What We Want to See in “John Wick: Chapter 3”

For a (reportedly) great guy in real life, Keanu can sure play a serious badass on the silver screen.

And nobody’s more down for action than John Wick.

Here are a few plotlines and character arcs we’d like to see in the next installment of this ferocious action franchise.

Another Round with Cassian

One of the highlights from “John Wick: Chapter 2” was the dynamic between our titular character and fellow trained killer Cassian. It’s clear that these two have a mutual respect for one another and can even be quite civil when needed. After Wick instigates Gianna’s death, however, Cassian vows to avenge her. This leads to multiple confrontations, the most intense of which takes place on a subway. Although John walks away victorious, he decides to spare Cassian’s life. We’re eager to see a rematch between these two badasses. The question is where Cassian’s loyalties will ultimately lie. Will he hunt John for revenge and the reward or will he help him as a professional courtesy?

A “Matrix” Acting Reunion

As John Wick, Keanu Reeves delivered his best work since “The Matrix.” “Chapter 2” saw Reeves reunite with Morpheus himself, Laurence Fishburne. (Xref) With Fishburne’s Bowery King returning for “Chapter 3,” we just need one more player for a full “Matrix” reunion. Carrie-Anne Moss, best known for playing Trinity, seems perfectly tailored to portray a femme fatale somehow connected to, or chasing, Wick. Whether it’s an extended cameo or major role, Moss would be a more than welcome addition. (Xref) Since director Chad Stahelski was actually a stunt double for Neo, it’d actually be fitting if he confirmed the popular theory that the “John Wick” trilogy is really a secret sequel to “The Matrix.”

A Kickass Female Lead

As charismatic as she was deadly, Ms. Perkins proved to be a formidable advisory for John Wick. Since she, well, bit the bullet in the original film, the sequel was left without many female characters. “Chapter 3” could compensate for this with a lethal leading lady who either sets out to claim the bounty on John or tries to help him escape from New York. While it remains to be seen if Carrie-Anne Moss could be the perfect fit, it has been confirmed that Halle Berry will star as an assassin named Sofia. It’d also be cool if the filmmakers dedicated a little more screen time to actress Ruby Rose as the mute assassin Ares.


What do you want to see most in the next “John Wick”?