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We’re teaming up with Toei Animation to give you a chance to see the all new Digimon Tri Movie, COEXISTENCE official dub at your nearest cinema for free!
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Here’s a quick re-cap

Digimon Tri takes place 3 years after the conclusion of the second season. But rather than following the likes of Ken and Davis, it’s up to the original Digi-Destined (Including Tai, Matt, Sora, and the rest of the gang) to once again step up and face a mysterious new threat.

In this penultimate entry of the franchise, the kids have to restore the balance between the Real and Digital Worlds as swarms of rogue Digimon have begun

Will we learn more about the unstoppable force of the Homeostasis? Will Meicoomon finally be subdued? WILL TK AND KARI FINALLY GET TOGETHER??? (ahem) Only one way to find out.

And if you’ve not yet caught up with the series, this’ll be your best opportunity to catch up since all the previous films have been made available by Shout Factory!
Best of all? They feature a lot of the voice acting original cast, so you can expect to be hit by a massive nostalgia wave.

So what are you waiting for? Hit up that comment section and you’ll instantly be in the running!

Three Movies Not To Miss Before They Leave Netflix April 1st!

All good things must come to an end.  And so it is for these three classic films that will be leaving Netflix at the beginning of April 2018 . . . to make room for some other classics.

Catch ’em while you can!

“Caddyshack” (1980)

Well over 35 years after its release, this sports comedy still gets laughs, as is considered to be a crude classic. With the legendary Harold Ramis at the helm, and starring Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, Bill Murray, and a motley crew of recognizable faces from the ‘80s, it’s the sort of comedy film that they just don’t make anymore. And yet, for many younger generations, it remains on the bucket list of films you’ve been meaning to see but never got around to. Well… here’s an excuse to finally scratch it off that list! With the title leaving Netflix imminently, why not watch it now while it’s still just one click away?

“Apollo 13” (1995)

Tom Hanks has been called Hollywood’s historian. Whether acting or producing, he’s played a role in bringing many important moments from American history to life on the big screen. Even amidst his impressive filmography, “Apollo 13” stands out. The film explores the ill-fated titular lunar mission and the unbelievable story of how these astronauts got themselves home against astronomical odds. With a stellar cast that includes Hanks, Bill Paxton and Ed Harris, and Ron Howard in the director’s chair… it’s a classic Hollywood drama. So whether it’ll be your first viewing or a repeat, why not take a trip into outer space with Tom Hanks and co. while the film is still available?

“The Shawshank Redemption” (1994)

It’s not every day that one of the greatest films ever made leaves Netflix! But sadly… one of these tragic occasions have arrived. For Netflix subscribers, it’s time to say goodbye to Andy and Red, and some of the more unsavory staff members of Shawshank Penitentiary… and what better way to send them off after their stint on the streaming service than with one last quality viewing? Directed by the talented Frank Darabont and adapted from Stephen King’s novella “Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption”, this film is a masterpiece of storytelling. No matter how many times you’ve seen it, with its challenging subject matter and outstanding performances, the movie never fails to move you.


Let us know if you enjoy them . . . again, or for the first time!

Top 3 Dragon Ball Z Abridged Films


While they certainly weren’t the first group to come up with an abridged series, the minds behind the group known to the net as Team Four Star have managed to perfect the formula, and in doing so given us a show that’s not only utterly hilarious, but celebrates Dragon Ball Z in all of its facets. While they’re currently abridging the main narrative (#CellGames) they have still found time to take on the anime’s numerous cinematic outings. Needless to say, the results were hysterical.

Related image

While they all have their own quirks, we’ve selected the three that no only managed to make us fall over with laughter, but also put the best spin on these now classic flicks!

Fair warning, there are SPOILERS AHEAD!

#3: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan

As beloved a villain as this hulking mass of muscle is, TFS didn’t hesitate to point out that while he is an undeniable badass, his reason for existing is also pretty ridiculous. This is shown through both Broly decimating Goku and company with minimal effort, all the while Vegeta has one hell of an existential crisis. Throw in the  “Princess Trunks” gag, and this abridged movie manages to highlight why the Legendary Super Saiyan is the best kind of silly!

Related image

#2: The Return of Cooler

We could go into great detail about how Chris Guerrero’s take on Cooler is as savage as it is satisfying, or how they even managed to get a cameo from the voice of Claptrap himself, but let’s be honest, we all love this movie for one thing above all others; watching Vegeta get mercilessly kicked in the crotch over and over and over and over and over again. Never gets old.

Image result for vegeta gets hit in the balls

#1: Episode of Bardock

Alongside Dragonball Evolution and GT, this is flick is a contender for the worst thing to spawn from the source material. So what did TFS do? They ripped it a new one, and in doing so gave us one of their funniest creations to date. Not only is the flamboyant version of Chilled a delight to watch prance around on screen, but seeing Bardock become a Super Saiyan out of sheer rage for the plot’s stupidity is nothing short of comedy gold.

Related image

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Top 3 Video Game Fights We Would Love To See

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!

Whether we’re watching events unfold on shows like Death Battle or just cooking them up inside our head, there’s nothing that gets the fanboy juices flowing more than seeing two characters from various video games clash. Literally every possible contender from every possible property has been pitted against each other, with audiences constantly divided on how such a brawl would end. One thing’s for sure, the results are always messy.

Related image

While there are countless possible match-ups, if we were forced to pin down our dream skirmishes, then it would have to go to these three!

#3: Bigby Wolf vs. Taokaka
“The Wolf Among Us” and “BlazBlue” series

We all know that cats and dogs don’t tend to get on, so its easy to see how the Big Bad Wolf and the lethal kitty here would come to blows. With Taokaka’s speed going up against Bigby’s sheer ferocity, there’s no doubt that these two would carve each other to pieces. The only thing deadlier than their claws would be the trading of insults, since the Kaka’s naivety is bound to wind up Fabletown’s sheriff to no end.

Related imageRelated image

 #2: Lara Croft vs. Chloe Frazer
“Tomb Raider” and “Uncharted” series

While countless fans have cast their vote to see who would win between Ms Croft and fellow adventurer Nathan Drake, we’d like to see how she’d handle the equally feisty (and deadly) treasure hunter from down under. Somewhat more morally dubious than Drake, Chloe’s resourcefulness and combat proficiency would prove to be quite the challenge for Lara, especially given her fondness for taking down her enemies with rocket launchers.

Image result for lara croft 2013Image result for chloe frazer fight

#1: Shovel Knight vs. Hollow Knight
“Shovel Knight” and “Hollow Knight”

They may be tiny in stature, but these two masked knights certainly pack a wallop. One took on the Order of No Quarter with nothing my than a shovel, while the other freed all of Hallownest from corruption armed only with a needle. Their deeds are great and both have great experience taking on leagues of enemies far more powerful than them, so we’d love to see who would walk away from this particular showdown the champion.

Image result for shovel wallpaperImage result for hollow knight wallpaper

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The Genius Behind HQ Trivia’s Success, How To Predict When Stocks Are About To Take Off, and The Main Causes of Bankruptcies

This week on Context is King, Ash & Eric chat about how HQ Trivia’s success boils down to its ability to scale concurrent live players in an app environment, how to predict when a company’s stock is about to take off, and the main causes behind bankruptcies.

Top 3 Upcoming Cinematic Universes That Are Doomed To Fail

Did You Guys Learn Nothing From The Dark Universe?

It’s now common knowledge that studios are desperate to replicate the success that Marvel has had with their historic saga of comic book films. Unfortunately, they seem to be in such a rush to catch up that their quality suffers for it. Of course, that’s done little to stop newcomers from throwing their hat into the gauntlet, and while properties such as the DCEU have shown flashes of brilliance, many of these proposed “universes” are obviously set to be dead on arrival.

Image result for tom cruise the mummy gif

It’s hard to say whether or not some of these will ever see the silver screen let alone be any good, and while there’s every chance that they might surprise us, we still feel that these three upcoming collections of films have zero chance of capturing that Marvel magic.

#3: The Disney Princess Universe

This one is still very much touch and go for the moment, but even then we still think it’s terrible idea. Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for strong-willed and iconic female characters banding together to save the day, so much so that we hope Marvel goes down the same path with some of its roster of kickass ladies. The Disney princesses on the other hand? Not a chance. It wouldn’t only disrespect their original films but also make no sense. These characters faced their own unique form of adversity and achieved their happily ever after, we don’t need them teaming up to save the world from Kingdom Hearts-style villains. We can happily handle live-action remakes, but there’s no need to turn the likes of Cinderella, Belle, Elsa, Snow White and Mulan into the Avengers.

Image result for disney princesses

#2: The Call of Duty Universe

Contrary to popular belief, the campaigns in the majority of these FPS’ were actually pretty solid in terms of both narrative. However, it is fair to say that the COD franchise is mostly known for its multiplayer and not its riveting stories, which begs the question how the heck does Activision plan to capitalise on the series’ popularity when most of its audience are only interesting in shooting up strangers online? Moviegoers aren’t going to be too fond of a COD adaptation that tries to appeal to the lowest common denominator, and casual fans of the franchise won’t exactly go in looking for an accurate representation of war. It’s really a lose-lose situation.

Related image

#1: The Hasbro Universe

Out of the wreckage of the Transformers series comes a whole new host of flicks born to sell toys and insult the intelligence of audiences everywhere, only this time they’re all connected. Given the success of Optimus Prime and company, it looks like Hasbro is set to go all out by giving some of their most popular properties a chance in the spotlight. This includes G.I. Joe and Micronauts, with the likes of ROM: Spaceknight and M.A.S.K potentially sneaking their way back in. If they’re anything like The Last Knight, then we’re in for quite the CGI-filled headache.

Image result for micronauts wallpaper

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Top 3 Twisted Toonz Moments

You’ll Never Look At These Movies The Same Way Again!

There’s plenty of things to love about conventions. The cosplays, the attractions, the celebrity appearances, the sense of comradery, it’s essentially a nerd nirvana where everyone can have an amazing time. However, over the last few years there’s been a new addition, one that brightens up every venue it touches by means of making every guest laugh their backsides off.

With a whole panel of voice actors armed with ad-libs and impressions, Twisted Toonz essentially takes your favorite movies, recasts them with iconic characters from television and video games, and turns them into experiences that are beyond the pale of funny. While each showing has its fair share of highlights, we feel these three moments best sum up its beautiful insanity.

#3: Steve Blum Channels Harvey Fierstein

While it was all kinds of awesome to see Spike Spiegel and Julia reunite to put their own spin on The Force Awakens, the real treat was when the veteran voice actor took on the role of BB-8. Correction, BB-8 infused with the mannerisms and sassiness of Harvey Fierstein. Not only is Steve utterly fabulous as the Hairspray star, but his frantic beeps mesh rather well with our favorite droid, to the point where we think that if BB-8 had a voice it would probably sound a lot like this…

#2: Nolan North’s John Cleese Walk

It’s fair to say that the Uncharted star managed to steal the show on this one. During a reading of the original Ghostbusters script, Mr North let loose his interpretations of two of Britain’s most well-known actors. While his impression of Jason Statham was spot on, it was when he unleashed the Monty Python legend that everybody truly lost it. Not only did he nail Basil Fawlty’s inflections, but he even pulled off the infamous walk. It was so funny that some of the other actors were left in stupors, right Troy Baker?

#1: John DiMaggio’s Paul Lynde and Tracy Morgan Combo

In what has to be arguably the best rendition of Twisted Toonz thus far, the all-star cast were left in stitches before the might of veteran voice-actor John DiMaggio’s fearless portrayals of these two celebs. Don’t get us wrong, hearing Bender recite lines from Star Wars was all kinds of hilarious, but nothing beats the sight of him channelling his inner diva during the cafeteria scene. Well, at least until he pulled off a spot-on Tracy Morgan impression that floored everyone.

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Netflix Developing Live-Action Carmen Sandiego Movie

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? Netflix apparently.

Image result for Carmen Sandiego gif

According to Deadline, Gina Rodriguez of Annihilation and Jane the Virgin is set to star in a live-action feature based on the Mistress of Misdemeanor. The film will be an extension of the upcoming Carmen Sandiego animated series, which will also debut on Netflix with Rodriguez voicing the titular thief. The Golden Globe winning actress will additionally produce the project along with Kevin Misher (The Scorpion King) and Caroline Fraser of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Productions. HMH is also aiming to release a series of Carmen Sandiego books in 2019 to line up with the release of the animated series.

The iconic Lady in Red made her debut in 1985’s Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?, spawning a rare education game franchise that actually made learning a blast. She additionally appeared in two game shows and an animated series entitled Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?. Oh, and let’s not forget that catchy theme song sung by Rockapella, the group that was singing a cappella before it was cool.

Image result for Carmen Sandiego Rockapella

Despite dominating popular culture throughout the 80s and 90s, Carmen never quite got the cinematic treatment. Disney had plans to produce a live-action film in the 90s with Sandra Bullock, although it never got off the ground. Walden Media was also working on a film with Jennifer Lopez, which also fell through the cracks. The closest Carmen ever got to a movie was Where in the Universe Is Carmen Sandiego?, which was a planetarium film that premiered back in 1999.

It’s unclear who will write and direct this standalone Carmen Sandiego movie. With Rodriquez in the role, though, we have a feeling that she’ll steal the show.

Image result for gina rodriguez happy gif

Are You Gumshoes Ready To Track Down Carmen Sandiego Again? Let Us Know And Watch These Videos:


Let’s Talk Sequel Already: Jumanji 3

Related image

With the recent home video release of “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle”, it’s high past time to talk about the next Jumanji sequel!

Image result for jumanji welcome to the jungle gif

Before we do that, let’s be candid, Jumanji 2 (which will be used as the shorthand from here on out) was an unexpected hit that managed to not only go toe to toe with “The Last Jedi” in terms of moolah, but managed to creatively continue the story from 1995’s original, which starred the late great Robin Williams, while respecting it.

Plot-wise, all you need to know is that the original ended with the board game thrown in the river back in 1995, and it ends up on a beach, before being found and transforming into a game console to ensnare its next victim. Yes, that eerie drum beat does evoke a horror movie element, if just vaguely.

Image result for jumanji welcome to the jungle gif

While the original 1995 flick brought the jungle into the real world, the long-in-development sequel took a modern spin, and put the teens into its world in the form of a video game. Honestly, dropping much of the more frightening elements that scared the heck out of children (like huge spiders) in favour of upping the comedy and action gave it a much wider family appeal.

Welcome To The Jungle

Image result for jumanji welcome to the jungle gif

The sequel managed to defy expectations because it was well written, its cast was pitch perfect, it was consistently hilarious, and was one of the greatest movies centred on the video game premise, ever.

Fresh and Modern, but Done Already

A sidebar would be that the premise appears, at least to this blogger, to be inspired from an award winning episode of the still-going classic British Sci-fi comedy “Red Dwarf”.

Image result for red dwarf gunmen of the apocalypse gif

That episode was entitled “Gunman of the Apocalypse”, from its 6th season way back in 1993! In that classic episode, three members of the crew have to go into the mind of their Mechanoid shipmate Kryten to save him (and themselves, by extension) from a virus that is making the ship hurtle towards a sun. They do this by using their artificial reality machine and taking on video game character personas that hilariously don’t exactly jive with their real-world sensibilities. Taking on Wild West characters and names, the inept cat became an expert six shooter managing trick shots, the cowardly Rimmer became a confident fist-fighting pro, and the drunk slob Lister gained the ability to throw knives with extreme precision.

Image result for jumanji welcome to the jungle gif

Jumanji took all this to the next level by playing with gender and age swaps, and adding multiple special powers, weaknesses and 3 lives each. In many ways, it also directly channeled another Jack Black flick, 2008’s “Tropic Thunder”, specifically Robert Downey Jr.’s role, that had him “play a dude playin’ the dude, disguised as another dude” to great comedic effect (and yes, that took place in a jungle as well).

Image result for jumanji welcome to the jungle gif

So now that we covered where the inspiration seems to have flowed from, while modernising the premise to video games from board games, the question is…where does the franchise go next?

It’s a good question as the new film ends without the teens throwing the game away, but seemingly destroying it. Though, if you stay until the end of the credits you do hear the drum again… but it felt more like a hat tip than a sneak peak.

Next Time Jumanji Could Appear As A Smart Phone

The main point is that another Jumanji is happening, as assuredly as the sun will rise and set. It made a billion dollars, and crushed Star Wars in several regions. Sure, it may not have been something Sony considered while making the new flick, but that huge box office draw has assured it continued franchise staying power.

Image result for jumanji welcome to the jungle gif

In terms of what to expect, the latest word is that the game avatars and the actors who play them (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart and Karen Gillan) are said to be returning! So the rumour floating around is that new real-world characters may enter the game and allow for different character swap hi-jinx, such as Karen Gillan’s guess that she could potentially play an old man, rather than a nerdy unsure teen girl. Regardless, the cast nailed everything and their return would be very welcome.

Image result for jumanji welcome to the jungle gif

While it seems like a stretch for the third entry in the franchise to come off as equally or more novel than the surprise hit that the second was, as long as they can keep the focus on solid laughs and character development mixed with adventure, it should be a good time. Compared to other recent comedies, Jumanji 2 impressed by never going down the rabbit hole of crass comedy, like fart jokes, and for that alone it deserves to continue telling stories. Cake that makes Kevin Hart explode will always be way funnier!

Image result for jumanji welcome to the jungle gif

Another rumour is that the third entry would use a cell phone as the modern means to trap gamers. That actually makes a lot of sense, but having it again take place in a video game world rather than the real world does present continued possibilities. Jumanji 2 felt like it could have been expanded to more of the world’s map and challenges. Overall, it was so fun that it felt like it was over too quickly. In that way, even a straight up continuation for the existing plot and game plot could put smiles on the faces of viewers.

Let’s just hope Jumanji 3 can still be fresh before entries 4,5,6… 23 and onward can set in the mandatory franchise fatigue that Hollywood always demands!

Image result for jumanji welcome to the jungle gif