Three Shows You NEED to Binge-Watch this Weekend

So much television, so little time…

Let’s help you plan your weekend by looking at the most binge-able new content that’s popping up on streaming services.


It may have taken a while for this bizarre anime to catch on, but “Aggretsuko”, or “Aggressive Retsuko” really grew on audiences. There aren’t many anime out there that tackle mundane office humor, and Aggretsuko shines by really getting at the rage and frustration anyone who has worked in a busy office will relate to. Lead Retsuko, the anthropomorphic red panda, is a mild-mannered office accountant who always turns the other cheek while at work, but spends her evenings singing death-metal karaoke. Ok, we know that isn’t much of a setup, but this show is more about telling jokes than a comprehensive story, but still manages to weave in more serious situations and themes.

“My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman”

This week marked the season finale of Letterman’s new weekly talk show, and we didn’t realize how much we really missed Big Dave. He tried to retire back in 2015, but returned to Netflix earlier this year with this simple yet engaging new series. Letterman interviews a new high profile guest every week, and concluded season one by hosting the infamous and controversial Howard Stern. If you’ve been putting this show off, now is the best time to binge it, and we recommend watching all of them; even if you are tempted to go through and cherry-pick. Don’t. Letterman is always a pleasure and we hope to see more of this beloved TV icon.

“Arrested Development” Season 5

Now here is a show that just won’t stay dead. We of course don’t mean that as a negative, and thanks to some cheeky planning, we didn’t even have to wait very long. Netflix’s revival of the show back in 2013 wasn’t exactly well received; while it wasn’t terrible, season 4 didn’t satisfy many fans. Season 5 on the other hand learned from past mistakes, and even though the show is past its prime, we are still really happy with what we got (interview controversies aside). Plot-wise, the show picks up right where season 4 ends, despite all the actors being 5 years older, with Michael trying to maintain control over his somewhat estranged family and pull them all back into his orbit. The gang is all here, and often all on screen at the same time even, with the trademark cleverness and quick humour still present.

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Top 5 Predator Kills

It’s Big, It’s Ugly And It’s Back

The Predator has become something of a pop culture icon. Not only because it managed to take Arnie to town, but thanks to its design, lore and legacy as a modern movie monster. After all, it went on to spawn a whole slew of sequels and spin-offs across multiple mediums. The quality of each may vary, but there’s still no denying that this intergalactic hunter remains one of cinema’s greatest antagonists. Now it’s set to make yet another return, this time  under the directorial eye of Shane Black. In celebration, we’re going to be looking back at the Predator’s greatest hits, by which we mean brutal executions.

Image result for the predator  gif

Fair warning, there are SPOILERS AHEAD!

#5: Too Fast
“Alien vs. Predator” (2004)

Yes, this film totally wasted the opportunity to turn this clash of the titans into something worthwhile, but that’s not to say it didn’t have some fun moments. Case and point; when a lone Xenomorph silent creeps up on an unsuspecting Predator. At first it looks like the Alien is going to take home the win…only for the masked hunter to swing around and instantly slice off its head with its blades. It’s such a badass moment that we can’t help but include it.

Image result for alien vs predator scene

#4: Predator vs. Yakuza
“Predators” (2010)

By far one of the slickest scenes in the entire film, this spiritual successor to the original film saw a group of killers having to fend of a trio of Predators as they were hunted down like game. Armed with nothing but a katana, a member of the Yakuza finds himself engaging in a one on one duel to the death. Surprisingly, man and monster are equal in ability, leading to both of them falling by the other’s blade.

Image result for predator vs yakuza

#3: The First Of Many Spines
“Predator” (1987)

Billy may be an expert tracker, lethal with a machete and was even macho enough to take a one man stand against the invisible threat, but it didn’t end up doing him any good. Instead, we get to see his bloodied corpse get dragged up a tree before his spine and skull get ripped out in graphic detail. This of course would go onto become the Predator’s calling card, though nothing can replicate the ferocity of the original.

Related image

#2: Plasma Blast To The Head
“Predator” (1987)

Mac was by far one of Dutch’s deadliest soldiers. Holding a quiet disposition yet never failing to unleash that gatling gun of his at a moment’s notice, it almost looked like he was going to make it to the end. Despite stealthily making his way across the forest floor, he nonetheless found himself in the Predator’s crosshairs. Tragically, this resulted in his head getting blasted clean off thanks to one blast from a shoulder cannon.

Related image

#1: Disarmed and Dangerous

Dutch’s old friend may have made a valiant final attempt to stop the Predator’s onslaught, but in the end he was the one who got the worst of it. Despite peppering the forest with as many bullets as possible, Dillion still ends up getting his arm blasted right off. That would normally be bad enough, but in this case the Predator decides to finish things off in a more intimate manner, wherein he charge forward, impales Dillion through the chest with its blades and hoists him up like a fish. That’s gotta hurt.

Image result for predator dillon death

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Top 5 Wrecking Ball Parodies

The Parody Must Go On!

We all remember when Miley Cyrus leapt onto the scene with all manner of construction equipment and started smashing everything apart while singing her heart out. Needless to say, the internet had a field day taking her song and turning into one of the year’s biggest memes, most of which came in the form of satirical videos that reflected just how crazy the music video was. While we thought the whole thing had died down, it’s seen a recent resurgence thanks to good ol’ Chris Hemsworth, who was recently recorded singing along to it with his daughters and dog. While the Thor actor’s performance was infectiously adorable, it did get us thinking about some of the other parodies that have come before!

Image result for chris hemsworth wrecking ball

#5: Wrecking Ball Chatroulette by Steve Kardynal

It’s not uncommon to find weird, wacky or unsettling sights on a chatroulette website. That being said, probably the last thing viewers expected to find was a bearded man dressed as a crude version of Miley Cyrus while performing all of Wrecking Ball’s choreography. This doesn’t just include all of the hip thrusts and arm flailing, but also his own version of said wrecking ball. The patrons may have not expected to get such a show, but it’s fair to say they loved every single moment of it.

#4: Wrecking Ball Parody by Bart Baker

In what has to be the most visceral of parodies, Bart Baker let loose his own rendition of Wrecking Ball, albeit a version that lashes out at Miley Cyrus’ strange choices and celebrity lifestyle, all the while managing to recreate the setting almost to the letter. Of course, the highlights were when the likes of Steve-O and Ron Jeremy showed up. While it’s certainly unexpected, we can’t say that it doesn’t fit into the outrageousness of the video.

#3: Wrecking Ball (Nicholas Cage Edition) by sukmywangBryanStars

Because everything is better with added Nicholas Cage. Everything. Taking some of the actor’s most iconic and outlandish expressions and pasting them onto the music video, the Cage-man gets his time to shine as he pulls off Miley’s signature moves, which in many ways manages to put the original to shame. It may only be seven seconds long, but it’s seven seconds you will cherish forever.

#2: Wrecking Ball Parody by lisbug

While being one of the few videos that actually doesn’t take any shots at Miley directly, that’s not to say it’s not wholly hilarious. Swapping out the Wrecking Ball for an actual kick to the balls, we see Lisbug lose her rag over the smallest inconveniences and proceed to knock out all manner of fellow Youtubers with some swift shots to the crotch. Shane Dawson, Andre “The Black Nerd”, Benny Fine and a whole host of others find themselves on the receiving end of her parody rage, and it is glorious.

#1: Construction Works React to “Wrecking Ball” by CollegeHumor

You ever wondered where Miley got that wrecking ball in the first place? Well, in a stroke of comedy genius, the guys over at CollegeHumor gave us this little gem, wherein three construction workers serve as onlookers while the pop star breaks apart their site. The way they criticise her for breaking every single safety regulation in the book will have you cracking up before you know it, especially when they learn she’s not union.

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Important Details You Missed in “13 Reasons Why” Season 2

Sometimes, there’s more going on than meets the eye.

Here are some little things most viewers probably didn’t catch on their first viewing of the new season.

Alex’s Joy Division Poster

“13 Reasons Why” deals heavily with the subject matter of suicide, and the series’ multiple references to ’70s new wave band Joy Division continue this. Alex Standall, who dealt with his own suicide attempt at the end of season 1, has a poster for the band on his wall. Joy Division vocalist Ian Curtis tragically ended his own life, reflecting Alex’s own harrowing experience. The band’s song “Love Will Tear Us Apart” played in the opening episode of the show in season 1, while Tony was giving Clay a ride home. After Curtis’ death, the band reformed under the name New Order, who are the artists behind another song that can be heard in the season 2 premiere.

Sid & Nancy

Back in season 1, Justin and Jessica attended the school’s costume contest dressed as infamous punk rockers Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen. In season 2, in his postcard to Jessica, Justin addresses Jessica as Nancy and signs himself as Sid. Vicious was the bassist of groundbreaking punk band The Sex Pistols, and he and Nancy had a rocky relationship that ended in both of their deaths. The pair were, like Justin, addicted to heroin, and Nancy was found stabbed to death in their hotel room. Vicious was arrested for her murder, but he was released and overdosed before he could be tried. Hopefully Jessica and Justin’s story has a better ending.

Blue Nail Polish

Throughout much of season 2, Clay receives polaroids from an anonymous source along with cryptic notes about the extent of Bryce’s crimes. These notes are written in a distinctive blue nail polish; the exact same shade as the polish used by Hannah to label her tapes before her suicide. Since it was eventually revealed that Zach was the one leaving the messages for Clay, we can’t help but wonder whether the nail polish was a subtle nod from the creators of the series or a conscious decision by Zach, who was another person close enough to Hannah to know the significance of the color.


Do you know any other important details that were hard to spot in the series? Let us know!

Top 5 Moments From David Cage Games

Shake The Controller Like Your Life Depends On It!

David Cage has been something of a pioneer when it comes to trying to convert a video game into a fully cinematic experience. While each product seems to have varying degrees of success in this regard, it’s fair to say that for the most part he has succeeded, especially given the release of his latest project Detroit: Become Human. With motion capture technology blended together with branching narratives centred around a downtrodden cast of characters and their place in society, it bears all the hallmarks of a classic Quantic Dreams experience, both for better and for worse. As such, we’ve decided to look back through their catalogue and highlight what we believe to be the most iconic moments to come out of this series of baffling, beautiful games.

Image result for heavy rain gif

Fair warning, there are SPOILERS AHEAD!

#5: Saving Alice
“Detroit: Become Human” (2018)

The one that earned widespread criticism and ire from non-gamers, this portrayal of domestic abuse certainly knew how to hit all the right uncomfortable notes. As a caretaker android in service to the disgusting drug addict Todd, Kara’s only source of solace came in the form of the brief interactions she shared with Todd’s daughter Alice. One night, after having something of a breakdown, Todd appears primed to beat Alice to the point of death, forcing Kara to take action. Regardless of what path you choose to take, the whole scenario certainly rings true in the worst way thanks to the violence displayed on screen, which we can only imagine was exactly what Mr Cage intended.

Image result for detroit become human saving alice

#4: The Party
“Beyond: Two Souls” (2013)

We all know that kids can be cruel, but even by those standards this lot are nothing short of demons. After being invited to a house party, Jodie eventually finds herself earning the hostility of the inhabitants, resulting in her being locked up in a small room, all while she is incessantly ridiculed and mocked. Players can decide whether to escape and leave…or let Aidan go on a rampage in the name of sweet, sweet revenge. Needless to say, getting to go poltergeist on the party-goers was immensely satisfying, even if that one guy ended up getting a knife to the shoulder!

Image result for beyond two souls the party

#3: The Murder
“Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy” (2005)

What better way to start off your game than with a gruesome murder tinged with supernatural elements. There’s only a slight difference here; turns out that you are the killer. After awakening to with no memory of the atrocity he committed, Lucas Kane has no choice but to clear the crime scene as best he can. With a policeman just outside the cafe bathroom, players have to desperately rush to  dispose as much evidence as possible before the mutilated body is discovered. Welcome to the fugitive life Lucas!

Related image

#2: The Final Fight
“Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy” (2005)

A far cry from where we first started, this battle against the Oracle is nonetheless balls to the wall amazing. Now imbued with supernatural powers of his own, Lucas goes full on Matrix against his foe in the most ridiculous way possible. Flying, running across buildings, punching through bricks and all the slow-mo martial arts you could want. It’s so out of nowhere that it’s impossible to hate, not to mention making for one of the craziest boss battles of the early 2000s.

Image result for fahrenheit fight

#1: The Lizard Trial
“Heavy Rain” (2010)

While ‘Jason’ became something of a meme and the sex scene between Ethan and Madison still lives on in infamy, the game’s true highlight came in the form of the Origami Killer’s most twisted test. In front of a camera, with a time limit, Ethan must search the room and find something to remove the tip of his finger. Choosing the right tool for the job and actually going through with it made for some of the most nerve-wracking moments we had experienced up to that point, with Ethan’s howls of agony making the whole thing feel painfully real.

Image result for the lizard trial heavy rain

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Top 5 Boss Battles From God Of War 2018

These Monsters Have Got Nothing On Dad Of Boy!

By this point, everyone and their cat is in agreement that the latest entry in the God of War franchise isn’t only arguably the best, but also a strong contender for game of the year. The revamped combat system, the breathtaking interpretations of the Nine Realms, not to mention the intimate portrayal of a father and son’s fractured relationship is beyond engrossing. Honestly, we could sing its praises until Ragnarok, but for now we’ll settle for counting down what we believe to be  the game’s best boss battles. After all, fighting against hellish creatures and unruly deities is the the series’ bread and butter. Even with a much deeper emphasis on the characters’ relationships, it’s fair to say that this most recent iteration still managed to successfully carry on the tradition of slaying the biggest and baddest that mythology has to offer!

Image result for god of war 2018 gif

Fair warning, there will be SPOILERS AHEAD!

#5: The Trolls

Kratos and Atreus have numerous encounters with these hulking beasts along their journey, each one packing a mean swing and armed with a totem that more often than not holds an elemental affinity. In our minds, the ones that stood out the most would be Dauði Kaupmaðr and the Helheim Bridge Keeper. The former is significant since it serves as the game’s initial boss, all the while illuminating players on how they can use both father and son in combat simultaneously. Whereas the latter not only provides quite the challenge given its penchant for teleportation, but also leads to Kratos encountering the spectral remains of his own dead father.

Image result for god of war trolls

#4: Magni and Modi

As arrogant as they are powerful, the sons of Thor were a deadly duo. Not due to their strength per say, rather how their taunting words slowly began to breakdown Atreus mentally, kickstarting his way to divine puberty. Still, we can’t deny that having to defend against their oncoming attacks from any angle did give the battle a fair bit of tension, only to be followed by sweet satisfaction when we buried the Leviathan Axe deep into Magni’s head. Normally we wouldn’t wish any harm upon Troy Baker and Nolan North, but this would be the one exception.

Image result for Magni and Modi god of war

#3: Hræzlyr

Just when we had started to get complacent, the game threw us a curve-ball by sending a dragon our way! One that happened to be incredibly fond of blasting out rays of lightning when cranky. In one of the game’s most cinematic fight scenes, we see Kratos try his darnedest to bring down the beast anyway he can, including hoping inside it’s mouth and cleaving its tongue to pieces. The frantic pace of the battle, expert use of the camera and reminiscence of the God of War bosses of old all resulted in a rather bloody reminder that nowhere in this fantastical world is safe.

Image result for god of war dragon boss

#2: Baldur

Kratos’ antithesis and the game’s primary antagonist, the son of Odin managed to make one hell of an introduction, wherein he and and the Spartan proceeded to wreck everything in sight with a brutal fist fight. Unable to feel pain and holding an insatiable desire to hunt the father and son duo, players had to exchange blows with this tattooed menace on numerous occassions, each of which further elaborated on just how messed up he was, which made peppering his immortal body with arrows midair all the more satisfying!

Related image

#1: The Valkyries

These optional bosses are by far the greatest challenge in the whole Nine Realms, pushing Kratos and Atreus to the limit with their varying techniques, blinding speed and extensive durability. Corrupted into physical forms, players must crush their bodies in order to return their souls to Valhalla, a feat easier said than done given their overwhelming strength. Should you manage to locate and best their scattered shells across each world, you’ll then be tasked with taking on their Queen in a final showdown. Spoilers; the gods don’t have a patch on her!

Image result for god of war sigrun

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“Infinity War” Changed the MCU FOREVER

Well . .. that was intense.

Nothing in the MCU will be the same after the insanely shocking developments in “Avengers: Infinity War”.

Here are some of the biggest upheavals in the MCU.

Spoiler Alert!!

Thor’s Got a New Weapon

The God of Thunder lost a lot in “Thor: Ragnarok,” including his hammer. Thor suffered an even greater loss in “Infinity War” with the deaths of numerous Asgardians aboard his spacecraft. Hell-bent on stopping Thanos, Thor sets out to make a weapon on par with Mjolnir. Along with Groot and Rabbit – um, we mean Rocket – Thor travels to Nidavellir and enlists the help of a giant dwarf named Eitri. (P.S., best use of Peter Dinklage ever?) Together, our heroes forge a battle-axe dubbed Stormbreaker. Thor actually comes close to slaying Thanos with his new weapon. If only he had aimed for his head. Nevertheless, Stormbreaker is sure to come in handy again in “Avengers 4.”

Saving Tony Stark


The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few… unless you’re Iron Man. Although Doctor Strange spends much of the movie protecting the Time Stone at all cost, he gives it up in order to prevent Thanos from killing Tony Stark. Although Tony’s life is spared, this decision puts countless others in jeopardy. As risky as this gamble might’ve been, Strange only foresaw one possible future where Thanos doesn’t come out on top. With Strange’s final words being, “It was the only way,” we can assume that Tony is integral to Thanos’ defeat. While Iron Man has always been a major player in the MCU, his value just went to infinity and beyond.

Half of the Universe Is Gone

Now that’s a cliffhanger! In one fell swoop, Thanos wiped out half of all life in the universe. The lengthy list of casualties included Black Panther, Drax, Doctor Strange, Falcon, Groot, Maria Hill, Nick Fury, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man, Star-Lord, and the Winer Solider. Granted, we have a hard time believing any of these characters will remain dead, especially since some of them have sequels on the horizon. Even if the remaining Avengers find a way to bring them back, though, such an endeavor would likely come with great sacrifice. In any case, the MCU is going to look a lot different as it enters its fourth phase and a 22-movie arc comes to a close.


What was your most intense MCU-altering moment from “Infinity War”?


ABC Cancels Roseanne Sitcom After Racist Comments

Roseanne Barr has always been outspoken and controversial, but this time she’s gone far enough that it’s going to cost her some serious coin.  ABC has cancelled the 2nd season of her successfully revived sitcom after she went on a racist Twitter tirade on Tuesday insulting various people including Valerie Jarrett, a former aide to President Barack Obama, and Chelsea Clinton.

Her tweet referencing Jarrett, in particular, set off a storm of reaction tweets and fallout.  It has since been deleted, but the tweet was as follows:

“Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj.”

– Roseanne Barr

There were quickly calls for ABC to acknowledge and respond to the racist comments from its star and Wanda Sykes, Consulting Producer of the Roseanne show, was also quick to tweet that she was not returning to work on the series.

A scrambling Barr tweeted an apology,

but that damage was already done.  By midday on Tuesday, ABC announced that they were cancelling the recently renewed 2nd season of the successful reboot.

“Roseanne’s Twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values, and we have decided to cancel her show”


And that is that.  So long Roseanne…  Let’s hope this is the last that we ever hear of you.  Top 10 Stars We Hope Never Make a Comeback?


What We Want to See in “John Wick: Chapter 3”

For a (reportedly) great guy in real life, Keanu can sure play a serious badass on the silver screen.

And nobody’s more down for action than John Wick.

Here are a few plotlines and character arcs we’d like to see in the next installment of this ferocious action franchise.

Another Round with Cassian

One of the highlights from “John Wick: Chapter 2” was the dynamic between our titular character and fellow trained killer Cassian. It’s clear that these two have a mutual respect for one another and can even be quite civil when needed. After Wick instigates Gianna’s death, however, Cassian vows to avenge her. This leads to multiple confrontations, the most intense of which takes place on a subway. Although John walks away victorious, he decides to spare Cassian’s life. We’re eager to see a rematch between these two badasses. The question is where Cassian’s loyalties will ultimately lie. Will he hunt John for revenge and the reward or will he help him as a professional courtesy?

A “Matrix” Acting Reunion

As John Wick, Keanu Reeves delivered his best work since “The Matrix.” “Chapter 2” saw Reeves reunite with Morpheus himself, Laurence Fishburne. (Xref) With Fishburne’s Bowery King returning for “Chapter 3,” we just need one more player for a full “Matrix” reunion. Carrie-Anne Moss, best known for playing Trinity, seems perfectly tailored to portray a femme fatale somehow connected to, or chasing, Wick. Whether it’s an extended cameo or major role, Moss would be a more than welcome addition. (Xref) Since director Chad Stahelski was actually a stunt double for Neo, it’d actually be fitting if he confirmed the popular theory that the “John Wick” trilogy is really a secret sequel to “The Matrix.”

A Kickass Female Lead

As charismatic as she was deadly, Ms. Perkins proved to be a formidable advisory for John Wick. Since she, well, bit the bullet in the original film, the sequel was left without many female characters. “Chapter 3” could compensate for this with a lethal leading lady who either sets out to claim the bounty on John or tries to help him escape from New York. While it remains to be seen if Carrie-Anne Moss could be the perfect fit, it has been confirmed that Halle Berry will star as an assassin named Sofia. It’d also be cool if the filmmakers dedicated a little more screen time to actress Ruby Rose as the mute assassin Ares.


What do you want to see most in the next “John Wick”?


The Morgan Freeman Sexual Misconduct Scandal – The CineFiles: Extended Cut

This week, we’re talking about Jake Gyllenhaal being in talks to star as the villain in the sequel to “Spider-Man: Homecoming” (11:40), Barack and Michelle Obama signing a production deal with Netflix to produce movies, TV shows, and documentaries (23:04), Morgan Freeman being accused of sexual harassment by eight women (31:11), Harvey Weinstein being arrested for his rape charges in New York City (43:05), and Idris Elba playing the Hunchback of Notre Dame in a Netflix original (43:33).