Top 5 Things We Want To See In The Kill la Kill Game

Don’t Lose Your Way!

While some may prefer the galactic craziness of Gurren Lagann and others the heartfelt magic Little Witch Academia, there are many fans out there who find that Studio Trigger’s greatest venture was the frantic fever-dream of an action-fest that is Kill la Kill. Years after the likes of Ryuko and Satsuki put an end to the twisted machinations of Ragyo, it seems that Trigger has finally given the people what they wanted; the Kamui users are getting their own video game!

Information is of course scarce at the moment, however we do know that Trigger seems to have joined forces with Arc System Works. You know, the folks that brought us the 2D awesomeness that was Guilty Gear and Blazblue? As such, we’re hoping to see these five aspects implemented in order for this adaptation to be the best (and craziest) that it can be!

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#5: Original Story

From what we know so far, the game’s tentative title is Kill la Kill The Game IF, potentially hinting that the narrative element will exist outside of the canon. This is probably for the best, as it it allows the developers the freedom to not have to recreate the anime beat for beat, like what they did with Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time. As such, we can expect the action and comedic aspects to be amped up to eleven, since a game like this hardly has any need for emotional complexity.

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#4: 2D Style

If Dragon Ball FighterZ taught us anything, it’s that the crisp look of a polished 2D fighting game can blown away the likes of larger 3D competitors. Given the choice of developer, plus the fact that we have no indication that this upcoming title will resemble the styles of hack and slashers like Metal Gear Rising or Dynasty Warriors, we still feel that sticking with the 2D is a safer bet.

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#3: Customization

By this point it’s become obvious that games adapted from anime are sorely lacking in depth outside of their primary combat. We have no doubt that the game will have a large roster of characters, but hopefully the developers will see fit to implement other mechanics. Perhaps unlocking and upgrading our Goku Uniforms and Scissor Blades? As badass as the likes of Senketsu is, he’s not enough to hold us over with his design alone.

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#2: Keep the Comedy

What made the eccentric characters and fantastical premise of the series endearing in the first place was that it was layered with more outrageous humor than we knew what to do with. These mostly came in the form of Mako’s random bursts of narration, so hopefully the game will make good use of her character, perhaps using her as a means to flip all manner of tropes on their head. After all, it ruins the fun if you have a premise revolving around two girls fighting to the death in sentient sailor uniforms and play it straight faced.

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#1: Fast and Fluid Combat

Whatever the Kill la Kill game decides to be in the end, there is one thing it absolutely must accomplish in order to differentiate it from the crowd; the speed of combat must be as smooth as silk and be around a million miles an hour. The anime’s fight scenes were famously-fast paced, breaking all laws of physics in the progress. One way or another, it still needs to translate over to the game if the developers want to truly capture the spirit of the series.

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OH MY GOD! JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5 To Air This October

Get Ready For The Golden Wind

It’s only been a couple of years since the likes of Diamond is Unbreakable ended, though if you ask the JoJo fanbase that’s a couple of years too long since we delved into this world of Stands, style and strangeness. However, it seems that David Production has finally answered our prayers with the announcement that the next iteration of JoJo is practically around the corner, set for release this October. We are literally months away from a new JoJo stepping onto the stage! All together folks –

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According to an article on Crunchyroll – 

“It’s officially time for the next leg of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure anime journey! After the latest Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan story collection promised big news for the series, it turned out to be the official reveal of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind anime, which adapts Vento Aureo, the fifth story arc of Hirohiko Araki’s long-running manga.

The series premieres this October, but there are plans for the first episode debut well before that. Episode 1’s Japan premiere will be held on July 5, with the U.S. premiere to follow at Anime Expo on July 7.”

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As you can imagine, fans have lost their collective minds over this. After all, this is the arc that will introduce us to the likes of Giorno Giovanna; the infamous fashion icon who stands apart from the rest of the Joestar lineage due to…complications regarding his ancestry. We won’t spoil anything for those not in the know, but let’s just say there are going to be a lot of awesome callbacks to some of the earlier JoJo’s and their mortal enemies!

Hopefully Golden Wind can set itself apart from the previous series with its own brand of bizarre battles, colorful cast and a protagonist that’s just as investing as the likes of Josuke, Joseph, Jonathan and Jotaro!

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Top 5 Villains We Want To See In The Spawn Film

The Worst of the Worst

With Blumhouse Productions taking over the reigns, it seems that longtime fans may finally get the chance to see the Spawn film they have been craving. While the previous 1997 iteration had its fair share of gloriously cheesy moments, it was certainly lacking the grit and darkness of the source material.  Hopefully Jaime Foxx’s take on the character will manage to correct that mistake. Of course, a hero is only as good as his villain, and given just how trigger-happy Spawn is, you can imagine what kind of horrors lurk in his rogues gallery. If we had to choose, we feel these five should definitely make the cut!

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Fair warning, there are SPOILERS AHEAD!

#5: Chapel

While this villain got his start in Rob Liefeld’s Youngblood, his greatest contribution thus far has been the murder of Al Simmons aka Spawn’s human self. As a merciless womaniser with a penchant for killing, his actions helped trigger Simmons’ transformation for assassin to Hell’s mightiest creation. A rematch with these two would be wholly satisfying, especially if we get to see Spawn put the fear of God into Chapel by having his own handiwork come back to settle the score.

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#4: Jason Wynn

The CEO willing to do whatever it takes to maintain power, even if that meant funding wars and making deals with literal devils. He was the one who gave the order for Chapel to kill Simmons as well as conspiring with Malebolgia to fuel his hellish armies. There’s nothing that this man won’t do in order to secure himself at the pinnacle, and as such would make for the ideal puppetmaster that Spawn has to contend with.

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#3: Billy Kincaid

The iconic child-murderer that spurned Spawn to take action against those with wicked hearts.  The cruelty this man commits is unspeakable, managing to build up quite the bodycount until he finds himself torn to pieces by the vengeful Hellspawn. He’s a vile piece of work that would nonetheless make for the perfect catalyst for our protagonist to embrace his role as a killer of killers. Hopefully they don’t gloss over just how unsettling the mind and mannerisms of this creep are.

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#2: Malebolgia

One of the great rulers of Hell, this creature is as close to the actual Devil as you can possibly get. A master of deals, this creature persuaded Al Simmons to surrender his humanity and take up the role of a Hellspawn in order to lead his army in the coming battle with Heaven. Hopefully the upcoming film will portray him as a shadowy figure and omnipresent force that manipulates humanity towards its darker urges. Anything is better than the CGI abomination from the 1997 flick.

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#1: The Violator

By far the most recognisable foe in the entirety of Spawn’s lore, this a creature lives to cause chaos and massacre anything that it can get its claws on. When he’s in his human form, he appears to be a bloated clown with a nasty tendency to influence criminals. As a demon, he takes on a much more nightmarish guise that has managed to cripple Spawn on several occasions. Lets hope Blumhouse can they can deliver on both the man and the monster components that make Spawn’s archenemy so compelling.

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Top 5 Brothers In Video Games

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Just like in real life, each set of siblings in video games each have differing relationships. Though unlike real life, most don’t tend involve saving princesses from fire-breathing Koopa Kings or fighting atop the ruins of a giant robot. So, in order to celebrate Dante’s upcoming return in Devil Mary Cry 5, we’re going to be looking at the most iconic batch of bros to ever grace the gaming scene. Whether they get along or want to hack each other to pieces is arbitrary.

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Fair warning, there are SPOILERS AHEAD!

#5: Billy and Jimmy Lee
“Double Dragon” (1987)

The plot of Double Dragon is set in literally two seconds: your girlfriend is captured by a gang and you must team up with your brother to get her back. Billy and Jimmy Lee, or “Bimmy and Jimmy” if you’re playing Double Dragon 3, must fight through waves of enemies to win back, Marian, Billy’s girlfriend. After defeating the final boss, the brothers must take on each other to see who can win Marian’s affection in a twist that many arcade gamers didn’t see coming. Don’t worry though; the Lee Brothers have since reunited for a plethora of sequels, even teaming up with some aggressive amphibians on occasion.

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#4: Papyrus and Sans
“Undertale” (2015)

These skeleton brothers are a prime example of how different siblings can sometimes be. Sans is witty and relaxed while Papyrus is outgoing, loud, and a little thick. They reappear on numerous occasions throughout Undertale and even help the player out from time to time. In a world full of monsters and vicious creatures, these bony bros just want to have a little fun and make some friends. We won’t give anything away, but you’re not going to want to come between these two. We’ll never be able to look at Microsoft Word font styles the same way again.

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#3: Dante and Vergil
“Devil May Cry” series (2001-)

Siblings often fight, but when they’re the children of a powerful, other-worldly demon, you might want to take a step back. Dante offers his services to humans for the good of mankind, while Vergil embraces his demonic roots and vows to live up to his father’s legacy. Needless to say, this causes some tension between the brothers and it isn’t long before steel starts clashing. Since they’re both such accomplished swordsmen, they offer a good challenge for one another and act as rivals.It can’t be easy to strike down your own flesh and blood.

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#2: Solid, Liquid, and Solidus Snake
“Metal Gear” series (1987-)

Here is yet another example of brothers being created in a laboratory with cloned DNA, however, the Snakes don’t play as nicely as the Dentons. Solid, Liquid, and Solidus Snake were formed with the intention of making the world’s finest super soldiers and they were all produced with different combinations of genes from their father, Big Boss. Liquid jealously believes Solid has the more superior genes, and Solidus spends his time trying to leave his mark on history, even becoming President of the United States at one point. These brothers are medical marvels that seem more like robots at first glance, but, as their stories progress, they reveal themselves to be very much human.

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#1: The Mario Bros.
“Mario” series (1983-)

The Mario Bros. are the tried and true pair that has lasted through the decades. The digital duo first teamed up in arcades in a simple, screen-clearing platformer. Since then, Mario and Luigi have raced, golfed, played tennis, thrown parties, brawled, and even traveled through time to fight alongside their baby-selves. Mario is the slightly older of the fraternal twins and exudes a confident, go-getter attitude, while Luigi tends to be a little more reserved and skittish, though he always pulls through in a pinch. Is there anything these two can’t do?

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Top 5 Comic Book Anti-Heroes

They Aren’t Playing Nice

Not every hero can shine as brightly as Superman, nor can they refrain from killing like Batman. Sometimes, a comic book character has to get down and dirty in order to do what they think is right, which just might include the occasional slaughter of supervillains, criminals and other scumbags. In that regard, they don’t get much dirtier than these five dispensers of bloody justice.

Image result for the red hood

#5: Catwoman

Originally created as a straight-up villain, Catwoman is a thief that has a moral code all her own – and if you cross it, you’ll pay the price. At times smitten with Batman and others not so much, which is understandable considering he’s the man who has thwarted her criminal schemes over and over again, Catwoman’s MO is not to go out into the night to fight crime like Bruce. Rather, she’ll save lives when she can along the way.

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#4: Rorschach

The son of an abusive mother who was also a prostitute, Walter Kovacs’ growing disgust toward the criminal element seems natural. But it was after tangling with a man who killed a little girl that he was truly stripped of any empathy and he became a ruthless vigilante. Spending the rest of his life fighting criminals, never considering that he had become one himself, Rorschach soon became a scourge of the criminal world. So when he himself was sent to prison, he seemed to be at great risk. Instead, he continued to destroy criminals while behind bars! In short, everyone should fear him as he’s always watching and uncompromising.

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#3: Spawn

When a government operative makes the mistake of questioning his superiors, they send his friend and partner to kill him in grisly fashion. Once dead, Al Simmons finds himself in hell because of the innocents he killed before his death. He makes a deal to re-join the living in order to see his wife and comes back in the form of Spawn. Once back on Earth, his attention turns to the wicked and he brutally kills those who he thinks deserve to be killed as well as any others who cross him.

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#2: Deadpool

Never has a nickname been more apt for someone than the Merc with a Mouth, as Deadpool is as likely to kill you as he is to mock you and everything you stand for. Originally a villain, when he began to take part in the “Heroes for Hire” comic titles, Deadpool also began to take jobs to kill or steal for good, which subsequently began a change in the character’s behavior and goals. Despite this, he still has zero issues killing when needed.

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#1: The Punisher

When Frank Castle’s family was killed, he was reborn as The Punisher, a man consumed by a desire to punish criminals and the corrupt with extreme prejudice. Using his military training to dispatch anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves in his crosshairs, The Punisher may be a force for good as he destroys the wicked – but he is no choir boy. Unarguably one of the most violent characters to come out of mainstream comics, in the heart of this predator there is no sympathy left for anyone.

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Top 5 Anime Characters That Are Better Than The Hero

They’re Stealing The Spotlight

No matter how overpowered or charismatic a protagonist appears to be, sometimes it’s the secondary character that ends up being the one audiences remember above all else. Whether it’s due to their force of personality, quirks or undeniable badassery, these five anime characters stand tall as the true stars of their respective shows.

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Fair warning, there are SPOILERS AHEAD!

#5: Satsuki Kiryuin
“Kill La Kill” (2012-14)

Don’t get us wrong, we love Ryuko. She’s spunky, fiery and makes for an excellent protagonist. It’s just that we found Satsuki’s redemption arc far more investing compared to Ryuko’s drive for vengeance. Originally the baddest broad on the block whose ruthlessness, sword skills and Kamui made her nearly undefeatable, her clashes with Ryuko, not to mention the unsettling relationship she had with her mother, made her character far more layered. Balancing a superiority complex with a very unhappy home-life, the wicked sister of our hero soon became the one to root for.

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#4: L
“Death Note” (2006-07)

Whether you found Light’s actions to be villainous or necessary for the sake of true justice, it made his nemesis all the more intriguing. An unorthodox genius whose intellect and skill when it came to detective work was unsurpassed, L was truly Light’s equal in a deadly game of wits. So much so that with his untimely demise some would say that the series dipped in quality. Regardless, the cat and mouse feud these two opposites had was truly the highlight of the series, even if L was a weirdo.

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#3: Kamina
“Gurren Lagann” (2007)

Going from meek child all the way to saviour of the cosmos, Simon’s heroic journey was certainly worthy of praise. Alas, this transformation wouldn’t have happened if he didn’t have a role model to look up to, and you couldn’t get a better one than Kamina. His bravado borders on the insane, his stubbornness knows no bounds, he refuses to wear a shirt and he even made out with Yoko! Truly standing at the top as the pinnacle of anime manliness, no matter how hard the series tried, there’s no one who can replace Kamina.

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#2: Ban
“The Seven Deadly Sins” (2014-)

There’s no doubt that Meliodas is a worthy leader for the sins, both for his noble heart and his monstrous strength, but when it comes to charisma you just can’t beat the Fox’s Sin of Greed. Aside from pulling off a wardrobe that no sane creature should be able to pull off, Ban brings so much to the table simply by being a certified badass.

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#1: Homura Akemi
“Puella Magi Madoka Magica” (2011)

Everybody has a waifu when it comes to the Madoka series…but Homura is objectively the best girl. Ok, just kidding, but it’s the sacrifices of this fractured young lady that truly makes her the unsung hero of the show. After witnessing Kyubey’s villainous intentions, Homura traverses, fights against and even rewinds time itself in order to prevent Madoka’s death. Throw in her unwavering determination and the fact she’s nearly unsurpassed when it comes to taking out witches and you’re looking at the total package.

Image result for Homura scene

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What does WatchMojo do best?  Rank stuff, obviously!  Well, with that in mind, it’s high time we turned our ranking eye towards the Travel category and started ranking every city, country, attraction, restaurant and continent around the globe. Our editorial team has been hard at work preparing new videos for the upcoming launch and we wanted to get the juices flowing with some new Travel focused voting pages.  Help us decide what to focus on and what kind of locations and experiences you are interested in. Here are a few to get started, but don’t forget to Suggest your own ideas!

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Top 10 Greatest Road Trips in the World

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Top 5 Father And Son Movies

Here Come The Feels

Whether it’s tradition in your household to watch these classic films with dear old Dad or you’re just a sucker for an emotional tale between parent and child, these five flicks have stood firm over the years as the perfect examples of how to convey the complexities, obstacles and unyielding love that stem from a father’s love for his son. Sure, you’ll be bawling your eyes out halfway through, but the beautiful payoff is always worth it in the end!

Image result for father and son gif

Fair warning, there are SPOILERS AHEAD!

#5: “Beginners” (2010)

Told through a series of flashbacks, this story centers on the relationship between a young man and his father, who comes out as gay following his wife’s death. Certainly a case of “better late than never”, the older gentleman begins to explore his life out in the open, while also building his relationship with his son. Over the course of the romantic comedy, the son witnesses a transformation in his father that inspires him in his own life, namely his romantic pursuits. Filled with humor and touching moments, “Beginners” is a coming of age tale for a father and son that are just figuring out how to live their lives.

Image result for beginners 2010

#4: “Road to Perdition” (2002)

In this somber crime thriller, Tom Hanks plays Michael Sullivan, Sr., the adopted and highly favored son of a mob boss. The life of an enforcer doesn’t come without its hazards though, as Sullivan’s own son witnesses a crime that sets in motion a course of events leading to the death of his mother and younger brother. Sullivan and his son then go on the run, looking for sanctuary as well as a means to avenge the deaths in their family. And while their relationship propels the film forward, Michael also has to contend with the actions of his adopted father and unstable brother.

Image result for road to perdition

#3: “Kramer vs. Kramer” (1979)

This drama sees Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep play a divorced couple locked in a fierce custody battle for their young son. In the critically acclaimed film, Ted Kramer’s wife Joanna suddenly walks out on him and her son to find herself. This means Ted and Billy are suddenly thrown together and must adjust to a life without her. And while it’s not initially easy, the two eventually form an intense father and son bond – however, it’s later threatened by Joanna’s sudden reappearance.

Image result for kramer vs kramer

#2: “Life Is Beautiful” (1997)

Having your entire family put in a concentration camp is not supposed to be an enjoyable experience by any stretch of the imagination. And yet, imagination is exactly what the father in this film relies on to shelter his son from the horrors of their surroundings. After Jewish shop owner Guido, his wife and his son are placed in one such camp at the height of World War II, he convinces Joshua that it’s all an elaborate game that everyone else is in on. But, while he may have shielded his son from the brutality of their situation, his imagination won’t be enough for all of them to make it out completely unscathed.

Image result for Life Is Beautiful” (1997)

#1: “The Pursuit of Happyness” (2006)

This poignant, biographical drama follows Will Smith as Chris Gardner, an ambitious man struggling to make it amidst hardship. As Gardner vies for a position at a brokerage firm, he and his young son, played by Smith’s real-life son, Jaden, soon find themselves without a roof to live under. This father/son duo endures homeless shelters and overnight stays in public restrooms as Gardner struggles to keep a brave face for Christopher. Thankfully, the ending is one that sort of makes it okay to unleash the man-tears that’ve accumulated over the course of the last two hours.

Image result for #1: “The Pursuit of Happyness” (2006)

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Top 5 Best Award Shows

And The Award Goes To…

With Stranger Things and Black Panther cleaning house at the 2018 MTV Movie Awards, yet another annual award show comes to a close. To tide us over, at least until we get word if Ricky Gervais will ever reclaim his spot as the Golden Globes’ most controversial host, we’re counting down what we believe to be the greatest platforms of recognition in the world of entertainment and performance!

Image result for award show gif

#5: Tony Awards

Presented in the heart of the Big Apple, the Antoinette Perry Award for Excellence in Broadway Theatre, or Tonys for short, is considered the most prestigious theatre award presented in the United States. The awards recognize excellence within live theatre on Broadway, and Tony winners are presented with a medallion and usually a spike in box-office sales, thanks to the audience of high-profile theatre goers. Though the show has received criticism for its apparent control by larger corporate theatre companies and the elimination of its Sound Design category for 2014-15 season – though it’s set to return for 2017-18 – it remains the crown jewel in the realm of theatre awards.

Image result for tony awards

#4: Grammy Awards

This one requires little introduction. Receiving a golden gramophone is every musical artist’s dream. The first ceremony occurred in 1959, though the show was not aired live until 1971. Boasting performances by high-profile artists and capable of creating an impressive amount of pre-show speculation surrounding nominations, the Grammys are one of the biggest honors in the music world. The record sales of artists are known to increase dramatically after an appearance, nomination, or win at the show, and though the awards have received their share of criticism, we can’t deny that the playlist of winners it presents makes for some entertaining TV.

Image result for grammy awards

#3: Emmy Awards

Wait, don’t change the channel! The Emmys celebrate incredible achievements in the television industry, covering the entire spectrum of TV programming. Similar to the BAFTAs, the Emmys have different ceremonies dedicated to specific categories for sports, daytime TV, News and Documentaries, and so on. It has even expanded to include the International Emmys, which recognize television produced outside of the United States. However, it’s probably most famous for the Primetime Emmy Awards. This awards show requires a serious time commitment if you plan on watching every event, but hey – what’s wrong with a little TV binging?

Image result for emmy awards

#2: Golden Globe Awards

Think of it like the pre-Oscar Oscars. One of the most sought after awards in the film and television industry, the Golden Globes recognize both large box-office hits and lesser-known films in an effort to promote new content as well as congratulate larger productions. Winners are decided by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, and receive honors in categories such as Best Drama Series or Best Actress. In the 2000s, hosts have made an effort to poke fun at some of the Globes’ more controversial practices, and this helps make the show both a humorous and entertaining watch.

Image result for golden globe awards ricky

#1: Academy Awards [aka Oscars]

And the #1 spot on our list goes to… The oldest worldwide entertainment awards ceremony and the location of one of the most famous selfies of all time, the Oscars. The Academy Awards has had its ups and downs over the years, but it nonetheless remains the centerpiece of the awards season. Designed to honor outstanding achievements within the film industry, the show has delivered its fair share of both awards and drama over the years. Facing criticism for bias and lack of diversity as well as featuring unforgettable hosts such as Ellen Degeneres, it’s a show that never fails to keep the public talking, and will likely.
Image result for oscars
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Interview With Sean Chiplock

Anime Lover/Voice Actor/Dungeon Crawler

The decades have given us no shortage of incredible performances courtesy of talented voice actors, whose work can be seen across both classic animation and video games. As a result, it should come as no surprise to see those that were once inspired fans make the jump to the professional scene years later. Sean Chiplock happens to be one such fan, who has gone on to make one hell of a splash in the industry!

Image result for sean chiplock

From appearing in countless critically-acclaimed franchises such as The Legend of Zelda and Persona, all the way to securing himself the lead role in hit anime like Re;Zero, Sean’s talent in the world of voice acting is only match by his enthusiasm for the craft. Luckily for us, he was willing to take time out of his day to chat with us his about his blossoming career!

Before you managed to find a place for yourself within the industry, you were a fan just like the rest of us. Can you briefly talk about the anime that inspired you to pursue what must now be a dream career?

“It was Trinity Blood – and Troy Baker, specifically – that first lit up the lightbulb of discovery & inspiration that led me onto the path of VO. Although I can’t recall the specific episode that it was from, the moment I actually recognized voiceover as a profession people engaged in was after seeing a “Behind the Scenes clip” of an upcoming episode of the show via a pop-up bubble (fans of the older MTV “Behind the Music Video” segments & fact bubbles are probably familiar with what I’m talking about). A split-screen view showed both the part of the animation being dubbed as well as Troy standing within his recording booth, and it was that moment of seeing his voice speak at the same time the character’s lips moved where I realized “this is a thing that people do; there are actors behind these characters. 

Everything just became a new inspiration from that point on. Toonami was still alive and well – showing episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist, Bebop, and sometimes even FLCL within their rotation – and now that I had clued in to what voiceover was, seeing these anime characters get involved in such exciting adventures just made me want to be a part of those worlds more and more. Even today, it’s rare where I see a new anime and don’t immediately find at least one character who makes me think, “God, what I wouldn’t give to get to step into their shoes vocally”.

Image result for abel nightroad gif

As someone with a love of gaming, are there any roles in some of your favourite titles that you wish you had the opportunity to voice? Or do you prefer to separate the games you enjoy from your life as an actor?

“I’ve made no secret of the fact that I love Dungeon Crawler RPGs. From co-writing the most comprehensive mechanics guide for Demon Gaze, to hosting panels completely focused on discussing similar/different gimmicks across multiple titles within the genre, my passion for them has only grown as once-niche titles and companies continue to grow more popular with Western audiences. With that in mind, it has been a long-standing dream to be involved in the Etrian Odyssey series in some capacity. My worry, however, is that that window of opportunity may finally be closing for good; with Etrian Odyssey X (Cross) recently announced and news suggesting it will be the last entry in the handheld console franchise, there’s no guarantee that I may be able to get on the audition roster of the studio assigned its localization in time.

I definitely wish I had had the chance to be a part of Demon Gaze II when it ended up being localized, but in general I try not to attach myself too much to announced projects in terms of wishing I could voice for them; I find that there’s too much risk of bitterness or jealousy if I don’t get cast (or receive a chance to audition), as well as a risk of letting my eagerness overwhelm my professionalism/performance if I do get cast. So, I instead focus on just doing the best I can with every opportunity I receive, and to cement my strengths in the types of roles I want to play as I continue to gain more experience.

Outside of that, I actually don’t have any aversions to playing games that I voice in – it just happens to be that many of the games I end up voicing in are not part of genres I typically enjoy the most. The solution to that is simple – either get better at understanding the nuances of the genres I want to be a part of, or start giving more game genres a chance!”

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You starred in a little indie game called The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which I think a few people ended up rather enjoying. What was it like to be a part of one of Nintendo’s juggernaut franchises? Let alone one of its greatest iterations.

“It was as equally exhilarating as it was terrifying. On the one hand, I’m sure any Legend of Zelda fan can imagine the immense excitement that comes with being trusted to help represent one of the company’s most iconic franchises; but on the other, it was also well known that the last time a “Zelda” game had voices to this extent, it did not go well. Knowing that that history would lead to such intense scrutinization this time around did make me adamant about wanting to give Revali & the others the best performances they deserved,  but also just as adamant about proving to audiences that I was capable of giving those performances.

Each of the characters also provided a different sort of experience when it came to exploring my expertise as a voice actor. Revali, who I thought would be the easiest personality for me to capture, actually turned out to be one of the most frustrating challenges of my career (and a good lesson in learning to trust your director to help you get where you need to be). Teba, in contrast, was a moment of pride where the voice I had in my head was exactly the voice the company reps were looking for, and what you hear from him in the game is 100% “my” creation. Finally, Deku Tree was a character I knew would be a challenge in terms of accessing a part of my range I don’t normally get to showcase, so pulling him off was equal parts difficult yet attainable – and considering Deku Tree was my only cast character before Revali and Teba came along later on, being willing to go outside of my comfort zone is precisely what allowed me to also gain vocal access to characters who meant the world to me.”

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In your mind, do you think Revali found some semblance with peace after Link managed to help him out? And in your mind what makes him such a endearing character?

“I do believe he found reason to put his trust in Link, but in order to understand how he could come to that endpoint it’s incredibly important to understand the reason for his initial resistance.

I actually completely understand Revali’s anger towards Link, and find it reasonable that he was disgusted at everyone else’s immediate acceptance of the Hero’s potential in spite of the strengths of the others. As we learn from the DLC cutscenes, Revali was not someone who just walked in proclaiming to be the best; in fact, he deliberately sequestered himself within the mountains and refused to showcase his skills to anyone else until he had already completely mastered them. By the time he returned to Rito Village ready to tout his talent, he actually had the skills to back up his claims. And it shows – he is legitimately respected within the village, as evidenced by Teba’s genuine admiration for his ancestor.

So for Link’s arrival to automatically put him at the forefront of the fighting force is nothing short of a betrayal of everything Revali had worked for. To put so much time and effort into proving himself capable of defeating Ganon, only to be relegated to a sidekick role meant to simply help the “real hero” complete the task and receive the majority of the accolades? Not only that, but to give that kind of trust and respect to someone solely on behalf of a prophecy involving a sword, with no actual prior display of the wielder’s strength or experience?

It took an awful long time for Revali to be convinced after that initial encounter, but because the source of his envy and bitterness was the fact that Link hadn’t shown himself to be capable of defeating Ganon, he was able to eventually develop a sense of trust once Link had proven himself. That didn’t stop him from still wanting to prove himself thebetter candidate (as shown in the DLC bonus dialogues after fighting Windblight Ganon multiple times), but at the very least he knew he hadn’t been overshadowed by a complete amateur.”

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Will Kiyotaka always be the ultimate bro to you or is he more of a tragic figure given his multiple demises across the Danganronpa franchise?

“Kiyotaka is precious, but ultimately too strict for his own good. His lawful commitment may stem from a desire to prevent his peers from getting into trouble and suffering consequences, but it also leads him to be blind to the reality that sometimes the rules themselves aren’t exactly looking out for your best interest. However, his heart is in the right place, and his support for his peers is unconditional, both of which are signs of an Ultimate High School Level Bro. Plus, you can’t really hold a grudge against someone who watched their best friend get turned into an Aunt Jemima ingredient.”

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You brought new life into a classic character in the form of Rash in Killer Instinct, complete with extra sass. Were you an old school Battletoads fan in anyway?

“Believe it or not, I’ve actually never had any experience with Battletoads whatsoever, outside of watching the occasional speedrun via SGDQ/ADGQ events (although I was very familiar with the GameStop-related prank that was oh-so-popular within the past decade). But knowing that history helped me to understand the nuance behind Rash’s inclusion in Killer Instinct, and I was able to take my own love of the joke into the booth with me. Fun Fact: Rash’s taunt beatboxing only lasts a few seconds, but the engineer got a FULL MINUTE of me busting out air guitar solos and stanza remixes during the actual recording session without even having to ask!”

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Persona 5’s Mishima may not be a primary member of the Phantom Thieves, but his influence can be felt all across the game. Could you relate to his personal journey of wanting to prove his worth?

“More than you can possibly realize. Although I (fortunately?) can’t identify with his development as an abuse survivor – though I am immensely proud of him for being able to define himself the way he wanted to in spite of that trauma – that sense of longing he goes through as he watches his peers embark on decidedly more epic and intense adventures is something I battle with at least a little bit any time I encounter a project I was excited about but unable to book a role in. Don’t get me wrong; I am wholly supportive of my colleagues and love every chance I get to study their performances so that I can learn what worked for them and how to adapt it into my own skillset. But there’s always going to be that little bit of pain when you’re really attached to something yet can’t get closer to it than you already are, and so seeing Mishima want to obtain some of that opportunity for excitement himself is something I can relate to. And just as he finds the strength and maturity to define himself by his own efforts instead of wanting to covet those of the people around him, so too do I plan to work hard at creating my own legacy through my unique accomplishments.”

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Moving over to the anime side of things, getting the part of Subaru in Re;Zero must have been an amazing experience. Can you recollect what happened when learned you had gotten the role?

“Re:Zero was a double whammy of personal attachment for me – not only had I actually already seen the entire show prior to the audition as a result of viewing it while in Japan during my trip in late 2016, but as a result I also knew who Subaru was as a person… and subsequently, how much of myself I saw in him. His stubborn devotion to helping people he admires & respects, his tendency to refuse to give up even when he may be in over his head, and even his self-doubt regarding his ability to be desirable to others are all things that have long defined elements of my personality (certain dialogues in Episode 18 were particularly painful, as they brought back memories of the many times I’d questioned whether I truly deserved someone as wonderful as the woman who is now my wife).

So, when I learned that I had actually been cast as this character I’d already grown so close to, there actually wasn’t a shred of worry amidst the overwhelming sense of eagerness. I already knew very well just how stressful the role would be physically, but that only made me more excited to tackle every single scene that I’m sure many would use as “comparison points” between the Japanese and English versions of the audio. Because I knew the context within every scene, I also understood his relationships and his struggles intimately – and since I didn’t have to spend my focus trying to understand the scene, I was able to devote it all to faithfully reproducing the emotion and intensity present in the lines.

Do I expect it to have been perfect? Definitely not, considering this is the first time I’ve ever had such a long-term role (50+ recording sessions, as opposed to Breath of the Wild’s fewer than 10 in total). But I know for a fact that I was 100% committed to that role and to his character, and I hope viewers who watch the English dub will come to the same conclusion.”

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It’s fair to say that Subaru suffers more than your average protagonist. Was it a challenge or a joy to record his many, many, many death scenes?

“It was most certainly a challenge, with many of his more intense scenes putting my throat in a state of recovery regardless of whether I did them “correctly” or not in terms of properly managing the wear & tear on my cords. But I actually firmly believe that his “injury SFX” are among my best performance points in the dub, due to how committed I was to making them authentic as well as comparable to the original Japanese reference. I actually wasn’t able to listen to the playback of any of my gags or choking efforts when the engineer was slotting them in to match the lip flaps, because they would start to trigger my actual gag reflex each time (which I think is a good sign)! And because I knew those scenes would be so vocally stressful, it only emphasized the importance of getting it done right the first time around… and led to what I believe are some of the strongest performance pieces of the character. I talk an awful lot about how excited I am for people to finally get to hear my murderous rampage in Episode 15, and that statement is no less true now.”

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You’ve probably been probed on this a thousand times already, but we still need to ask…Emilia or Rem?


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Hunter x Hunter’s Riehlvet certainly made the most of his time in Heavens Arena, going out with a hell of a bang. Was recording his defeat as hilarious for you as it was for us watching it?

“Without a doubt. Insane/Maniacally devoted characters are perhaps my single favorite archetype to perform – to this day, I still fondly look back on Zenke from Fairy Fencer F as one of my best performances of my career so far. Similar performances in B: The Beginning, MAGI: Labyrinth of Magic, and especially certain scenes from Re:Zero showcase just how much fun these are for me, and Riehlvelt was no exception. I hope that audiences get as much enjoyment from his suffering as I did portraying it!”

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Sean, thank you so much for your time! If fans want to message you and tell you how Mishima is a cinnamon roll, where can they find you?

“For any career announcements, role reveals, giveaway raffles, or just my comedian stream of consciousness, the best avenue is my Twitter. For the more reflective and often “real” side – making observations on both my big successes as well as critically evaluating areas where I fall short – my Facebook is a better spot. However, please opt to Follow instead of Friending; I regularly curate the latter to include only those folks who I interact with regularly & in person. And finally, if you’re just here for my audio skits and my memelord posts (which, trust me, are still fairly rampant), then head on over to my Tumblr!

And finally, as an honorary member of WatchMojo, if you could choose a subject for a top ten list, what would it be?

“Top 10 Fan Theories that Turned Out to be Correct. It’s incredible, the ideas that folks are able to come with it based on cryptic clues or even just genre savvy knowledge, and being able to look back at times when internet strangers truly and thoroughly “called it” could be rather interest!”