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MIGOS: So Hot Right Now. Here Are Their TOP 5 TRACKS

When it comes to hot hip hop acts, Migos reign supreme. This Georgia Trio rule the charts and set the agenda for 2018 beats.

Here, we’re counting down the Top 5 most bangin’ tracks they’ve ever released.

Prepare yourselves.

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#5: “Get Right Witcha”

Culture (2017)

The Migos do things in their own time, and this song is a testament to that. Over a more laid back, relaxed beat the guys rap about not having time for just anyone. It’s an anti-establishment anthem as they rap about putting their middle fingers up to the system and that no f’s given type of attitude matches their personas to a T. The “get right witcha” line is the perfect power move to say to someone, a quotable that resonates with listeners. It’s Migos flexing at their best, their new level of stardom matching up with their raps.

#4:“Slippery (ft. Gucci Mane)”

Culture (2017)

Pairing up with Gucci Mane for the third time after 2013’s “Dennis Rodman” and 2016’s “Now”, this song proves that their collabs only get better and better. Talking about their usual fast lifestyle, they rap over a hypnotic and seductive beat that’s a departure from their faster beats. The sexual euphemism isn’t hard to pick up in this one with the “splash, drip, drip, woo, splash” hook but again, the guys are just proving how good they are at writing catchy lines that later become memes. Despite the more chilled out rhythm their delivery is just as bombastic as ever, making an unbeatable combo. 

3: “Versace (ft. Drake)”

Y.R.N (Young Rich N****s) (2013)

Their debut single is still one of their best. Rapping about their penchant for designer clothes and expensive jewelry, the guys made one of the most infectious earworms with the repetition of “Versace” over and over again in the hook. It’s so repetitive, they said the word 163 times over the course of the song. And while the original version is good, the song was made even better when Drake hopped in the remix. His added verse helped launch the song to a broader audience and put Migos on the map to listeners outside the South.



#2: “Bad and Boujee (ft. Lil Uzi Vert)”

Culture (2017)

By no means their first hit, “Bad and Boujee” is the song that catapulted them to superstardom. Released in late December 2016, the infectious tune began gaining more popularity as a meme with people using the “rain drop, drop top” line repeatedly. And in early January 2017, more listeners came to the song after Donald Glover shouted it out at the Golden Globes. It slowly climbed to number one on the Billboard Hot 100, the first for Migosand Uzi Vert. More importantly, it shows off their signature stop and go flow. It would have been even better if Takeoff was on the track but don’t tell him he was left off.


#1: “T-Shirt”

Culture (2017)

Hands down, this song is the embodiment of the Atlanta trio at their best. Paying homage to deceased rapper and hometown legend, Shawty Lo, they took his “seventeen five” line from him “I’m Da Man” song and made it their own. Each member of the group is able to show off their stop and go flow in some of the tightest bars they’ve ever written as they rap about getting caught up in the trap lifestyle. Producing duo Nard & B came up with the pounding beat, another major strength of the song. The fur themed music video was one of their best, which helped the song peak at 19 on the Hot 100.