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Top 10 Superheroes That Deserve Better Video Games

They may dominate at the box office, but when it comes to video games its fair to say that some superheroes don’t always come out the victor. Some of them have only ever existed as guest stars in other character’s games, while others have such horrific titles to their name that its permanently damaged their credibility. But which caped crusaders got off worst?

#10: Wonder Woman

She’s never been more popular than today, doesn’t isn’t it about time she got her own epic hack n’ slash adventure?

#9: The Flash

Given what we have seen in games like Saint’s Row IV and Infamous: Second Son, there’s a good template out there for the Scarlet Speedster’s gaming debut.

#8: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

With so much lore out there, can you imagine how cool an action RPG based around this epic vampire hunter would be?

#7: Hellboy

He’s no stranger to the video game scene, but the less said about those the better. Give Big Red the Devil May Cry treatment, bring back Ron Perlman to voice him, and we are golden!

#6: Judge Dredd

If the 2012 reboot showed us anything, it’s that Mega City One’s most ruthless law enforcer still has plenty of fight left in him, so why not give him an equally gritty open-world to investigate?

#5: Fantastic Four

The First Family of Marvel cannot catch a break in both film and game. How is it possible no one as thought to make a lighthearted multiplayer title out of these four yet? #

#4: Ant-Man

Ever since his debut in the MCU, the world’s smallest superhero has shown he still has the chops to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Avengers’ best. So why not give him his own game? Switching sizes mid-combat would be beyond awesome!

#3: Power Rangers

The teenagers with attitude have had as many games as they have TV series, and each is worse than the last. Isn’t it about time that they got a game that managed to replicate the nostalgia and joy that came from the original show?

#2: Superman

The Man of Steel needs a game on the levels of the Arkham series just to wipe the bad taste of Superman 64 out of our mouths…

#1: Iron Man

So many gadgets, so many armored outfits, so much potential for customisation, how could they possible screw it all up? Well they did. Twice.

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  1. Superman Returns on the Xbox 360 was actually a semi-worthwhile game. Yes, it had a tornado as the last boss, but ultimately the actual flight mechanics felt amazing. If you translated that into a new experience today could be something special.