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Forgotten Anne: A Game Inspired By Studio Ghibli?

Play Your Way Through An Animated Marvel

JRPGs and other anime-inspired video games have been coming out for years now and still haven’t lost their stride. To this day, their appeal reaches out far across the globe while also serving as inspirations for countless new titles. Granted, some of them recycle so much of the same kind of content that a fair few come across as stale and uninspired. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case in regards to the upcoming narrative-driven adventure game Forgotten Anne.

ThoughtLine Games, so instead of going for the typical fighting-fantasy or mecha style Japanese games that tend to range from excellent to sub-par, Forgotten Anne has gone for a style that should look familiar to anyone who has watched a Studio Ghibli film.

According to an article on IGN – 

Forgotton Anne’s hand-drawn backgrounds and animations are beautiful. There’s no disputing that. And it’s easy to see the inspiration behind the style: anime greats like Sprited Away’s Studio Ghibli, and Tokyo Godfathers’ Satoshi Kon.

The character animation lacks a buttery-smooth frame rate, but with purpose. The movement better emulates the painstakingly hand-drawn style of old-school anime.

Forgotton Anne’s story premise is something to be expected of the whimsical, anime-inspired style, too, creating a cohesive aesthetic. Anne, the main character, is stuck in a mysterious place dubbed the Forgotten Lands with Master Boku, where objects long forgotten also inhabit.

These Forgotlings can be friends or foe to Anne and Master Boku, either as workers building an Ether Bridge back to the human realm, or as rebels rising up against something yet to be made clear – perhaps Anne and Master Boku’s escape. Anne is the Enforcer, tasked with keeping order, and Master Boku the mastermind behind the operation meant to get them home.

True to the developer’s goals, Forgotton Anne is a seamless experience with no loading screens between the ever-important dialogue, and light platforming and puzzles, retaining the feel of an ongoing animated feature.

It doesn’t seem like the puzzle-sections will be anything groundbreaking, and who knows how far its choice-system will go in regards to the story. That being said, the chance to play our way through a literal Miyazaki movie sounds like such a treat that we’re sure that the final product will be nothing short of delightful!

Be sure to check out the trailer for Forgotten Anne below!