Top 5 Moments From David Cage Games

Shake The Controller Like Your Life Depends On It!

David Cage has been something of a pioneer when it comes to trying to convert a video game into a fully cinematic experience. While each product seems to have varying degrees of success in this regard, it’s fair to say that for the most part he has succeeded, especially given the release of his latest project Detroit: Become Human. With motion capture technology blended together with branching narratives centred around a downtrodden cast of characters and their place in society, it bears all the hallmarks of a classic Quantic Dreams experience, both for better and for worse. As such, we’ve decided to look back through their catalogue and highlight what we believe to be the most iconic moments to come out of this series of baffling, beautiful games.

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Fair warning, there are SPOILERS AHEAD!

#5: Saving Alice
“Detroit: Become Human” (2018)

The one that earned widespread criticism and ire from non-gamers, this portrayal of domestic abuse certainly knew how to hit all the right uncomfortable notes. As a caretaker android in service to the disgusting drug addict Todd, Kara’s only source of solace came in the form of the brief interactions she shared with Todd’s daughter Alice. One night, after having something of a breakdown, Todd appears primed to beat Alice to the point of death, forcing Kara to take action. Regardless of what path you choose to take, the whole scenario certainly rings true in the worst way thanks to the violence displayed on screen, which we can only imagine was exactly what Mr Cage intended.

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#4: The Party
“Beyond: Two Souls” (2013)

We all know that kids can be cruel, but even by those standards this lot are nothing short of demons. After being invited to a house party, Jodie eventually finds herself earning the hostility of the inhabitants, resulting in her being locked up in a small room, all while she is incessantly ridiculed and mocked. Players can decide whether to escape and leave…or let Aidan go on a rampage in the name of sweet, sweet revenge. Needless to say, getting to go poltergeist on the party-goers was immensely satisfying, even if that one guy ended up getting a knife to the shoulder!

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#3: The Murder
“Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy” (2005)

What better way to start off your game than with a gruesome murder tinged with supernatural elements. There’s only a slight difference here; turns out that you are the killer. After awakening to with no memory of the atrocity he committed, Lucas Kane has no choice but to clear the crime scene as best he can. With a policeman just outside the cafe bathroom, players have to desperately rush to  dispose as much evidence as possible before the mutilated body is discovered. Welcome to the fugitive life Lucas!

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#2: The Final Fight
“Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy” (2005)

A far cry from where we first started, this battle against the Oracle is nonetheless balls to the wall amazing. Now imbued with supernatural powers of his own, Lucas goes full on Matrix against his foe in the most ridiculous way possible. Flying, running across buildings, punching through bricks and all the slow-mo martial arts you could want. It’s so out of nowhere that it’s impossible to hate, not to mention making for one of the craziest boss battles of the early 2000s.

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#1: The Lizard Trial
“Heavy Rain” (2010)

While ‘Jason’ became something of a meme and the sex scene between Ethan and Madison still lives on in infamy, the game’s true highlight came in the form of the Origami Killer’s most twisted test. In front of a camera, with a time limit, Ethan must search the room and find something to remove the tip of his finger. Choosing the right tool for the job and actually going through with it made for some of the most nerve-wracking moments we had experienced up to that point, with Ethan’s howls of agony making the whole thing feel painfully real.

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