Top 3 Adorkable Female Anime Characters

Embarrassing Doesn’t Even Begin To Cover It

Oh sure, on the surface they look like bundles of sunshine, so full of life and love that nothing could even remotely phase them, but you would be dead wrong. There’s no denying that anime has a phenomenal amount of endearing female characters who also happen to attract cringe-worthy situations like a magnet, which often results in us unable to stop ourselves from laughing our backsides off at their expense.

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Whether they’re aware the universe has turned against them or not, it’s clear that these three unfortunate ladies have mastered the art of rolling from one awkward situation to the next. Does it make them any less adorable? Of course not!

#3: Rikka Takanashi
“Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions” (2012; 2014)

To say this little lady is trapped in her own world would be an understatement. Suffering from what is known as Eighth Grade Syndrome, Rikka fully believes she is in possession of the “Tyrant’s Eye” and thus has all manner of superpowers at her disposal, something she is very willing to demonstrate, much to the embarrassment of her friends and love interest. It’s impossible to hate her enthusiasm, even if she refuses to take things down a notch.

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#2: Tsukimi Kurashita
“Princess Jellyfish” (2010)

With artistic talent and dressmaking skills that are second to none, you would have thought someone like Tsukimi would be well on her way to a radiant career. Well, she would be if she didn’t suffer a crippling fear of the outside world, especially when it comes to men. This all changes when she finds herself entering an unlikely friendship with crossdresser Kuranosuke, who teaches her how her perceptions of beauty have become askew. While she certainly takes great strides to achieve her dream, she certainly has no shortage of crises along the way.

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#1: Tomoko Kuroki
“Watamote” (2013)

We’re not sure what this poor girl did to turn fate against her, but it’s fair to say we have yet to see another girl suffer more humiliations than poor Tomoko. Of course, she doesn’t help herself, as her quest to become popular and get a boyfriend is often impeded by the fact she often turns to the internet and erotic video games for advice. We would say she reaps what she sows, but the fact she finds herself in one devastatingly cringe-filled situation after another just makes us feel sorry for her.

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Is Avengers: Infinity War the PEAK of the MCU?

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Top 3 Awkward Love Triangles In Anime

Getting A Little Crowded In Here

Nothing quite like a love triangle to throw a potential pairing into jeopardy. In most cases, it comes down to the protagonist being so pure of heart or inexplicably attractive that they find themselves at the mercy of multiple, often contrasting characters, who nonetheless have become smitten beyond the point of no return. Whether to provide a new obstacle for the cast to overcome or just to inspire some fresh drama, we can all agree that when the claws come out things get very awkward, very fast.

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While each of these three meandering relationships serve as essential elements towards the anime’s narrative, it can’t be denied that these love-struck trios allowed their hormones to cause no end of chaos for all parties involved.

Fair warning, there are SPOILERS AHEAD!

#3: Guts/Casca/Griffith
“Berserk” (1997-98)

As a beacon of hope and gallantry, Griffith was an object of affection for many, including his lieutenant whose life he saved when she was but a child. While she never revealed her true feelings to him, it become painfully obvious she was jealous of series’ resident badass Guts when Griffith showed unparalleled trust and friendships towards him. Of course things got infinitely more complicated after Griffith fell from grace, with Casca finding renewed companionship and affection with Guts in the aftermath. Just when you thought things might work out for best between the three…the Eclipse happened. Nuff said.

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#2: Nobuo/Nana/Takumi
“Nana” (2006-07)

The fact Nana falls in love with every boy who is nice to her certainly doesn’t help things, but it still sucks  that she found herself caught inside such a toxic web of lust. With Nobuo’s earnest affections overshadowed by Takumi’s authority and dominating personality, it’s hard to say if anyone found happiness at the end, or just settled for a safe and suffocating lifestyle. While she put up with so much of Takumi’s abuse we’ll never know.

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#1: Kagome/Inuyasha/Kikyo
“Inuyasha” (2000-04; 2009-10)

As if having your dead girlfriend coming back to life with a serious chip on her shoulder wasn’t bad enough, the half-demon dog’s problems escalates when Kikyo’s modern day reincarnation ends up falling back in time to Feudal Japan and joining him on his quest. The past and future literally collide as Inuyasha and Kagome’s relationship flourishes, all the while he struggles to hold onto what he once had with his beloved before the evil of Naraku ruined their lives.

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Top 3 Adorkable Male Anime Characters

So Many Cinnamon Rolls!

To say that anime has its fair share of male archetypes would be major understatement. You’ve got your gentle giants, brutish badasses, contemptuous cowards, dodgy douchebags and plenty of others that you can spot from a mile away. However, if there’s one type of protagonist that has managed to earn themselves the adoration of the masses, it would be the kind that has a colossal amount of heart, and yet somehow manages to still come across as unimaginable awkward, to the point they have us rolling on the floor in laughter.

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With a quirkiness that perfectly balances their more heroic moments, no matter how many foes these three manage to best, to us they’ll always be some of anime’s biggest and most lovable idiots.

#3: Shoyo Hinata
“Haikyuu!” (2014)

This firecracker was one of the major reasons that Karasuno’s disgraced volleyball team managed to rise up once again, utilising his incredible jumping prowess and unyielding determination to pave a way for the crows to reclaim their crowns. He can leap off walls like Spider-Man and spike a ball like nobody’s business, and yet with his unassuming appearance and naivete, he never fails to come across as a kid whose just been given his Christmas presents.

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#2: Bartolomeo
“One Piece” (1999-)

When we first met this Super Rookie, he appeared to be a rather foul individual whose Devil Fruit powers offered unlimited protection, to the point he could happily turn his back to his enemies and freely urinate without fear of being attacked. Then he managed to flip everyone’s perceptions on their head when it was revealed he was the Straw Hats’ ultimate fanboy. His uncontrollable outbursts of joy upon meeting his heroes wasn’t unlike how a lot of real-life fans feel, turning him into a beloved character almost overnight.

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#1: Shun Kaidou
“The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.” (2017-)

While he brings a fair share of embarrassment to the table, the supposedly all-powerful Jet Black Wings is by far one of the most innocent-minded teenagers you’re ever going to meet. Spending most days inside of his own little fantasy world, Kaidou likes to paint himself as a gritty superhero, when in reality all he wants is for his friends to think he’s cool. While he certainly has some cringe-worthy moments to his name, Kaidou’s got the a heart of gold. If only he knew how to take things down a notch…

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Top 3 Weirdest Fighting Games


Mortal Kombat has a ninja in yellow garbs who screams “GET OVER HERE” every time he impales someone. Street Fighter has a British commando who wears nothing but a leotard and yet can spin across the stage like a drill. Tekken has had both a boxing kangaroo and sentient tree as playable combatants. The point is, fighting games have always had a crazy element to them. More often than not, it allows for the creation of awesome characters, decent narratives and entertaining gameplay. However, there are a few specific titles out there that have pushed the envelope just a tad too far for our tastes…

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#3: “Thrill Kill” (1998)

While technically an unreleased game, the power of the internet made it readily available for those looking an edgier version of Mortal Kombat. Forced to compete against each other in order to escape from hell, ten murderers go head to head, with the results being just as bloody as you would have expected. A domnatrix, a cannibal, a crazed doctor, a midget, two torsos joined together, even Cain gets in on the action. The shock horror factor is turned all the way up to eleven here people!

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#2: “Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game” (1995)

Who was this game for? People who enjoyed the original Street Fighter game but wanted a little more Van Damme sprinkled on top? This arcade adaptation of the poorly-received movie adapted from the actual game is about as lifeless as you would expect, devoid of any charm and just comes across as a huge waste of time for all parties involved. Unless, again, you happen to be a die-hard fan of Van Damme.

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#1: “Arm Joe” (1998)

Whoever thought of combining Street Fighter and Les Miserables must have either been a madman or someone with way too much time on their hands. With Victor Hugo’s beloved creations taking the place of Ryu, Ken and the rest, players can now battle through France and wonder how things would have turned out if Jean Valjean and Javert’s decades long rivalry had included special combos and finishing moves. Admittedly, it might have made the 2012 film a tad more enjoyable.

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Top 3 Cartoon Characters Who Fail At Romance

Hopeless Romantics To The End

Love, heartbreak and the awkwardness surrounding both are concepts that have permeated every entertainment medium, especially when it comes to western animation. It may not be the central focus of the narrative, but you can also count on some kind of romantic sub-plot to rear its head sooner or later. While there’s bound to be obstacles, you know deep down  all parties involved will find their happy ending. Unless of course you’re these three, who despite their best efforts have struck out hard when it comes to wooing their respective crush(es).

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Please keep in mind we’re not saying that these are bad characters by any stretch, they just so happen to have the worst luck when it comes getting the girl!

#3: Cat Noir
“Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir” (2015-)

This feline-themed superhero is caught in the most awkward of love squares. After all, he and his fellow masked comrade Ladybug are indeed infatuated with one another…except one prefers the other’s alternate identity and vice versa. With no idea who truly lies behind the masks, all Cat Noir can do to try and woo his beloved lady is bust out as many puns as possible, which almost always end in him getting shot down. Hopefully he’ll actually win her over in one of his nine lives.

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#2: Dipper Pines
“Gravity Falls” (2012-16)

He helped save the world from oblivion, managed to uncover all manner of supernatural secrets and faced death countless times, yet our favourite would-be sleuth still didn’t manage earn the affection of long-time love interest Wendy. It’s pretty understandable given their age difference, but you still can’t help but feel sorry for the poor lad given how he never truly let go of his feelings for her. Maybe he’ll get a chance three years down the line?

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#1: Johnny Bravo
“Johnny Bravo” (1997-2004)

He’s as thick as a brick, is a somewhat earnest guy, and lives for the ladies. Unfortunately for him, he squanders every opportunity to earn himself a date by either acting like an idiot, coming on too strong or somehow angering the universe enough that every potential conquest is ruined by the strangest circumstances. He may be a lovable oaf, but there’s no denying he’s lost more opportunities at romance than nearly all cartoon protagonists combined. That’s pretty impressive…

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Top 3 Video Game Charmers

Cassanovas In The Making

Whether you’re taking on intergalactic threats, trying to make a living as sky pirate or avenging your family’s murder, there’s always time to pursue a little romance in the world of video games, especially if you happened to come armed with a silver tongue. While there are plenty of lecherous pigs out there, a genuine smooth talker is sometimes hard to come by.

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However, when it comes to these three, it’s fair to say there’s just the right amount of charm, desirability and general awkwardness to make them instant catches for those that like their virtual men as sweet as possible.

#3: Balthier
“Final Fantasy XII” (2006)

Sky Pirates don’t come smoother than the Captain of the Strahl. Armed with expert marksmanship and a voice that could melt butter, Balthier is a stern ally to have at the best of times, his pirating ways unable to disguise the fact he’s got a heart of gold. Combine that with a sharp mind and sizzling relationship with first mate Fran and you have a a guy who could put a lot of the other Final Fantasy pretty boys to shame.

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#2: Garrus Vakarian
“Mass Effect” series (2007-17)

He’s got reach and flexibility, knows how to dance like no other Turian can, wrote the book on sniping and is seemingly never done with those calibrations. Throw in his adorable interactions with FemShep and Garrus somehow manages to be the smoothest cat in the whole galaxy while also acting like blustering teenager at the same time. There’s no better man you’d want at your back for taking on the Reapers, nor a sexier Turian you’d like to take with you on shore leave.

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#1: Ezio Auditore da Firenze
“Assassin’s Creed II” (2009)

The Italian stallion has suffered immense tragedy in his life, slaughtered hundreds of Templars in the name of revenge, yet through it all still manages to come across as the suavest lad to ever come from the Renaissance. He’s had multiple lovers throughout the decades, from his time as a spry assassin all the way to his twilight years as grandmaster, never failing to charm the pants off them with his determination, irresistible accent and coy attitude. We think he’s broken more hearts than he’s actually killed people…

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Top 3 Johnny English Moments

He’s Here To Save The Day…Whether We Like It Or Not

The thought of Mr Bean trading in his teddy bear for a career as a superspy might had seemed rather outrageous at the time, but over a decade later and Rowan Atkinson is set to return to the role of Johnny English for a third time. His comedic capers as the inept secret agent have certainly tickled our funny bones over the years, fully utilising the Blackadder actor’s legendary physical comedy and dry wit to give us a whole slew of hilariously awkward moments.

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While we’re sure Johnny English Strikes Again will have its own fair share of standout moments, we feel that these three particular instances from the past two films perfectly encompass the kind of spy this man for all seasons truly is!

Fair warning, there are SPOILERS AHEAD! 

#3: Like A Coiled Viper, He Strikes

English has no shortage of one-liners across his franchise, but by far the one that had the best pay-off was the time he unleashed his killer combat skills on what he believed to be an unsuspecting henchman. While the blow itself is certainly effective, in all the confusion it seems that he ended up confusing his target for his own ally, Bough. While the build-up and execution was rather predictable,  there’s no denying the “coiled viper” line earned plenty of laughs.

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#2: The Chase

Unlike other agents in the field, English is a man of class, certainly not one to sully himself with something as exhausting as parkour. While on the hunt for clues towards the mysterious organisation known as Vortex, English finds himself pursuing a possible lead across the rooftops of Hong Kong. While his target roles from one building to another with incredible athleticism, the MI7 agent decides to take a more scenic route via elevators, open doors, and other means that require no effort whatsoever. The fact he manages to one-up his skilled opponent just makes the juxtaposition even funnier.

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#1: The Hospital

The pinnacle of cringe-worthy humor, this is by far one of English’s greatest blunders. Originally planning to parachute into the antagonist’s headquarters, English somehow manages to land on the opposite building, which turns out to be a hospital. As a result, he attacks doctors and kidnaps patients at gun point until he finally realises he has royally screwed the pooch. The moment of realization is one of pure gold.

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Great TV Shows Canceled For Ridiculous Reasons!

Death is a part of life, in the world of TV as it is in the real world. But sometimes shows are taken from us just . . .too soon.

Here are three top, sad examples:

“Batman” (1966-68)

The mid ‘60s “Batman” was a delightfully campy affair that, in just three seasons, saw 120 episodes air on ABC. But, by the end of the third season, ratings had dropped, and ABC cancelled the show. NBC, seeing a potential goldmine, acted quickly and agreed to take the series. However, it seems as if someone didn’t get the memo, as the sets, which cost hundreds of thousands of 1960s dollars, were destroyed. NBC, perhaps not wanting to pony up the cash, time and effort for new sets, ended the deal instead. “Batman” was finished for good.

“Freaks and Geeks” (1999-2000)

“Freaks and Geeks” is undoubtedly cult classic, and it helped launch the careers of comedians and stars like Seth Rogen and James Franco. Praised for its authenticity in depicting teenage life, many of its episodes were often sad, awkward, and troubling. Unfortunately, this clashed with the network’s vision for the show. NBC wanted the characters to be cooler, and they wanted the storylines to be happier and more uplifting. But, the writers stuck to their guns, and NBC lost all hope in the series and cancelled it after only one season.

“Deadwood” (2004-06)

“Deadwood” is often considered to be one of the greatest television shows of all time, and fans are still hoping that it will return in the form of a movie. Following season three, show creator David Milch was offered a fourth season consisting of six episodes. After Milch declined, he and HBO reached a deal to produce two two-hour movies to serve as a finale. However, these movies never came to be. In 2007, HBO brass put the odds of the films being made at “50/50”, and even a decade later and a script in place, the possibility of a “Deadwood” film still remains uncertain.


What are your favorite shows that got canned before their time?

Top 3 Video Game Characters That Need To Lighten Up

Angst On Your Own Time!

It’s fair to say that video games have their fair share depressed and angst-ridden protagonists. Don’t guess us wrong, when your family gets slaughtered or you’re tasked with saving the galaxy from oblivion THEN you have a right to feel a little down. Alas, there are more than a fair few characters out there who are in serious need of taking a step back and looking on the bright side of life, if only to stop their whining!

Image result for cloud strife gifs

While we certainly have quite the selection to choose from, we feel that these three certainly didn’t do anything to help themselves when the going got tough, managing to drag us down into their bleak mood as a result.

Fair warning, there are SPOILERS AHEAD!

#3: Patroklos
“Soulcalibur V” (2012)

You want to be a Holy Warrior, we get it! Will you please take it down a notch! As the child of series-favorite Sophitia, this swordsman was supposed to take up the mantle of his mother and take out Soul Edge and its wielder Nightmare. He may have managed to do defeat the big bad and save his sister at the very end, but did he have to whine every step of the way? Honestly, why couldn’t Ezio have been the main character in story mode?

Image result for Patroklos "Soulcalibur V

#2: Porky
“EarthBound” (1994)

You think that if he had just opened up a bit more, tried to make some friends and just adopted a sunnier attitude he wouldn’t have ended up turning into one of the most loathsome video game characters to ever exist? Sadly, he didn’t, and as a result he went from lord of douchebags to a beyond despicable villain in Mother 3. Honestly, by this point even the hellish being known as Giygas is more likeable.

Image result for Porky  mother 2

#1: Anders
“Dragon Age II” (2011)

What happened dude? You were such a fun character back in Origins, and yet for the sequel you turned into the most dangerous kind of hypocrite. In his crusade to try and save all mages, Anders ended doing more harm than good when he went out of his way to use blood magic and destroy the Chantry. Thanks to his actions, he essentially kick-started the Templar-Mage War; a conflict that would lead to thousands of innocents losing their lives. Was an ounce more chill too much to ask for?!

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