Check Out Some of this Month’s Best Trailers

Oh man, we can hardly wait for these flicks to drop.

But until then, here’s a taste of some of the best trailer action from May:


Honestly, the bar was set pretty high with Disney’s live-action/cgi remake of The Jungle Book, but if anyone can retell the story of Mowgli in a fresh and inspired way so soon after the aforementioned film, it’s the mo-cap master himself, Andy Serkis. This first trailer promises a much darker and scarier take on Rudyard Kipling’s legendary story. Though some of the CGI animals might look a little less photo-realistic that their Disney equivalents, they also seem far more expressive, a tradeoff that Serkis has likely made to capitalize on the motion-capture performances involved. Regardless, this trailer promises a harrowing and moving origin story for young Mowgli, and quite the visual buffet for cinemagoers.

Battlefield V

Can you hear it? Silence. It’s the sound of empty streets and faux sick days around the world as everyone collectively stays in to Battlefield V over everything else. On May 23rd, the jaw-droppingly visceral reveal trailer for this highly anticipated fifth installment was released, and we’ve been watching it on repeat ever since. Yes, the dislike ratio is a little high on YouTube, and some fans might not be wild about the setting, but there’s no denying the effectiveness of this trailer. It starts off cinematic, before seamlessly transitioning to a first-person gameplay perspective, a shift that makes you really appreciate the intensity of the experience to come.


 Ant-Man and the Wasp

Big things come in small packages. But then again, at least one of these small packages can also go supersized so… forget the old sayings, all that matters is that this trailer for Ant-Man and the Wasp looks freaking AMAZING. Scott Lang might not be the world’s most adept superhero, but he’s sure trying his best, and now that he’s got a partner to watch his back, he’s bringing his A-game to the big screen in this sequel. From the looks of things… so too is everyone else involved. Evangeline Lilly’s Wasp seems like a real scene stealer, but the combination of comedy, action, and inventive use of powers is what really makes this trailer shine.

What was your fave trailer in May? Let us know!


Top 5 Crazy Anime Girls That We Love

So Crazy Yet So Endearing

Among the slew of new villains introduced in the third season of My Hero Academia, none have managed to blur the line between intimidating and adorable quite like Himiko Toga. She’s the ultimate girly girl who just wants to make friends and talk about boys…while also draining the blood of her victims with needles. As such, she’s now officially joined the ranks of other anime girls who we can’t help but adore in spite of their psychotic tendencies. If she keeps at it, maybe she’ll one day top these five!

Image result for himiko toga gif

Fair warning, there are SPOILERS AHEAD!

#5: Haruko Haruhara
“FLCL” (2000-01)

She may be an intergalactic officer, but this lady not could not care less about regulations. Pretty much everything you need to know about Haruko and her endless quirkiness can be summed up in her debut scene. She speeds in on a moped, bashes in the face of our protagonist with her bass guitar, before kissing the living daylights out of him. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Just wait until you see what happens when she gets ticked off.

Image result for Haruko Haruhara angry

#4: Yuno Gasai
“Future Diary” (2011-12)

Quite possibly the most iconic yandere in modern anime, Yuno is well known for slaughtering anyone who would dare attempt to come between her and her beloved Yuki. While she does come across way too edgy at times, she’s certainly has no issue when it comes to ticking the boxes of a classic crazy person; especially if it involves kidnapping and torture. No matter your thoughts on the anime, it’s fair to say that Yuno’s meme face will live on in infamy for years to come.

Image result for Yuno Gasai

#3: Yumeko Jabami
“Kakegurui” (2017)

For the thrill of a gamble, this girl will risk anything and everything, including bodily harm and social standing. While she’s a lovely girl deep down, Yumeko’s passion and addiction to gambling has spurned her to make some decisions that many would consider ill-advised. She’s nearly been expelled, got herself into severe debt and even engaged in a game of Russian roulette. Why? Because her love for her chosen vice is so intense that it’s practically orgasmic.

Image result for Yumeko Jabami mad

#2: Revy
“Black Lagoon” (2006)

Her island home may be filled to the brim with criminals and scumbags, but somehow Revy still finds a way to outdo them all thanks to her sailor mouth and itchy trigger finger. There’s nothing this member of Lagoon Company loves more than stealing from other hardened thugs and gunning them down with her signature pistols. It doesn’t matter if they’re assassins, Yakuza or Neo-Nazis, her violent tendencies and major anger issues will always pull her through.

Image result for revy black lagoon angry

#1: Anna Nishikinomiya
“Shimoneta” (2015)

And this is why disregarding and repressing natural urges never leads to anything good. In a world where smutty material, dirty jokes and sexual content is banned, this fair lady finds herself getting a rather rude awakening after her first kiss is stolen. Now obsessed with bumping hips with the hapless Tanukichi, Anna takes lewdness to dangerous levels, leading the way to aggravated assault, near-castration via scissors and even working her “love nectar” into cookies for Tanukichi to eat. When you see her eyes light up with hearts, start running!

Image result for Anna Nishikinomiya

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Shows You NEED To Binge-Watch this Weekend

So much television, so little time…

We’re helping you plan your weekend by looking at the most binge-able new content that’s popping up on streaming services.


We’re Netflix-heavy this week, as the online streaming giant just keeps pumping out quality.


A Vox Media docuseries, “Explained”, based on their informational podcasts, sets out to literally ‘explain’ deep and complicated topics. Clocking in with twenty 20-minute episodes, there is an enormous amount of content here to digest, but trust us, you’ll get through it really fast. From topics like cryptocurrency, relationships and custom DNA, educational doesn’t have to be boring, as Vox manages to make this series fun, funny and fascinating no matter the subject.

“The Break with Michelle Wolf”


After her fantastic appearance at the 2018 White House Correspondents Dinner, Michelle Wolf really made her mark in political comedy. Now she has her own weekly late night talk show on Netflix, and the first episode comes out this Sunday. Its clear that now, with her own show, the gloves are off, and shes willing to say things that she wouldn’t have gotten away with in her previous gigs.  Mixing interviews, discussion about current events, stand up comedy and sketches, Wolf’s intensity and enthusiasm is always front and center.

“The Toys That Made Us”

Season 1 of Netflix’s docuseries “The Toys That Made Us” was a surprise hit when it dropped late in 2017, and we’ve been demanding more episodes ever since. You may this its hard to top its first episode about Star Wars toys, but season 2 has equally fascinating stories about the origins of beloved toy lines like LEGO and The Transformers. Despite the fact that its a show about toys, “The Toys That Made Us” is actually aimed at an older audience, as sentimentality and nostalgia are what drive the show. But, even if you didn’t grow up with these toys, its still a great history lesson.


Be sure to tune in on Monday for our MojoTalks discussion about more bingeable television!


Top 5 Star Wars Characters That Deserve A Prequel

The Force Is Strong With These Backstories

If the recent slew of Star Wars anthology films have taught us anything, it’s that the concept of a prequel isn’t such a bad thing after all. While no-one will be forgetting the mess that is Episodes I – III, the likes of Rogue One and Solo have managed to offer some wholehearted entertainment to a galaxy far, far away. While they each have their own flaws, they’ve certainly convinced us of how the origins of iconic characters can be used effectively, at least when compared to something like Phantom Menace. As such, we feel that these five characters should next in line for their own flicks!

Image result for darth vader no gif

#5: Boba Fett

He’s the greatest bounty hunter the galaxy has ever known, apparently. While he’s gained a cult status and has shown off his killing skills in various tie-in comics and video games, we still feel that Boba Fett deserves another chance on the big screen. How did he go from vengeful child all the way to the masked master of disintegration? An action-fest that explored how he managed to get his reputation would once again allow the franchise to focus on the grittiness of the actual war. We know we’re certainly up for seeing some rebel scum get vaporised!

Image result for boba fett

#4: Yoda

When you have lived for 900 years, then you’re bound to have seen your fair share of fights. The wisest and most powerful Jedi, Yoda has always served as the ultimate mentor figure to the likes of Luke. But was he always that way? Focusing on Yoda in his prime would allow the franchise to travel back further in time than it ever has before, opening up the possibility to see some epic Jedi vs. Sith battles. Honestly, the thought of a younger and more reckless Yoda is as intriguing as it is intimidating!

Image result for yoda

#3: Lando Calrissian

The galaxy’s smoothest talking criminal was one of the highlights of Solo, all thanks to Donald Glover’s effortlessly slick performance as Han’s best frenemy. We imagine that his career was certainly a seedy one, filled with deadly deals, plenty of firefights and a string of ex-lovers that stretch across whole systems. With Mr Glover leading the charge, a character study of the future ruler of Cloud City would be as hilarious as it would be depraved. We can’t wait.

Image result for lando

#2: Sheev Palpatine

Whether he was manipulating the republic or frying Luke Skywalker with Force Lightning, the Emperor was the villain we all loved to hate. He brought no shortage of dread in Return of the Jedi and was one of the best parts of the prequel trilogy, now it’s time we see him go from devious apprentice to tyrannical Sith Lord. Let’s see how he was tempted by the Dark Side of the Force, how he betrayed his master and how he managed to recruit the likes of Darth Maul to his cause. Let us see the true extent of his UNLIMITED POWER!

Image result for palpatine

#1: Obi-Wan Kenobi

Isn’t it about time we get Ewan McGregor in a decent Star Wars film? We all enjoyed his portrayal of a young Obi-Wan, so what better way to redeem the character than by showing us his younger years as a Jedi. What challenges did he face? How did he become the outspoken apprentice of Qui-Gon Jinn? What misadventures did he get into while trying to learn about the ways of the Force? Even if his time as Anakin’s master didn’t exactly hit a chord with fans, there’s still every chance his beginnings could make for a fascinating story!

Image result for obi wan

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Top 5 Characters That Should Guest Star In Blazblue

Even Ragna Would Have Trouble With These Guys

With its JRPG-inspired features, branching narratives and signature 2D artstyle, the Blazblue franchise has managed to stand apart from the rest of its fighting game competitors as well as find continued success in its sequels. So much so, that they recently had a crossover with the likes of Persona 4, Under Night In-Birth and RWBY. While the fighters and mechanics obviously play well off of each other, it has opened the floodgates as far as future collaborations are concerned. If the game ever manages to spawn a sequel, these are the characters we want to see make an appearance!

Image result for cross tag battle gif

#5: The Phantom Thieves of Heart
“Persona 5” (2017)

Yes, it’s great to see the likes of Yu, Kanji and the rest get another chance to shine, but you can’t even say the the word Persona anymore without thinking of the franchise’s fifth masterful entry. Given their enigmatic nature, ludicrous strength and flashy outfits, we imagine the Phantom Thieves would certainly turn heads upon entering the arena. Admittedly, we just want to see would happen if the likes of Chie or Taokaka took on Ann in all of her sensual splendor. Now that’s what you call a cat fight!

Image result for phantom thieves of hearts

#4: Gintoki Sakata
“Gintama” (2006-)

Not only is he one of anime’s most stellar swordsmen, but one of the finest fourth wall breakers the medium has ever known. Can you imagine the possibilities once he realised that he was trapped in a crossover battle with multiple franchises? The jokes would be endless. He could make fun of Rooster Teeth, point out some of Blazblue’s more absurd plot points and even take jabs at the Persona lot for some of their cringe-worthy anime adaptations. Make no mistake, he’d still manage to hold his own in a fight!

Image result for gintoki

#3: Izuku Midoriya
“My Hero Academia” (2016-)

An upcoming superhero with an endearing innocence and an unyielding will to do what’s right? Yep, he’ll fit right in here. While he may be a tad intimated by the likes of Ragna and be totally flustered by Ruby and company, there’s no denying he would put his money where his mouth is when it comes trading blows with the villains. Even the likes of Hazama would have to watch his step when dealing with the awesome power of Izuku’s Quirk. Lets see how those snakes fair against a punch fused with the power of One for All!

Image result for izuku smash

#2: Roronoa Zoro
“One Piece” (1999-)

Knowing how horrific his sense of direction is, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Straw Hats’ Vice Captain just happened to wander onto the set of this inter-dimensional battle royale by mistake.  Either way, you can bet Zoro would be more than happy to cut off some heads should they decide to set up to him. With his overwhelming strength and signature three sword style, he would undoubtedly be able to dish out some serious combos. We almost feel sorry for his unprepared opponents; we’re looking at you Yosuke.

Image result for zoro fight

#1: 2B
“Nier: Automata” (2017)

This android was practically made for a game like Cross Tag Battle. Created to serve the remaining humans, her sword skills and immense strength have managed to bring down all manner of mechanical menaces, all the while being engulfed in a mental struggle about her true purpose in life. We’re sure her talents at killing and quiet determination would translate beautifully over to a fast-paced 2D fighting game. She’ll dazzle foes with her eerie beauty before slicing them to pieces in the blink of an eye.

Image result for 2B

Be sure to check out the video below to see our picks for the Top 10 Characters We Want To See In A Fighting Game.

What the Heck is Synthwave?

There are more musical genres floating around nowadays than you can shake a drumstick at. Beyond the core musical pillars like Rock and Pop are distant subgenres like surf rock and dream pop.

But today we are looking at a brand of music that’s based both in the future and the past. Intertwined within the light-show euphoria of Electronic music is something called Synthwave. A second cousin to the aforementioned surfer dude sound? Nope. It concerns the delightfully oxymoronic “retrofuturism”.


To help us understand exactly what Synthwave is, we caught up with William John Sidney Holder, event organiser for the Synthwave appreciation festival, Retro Future Fest.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us Will. I guess the first question is, what exactly is Synthwave?

Thank you very much for having me! Synthwave is a genre of electronic music influenced by 1980s cult film and retro video game soundracks as well as the synthesizer explosion of the early 80s. Beginning in the mid 2000s, the Retrofuturism aspect of the genre developed from various niche communities on the internet, reaching wider popularity in the early 2010s. Synthwave (and retrowave) is also the wider spectrum term for all of its subgenres like outrun, dark synth, futuresynth, dreamwave etc. In its music and artwork, synthwave engages in retrofuturism, emulating 1980s science fiction, action, horrormedia and cyberpunk.

What are some of the biggest Synthwave movie and gaming titles?

I would have to say a lot of the cult 80s classics inspired the movie side of modern synthwave. Titles like “Blade Runner”, “The Terminator”, “Robocop”, as well as some of the horror titles of the era. As for recent releases, we have films like “Drive”, “Kung Fury” and “Bladerunner 2049” bringing the culture more and more into the mainstream. Even films like “Thor Ragnarok” has that synthwave edge about it. As for gaming, it’s typically rooted in the 80s, with all the retro consoles with their midi sounds, so I couldn’t pick just one, but it’s definitely an integral part of the culture.

Do you think “Drive” in particular was instrumental in making Synthwave cool?

I saw “Drive” at Outland Festival – which is another synthwave concert tour in the UK – and thought it was an awesome film. Having one of the most well known synthwave artists, “Kavinsky”, do the title track, and having Ryan Gosling take the leading role, is going to bring synthwave into the modern eye.

What’s the Retro Future Festival all about?

So Retro Future Fest is an idea Christopher Stratton – director of “Retro Grade Future”, which is a buddy cop time travel film currently in production – and myself came up with to premiere their concept trailer for the movie. Originally it was meant to be a small one off event but the reception was amazing so we all pushed the boat out and are making it happen for a second year. Retro Future Fest is a celebration of all things Retro! The music, the 80s lifestyle, movies, gaming, lights, neon, lasers. This year we have artists flying in from Finland, France Sweden and Italy to play, as well as some UK acts too. There’s console retro gaming, fantastic merch and giveaways, a live glitch show, movie and music cosplayers and more! A party not to be missed.

Do you think Synthwave is here to stay?

I reckon so, as long as producers keep producing and we keep putting on events then definitely. Synthwave is global for sure, but still niche and we hope to change that.


You can buy tickets for the Retro Future Fest event here!

For those looking to delve into the catalogue of Synthwave, we’ve put together a list to the Top 10 Synthwave Artists. Enjoy!

#10: Power Glove

An Australian duo that somehow manage to blend a concoction of old sounds to create something totally new, Power Glove’s main claim to fame is creating the score to the cheesy action-packed 80s-inspired video game “Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon”. A title riddled with clichés of the era, Power Glove’s immersive synth soundtrack has the proverbial ‘puts you in the zone’ effect. Power Glove also gained popularity with their song “Hunters” which featured in the 2011 flick “Hobo with a Shotgun”.


#9: Cliff Martinez

For certain films, it’s the soundtrack that masks reality and lets us peer through to a different world. That’s certainly the case for “Drive”, “The Neon Demon” and “Only God Forgives”. And we’ve got composer Cliff Martinez to thank for that. Known for his relationship with Nicolas Winding Refn, who directed all three of the aforementioned films, Martinez’s tracks ooze retro-noir connotations, and yet feel right at home in modern settings.

#8: Miami Nights 1984

A name that in itself conjures up thoughts of brash neon adhorning city streets, Miami Nights 1984 are known for their progressive, repetitive beats that will have you rooting out your leather jacket and Ray-Bans – and wanting to road trip with the top down. That sounds cliché, doesn’t it? Well, that’s exactly what 1984’s sound is about. It strikes plenty of familiar chords synonymous with 80’s movies, but it does it incredibly well. Just listen to “Accelerated” and tell me you don’t wish you were back in the ‘80s!

#7: S U R V I V E

We all know that “Stranger Things” prides itself on being an ‘80’s cliché fanfare – it doesn’t shy away from it – and neither does its soundtrack. S U R V I V E is responsible for the entire soundtrack on the show, including its ultimate stick-in-your-head tune that accompanies the opening credits. A constant, melodic beat that warps before your ears, as if through different time zones and realities (just like the show, wink wink) it gets you in the mood for ‘80s cheese from the off.


#6: College

Let’s forget about the dreamy sounds of Synthwave for a second and look at something a little edgier. College injects a heady amount of pop into its tunes, giving them more of a John Hughes “Breakfast Club” type of sound, but still maintaining the energetic pulse of Synthwave. College also add quite a few vocals to their tracks – somewhat of a rarity for the genre – further adding to their unique flavour.

#5: Timecop1983

Timecop1983 really do give you a bit of everything, with a sound that manages to mostly dodge the sometimes moody side of Synthwave, offering uplifting beats and foot-tapping melodies. And almost every one of their tracks offers a narrative of music. You can start by relaxing on a sun lounger, contemplating your future; halfway through you’ll be air guitaring, and by the end you’ll be miming the lyrical hook as the tune fades to the next track. Oh yeah.

#4: Lazerhawk

From inspirational to nail-biting next, as Lazerhawk’s music is a guns-blazing ‘80’s action sequence personified. Picture this – you’re in an office building elevator, the door pings open and you step out to meet 50 guys bouncing barrel-mounted laser pointers at you. Cue the Lazerhawk. With layers upon layers of synth tracks all playing at once, Lazerhawk’s music is chaotic, adrenaline-inducing and fun as hell. One of their tracks has a sports car’s engine revving throughout, seamlessly gelling with the heavy drum beat. How cool is that!

#3: Mitch Murder

Similarly to Timecop1983, Mitch Murder taps into many different streams of Synthwave consciousness, from slow and steady, to solo-heavy. For connoisseurs of electronic music who prefer a progressive, well-rounded sound over an erratic one, Mitch Murder is just the ticket. Just listen to the track “Breeze” to see what we mean – it grows from calm and collected into an explosive keyboard solo.

#2: Com Truise

Yes, like the actor. His music will take you on an unpredictable journey, with enough twists and turns akin to an ‘80’s platformer video game. One minute meaty drum beats are pounding your ear drums and the next everything goes quiet, only to be awoken by a killer solo. It’s the elements of infused funk music that truly set Truise apart, and makes each and every one of his tunes stick in your head!

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few Honourable Mentions:

Stellar Dreams

Le Matos


#1: Kavinsky

Given the popularity of the film “Drive”, cruising along with your arm out of the window and the radio blasting is a bit of an overused cliché for electronic music. But there’s no other Synthwave artist that evokes that exact action more than Kavinsky. No matter what your music taste is, everyone will find a hook to grab them in Kavinsky’s back catalogue. In fact, once most hear his track “Nightcall” in the opening credits to “Drive”, that’s enough to hook newly-initiated Synthwave fans for good


Arctic Monkeys Are Back in a Big Way

One of the most consistently brilliant bands of this century is back on the culture frontlines with their lounge-infused (and not exactly un-divisive) sixth album, “Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino”.

To honor Alex Turner and the boys, let’s highlight some of the best songs from their extensive and wondrous back catalog.

“When The Sun Goes Down” (2006)
Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not

The subtle guitars that start ‘When The Sun Goes Down’ let you know to focus on the story rather than the melodies. Through the song Alex Turner sings about the prostitutes lurking around the band’s studio, and offers a humanizing look at people in the sex industry. The fast punk energy only emphasizes the sense of danger the women face, as Turner also vilifies their pimps and Johns. Alex even pays homage to ‘Roxanne’ and makes Ford Mondeo sound poetic in his gloomy ballad. The clever storytelling and righteous guitars come together for a catchy and thought-provoking track.

“Arabella” (2013)

Whether it’s the Latin riffs or Alex Turner’s stellar poetry, ‘Arabella’ has a hypnotizing effect. This fits its titular woman perfectly, as Turner describes a woman so attractive that he’s become obsessed with her. Alex’s descriptions get so cosmic that he even says Arabella is made of outer space. Hard-rock riffs give the song a kick in energy, while subtly referencing Black Sabbath’s ‘War Pigs.’ The bridge really pushes things over the top before the band lets loose into the most insane solo of their career. The extravagant writing and performances have left ‘Arabella’ as one of the band’s loudest songs.

“Brianstorm” (2007)
Favourite Worst Nightmare

While the Arctic Monkeys had evolved their sound on their second album, ‘Brianstorm’ proved they could completely shift gears. The track opens their album at a vicious pace, and never lets up for a second. ‘Brianstorm’ is also bolstered by an unbelievably fast and complex drum line, one some critics have even argued you could listen to without the music. After meeting a memorably weird Brian backstage, the band brainstormed as many crazy qualities as they could about him for lyrics. Though Arctic Monkeys have plenty of punk spirit in their songs, ‘Brianstorm’ showed they could craft a feeling around it.

Do you think they look good on the dancefloor? Then let us know what’s your fave Monkeys jam!



Top 5 Saitama Moments

Turns Out Overwhelming Strength Is Pretty Boring

Ever since he smashed his way onto the scene back in 2015, fans have been eagerly awaiting the second coming of anime’s arguably strongest character. Blessed (or cursed if you’re asking him) with unbelievable strength, wannabe hero Saitama has managed to take out each and every foe he’s come across with no more than a single blow. With its deconstruction of the shonen genre, the hilarious characters and blinding action sequences, it’s quickly become a modern gem. Now that we know a sequel series is finally on the way, it’s time for us to sit back and bask in the insanity of Saitama’s greatest feats!

Image result for saitama gif

Fair warning, there are SPOILERS AHEAD!

#5: The End of Sonic’s Lineage

It may not have decimated the landscape, but it can’t be denied that this is one devastating punch, at least as far as Speed-o’-Sound Sonic is concerned. After trying to take out the caped baldy by himself, Sonic ends up on the receiving end of his fist in the worse possible way; right to the groin. As Sonic goes to make the killing blow, all he can do is watch in horror as he accidentally ends up falling upon Saitama’s closed fist, forever denying himself the join of procreation. Ouch.

Image result for saitama sonic

#4: Armageddon

If monsters from every corner of the galaxy aren’t enough to put Saitama six foot under, then what hope does a meteor have? Despite Genos’ best efforts, the cyborg is unable to stop the incoming asteroid from entering the atmosphere. Luckily, his master steps in at the last minute to lend a hand. And by lend a hand, we mean leaping up into sky and smashing the meteor to pieces with a single blow. He may not have gotten the recognition he deserved after this little stunt, but this was when it became clear that for all his less than heroic qualities; Saitama will never hesitate to save innocents.

Image result for saitama meteor

#3: David and Goliath

What better way to introduce Saitama to the world than by having him take on a giant abomination who can tear apart whole cities with nothing more than a casual sweep of his arms. Not only is this interaction utterly hilarious, since the villainous Marugori ends up crushing his own brother by mistake, but it’s when we really start to get a sense of just how impossibly strong Saitama is. When you can knock down something as tall and imposing as this behemoth with just a jab, then you know you’re witnessing a character whose already in the upper echelons of OP!

Image result for saitama marugori

#2: Student vs. Master

Poor Genos. If he were in any other anime, he would undoubtedly be the star of the show. After all, he’s got the looks and is armed with so much weaponry he can practically vaporise anything in his path. Alas, he has to share the screen with Saitama, which unfortunately leaves him as the butt of the joke when the stronger villains come to play. That’s not to say he doesn’t have some stellar moments to his name, as evident by this brutal sparring match. In an effort to test his power, Genos throws everything he has at his master, and while he manages to turn a whole valley into molten rock, he’s stopped dead in his tracks when Saitama briefly shows off his immense power. A for effort though.

Image result for saitama vs genos

#1: The Galaxy’s Strongest

Just when you thought the fights in this series had reached the pinnacle of crazy, along comes Boros to shake things up. With enough power to detonate the world, he’s the only foe that has managed to hold his own against Saitama the longest. He even sent our hero crashing into the moon with a single kick. Of course, the highlight of the battle comes with Saitama really lets loose, delivering a punch that not only takes out the galactic tyrant but can also be felt halfway around the world. Who knows how they’re going to top this clash for season two, but we can’t wait to find out!

Image result for saitama vs boros

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Top 5 Unorthodox Zombie Games

So Many Zombies, So Little Time

With State of Decay 2 bringing back it’s corpse-filled open world, the zombies have yet another game to add to their ever-expanding roster. Whether you’re already engrossed by what Undead Labs’ latest venture has to offer or are pretty burnt out when it comes to dealing with the dead, it’s easy to forget just how many masterpieces and bizarre concoctions that the genre has sent our way over the years. If you need a reminder on how versatile these reanimated husks can be, then you need to check out these five games ASAP!

Image result for call of duty zombies gif

#5: “The Typing of the Dead” (1999)

The House of the Dead franchise is remembered fondly for its beyond cheesy dialogue, Tarot-inspired bosses as well as being one of the first rail-shooters to incorporate the undead as antagonists. Harmlessly entertaining but overall a pretty generic zombie-killing experience. You know what isn’t generic? Having to type out increasingly complex words in order to kill an approaching horde. This PC adaptation somehow made the game all the more intense by forcing players to rely on dictionaries rather that bullets. Now that’s outside the box.

Image result for typing of the dead

#4: “Left 4 Dead” series (2008-09)

The co-op game that managed to strike the balance between true dread and unabashed joy. With up to three friends, players could band together and blast apart encroaching waves of undead to their hearts content. At least until they came across the Witch and found themselves viciously mauled to pieces. While there’s nothing truly horrifying about this series, it still knows how to inject a fresh dose of fear among its audience…even as players are cleaving apart zombies by the dozen with a chainsaw.

Image result for left 4 dead

#3: “Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare” (2010)

How do you make what is considered the best western game ever made even better? Just add zombies of course. Taking the form of a standalone DLC brimming with cannibalistic content, John Marston’s tale of tragedy is put on hold as he deals with a mass supernatural outbreak. What’s most surprising is just how well the two genres gel together. After all, nothing beats riding off into the sunset when you steed is one of the Four Horses of the Apocalypse, or engaging in a Mexican standoff knowing a well-timed bullet will make a zombified foe’s head explode.

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#2: “The Walking Dead” (2010)

Telltales’ magnum opus not only managed to successfully put its own spin on the now iconic property, but also provided a heart-wrenching story that explored how when the dead come a calling, its the living that become the real monsters. The episodic formula, branching choices and personable characters all lent themselves to the overall narrative so well that players were left weeping by the time the game’s conclusion came around. When the zombies become overshadowed by the emotional weight of your ending, then you know you’ve done a good job.

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#1: “The Last of Us” (2013)

Instead of walking corpses, we get fungi-infected monsters. Instead of clear protagonists and antagonists, we get flawed survivors and depraved killers. Instead of hope, we’re given a world that has gone to hell thanks to nature spiralling out of control. With a narrative that explores every facet of human desperation, grief and anguish, Joel and Ellie’s journey across the shambles of civilization presents us with countless hardships, whether in the form of the horrifying Clickers or the savagery of man. It’s everything other zombie games wish they could be.

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Top 5 Greatest Dragon Ball Attacks

Sorry, No Wolf Fang Fist Here

Aside from a plethora of powerhouse screams, fist fights and endless cycles of transformations, the Dragon Ball series is perhaps most famous for its world-ending techniques. Primarily energy based, these blasts and bolts are looked upon with great fondness from fans, not to mention going on to inspire death-dealing attacks in other anime. In that regard, you can’t get more iconic than these five. Here’s hoping they make their way into the twentieth movie!

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#5: Galick Gun

Back when Vegeta was a destroyer of worlds, this was the deadliest attack in his arsenal. Considering it managed to bring the Kamehameha to a stalemate, that’s saying a lot. We certainly don’t see much of it in Z outside a singular beam struggle against Goku, but given just how iconic that scene is (not to mention the fact it nearly blew up the planet) we have to give this technique props. This signature move would later become a mainstay in Super, even added to the arsenal of Trunks.

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#4: Special Beam Cannon

Hey, it killed Goku, that’s special enough for us. While Piccolo certainly has no shortage of unique ki-based attacks at his disposal, it’s this energy wave that has stuck with him most throughout the series, and served him rather well in the process. While it may not look as impressive as some of the wider ki blasts, it was strong enough to cut through both Goku and Raditz, and has managed to at least wound several foes afterwards. It was also one of Imperfect Cell’s preferred copied moves, so that must count for something!

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#3: Spirit Bomb

Once upon a time, if you were Goku’s opponent and you ended up facing this technique, then you were history. Most notably used to defeat a good number of DBZ movie villains, this collection of the planet’s energy resulted in the creation of a colossal sphere that decimated everything that it touched. Sure, the waiting time can be a real bitch, and particularly strong foes like Frieza have managed to withstand its force, but that still doesn’t take away the fact that with enough borrowed energy this sphere can crush anything. Just ask Kid Buu.

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#2: Final Flash

The most powerful attack that Vegeta has at his disposal, this golden explosion of energy became just as synonymous with him as the Kamehameha is to Goku and boy is it a spectacle. Its greatest moment was of course when Vegeta unleashed this beauty against the newly formed Perfect Cell…and it practically blew half of his body to hell. The fact that Cell regenerated right after doesn’t take away just how devastating attack it is, one worthy of the Prince of Saiyans.

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#1: Kamehameha

Which one of you thought anything else would top the list? It’s the freakin’ Kamehameha! Since the early days of Dragon Ball, this attack has stuck with Goku through thick and thin (probably more so than ChiChi) bringing down the likes of alien tyrants, killer androids and whatever the hell Majin Buu was. The stronger that Goku gets, you can bet that this icon of Japanese culture will only grow in size and scope with him. Don’t pretend that you haven’t practised it in your own time as well!

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