Top 5 Resident Evil Bosses We Want To See Remastered

They Just Won’t Stay Dead!

Now that the franchise seems to have gotten its act together, fans of the survival horror juggernaut are more than a little excited to return to the blood-soaked streets of Raccoon City now that Resident Evil 2 has been rebuilt from the ground up. With classic enemies been given the make-overs they rightly deserve, we’re counting down which of the infected horde should be next in line to be remastered!

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#5: Nemesis

While he’s arguably the most iconic monster to come out of the franchise, this hulking mass of tendrils and rage has become a victim of his own hype in recent years, even guest starring as a fighter in Marvel vs. Capcom games! It’s time this beast was taken back to its roots as a relentless pursuer, one that brought dread to every single player. Especially considering it came armed with its own personal rocket launcher.

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#4: Osmund Saddler

The final opponent that Leon must face before putting an end to Las Plagas for good, this cult leader wasn’t only a master manipulator, but also a creepy as hell boss in his own right. While the recently released HD version of Resident Evil 4 allowed us to once again get a good look at Saddler’s infected form, we still feel that he would do well if his inner monster was given the same artistic touches as the Baker family.

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#3: Del Lago

There’s an art to making bosses based in water, to which Resident Evil 4 managed to strike the perfect balance with this giant salamander. While it’s certainly an intense battle filled with plenty of harpoons, we still feel the horror factor could certainly do with a bit of improvement. After all, a frantic skirmish like this should put us off swimming forever, not persuade us to take up javelin.

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#2: Alexia Ashford

Code Veronica certainly had a lot going for it, especially when it came to it’s main antagonist. Time may have soured the experience as far as the camera angles, controls and graphics go, but the one thing that remains in its constant favor is Ms Ashford’s tragic backstory and nefarious nature. That, and her three-stage boss fight certainly knew how to inspire nightmares. Above all other games in the franchise, Code Veronica is in dire need of being revamped with modern mechanics, if only to reintroduce Alexia’s ruthlessness to a new generation of players.

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#1: Albert Wesker

We don’t care if it’s a secret boss in Resident Evil 2, a reimagining of Resident Evil 5 or a surprise appearance in Resident Evil 8, Wesker deserves to be given a boss fight that matches his status as one of gaming’s slickest villains. While his time with Uroboros can’t exactly be considered the franchise’s finest moment, getting a chance to watch the former STARS leader bolt around the stage like he’s in the Matrix in a new and inventive manner is too good an opportunity to pass up.

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