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Super Bowl LII: 3 Best Memes

This year’s Super Bowl had no shortage of funny and meme-worthy moments, but these ones stood out among the rest. Take a look at our picks for the top 3 memes from the 2018 Super Bowl.

#3: Tom Brady: Fashion Icon?

Tom Brady seems to be trying out a different career path, or certainly a different look. On his way to the Super Bowl, he donned a long jacket, a black turtleneck, and the most fashionable shades we’ve ever seen. It caused some speculation as to what Tom Brady’s true occupation is, football, or absolutely being an undercover assassin.

#2: Pink Spitting Out Her… Throat Lozenge?

We have one question… Huh? Just before she started her stunning performance of the national anthem, Pink remembered that she had a lozenge in her mouth. She decided to spit it out, on camera, in front of the entire world. Hey, a girls gotta’ do what a girls gotta’ do


#1: The Selfie Kid

We’ve all undoubtedly seen the selfie Justin Timberlake took with this adorable brace face during his half time performance at the Super Bowl. But what really stood out was how underwhelmed the kid was following the now famous selfie. He stared down at his phone for what felt like the entire performance, and people were absolutely living for it. This J.T. snub was all of us.

What were your favourite memes from the Super Bowl? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to check out our video of the Top 10 Super Bowl LII Commercials: