Top 5 Things We Want To See In The Kill la Kill Game

Don’t Lose Your Way!

While some may prefer the galactic craziness of Gurren Lagann and others the heartfelt magic Little Witch Academia, there are many fans out there who find that Studio Trigger’s greatest venture was the frantic fever-dream of an action-fest that is Kill la Kill. Years after the likes of Ryuko and Satsuki put an end to the twisted machinations of Ragyo, it seems that Trigger has finally given the people what they wanted; the Kamui users are getting their own video game!

Information is of course scarce at the moment, however we do know that Trigger seems to have joined forces with Arc System Works. You know, the folks that brought us the 2D awesomeness that was Guilty Gear and Blazblue? As such, we’re hoping to see these five aspects implemented in order for this adaptation to be the best (and craziest) that it can be!

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#5: Original Story

From what we know so far, the game’s tentative title is Kill la Kill The Game IF, potentially hinting that the narrative element will exist outside of the canon. This is probably for the best, as it it allows the developers the freedom to not have to recreate the anime beat for beat, like what they did with Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time. As such, we can expect the action and comedic aspects to be amped up to eleven, since a game like this hardly has any need for emotional complexity.

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#4: 2D Style

If Dragon Ball FighterZ taught us anything, it’s that the crisp look of a polished 2D fighting game can blown away the likes of larger 3D competitors. Given the choice of developer, plus the fact that we have no indication that this upcoming title will resemble the styles of hack and slashers like Metal Gear Rising or Dynasty Warriors, we still feel that sticking with the 2D is a safer bet.

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#3: Customization

By this point it’s become obvious that games adapted from anime are sorely lacking in depth outside of their primary combat. We have no doubt that the game will have a large roster of characters, but hopefully the developers will see fit to implement other mechanics. Perhaps unlocking and upgrading our Goku Uniforms and Scissor Blades? As badass as the likes of Senketsu is, he’s not enough to hold us over with his design alone.

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#2: Keep the Comedy

What made the eccentric characters and fantastical premise of the series endearing in the first place was that it was layered with more outrageous humor than we knew what to do with. These mostly came in the form of Mako’s random bursts of narration, so hopefully the game will make good use of her character, perhaps using her as a means to flip all manner of tropes on their head. After all, it ruins the fun if you have a premise revolving around two girls fighting to the death in sentient sailor uniforms and play it straight faced.

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#1: Fast and Fluid Combat

Whatever the Kill la Kill game decides to be in the end, there is one thing it absolutely must accomplish in order to differentiate it from the crowd; the speed of combat must be as smooth as silk and be around a million miles an hour. The anime’s fight scenes were famously-fast paced, breaking all laws of physics in the progress. One way or another, it still needs to translate over to the game if the developers want to truly capture the spirit of the series.

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