Top 5 Times Eminem Just Didn’t Care

No One Is Left Unscathed

One of the most iconic names in all of hip hop just dropped his latest album, and with it a rather blunt message for all of those that took issue with his previous project Revival, as well as his treatment of a certain U.S President. Going by the album artwork alone, it’s clear that Marshal Mathers doesn’t hold their opinions in very high regard. This not so subtle artistic takedown of his haters is certainly poignant, but how does it compare to these legendary examples of Eminem just not giving a damn?

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#5: Two Arrests in Two Days

On June 3, 2000, nearly two weeks after The Marshall Mathers LP dropped, Eminem was arrested in Michigan for pulling an unloaded gun during an incident at an audio shop. He was arrested again early the next day when he assaulted John Guerrera for kissing his wife, Kim Mathers. Eminem pleaded guilty to the assault and was punished with two years’ probation. It’s clear that Eminem continued to hold a grudge against Guerrera after his arrest – he dramatized the event in “The Kiss,” a skit on The Eminem Show, and referenced the attack in his hit song “Sing for the Moment.” The lesson here? Don’t piss off Eminem.

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#4: “Kim”

It’s very clear that Eminem isn’t against slandering his own family members, as we’ll soon find out. “Kim” was released on The Marshall Mathers LP and details the horrific murder of his wife, Kim Mathers. The song begins with Em sorrowfully confronting Kim for cheating on him, and ends with him chasing her through the woods and slitting her throat. The song was so controversial that lyrics concerning a murdered child were censored, and the song was omitted altogether from the album’s clean version.  Eminem didn’t care who he offended with the song, whether it was moral watchdogs or his own wife, who slapped a $10 million defamation lawsuit on the rapper. 

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#3: Dissing His Own Mother

Marshall Mathers did not have an easy childhood. He was constantly changing schools, his father had left when he was young, he was bullied, and, according to him, his mother was a paranoid drug addict. Throughout Em’s early career, his hatred towards his mother was obvious. He would slander her in interviews, he referenced her alleged “dope” use in “My Name Is,” and the entirety of “Cleanin’ Out My Closet” details his alleged horrific upbringing . His mother sees things differently, as she wrote a book detailing her point of view and sued Eminem for $10 million. Em buried the hatchet with “Headlights,” but it seems as if their relationship has been permanently stained.

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#2: Sleeping Through the Academy Awards

For most people in the entertainment industry, a prestigious award is the sign that you’ve made it. You have earned the respect of your peers, and you are considered the best within your respective field. Eminem wasn’t so bothered. At the 75th Academy Awards, “Lose Yourself” became the first rap song in history to win Best Original Song. Because of rap’s perceived negative stigma, Eminem didn’t believe that he would win, so rather than going to the show and just hoping for the best, he decided to stay home and catch up on some sleep. Not too many can say that they slept through themselves making history, but Eminem can.

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#1: Drawing a Line Between Him and His Fans

Most artists would love all the fans they can get. However, Eminem has proudly declared that if you’re a supporter of Donald Trump, he wants nothing to do with you. Eminem performed a freestyle rap for the 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards in which he brutally attacked Trump, calling him a racist, a slanderer, and “Donald the bitch,” among other colorful things. He then ended his freestyle by drawing a line between him and his Trump-supporting fans before giving them the finger. It was, in short, the ultimate giving of zero f’s. Clearly Eminem ran out a long time ago.

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Three Characters We REALLY WANT to See Fight the Predator

Live action films, video games, comic books; take your pick, we just want to see these showdowns happen.

Let’s look at three characters from comic books and film who we think could give a member of the Predator species a run for their money.

Boba Fett

Arguably the greatest bounty hunter in Star Wars history (canon as well as “legends”), and undeniably one of the most popular in the franchise, Boba Fett feels like a worthy adversary for the legendary Predator. Boba Fett is a warrior born and raised, whose prowess in his chosen career speaks for itself. Though, as of yet, his life according the official canon ends in the Sarlacc pit, the Legends continuity has this badass surviving the experience – and that’s the sort of will to survive you need going into a fight with the Predator. Both tech savvy, wily combatants, we honestly don’t know who would come out on top, but we know it’d be a pleasure to witness.


The Predator might be one of the most dedicated hunters in sci-fi cinema, but at least as far as the Marvel universe is concerned, Wolverine is the best at what he does – and what he does is track and take down punks like the Predator. The famous X-Men member and mutant feels like a great challenger to go toe to toe with this extraterrestrial menace for a number of reasons. For one, they both have a knack for tracking and, when needed, stealth, but when they throw down, it’s a bodily, bone-crunching style of combat. Of course, what really drives this pairing is the desire to see Wolverine’s claws lock with the Predator’s wrist blades.

John Rambo


When we first met John Rambo in 1982, he made a very big impression. His conflict with local law enforcement painted a perfect picture of how this man’s time in Vietnam changed him. Though the war left him with emotional, psychological and physical scars, it also turned him into a man with unparalleled survival skills – including the more deadly arts. In many ways, Rambo is the human equivalent of the Predator, and for that reason, we think that if these two were to come into contact with one another, they would give us one of the greatest hunter versus hunter fights the world has ever seen.

Who do you want to see take on the Predator?


Top 3 Terrible Anime Fathers

More Monster Than Man

Plenty of anime protagonists tend to be the brooding type due to being haunted by some kind of trauma from their past. A dead lover, a mortal enemy, a shady history of violence, the list goes on. However, one of the most prevalent in modern Japanimation tends to be due to plain old bad parenting. Though in the case of these three, their fatherly nature wasn’t so much absent as it was downright demonic.

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#3: Gendo Ikari
“Neon Genesis Evangelion” (1995-96)

This one is all about the mind games. Bad enough he was absent from Shinji’s life to begin with, but in hindsight that might have been a kindness given the crap that Gendo gets up to when they reunite. Forcing Shinji to pilot a living mecha in order to stop an invading horde of aliens, Gendo would go on to plot all sorts of nefarious affairs (including cloning his dead wife into an oddly sensual teenage form) all the while emotionally crippling and isolating Shinji even further.

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#2: Yujiro Hanma
“Baki” (2001; 2018)

He’s so strong he can stop an earthquake with but a single punch. It’s just a shame all of that primal rage and violence doesn’t leave room for fatherly affection. Taking what he wants when he wants, Yujiro has no issue with slaughtering anyone who gets in his way, even if that includes his own wife right before their son’s eyes. Strength is all that matters to Yujiro, hoping one day that Baki will finally give him a decent challenge. No one is safe around the World’s Strongest Creature.

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#1: Shou Tucker
“Fullmetal Alchemist” (2003-04, 2009-10)

The Sewing-Life Alchemist will do whatever it takes to retain his license and continue to live a comfortable life…even if it means turning his own daughter into a chimera. In one of anime’s most infamous scenes, Tucker became so lost in his delusions that he actually went about fusing together his own child with her dog, creating a talking-chimera. The worst part? He was immensely proud of himself for doing so.

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Mrs Doubtfire Is Getting Her Own Musical!

She’s Baaaack!

Out of all Robin Williams’ classic films, you can always expect the likes of the dear old Scottish nanny to make an appearance high on the list. As entertaining as it was heartfelt, the film told the story of a desperate divorcee trying to reconnect with his children by means of dressing up as the new caretaker. As you can guess, not only did it make great use of the iconic comic’s mastery of physical humour, but was practically begging to make the transition to musical theatre. Now it seems the latter has finally come true.

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According to an article on Digital Spy

“Classic family film Mrs Doubtfire is finally becoming a Broadway musical.

Four-time winner of the Tony award Jerry Zaks will direct the stage adaptation, with Karey Kirkpatrick and John O’Farrell set to write the show’s book. Along with Karey, Wayne Kirkpatrick is on board for music and lyrics.

Kevin McCollum and Bob Cohen of Fox Stage Productions made a joint statement to Entertainment Weekly, saying: “Mrs Doubtfire is such a beloved story, both laugh-out-loud hilarious and extremely moving.

‘Getting this team together and crafting Mrs Doubtfire for the stage has been pure joy. We can’t wait to get into production.’

Chris Columbus’ 1994 movie starred Robin Williams in the title role as a divorced husband desperate to maintain a relationship with his children following the loss of custody. His weapon of choice is to disguise himself as the children’s new nanny, an old-fashioned British lady who brings order and wonder to their lives.

We can only hope that the musical will feature the house party scene populated by farm animals (let’s not forget House of Pain’s ‘Jump Around’ blasting in the background).”

Given how Aladdin also got its time on stage, do you think we can expect to see more of Robin Williams’ work make the jump to Broadway? Hopefully Mrs Doubtfire lands with a splash and manages to capture the wholesome hilarity of the film!

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Top 3 Spider-Man Characters Who Deserve Their Own Game

Everyone Needs A Turn In The Spotlight

Insomniac Games’ take on the iconic web-slinger is looking to be one of the year’s greatest hits. From the visuals, the combat, the depth of Peter Parker’s relationship with his alter ego, it all looks like a perfect puzzle box of superheroic splendour. We also know that it’s due to get some DLC a month after its launch, featuring new costumes and possibly some new playable characters. While we love all things Spidey, we can’t help but wonder if we’ll ever see these other famous web-heads in the near future.

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#3: Silk

Female versions of Spider-Man have been cropping up as of late, and for the most part they have shown themselves to be capable of standing on their own as unique characters. The most mainstream of these is of course Spider-Gwen, who has no shortage of cameos in upcoming films, shows and video games. However, our pick has to go to Cindy Moon; a prisoner/experiment who finds herself hunting down the mysteries of her past…while also trying to deal with her destined romance with ol’ web-head. So much intrigue could potentially make for a compelling narrative experience.

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#2: Toxin

What if a good man found himself possessed by a symbiote? What if he tried to control its power for the greater good? That’s Patrick Mulligan for you. As the host of Carnage’s son, this former cop tries to emulate the antics of Spider-Man in order to protect those he loves. Playing as a symbiote is always a highlight, but one with a legitimate shifting moral compass? Toxin would easily pave the way for players to make some bitter moral choices. As a somewhat obscure character, it would also allow developers to put their own spin on the black sheep of the symbiote bloodline.

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#1: Agent Venom

Mixing together web-slinging and epic gunplay? Now that’s a winning combination. As a special operative with complete control of the original symbiote, Flash Thompson’s military training would offer players a hybrid experience outside of what we normally expect to come an average Spidey game, bringing together Spidey’s agility with the weaponry one might expect to find in the likes of Vanquish or Spec Ops: The Line. It would certainly be a balancing act, but in the right hands this brand of brand of Venom could be a real winner.

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Top 3 Video Game Bosses We Didn’t Want To Die

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

The majority of the time, players are all too eager to land the finishing blow that brings down a particularly challenging boss. Whether the mechanics of the fight are investing or the enemy has had sufficient build-up, there’s nothing quite like finally dropping that health bar to zero. Of course, certain games over the years have tried to flip that sense of accomplishment on its head, prompting gamers to look at their actions through a different prism and even feel a sense of guilt as a result. Nowhere is this better presented than with these clashes!

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#3: Sif, the Great Grey Wolf
“Dark Souls” (2011)

What more do you need? It’s a giant, fluffy dog! Sure, it also comes armed with a massive sword and a desire to cut you to ribbons, but it’s still just an oversized puppy, one that even starts limping the more you damage its health. Things are made all the worse should you play the DLC, in which you befriend its younger self. No matter which way you spin it, you still have to kill a creature you would rather spend you time petting!

Image result for Sif "Dark Souls

#2: The Colossi
“Shadow of the Colossus” (2005)

They make for some of the greatest boss fights in modern memory, their designs are breathtaking and have themes that are nothing short of epic. As a result, it didn’t take long for us to question why we were slaughtering these majestic creatures that just to be wanted to be left alone. Even if it was all to bring back Wander’s deceased lover, each kill made us realise that we were committing some kind of unspeakable wrong…

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#1: The Boss
“Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater” (2004)

Mentor. Traitor. Patriot. The Boss was a figure of infinite complexity and sacrifice, one who was willing to take the blame of a nuclear tragedy and die as a war criminal, all because she adored her country. She would manipulate events that would lead up to her death, ensuring it was by the hand of her own student Snake. Honestly, making him pull that final trigger was the hardest thing we’ve had to do in the Metal Gear franchise. The fact we’re told of her heroics after her death just twists the knife in deeper.

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Three of the Most DISLIKED Music Videos on YouTube, EVER!

Not all popular videos are created equal.

Let’s look at 3 music videos that created enough hate to earn millions of dislikes online. We’re basing our choices on a mix of statistics (as of mid-2018) and the various reasons behind the outrage.

“Look What You Made Me Do”
Taylor Swift

With its graveyard opening and high concept visuals, there’s definitely a lot going on in ‘Look What You Made Me Do’. While the video is certainly complex, much of the negative attention came from Swift’s unexpected musical switch-up. In fact, ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ broke a record by earning an unprecedented 43 million views within 24 hours of releasing, but it also eventually racked up 1.2 million dislikes. Artistically killing her former personalities didn’t earn T-Swift much good will with her fans either. However, the negative press turned ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ into a colossal hit, proving there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

“Gangnam Style”

‘Gangnam Style’ is undeniably different than your average music video. All the outlandish style and bizarre scenes are certainly memorable, but over two million of its viewers think it’s memorable for all the wrong reasons. While any video would attract a few haters, three billion views brings PSY plenty of attention, whether it’s helpful or not. However, at the height of its popularity, the video also became the first on Youtube to pass one billion views, so it’s safe to say the song has more than its fair share of fans. The unapologetic quirks of ‘Gangnam Style’ continue to perplex its droves of viewers around the world.

“Baby” feat. Ludacris
Justin Bieber

While hating on Justin Bieber has gone out of style, his video for ‘Baby’ has repeatedly become the most disliked video on YouTube since 2010. While the video certainly looks a little dated, most of the vitriol seems to be directed at Bieber and his voice. Between a mob mentality of haters and Bieber’s own occasionally mischievous behavior, ‘Baby’ has been the focal point of many people’s rage. While ‘Sorry’ has earned over one million dislikes, ‘Baby’ has soared above nine million. With Bieber’s notoriety and the song’s success, it doesn’t look like ‘Baby’ will be dethroned anytime soon.

Top 5 Anime That Are Better Than Their Manga Counterparts

From Page to Screen

With only a couple of chapters left before Gintama’s manga run comes to an end, it’s only a matter of time before it’s anime counterpart follows in its footsteps. While it will be a sad day to lose one of the medium’s most successful surreal comedies, we can at least look forward to seeing the final chapter’s most iconic scenes in stunning animation. Like these fellow properties, Gintoki’s adventures are just far more entertaining when seen through the prism of an anime.

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#5: “K-On” (2009-10)

We could go about how the anime really brings the cuteness of the girls from the Light Music Club to life. How their quirks and sense of friendship really blooms when shown through the lens of the series’ crisp and adorable animation style. But really, the only point we need to make is that in the anime you can actually hear the music! While great writing and art can certainly illustrate a performance, it’s a whole other thing to hear each instrument put into practise.

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#4: “Usagi Drop” (2011)

As our two lost souls, dysfunctional adult Daikichi and the adorable illegitimate child Rin, find each other, we’re treated to a tale of love, acceptance, and what it means to be a parent. The fluffiness of their interactions and earnest goodwill made the whole show a delight to watch. So how does the manga compare? Well let’s just say there’s sound reason as to why the anime ended before the time skip… Fair warning to fans, if you don’t want to see Daikichi and Rin’s relationship take a much more…ugh…adult turn, then stay far, far away.

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#3: “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood” (2012)

Looking back we have a lot to thank this iteration of JoJo for. It introduced us to the phenomenal villain and future meme Dio Brando, while protagonist Jonathan Joestar’s sense of gentlemanly conduct made him a protagonist so vastly different from his descendants that he remains oddly flattering. This all stems from Hirohiko Araki’s writing, both in the emotional complexity of the JoJo/Dio conflict as well as the narrative’s more eccentric aspects. That being said, the artwork for Phantom Blood is…yeah, a little outdated. Luckily the anime managed to modernize this and turn the first of JoJo’s exploits into a true diamond in the rough.

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#2: “Attack on Titan” (2013-)

As we’ve seen, the storytelling of this hit manga packs just as much of a punch as its vast array of its cannibalistic giants. However, even with its almost-detective style approach, the anime adaptation knocks it right out of the park in terms of sheer scale all the while maintaining the overall themes of survival and hopelessness. The fast pace movements of the Three Dimension Manuever Gear, the crazy fights between Eren and other Titan Shifters, basically anything that Levi does, it all comes together in a collage of bloody animation that easily surpasses the grimness of the manga.

Image result for Attack on Titan

#1: “Gintama” (2006-)

To this day, this manga is continuing to push out outrageous humour and fourth wall breaks that even Deadpool would be proud of. So how could an anime adaption possible beat it? By taking things even further, that’s how. With the added bonus of having such spot-on voicework, Gintoki and company never fail to put a smile on our faces with their various misadventures, direct addresses to the audience and even discussions about the failing of the anime itself. Oh, and the times that action scenes do take place, they turn out to be some of this anime’s best.

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Three AMAZING Releases on Netflix in September!

Get excited. Get very excited.

Here are three of the best releases Netflix is featuring in September.

“American Vandal” Season 2
Coming: September 14th, 2018

Did you miss the first season of this hilarious Netflix Original Series? Pause this video, go binge watch it all and we’ll continue when you’re caught up! Playing on the popularity of true crime documentary series like “Making A Murderer”, “American Vandal” was a scripted, carefully planned true crime mockumentary about a student who gets expelled after being accused of spray painting 27 penises on faculty cars. After this gut-busting but also thoughtfully crafted first season, amateur documentary sleuths Peter Maldonado and Sam Ecklund return to bring their now well-documented talents to St. Bernardine Catholic School, where a mysterious criminal known only as the Turd Burglar has been terrorizing the students by making them crap their pants.

“Sierra Burgess Is a Loser”
Coming: September 7th, 2018

You demanded justice for Barb, and though it took some time, Netflix has delivered. Or at least… they’re making up for the character’s mistreatment in Stranger Things by giving the actress behind Barb, Shannon Purser, her very own film, which debuts on the streaming service September 7th, 2018. A loose, modern retelling of the 1897 play by Edmond Rostand, Cyrano de Bergerac, “Sierra Burgess Is a Loser” looks like a classic high school tale of unrequited love, social hierarchies and self-discovery. Purser brings more than enough talent to make this a must-watch, but the addition of Noah Centineo from the Netflix original film, “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”, certainly doesn’t hurt.

“Black Panther”
Coming: September 4th, 2018

The king has arrived. The superhero Black Panther had long been overlooked and underappreciated by the general public, much to the chagrin of his comic book devotees who fully understood just how incredible the character was. Thankfully, in 2018, T’Challa finally got his own solo film, and even with the hype following his debut in “Captain America: Civil War”, he proceeded to defy all expectations, blowing everyone away at the box office while simultaneously impressing critics. However many times you saw it in theaters, it’s safe to assume that you’re going to be re-watching “Black Panther” when it lands on Netflix September 4th.


What September Netflix release are you most stoked about?


Top 5 Worst Open World Games

Open World, Zero Depth

Content has always been king when it comes to video games, with the the open world sub-genre serving as the ideal format when it comes to crafting an awesome experience. Unfortunately, some developers choose to cut too many corners, leaving their games barren and totally devoid of fun. We can’t wait until Red Dead Redemption 2 comes out to show these sub-par ventures how it’s done!

Image result for amazing spiderman 2 game gif

#5: “Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon” (2008)

Speaking of games with good ideas but terrible results, here’s one about aliens in the 70s. “Path of the Furon” picks up a decade after the events of Destroy All Humans! 2, with the latest clone of Cryptosporidium setting out to investigate the return of once-extinct alien warriors. It’s n interesting premise, undermined by the game’s repetitive missions, glitch-filled play, rather simplistic visuals and a script that never quite rises above cringe-worthy stereotypes and low-grade humour. Equal parts embarassing in quality and unpleasant in tone, this is one close encounter none of us ever wants to have.

Image result for Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon

#4: “Homefront: The Revolution” (2016)

A reboot of the Homefront series, The Revolution tackles the (absurd) prospect of a North Korean occupation of the US city of Philadelphia. The game allows you to explore the city in-between missions, with weapon customization and scavenging offered as some semblance of variety. Unfortunately, the promise of these mechanics is thoroughly ruined by the game’s poor mechanical and creative design, making the world less-than-appealing to engage with. Players can look forward to a paint-by-numbers storyline with uninspiring characters, uncomfortable gunplay and stealth elements, and a laundry list of frustrating technical issues. That this is also an aesthetically underwhelming game with no visual flair or energy should not be surprising.

Image result for Homefront: The Revolution

#3: “Infestation: Survivor Stories” (2012)

Oh, how the shame just built up in regards to this one. Originally known as The War Z, this open-world survival game had more than a little in common with the DayZ mod. It relied upon similar elements – food and thirst management, combatting zombies, working with other players to survive – but in a less refined manner. Among other issues, reviewers noted its plentiful bugs, the ease with which hacking could occur, the absence of promised features like a levelling system, and its reliance on microtransactions. And let’s not even get into the legal troubles with the US Patent and Trademark Office or the problematic remarks made by the game’s producer…

Image result for Infestation: Survivor Stories

#2: “Day One: Garry’s Incident” (2013)

Goodness, where to begin? This first-person shooter puts players in the shoes of Garry Friedman (we see what you did there), a cargo aircraft pilot who ends up in the Amazon and discovers a lost civilization. Resorting to tired cliches in its establishment of plot and setting, Garry’s Incident has the larger issue of being incompentently made. Weapons fired in close-quarters can just straight-up fail to harm enemies, the world is riddled with textureless surfaces, and the AI for enemies is blissfully ignorant of sounds and actions. Apparently, the developer didn’t take criticism very well and filed a copyright claim to take down TotalBiscuit’s video.

Image result for Day One: Garry’s Incident

#1: “Raven’s Cry” (2015)

Everything that can go wrong, has gone wrong here. First released under the name Raven’s Cry, this pirate-themed sandbox game established itself out of the gate to be a sub-par game; it suffered from game-ending crashes and was clearly dated in terms of visual design. Digging deeper, however, reveals a content-light product plagued by glitches, undermined by its unwieldly combat mechanics and atrocious in the realms of writing and voice acting. Facing overwhelming negativity, the game was eventually rebranded as Vendetta: Curse of Raven’s Cry… only for this version to also get lambasted in reviews and eventually being pulled from sale.

Image result for Raven’s Cry

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