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Top 5 Songs from the Black Panther Soundtrack

Early reviews have called Marvel’s highly anticipated new film, Black Panther one of the franchise’s best. Of course, based on the epic trailers for the film, it’s no surprise the film just had to have a kickass soundtrack. Curated by the one and only Kendrick Lamar, some of the biggest names in modern hip hop have come together to bring a musical voice to Marvel’s newest standalone film. The Black Panther soundtrack, which clocks in at 14 tracks long, is chock full of catchy hooks and numerous artists at the top of their game, though it’s these five tracks which stand as the best that the album has to offer.

#5 – “Pray for Me” – The Weeknd and Kendrick Lamar

It’s about time these two gave us another team up. Showcasing a heavy, futuristic beat that sounds like it could have fit right in on The Weeknd’s last album Starboy, it’s the Toronto singer’s passionate chorus that makes this track one to have on repeat. “Pray for Me” closes off the record, and leaves the listener feeling hopeful, as Kendrick Lamar’s outro acts as the bookend to this stellar playlist that he has compiled.

#4 – “Seasons” – Mozzy, Sjava and Reason

While the Black Panther soundtrack features mostly the best in A-list musical talent, that’s not to say Kendrick doesn’t try to expose the world to some great lesser known talent. As a collaboration between Mozzy, Sjava and Reason, this slow jam that features on the back half of the album shows off some seriously intense flows that will hopefully make these underground names some serious ones to watch!

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#3 – “All the Stars” – Kendrick Lamar and SZA

At this point, it’s no secret that Kendrick and newcomer SZA work insanely well together. As the lead single from the new album, these label-mates compliment each other flawlessly in this inspiring track that showcases each artist’s distinct style. Orchestral strings hang in the background, as SZA’s vocals become stronger before the track comes to a climactic close.

#2 – “Opps” – Vince Staples and Yugen Blakrok

Alright, now we start getting into the heavy stuff. Vince Staples’ last album, Big Fish Theory featured some thumping club beats that made for one of the most exciting listens of the year. This new track, which sees him teaming up with newcomer Yugen Blakrok, follows the same formula to create an unrelenting three minutes of head banging goodness!

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# 1 – “King’s Dead” – Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Future and James Blake

It can often be hard to fit so many artists on one track, but for this new track, which features Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Future and James Blake, they managed to make it work and then some. Featuring one of Kendrick’s most impressive verses he’s released, there’s no shortage of surprises from the other artists on this track as well, including a seriously strange line delivery from Future.