Top 5 Predator Kills

It’s Big, It’s Ugly And It’s Back

The Predator has become something of a pop culture icon. Not only because it managed to take Arnie to town, but thanks to its design, lore and legacy as a modern movie monster. After all, it went on to spawn a whole slew of sequels and spin-offs across multiple mediums. The quality of each may vary, but there’s still no denying that this intergalactic hunter remains one of cinema’s greatest antagonists. Now it’s set to make yet another return, this time  under the directorial eye of Shane Black. In celebration, we’re going to be looking back at the Predator’s greatest hits, by which we mean brutal executions.

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Fair warning, there are SPOILERS AHEAD!

#5: Too Fast
“Alien vs. Predator” (2004)

Yes, this film totally wasted the opportunity to turn this clash of the titans into something worthwhile, but that’s not to say it didn’t have some fun moments. Case and point; when a lone Xenomorph silent creeps up on an unsuspecting Predator. At first it looks like the Alien is going to take home the win…only for the masked hunter to swing around and instantly slice off its head with its blades. It’s such a badass moment that we can’t help but include it.

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#4: Predator vs. Yakuza
“Predators” (2010)

By far one of the slickest scenes in the entire film, this spiritual successor to the original film saw a group of killers having to fend of a trio of Predators as they were hunted down like game. Armed with nothing but a katana, a member of the Yakuza finds himself engaging in a one on one duel to the death. Surprisingly, man and monster are equal in ability, leading to both of them falling by the other’s blade.

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#3: The First Of Many Spines
“Predator” (1987)

Billy may be an expert tracker, lethal with a machete and was even macho enough to take a one man stand against the invisible threat, but it didn’t end up doing him any good. Instead, we get to see his bloodied corpse get dragged up a tree before his spine and skull get ripped out in graphic detail. This of course would go onto become the Predator’s calling card, though nothing can replicate the ferocity of the original.

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#2: Plasma Blast To The Head
“Predator” (1987)

Mac was by far one of Dutch’s deadliest soldiers. Holding a quiet disposition yet never failing to unleash that gatling gun of his at a moment’s notice, it almost looked like he was going to make it to the end. Despite stealthily making his way across the forest floor, he nonetheless found himself in the Predator’s crosshairs. Tragically, this resulted in his head getting blasted clean off thanks to one blast from a shoulder cannon.

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#1: Disarmed and Dangerous

Dutch’s old friend may have made a valiant final attempt to stop the Predator’s onslaught, but in the end he was the one who got the worst of it. Despite peppering the forest with as many bullets as possible, Dillion still ends up getting his arm blasted right off. That would normally be bad enough, but in this case the Predator decides to finish things off in a more intimate manner, wherein he charge forward, impales Dillion through the chest with its blades and hoists him up like a fish. That’s gotta hurt.

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