Three Shows You NEED to Binge-Watch this Weekend

So much television, so little time…

Let’s help you plan your weekend by looking at the most binge-able new content that’s popping up on streaming services.


It may have taken a while for this bizarre anime to catch on, but “Aggretsuko”, or “Aggressive Retsuko” really grew on audiences. There aren’t many anime out there that tackle mundane office humor, and Aggretsuko shines by really getting at the rage and frustration anyone who has worked in a busy office will relate to. Lead Retsuko, the anthropomorphic red panda, is a mild-mannered office accountant who always turns the other cheek while at work, but spends her evenings singing death-metal karaoke. Ok, we know that isn’t much of a setup, but this show is more about telling jokes than a comprehensive story, but still manages to weave in more serious situations and themes.

“My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman”

This week marked the season finale of Letterman’s new weekly talk show, and we didn’t realize how much we really missed Big Dave. He tried to retire back in 2015, but returned to Netflix earlier this year with this simple yet engaging new series. Letterman interviews a new high profile guest every week, and concluded season one by hosting the infamous and controversial Howard Stern. If you’ve been putting this show off, now is the best time to binge it, and we recommend watching all of them; even if you are tempted to go through and cherry-pick. Don’t. Letterman is always a pleasure and we hope to see more of this beloved TV icon.

“Arrested Development” Season 5

Now here is a show that just won’t stay dead. We of course don’t mean that as a negative, and thanks to some cheeky planning, we didn’t even have to wait very long. Netflix’s revival of the show back in 2013 wasn’t exactly well received; while it wasn’t terrible, season 4 didn’t satisfy many fans. Season 5 on the other hand learned from past mistakes, and even though the show is past its prime, we are still really happy with what we got (interview controversies aside). Plot-wise, the show picks up right where season 4 ends, despite all the actors being 5 years older, with Michael trying to maintain control over his somewhat estranged family and pull them all back into his orbit. The gang is all here, and often all on screen at the same time even, with the trademark cleverness and quick humour still present.

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