps has introduced some new, virtual red flags that, unfortunately, many can attest to. A few top voted list entries include: all of their pics have filters, all pics are selfies and they never actually make plans to meet / go on a date, but the #1 dating app red flag seems to be when someone lies about their age…nobody likes being cat-fished. What are YOUR red flags and pet peeves when online dating? Vote HERE or on the suggestion below!

#2: Top 10 Redeemed Villains of All-Time

They may have started out as the bad guys, but by the end of the film in one way or another, they expiated their offences and won us back. Although the villains on this list are not completely vindicated for their previous misdemeanours, they proved themselves through acts of kindness or heroism that ultimately changed the audience’s perception of them. Some top voted villains on this list include: Gru from “Despicable Me”, Vegeta from “Dragon Ball Z” and Zuko from “Avatar: the Last Airbender”, with Darth Vader coming out on top. Although his complete redemption has been debated, the “Star Wars” villain’s decision to resist the Dark Side and save Luke by killing the Emperor in “Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi” definitely showed us an empathetic side that we always hoped was still there. What’s your favorite example of a villain’s redemption? Vote HERE!

#1: Top 10 Disney Animated Shows That Deserve a Reboot

We went over the list of Nickelodeon shows that everyone wants to see rebooted a few weeks ago on the blog HERE and according to the number of votes on this suggestion, it’s Disney’s turn next. Disney has had and continues to create a ton of animated shows, and with their new streaming service Disney+ set to release in 2019, we’re hoping some of those shows that we adored in their prime will potentially be given another go. Shows like “Chip ‘n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers”, “Kim Possible” and “Darkwing Duck” made it onto this list, with “Gargoyles” taking the top spot! The 90s show didn’t quite catch the “popular” train, but was praised by many devoted viewers for it’s dark mythological content and overall unmatched creativity and apparently, Jordan Peele already pitched a movie reboot of the show to Disney, so there’s really no reason not to bring it back!  Vote HERE on the Disney show you want to see again!

Which Top 10 list do you think would make a great WatchMojo video? Leave a comment below and make sure to vote on all the lists above to let us know what you think!

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Top 5 Worst Video Game Girlfriends

Break It Off Before It’s Too Late!

We’ve seen so many great examples of female video game characters over the past couple of years. Some in the form of protagonists, others as villains and even a few as engaging romance options. That being said, when compared to the travesties that were these love interests, any character would look great by comparison. If your avatar is looking for affection, stay away at all costs!

Image result for yorda ico

#5: Emily Davis
“Until Dawn” (2015)

When it comes to deciding the fate of our favorite fictional characters, it quickly becomes a daunting and emotional task. “Until Dawn” forced us to make those decisions multiple times, but there was one character most of us didn’t mind leaving behind: Emily Davis. From the moment Em arrives back at the cabin, she comes off as the most venomous person anyone could date. Not only is she rude to ex-boyfriend Mike, but she’s treats her current boyfriend, Matt, just as terribly. Needless to say, our pity didn’t last long if she didn’t make it to the end of the story. Besides, no one slaps our darling Ashley!

Image result for Emily Davis “Until Dawn

#4: Juliet Starling
“Lollipop Chainsaw” (2012)

At first glance, Juliet Starling is any high school boy’s dream girlfriend. Blonde, spunky, and captain of the cheerleading squad? Who wouldn’t want to date her? Well, if a zombie apocalypse was on the horizon, you’d be better off looking elsewhere. Throughout “Lollipop Chainsaw”, Juliet shows very little concern over her friends and family. She’ll gleefully hack away at zombies and talk about her social life than thinking about where her parents might be or if her boyfriend Nick will ever get to have a body again. Of course, her tune changes when Nick and her Dad sacrifice themselves to destroy Killabilly. Where was that affection during the rest of the game, sweetheart?

Related image

#3: Dahlia Hawthorne
“Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials & Tribulations” (2005)

There just had to be a psychopath on this list somewhere! You know, most of the ladies on this list made it because of being dumb, careless, or flatout unloyal. As for Dahlia, well…she freakin’ killed a guy! Then, she forced another man who was infactuated with her to take the fall and confess to the crime. Afterwards, she forces the same guy to commit suicide in order to completely erase any evidence tracing back to her. Want to know the most bizarre thing? She used to go out with Phoenix Wright! Like, dude! How did you not see the red flags before you entered the relationship?! You could have died!

Image result for Dahlia Hawthorne “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials & Tribulations

#2: Princess Elise
“Sonic the Hedgehog” (2006)

At first, we were considering Amy Rose for this list. Then, a particular name came up that made us rethink everything: Princess Elise, aka the girl who kissed an anthropomorphic cartoon hedgehog to bring him back to life. We could rant about that scene all day, but the main reason she’s on here is because of how she manages let herself get kidnapped several times IN ONE GAME. I mean … Do you have no sense of self-preservation? Either your guards are too stupid or you need training in self-defense! Say what you want about Princess Peach but at least she takes some measures. Where as Elise spends most of the game clasping her hands together waiting for something to happen to her. Urrhhh!

Image result for Princess Elise “Sonic the Hedgehog

#1: Catalina
“Grand Theft Auto III” (2001)

The world of the “Grand Theft Auto” series is a cruel one, and its people like Catalina the reinforce that belief. Throughout most of “Grand Theft Auto III” she seems like a genuine person (aside from the vulgar language and aggressive personality). After spending a good chunk of the game being faithful to Carl, she leaves him for Claude, and the last phone call Carl receives from her is when she’s having sex with Claude. Dang, that’s…that’s just cruel. Carl may not have been the best boyfriend, but was the phone call that necessary? Well, she couldn’t be any worse than Michelle was in “GTA IV”

Image result for Catalina “Grand Theft Auto III

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Top 5 Brutally Realistic Video Games

Get Ready for Trial and Error!

While existing inside of their own fantastical worlds, many games in recent years have tried their best in order to establish some sense of realism, all in the hope of further establish a sense of immersion for players. This normally works best when applied to the characters and narratives, when it comes to actual gameplay however, the results can be nothing short of gruelling!

Image result for stranded deep   gif

#5: “Insurgency” (2014)

If you thought CS: GO was the most realistic counter-terrorism FPS games out there you haven’t been looking hard enough. The laughably low time-to-kill and realistic subtleties in body positioning as players aim, peek around corners, and snipe means that experts keep a low profile and avoid exposing themselves which leads to tense firefights and slow, methodical movement. Once you’ve finally got that down it’s time to grab your night vision goggles and head on over to the night maps because there’s even more to master when it comes to dealing with fire, explosions, and muzzle flashes that restrict your ability to see and adds to the extremely high learning curve.

Image result for Insurgency game

#4: “This War of Mine” (2014)

War is hell, and nothing exemplifies that old saying better than this incredibly bleak and depressing game that tells the story of those innocent people struggling for survival as the battles rage. The realism, and difficulty, comes from the decisions that you’ll be forced to make. Can you hold out an extra day before you start rationing, and starving? Do you let that stranger into your shelter? Should you save the woman in trouble you find in the streets? They’re all tough questions because they all have consequences, and will probably have you feeling like an awful person for choosing incorrectly on more than one occasion.

Image result for This War of Mine

#3: “The Long Dark” (2017)

Ah, Canada. So cold, snowy, and sparse. Well, that’s the picture this title paints when trying to recreate the challenges of surviving in a frozen wasteland, and it turns out to be a brutal combination for the player. Survival requires careful calorie counting, and when you run low you’ll need to hunt. Makes sense, right? Except you can’t hunt for long, because it’s so damn cold you’ll freeze to death. You’ll need to find the animals first so short hunting trips are rare, and the long ones have you needing even more calories! It’s a catch-22 where you’re screwed no matter what you do.

Image result for The Long Dark

#2: “Operation Flashpoint” series (2001-2011)

Don’t get us wrong, being a lone wolf is always fun, but when it comes to rewarding gameplay nothing beats splitting up with your squad to take down the enemy, and that’s where this game shines most. One or two bullets will put you down, so everything comes down to how well you can work as a team. Whether it’s flanking the enemy soldiers firing at you on all cylinders, calling for a medic when downed, or traversing long stretches of terrain to take objectives, coordination is always required in situations where one weak link will break the whole chain.

Image result for Operation Flashpoint

#1: “ARMA III” (2013)

ARMA’s greatest strength is its massive maps and large player counts that result in huge firefights, realistic tactics to reduce fatigue and secure objectives, and artillery bombardments to break enemy lines, but that’s not all is has going for it. Even on a smaller scale, weapons are so carefully crafted that they each have unique ballistic properties. Your weapon will heat up while firing or might malfunction underwater, and every round is subject to bullet drop and the environmental factors like wind to calculate its trajectory. It’s a complete package that has a huge learning curve, but when you see your team inches away from victory, you’ll know it was all worth it.

Image result for ARMA III
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Top 5 Awesome Games You Can Beat In Day

Time is Money

While we’re all for games that can span hundreds of hours and are filled to the brim with content, sometimes it’s nice to just sit back and enjoy a short yet oh so satisfying experience. In terms of making every moment count, you can’t go wrong with these epic titles!

Image result for superhot gif

#5: “Undertale” (2015)

A retro-styled RPG, “Undertale” follows a young human caught in an underground world filled with monsters and odd creatures which they must overcome one way or another to return to the surface. The game allows the player to choose whether to pacify the monsters they encounter or kill them, in a battle system that directly affects the game’s outcome and many of its events; giving “Undertale” a great deal of replayability, despite its short length. With its unique style, memorable characters, in-depth narrative, and catchy music, “Undertale” is a game you’re gonna’ have a good time with.

Image result for Undertale
#4: “Shadow of the Colossus” (2005)

Another adventure puzzle game, “Shadow of the Colossus” tells the story of a young man who tries to bring his love back from the dead by killing a group of giant creatures. The game’s simple story and intuitive gameplay make it very accessible, but the challenge of discovering each of the colossi’s weaknesses makes it rewarding as well. All this, combined with the beautiful visuals and environments, and the soaring soundtrack, help make “Shadow of the Colossus” an epic experience that you can immerse yourself in for a day.

Image result for Shadow of the Colossus

#3: “Inside” (2016)

Few games have depicted a story quite as effectively through their gameplay as “Inside.” The player controls a young boy who traverses a series of haunting and dangerous locales, solving puzzles and uncovering many disturbing events all while evading pursuers. Though we considered choosing “Limbo,” a similar game made by the same developers, ultimately we decided on “Inside,” as we feel that its greater emphasis on storytelling, its more impressive visuals, and its higher degree of polish makes it a more rewarding experience.

Image result for Inside

#2: “Portal” (2007)

For what might have been a glorified physics demo, “Portal” is freaking amazing. This game changing Valve title sees players put through a series of puzzle challenges using a portal gun. Players must move a items or themselves to solve conundrums and reach their goal, all at the behest of a surprisingly snarky A.I. with a distinctive voice. The portal mechanic offers a challenging and fun experience, making“ Portal” a game that’s short, but as sweet as that promised cake. Portal’s clever puzzles and witty antagonist has made it iconic in the gaming community.

Image result for Portal game

#1: “Journey” (2012)

This game joins “Inside” as one of the best games to tell a story through gameplay. “Journey” follows a robed character in a desert as they must traverse their way towards a light on a mountain. The action is simple and fun, while the music and atmosphere are gorgeous. In addition, the ability to meet up with other players and interact nonverbally with them is a stroke of genius. “Journey” may not be a long trip, but it’s one well worth taking, maybe even several times.

Image result for Journey game

Be sure to check out the video below to see our picks for the Top 10 Best Indie Video Game Stories. 

Top 5 Daredevil Season 3 Easter Eggs

Better The Devil You Know

Despite its immense popularity as well as being the property that helped kick-start Netflix’s branch of the MCU, it looks like the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen is hanging up his mask for good. While its third season only recently wrapped up and earned praise from fans and critics alike, it has been announced that Daredevil has been cancelled. Considering it went out on such a high, we’re going to be counting down the most awesome Easter Eggs sprinkled through Matt Murdock’s final outing.

Image result for daredevil season 3 gif

#5: Bullseye’s Baseball Origins

Although the Bullseye character has existed for decades, he’s never had a definitive origin story. An unsettling “Daredevil” flashback changed that for the better. We’re introduced to an orphaned Benjamin Poindexter playing little league baseball. Armed with the belief that pitching a perfect game might bring his parents back, he doesn’t allow any hits. But when Poindexter is pulled from the game, he intentionally throws a ball that ricochets and kills his coach. This origin is a nod to a story in Bullseye’s past in the comics. However, instead of being pulled, he actually got bored and asked to be subbed out. His coach decided to keep him in, and he responded by killing the batter with a baseball to the head.

Image result for daredevil season 3 bullseye baseball

#4: Poindexter’s Apartment Number

After diving into Poindexter’s past, the show hints at his villainous destiny. The sneakiest bit of foreshadowing takes place in the “Upstairs/Downstairs” episode. When Matt breaks into Poindexter’s place to collect evidence, his apartment number is revealed to be 131. In the comics, Bullseye first appeared in Daredevil #131. In the issue, the villain tricks Daredevil into fighting him at a circus so he can gain more publicity as an expert assassin. Admittedly, watching Bullseye shoot a human cannonball at the hero wouldn’t quite fit with the show’s serious tone. But Poindexter’s excellent fights with Daredevil more than made up for the missing circus setting.

Image result for daredevil season 3 poindexter

#3: Karen Escapes Her Comic Book Death

To say Karen Page had it rough in the comics would be an understatement. After battling drug addiction and being the victim of abuse, she met a horrible end. During a battle in a church between Bullseye and Daredevil, she’s impaled with a Billy club meant for the hero and dies. So when Poindexter confronted Karen in a church, comic book fans probably assumed her fate was sealed. But when a Billy club is thrown her way on the show, Father Lantom takes the fatal hit. They also subtly referenced her death in the comics by reversing the image of Matt holding Karen’s dead body with a shot of Karen holding a beaten and battered Daredevil.

Image result for daredevil season 3 karen

#2: Sneaky Spider-Man Shout-Out

Of all the people that have worn the Spider-man suit, there are two names that stand out the most. The original, Peter Parker, and the popular newcomer, Miles Morales. Both names were dropped on a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shot this season. When the main cast travels to Fogwell’s boxing gym, a promotional poster teasing a fight between Parker and Morales is hanging on the wall. It certainly got us thinking about who would win a fight between wall-crawlers, but we doubt a boxing ring would be the ideal venue for that kind of brawl.

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#1: Lord Dark Wind

At the end of season 3, we see Poindexter getting metal implants to cure the paralysis inflicted on him by Wilson Fisk. But he’s not the only one we should worry about. One of his doctors is named Dr. Oyama. In the comics, Oyama was the villain Lord Dark Wind. Although his alias sounds like the title of an angsty Tumblr profile, he’s responsible for major havoc. Not only did he put adamantium into Bullseye’s body, but he nearly killed Daredevil with a sword. While Oyama could turn out differently than his comic counterpart, that ending all but confirms Bullseye will be back for another round with the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen.

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Top 5 Anticipated Releases of December 2018

Super Smashing Through the Snow

December is always a chaotic month, with the holidays in full swing and the year quickly coming to an end, but what better time than during your days off to take advantage of this month’s exciting new releases! There are a TON of things to look forward to in the coming weeks, so for this list, we’re taking a look at five of the most anticipated new releases in the realms of movies and video games. Don’t worry, if movies and games aren’t your thing, check out the full video on WatchMojo HERE where we go over the Top 10 Anticipated Releases of December 2018, including more film picks and premieres of new TV series and new seasons of ongoing series as well!

#5: PlayStation Classic

Release Date: December 3, 2018

On the heels of the NES and Super NES Classic Editions, it was only a matter of time until Sony followed Nintendo’s example with a PlayStation mini console. Whether you missed out on owning a PS1 back in the day or you’re simply nostalgic for retro gaming, this dedicated console comes complete with 20 preloaded titles, including “Final Fantasy VII,” “Tekken 3,” and “Wild Arms.” Now if we could just get a Nintendo 64 Classic to park beside it, we could party like it’s 1999! Check out the 10 games we think Sony should include in this new console:

#4: “Aquaman”

Release Date: December 21, 2018 [U.S.]

Almost two decades ago, Jason Momoa made his acting debut as a lifeguard on “Baywatch: Hawaii.” So, we guess you could say that his entire career has been building up to him playing Arthur Curry. While the DCEU has hit some pretty rough waters, “Aquaman” may demonstrate why you need to just keep swimming. Patty Jenkins finally gave us the “Wonder Woman” movie we deserved and we’re optimistic that director James Wan can do the same for Aquaman, especially after seeing the kickass trailer.

#3: “Mary Poppins Returns”

Release Date: December 19, 2018 [U.S.]

Disney has been revisiting a lot of their classic films as of late, but “Mary Poppins Returns” stands out as a sequel rather than a remake or reimagining. Back to help the now grownup Banks children, Mary Poppins seemingly hasn’t aged a day with Emily Blunt inheriting the role from Julie Andrews. So, does that mean Mary is a Time Lord? In any case, the all-star cast, enchanting production values, and Marc Shaiman’s musical score already have us feeling Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

#2: “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”

Release Date: December 14, 2018 [U.S.]

Coming out 25 years after “Batman: Mask of the Phantasm,” “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” could be another animated superhero movie that unexpectedly outshines some of its live-action counterparts. Produced by the same duo behind “The Lego Movie,” this film shifts the focus from Peter Parker to Miles Morales. Peter still plays a crucial role, however, teaching his younger protégé what it means to be a hero. Throw in Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man Noir, Peni Parker, and um…Spider-Ham … and you have a web-crawling adventure waiting to be unraveled. Here are 10 things we hope to see in this upcoming Marvel movie:

#1: “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate”

Release Date: December 7, 2018 [U.S.]

2018 was the year of crossover events and Nintendo might’ve saved the best for last. The newest entry in the “Super Smash Bros.” series more than earns the “Ultimate” in its title, as the developers worked in every playable character from the previous games. They didn’t stop there, inviting Simon Belmont, King K. Rool, the Inklings, and other newcomers to the fight. The bonus of getting to play on the go should make this the definitive “Super Smash Bros,” even if it cost Luigi his life. If you’re looking forward to this release, but want some more details, take a look at the video below for the Top 10 Biggest Changes In Super Smash Bros Ultimate!


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