Top 5 Resident Evil Bosses We Want To See Remastered

They Just Won’t Stay Dead!

Now that the franchise seems to have gotten its act together, fans of the survival horror juggernaut are more than a little excited to return to the blood-soaked streets of Raccoon City now that Resident Evil 2 has been rebuilt from the ground up. With classic enemies been given the make-overs they rightly deserve, we’re counting down which of the infected horde should be next in line to be remastered!

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#5: Nemesis

While he’s arguably the most iconic monster to come out of the franchise, this hulking mass of tendrils and rage has become a victim of his own hype in recent years, even guest starring as a fighter in Marvel vs. Capcom games! It’s time this beast was taken back to its roots as a relentless pursuer, one that brought dread to every single player. Especially considering it came armed with its own personal rocket launcher.

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#4: Osmund Saddler

The final opponent that Leon must face before putting an end to Las Plagas for good, this cult leader wasn’t only a master manipulator, but also a creepy as hell boss in his own right. While the recently released HD version of Resident Evil 4 allowed us to once again get a good look at Saddler’s infected form, we still feel that he would do well if his inner monster was given the same artistic touches as the Baker family.

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#3: Del Lago

There’s an art to making bosses based in water, to which Resident Evil 4 managed to strike the perfect balance with this giant salamander. While it’s certainly an intense battle filled with plenty of harpoons, we still feel the horror factor could certainly do with a bit of improvement. After all, a frantic skirmish like this should put us off swimming forever, not persuade us to take up javelin.

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#2: Alexia Ashford

Code Veronica certainly had a lot going for it, especially when it came to it’s main antagonist. Time may have soured the experience as far as the camera angles, controls and graphics go, but the one thing that remains in its constant favor is Ms Ashford’s tragic backstory and nefarious nature. That, and her three-stage boss fight certainly knew how to inspire nightmares. Above all other games in the franchise, Code Veronica is in dire need of being revamped with modern mechanics, if only to reintroduce Alexia’s ruthlessness to a new generation of players.

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#1: Albert Wesker

We don’t care if it’s a secret boss in Resident Evil 2, a reimagining of Resident Evil 5 or a surprise appearance in Resident Evil 8, Wesker deserves to be given a boss fight that matches his status as one of gaming’s slickest villains. While his time with Uroboros can’t exactly be considered the franchise’s finest moment, getting a chance to watch the former STARS leader bolt around the stage like he’s in the Matrix in a new and inventive manner is too good an opportunity to pass up.

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Top 5 Dragon Ball Films That Shouldn’t Exist


When you’ve be going on for as long as this hit anime franchise has, there are bound to be a few blips along the way. While Dragon Ball certainly has its fair share of campy and cheesy moments that fans can look back on as guilty pleasures, there are still a select few instances that firmly place themselves into the category of “wasted potential.” Thankfully they are far and few in-between but when they rear their ugly heads, you’d best watch out. These five films serving as a perfect example of how a hit shounen like Dragon Ball can sometimes strike out.

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Fair warning, there are SPOILERS AHEAD!

#5: “Sleeping Princess In Devil’s Castle” (1987)

While the idea of a young Goku blasting apart a vampire named Lucifer might sound like a hoot, the execution of this flick left a lot to be desired from fans of the original anime. With a lacklustre villain and serious lack of charm, this one needed a lot more polish before even thinking about a theatrical release. Whether or not Lucifer makes for a better vampire compared to those found in the Garlic Jr. Saga is still up for debate.

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#4: “A Hero’s Legacy” (1997)

The fact that this basically serves as an epilogue to Dragon Ball GT should be all the reason you need to give this one a miss. While the concept of Goku’s descendent setting out on a quest to save the life of his grandmother Pan does sound like it has the potential to be fun, the result unfortunately suffers from the curse of GT; pointless, annoying and lacking any and all impact. This was the equivalent of a dying horse desperately pulling itself along with its one functioning leg. Someone should have put it out of its misery a long time ago.

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#3: “Broly – The Second Coming” (1994)

Everyone loves Broly. He’s an engine of pure destruction that can decimate a whole group of Super Saiyans with ease, all the while constantly crying out “Kakarot” like he’s some kind of world-ending parrot. Unfortunately, all that enthusiasm fans felt towards him was lost when he made his way back to Earth and spent the better part of this sequel beating Gohan to a pulp, all before Goku arrives to clean up the mess, this time through the power of a good ol’ family Kamehameha. It’s boring, predictable and ruined Broly’s chance of standing tall as an legendary one-off villain.

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#2: “Bio-Broly” (1994)

Will you please leave this poor man alone! Bad enough he suffered a terrible sequel but this is just putting the final nail in the coffin. Though the power of science, Broly is brought back from his second death, now nothing more than a giant slime monster that ends up getting defeated by Goten and Kid Trunks of all people. The conclusion of the “Broly trilogy” proved that the hulking mass of rage and muscles was a victim of his own hype, culminating in a sub-par conclusion that even Lord Slug would be embarrassed to be seen in.

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#1: “Episode of Bardock” (2011)

Who was asking for this? Who thought that the awesome yet tragic film featuring Goku’s father needed a sequel? One that just so happened to include time-travel, derpy aliens and a pointless cameo by Frieza’s ancestor. We’re guessing nobody did, yet we still got Episode of Bardock; a special that practically spat in the face of the character and his legacy on the franchise just so the creators could get another Super Saiyan transformation sequence. Best if you just pretend the whole thing is Bardock hallucinating in his final moments as Planet Vegeta explodes.

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What Will Spider-Man: Far From Home’s Story Be About? – The CineFiles: Extended Cut

The CineFiles Extended Cut is a weekly show where the CineFiles crew digs deeper into the biggest movie news of the week… and then some! This week, we’re talking about Jared Leto cast in the new Morbius the living vampire movie (11:46), the brand new The Predator trailer (18:56), Tom Holland leaking the name Spider-Man: Far From Home (23:03), our first look at Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in America (31:06), David Ayer and Shia LaBeouf teaming up for new movie (35:10), Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle 2 getting a release window of end-of-year 2019 (37:14), the first poster for the upcoming Unbreakable and Split sequel Glass (41:09), and the new releases of the week (44:00 )!

Top 5 Scariest Resident Evil Moments

A Legacy of Horror

From the steps of Spencer Mansion all the way to the depths of the Baker House, the saga that is Resident Evil managed to pioneer the survival horror genre, providing fans with some truly spine-chilling scenes that still stick with them today. Now that they seemed to have reclaimed their crown, what better time to look back over their best scares before the release of the remastered version of Resident Evil 2! 

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Fair warning, there are SPOILERS AHEAD!

#5: Meeting The Licker
“Resident Evil 2” (1998)

Well, at least we know it’s creative about its kills. Depending on whose path is initially chosen, either Claire Redfield or Leon Kennedy end up in the Raccoon City Police Department while trying to survive the city’s zombie-related downfall. While passing by a window they catch a glimpse of something crawling into view that disappears too fast to be identified. Nevertheless, the seeds of tension have been planted, setting up players for the subsequent discovery of a headless body… and what exactly caused it to become headless. Man that is uuuuuuugly.

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#4: The Regeneradors
“Resident Evil 4” (2005)

On the hunt for a key card late, Leon makes his way into an Autopsy Lab with suspicious-looking corpses present. It’s not until the card is retrieved that Leon comes face-to-face with one such corpse that can now stand upright… and attack by stretching out its limbs to inhuman lengths. This strange, drooping beast is a Regenerador – one of several found in the latter part of the game. Should the Regenerador’s bizarre design not leave you fearful, its ability to regrow limbs, creepy breathing, chilling theme song and viciously bite will almost certainly suffice.

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#3: Zombie Hands
“Resident Evil 2” (1998)

We’re starting to get the feeling Capcom really doesn’t want us to trust windows anymore. While descending further into the depths of the RPD, the player – and their character of choice – bear witness to an increasing number of filthy, dilapidated hallways. The first time you go through this hallway it’s no big deal. Sure the crunching broken glass is unsettling, but it’s on the return trip that things get crazy. Think those boarded windows are going to keep you safe? Think again.

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#2: The Village
“Resident Evil 4” (2005)

As cold opens go, this is rather chilling. Shortly after being dropped off on the outskirts of a village, Leon swiftly makes his way to the village center. There it’s made abundantly clear – especially thanks to the sight of a police officer stuck in a bonfire – that the villagers are not to be trifled with lightly. Alas, things take a turn when the village inhabitants abruptly begin attacking Leon, leading into a tense sequence in which he barricades himself inside of a house and wards off attackers. To cap it off, the villagers simply walk away upon hearing a church bell ring out, leaving Leon and the audience equally uncertain of what to make of the situation.

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#1: Zombie Dogs Arrive
“Resident Evil” (1996)

When it comes to jumpscares, few can top the proper introduction to the horrifying Cerberus creatures. Early in the original game, the player happens upon a locked door that can only be opened with a lockpick or a special key. Once unlocked the door gives way to a suspiciously innocuous lit hallway that players are all-too-tempted to run down. But if you’ve been paying attention to the rest of the list, you’ll know that not all is as it seems…

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Top 5 Generation 3 Pokemon

Third Times The Charm

Pokemania is once again in full effect. Not only do we have the upcoming Switch games Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee, but also the release of new legendary characters for Pokemon Go, including the likes of Regirock, Registeel and Regice. With so much love for the franchise’s first and third generations, what better time than to look back on our personal picks for the best Pokemon to appear in Gen 3!

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#5: “Gardevoir”

This rather human-in-appearance Pokemon is the final evolution of Ralts. What started off as small and shy bloomed into something graceful and elegant. But that’s not where its appeal ends, as its pool of powerful Psychic-type moves can certainly dish out damage. Though they’re often believed to be strictly female, male Gardevoirs are equally as common. One of their more notable traits is that once a bond is formed, they will give their lives for their trainers without a second thought. So, if you’re looking for loyalty, then look no further than the Embrace Pokemon.

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#4: “Metagross”

Continuing with the theme of unimpressive to just downright imposing, say hello to the Iron Leg Pokemon; Hoenn’s very own walking tank! Fans have granted this Pokemon the accolade of Pseudo-Legendary, and it’s not hard to see why. With the best of Steel and Psychic-type moves at its disposal as well as the intelligence of a supercomputer, Metagross is a titan no matter who it goes against! So, it’s not hard to figure out why it’s Champion Steven’s weapon of choice.

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#3: “Salamence”

The dragons make a triumphant return with yet another Pseudo-Legendary. With insane attack power and the added use of Flying-Type moves, you have a slim of chance of victory if you ever comes across one of these bad boys, and wouldn’t you know it, it’s the trump card of Drake, the dragon expert of the Elite Four! What’s more, Salamence continues to appear throughout the pokemon series, used by powerful trainers such as Silver and the Pokemon hunter J. Needless to say, this dragon is more than deserving of its place on the list.

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#2: “Blaziken”

Not since Charizard has the final form of a Fire-Type starter Pokemon been so well received! Sceptile and Swampert are certainly awesome in their own right, but Blaziken stands out as the most essential of the Gen 3 starters. Able to leap a 30-story building with one jump, with the most powerful fire and fighting type techniques at its disposal – including Blaze Kick, it’s very own unique move, Blaziken served as May’s adept fighter, giving her all the firepower she needed.

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#1: “Rayquaza”

Was there even any doubt? The dragon to end all dragons and often considered the greatest of all legendaries, The Sky High Pokemon takes the crown as the third generation’s greatest. Living in the ozone layer for millions of years, it descended to Earth for one reason, and that was give both Groudon and Kyogre a colossal time out. First appearing in Destiny Deoxys, Rayquaza made its presence known by going toe-to-toe with two Deoxys. With unbelievable attack power and a move list that can decimate all but the absolute strongest, it’s the ultimate challenge, and prize, for any trainer!

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Top 5 Scariest Bloodborne Bosses

No Amount Of Paleblood Is Worth This!

No one could have anticipated the Lovecraftian levels of horror we were to witness when we first set forth into Yharnam. The architecture was imposing, the enemies were deadly and the boss battles were the stuff of nightmares. So much so we doubt that Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice could measure up to their ferocity. This of course begs the question which of Bloodborne’s unholy beasts was the scariest, to which we promptly refer you to these five abominations.

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Fair warning, there are SPOILERS AHEAD!

#5: The One Reborn

An amalgamation of blood, guts and other human remains all forged into one entity whose very existence looks to be agonising. The fact this undead mass literally fell out of the sky via the Paleblood Moon is already unnerving enough, but then you’re tasked with hacking away at it in an awfully confined space! Good luck avoiding all that deadly vomit.

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#4: Mergo’s Wet Nurse

This Great One isn’t so much gruesome as it is the embodiment of darkness and death. While exploring the nightmare, the Hunter discovers this demonic carer after it swoops out of the shadows to silence the cries of an infant Mergo, all before it decides to bust out its blades in order to cut your Hunter to ribbons. It’s a chilling presence to behold, despite the fact that it has neither a face nor blood.

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#3: Rom, the Vacuous Spider

It’s a giant, fat spider that comes armed with an army of mini-spiders. What more do you need to know? Sure, the boss battle itself isn’t one of Bloodborne’s most challenging, but don’t deny the fact that you felt a shiver crawl up your spine when you saw the horde on the lake’s horizon crawling towards you. Arachnophobia at its finest.

Image result for Rom, the Vacuous Spider

#2: Ludwig the Accursed

Ludwig’s Holy Blade is often the weapon of choice for many Hunters, so imagine our surprise when we ended up battling the sword’s namesake. Surrounded by bloodied corpses, greeted by the haunting narration of one of its victims, Ludwig’s arrival is utterly terrifying. A massive mesh of man, beast and other hellish visuals, this was a monster in every sense of the word, one that happened to fully embrace the gore factor.

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#1: Orphan of Kos

Picture this; an unseen figure crawls out of the dead body of a space squid, pulling itself free of her reproductive organs and dragging itself the world. Its form is that of a pale humanoid that uses a cancerous growth as a weapon. Oh, and it also has the most terrifying scream you can possibly imagine. Well done Old Hunters DLC, you managed to give us a boss battle that still makes us shudder every time we think back on it.

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Top 5 Dragon Ball Z Transformations

Prepare For A Lot Of Screaming

It’s a good time to be a Dragon Ball fan. Not only is Toei Animation working on the twentieth film in the franchise, which is allegedly a sequel to the standout series Super, but also are set to release a brand new show called Dragon Ball Heroes. On top of that, several classic Dragon Ball films are being re-released for certain North America theatres, including the likes of Bardock: The Father of Goku and Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan. So in celebration, we’re going to be looking back at some of the series’ most jaw-dropping transformations!

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Fair warning, there are SPOILERS AHEAD! 

#5: Vegeta Goes Super Saiyan For The First Time

Vegeta spends most of the DBZ series trying to catch-up to Goku’s level. So when Goku achieved Super Saiyan before the Saiyan Prince, Vegeta didn’t take it so well. Training like a man possessed, his obsession pushed him to an emotional and physical breaking point. This transformation wasn’t memorable for it’s flamboyant manifestation like many of the others. Instead, Vegeta nonchalantly turns up with his new powers in a manner befitting the big-headed Prince of Saiyans.

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#4: Trunks And Goten Become “Gotenks”

We all remember Goten and Trunks’ absurd dance that ended up being a cultural staple. The kids were established as fighting naturals early on, able to achieve Super Saiyan with relative ease. Having them combine into one being not only doubled their strength, but the merging also gave us a new character in Gotenks. And while Gotenks becoming Super Saiyan 3 was also incredible, the first fusion made our list because it added to the DBZ Universe mythos. Fans went from asking “who would beat who in a fight” to “which two fighters should merge next.” Oh, the possibilities.

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#3: Cell Transforms To His Perfect Form

“Perfect Cell” was Cell’s final transformation as the already incredibly powerful artificial life form. After absorbing Android 18, Cell’s change was a long and incredibly brutal ride. This DBZ metamorphous caused drama across the planet: darkening the sky, parting clouds, starting tidal waves, making tornados, and irradiating the entire globe with crackling anime energy. Then there’s the spectacle of the almost blinding blue dome around Cell. DBZ fans were presented with a new villain who was seemingly unstoppable.

Related image

#2: Gohan Goes Super Saiyan 2 Against Cell

Since episode one there had been hints to Gohan’s untapped hidden power. Throughout the series, we’d seen only brief glimpses of that power up until this point. However Gohan’s gentle nature prevented him for fully unleashing his maximum potential without mercy. It’s not until seeing his friends dying at the hands of Perfect Cell that Goku and Chi-Chi’s little boy let his restraints go. We watched him from day one of training as an overly mothered child to become a fighter that rivaled even Goku. Gohan’s transformation wasn’t about the fireworks. It was the pride in seeing Gohan come into his own.

Image result for gohan super saiyan 2

#1: Goku Goes Super Saiyan For The First Time

Goku going Super Saiyan for the first time is not only at the top of our list, but it’s arguably the most iconic moment in the series. It’s impossible to visualize the character without him summoning his chi into a golden glow and blonde highlights. This is the transformation that all others are judged by. After all the weeks of showing off Frieza’s strength and cruelty, Goku powering up to avenge his best friend Krillin gave fans goose bumps. It’s a visual summation of DBZ as a whole: hard work transcends any obstacle.

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Top 5 Nicki Minaj Songs

Make Way For The Queen

With a sizzling performance at the BET Awards, not only did the Rap Princess manage to show off two new songs off of her upcoming album Queen, but also reminded fans why she’s still one of the biggest icons in the modern music scene. While we have no doubt that her latest venture is bound to contain more than few hit songs in the making, they’re going to have a hard time topping these five tracks, which at some point or another collectively managed to break the internet.

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#5: “Anaconda”
The Pinkprint (2014)

This bootylicious production broke Vevo’s 24-hour streaming record with almost 20 million views and remains Nicki Minaj’s highest-charted billboard hit. Through a brilliant sampling of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back,” “Anaconda” embraced the shape and size of Nicki’s backside and featured controversial lyrics about enjoying a little sexual healing. Earning a Grammy nomination and receiving extremely positive reviews from critics, Nicki continued her rise to music superstardom with this hip hop hit.

Image result for anaconda minaj

#4: “Moment 4 Life” feat. Drake
Pink Friday (2010)

Thematically, this Young Money collaboration is about two childhood friends achieving their dreams, and lyrically, “Moment 4 Life” has Nicki Minaj and Drake doing what they do best: spittin’ fiya!. Minaj starts the track by laying down that she will always be true to her roots, followed by Drizzy getting busy like he always does. The song established the duo as a force to be reckoned with, and the fairy-tale music video allowed Nicki Minaj to bask in the glory of her fashionista persona. All good things typically come to an end, but we’ll have this Nicki Minaj joint for LIFE.

Image result for Moment 4 Life feat. Drake

#3: “Pound the Alarm”
Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded (2012)

This dance-friendly song had Nick Minaj exclaiming that she’s a bad, bad girl and will get up all in your business on the dance floor. Given the sensational Eurodance beat, it’s no wonder that international fans demanded “Pound the Alarm” as the rapper’s next single after an online poll. What a way to kick off the summer of 2012. For the music video, Minaj returned to her native Trinidad and fully embraced the carnival stylings for a most flamboyant appearance. Pound the alarm and take in the undeniable Nicki Minaj charm.

Image result for Pound the Alarm”

#2: “Starships”
Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded (2012)

As one of the best-selling singles of all-time, this monster hit transformed Nicki Minaj into an international star. Ok, the hard-core fans of the rapper didn’t necessarily buy into the poppy production, however by exploring a different sound, Minaj reached new fans around the world. And everyone can relate to a party anthem, right? As if the chorus wasn’t memorable enough, Nicki flaunted her curvy bikini body in the visually rich music video. The title is otherworldly, and the song itself definitely surpassed all expectations.

Image result for Starships minaj

#1: “Super Bass”
Pink Friday (2010)

She’s all about that booty and all about that bass. With this booming track, Nicki Minaj gave a shout-out to all her fly fellas and combined her usual playful lyrics with a Barbie-themed music video. Truly a girly-girl production, “Super Bass’”s music video features some eye candy for everyone and showcases some of Minaj’s most colourful visuals. All it takes is one listen to be overcome by the Nicki Minaj flavor, and it shows, as the song hit number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and is certified multi-platinum.

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Can Creed II Live Up the Hype Without Ryan Coogler? – The CineFiles: Extended Cut

This week, we’re talking about Michael Bay’s NEW Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot (09:51), the first trailer for Creed II (15:49), the cut lesbian reveal scene in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (22:06), Lucasfilm slowing down production on their A Star Wars Story stand-alone movies (28:47), Gotti’s 0% on Rotten Tomatos (35:00), Xavier Dolan cast in the second It movie (41:10), and the new releases of this week (45:44)!

Top 5 Best Pride Festivals

Love, Liberation and Plenty of Rainbows!

While San Francisco and New York’s Pride Parades have now wrapped up, there looks to be no end to the festivities given the amount of upcoming events across Europe, especially as far as the United Kingdom is concerned. Whether you’re gearing up to attend Brighton’s uber-festival later this month or just have a casual interest in the diverse range of jamborees, be sure to check out our picks for the five most spectacular examples of global LGBTQ communities uniting in celebration!

Image result for pride festival gif

#5: Christopher Street Day

Held in honor of the Stonewall Riots that took place on New York’s Christopher Street, this annual event takes place in various European cities — particularly in Germany and Switzerland. The most prominent city for CSD however is Berlin, as Berlin Pride has become one of the biggest LGBTQ events not just in Germany, but all of Europe. While the month-long series of festivities provides plenty of opportunities to party, CSD also involves many inspiring speeches, political gatherings, and protests. If you miss out on Berlin Pride, don’t worry, because Berlin is a city with a huge LGBTQ community, and queer events take place all year round.

Image result for Christopher Street Day

#4: Pride Toronto

While this particular celebration has historically been a ten-day marathon of love and acceptance, 2017 marks the second year in a row that the Pride Toronto festivities have stretched through all of June under the banner of “Pride Month”. The programming includes several concerts, movie screenings, panels, a number of marches and, of course, a vibrant, showstopping parade on the last day. In 2016, Toronto’s parade made history when Canada’s newly elected Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, marched with everyone, making him the first Canadian Prime Minister to march in a Pride event.

Image result for Pride Toronto

#3: NYC Pride

For those of you who want to feel the powerful history of the LGBTQ communtity, NYC is an absolute must to visit. AAs the home of the Stonewall Riots, NYC is hailed as the birthplace of the modern LGBTQ movements, so much so that several Pride events around the world, including the aforementioned Christopher Street Day Berlin, host their celebrations to coincide with the anniversary of Stonewall. On top of having several events throughout the month, it all comes together for the parade on the last Sunday of June where participants march toward the iconic Stonewall Inn. No wonder it draws a crowd of about two million people.

Image result for NYC Pride

#2: São Paulo Pride Festival

Welcome to São Paulo, Brazil, home of arguably the biggest Pride Festival in the world. On average, the festival is visited by over two million people, though in 2006, the event set a world record with three million attendees! Since its formation in 1999, the APOGLBT – “Associacao da Parada do Orgulho de Gays, Lésbicas, Bissexuais e Travestis e Transexuais” has worked to make this parade a huge success, earning strong support from the local, state and federal government. Many politicians attend and take part in the festivities to show support to the community, with some often even coming together to ride a float!

Image result for São Paulo Pride Festival

#1: San Francisco Pride

Billed as the largest LGBTQ event in the U.S., no one does Pride quite like San Francisco. Then again, when your event is the birthplace of the iconic rainbow flag, you know it’s going to be one full of nonstop celebration. The Sunday morning parade features hundreds of LGBTQ friendly organizations that party down Market Street and take over the city’s Civic Center. While it may only be for a single weekend, that weekend draws an astonishing crowd of over a million open-minded individuals.

Image result for San Francisco Pride

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