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The AngloFiles – Alex Turner’s Beard and the Queen’s Wardrobe Worries

Have you seen which Brit band are back on the dance floor? Did you hear that the Queen needs a new bra? And, did you take part in ‘No Trousers on the Tube Day’? Welcome to the AngloFiles, a weekly rundown of the weird and wonderful, bringing you the best bits and bobs that British news, culture, science and entertainment has to offer.

#3: Arctic Monkeys Are Back (And Bearded)

Sheffield’s finest the Arctic Monkeys have taken to Twitter to announce their first live date in four years. Alex Turner and co. are set to headline the Firefly Festival in Delaware in June, playing on a packed bill which includes the likes of Eminem, Kendrick Lemar and The Killers. Fans of the band have had precious little to go on in recent months, although rumours of a sixth studio album were confirmed by bassist Nick O’Malley, in September. Besides that, the next biggest development in 2017 was that Alex grew a mid-length beard in the summer… There’s a certain romance in the new look, don’t you think?

#2: The Queen’s Corsetiere

We gained an unexpected insight into the Queen’s private life this week, when it emerged that she was cutting ties with Rigby & Peller, a London-based luxury underwear company, who have supplied her majesty’s unmentionables since 1960. The decision was made following the release of Royal bra-fitter June Kenton’s autobiography, “Storm in a D-Cup”. Kenton has arranged underwear for Elizabeth II, and formerly for Princess Margaret as well. But Buckingham Palace was less than pleased when she published some details in her 2017 book, and Rigby & Peller have now lost the Royal Warrant. So far there’s no news on who the Queen will turn to next – though we’re betting it won’t be Ann Summers.

And before we get to our final entry, let’s not forget what else happened on this week in history:

It’s eleven years since JK Rowling finished writing “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”, on January 11th 2007. As the 7th and final Harry Potter book, it brought an end to the original Wizarding World saga. Today, thanks to films, stage shows, video games, merchandise and attractions, the Harry Potter brand has an estimated worth of £20 billion!

#1: Trouser-less Tube

Few would say that the London Underground is a particularly comfortable way to commute. But that all changed on 7th January, with hundreds of Londoners stripping off for ‘No Trousers on the Tube Day’. Brazenly braving close to freezing temperatures, these commuters made themselves at home by casually riding the trains trouser-free. An event organised by the Stiff Upper Lip Society, this was no charity fundraiser or one-off stunt, but the latest in a series of annual events to encourage people to show off their pants. The tube can get a little warm at times, but for one day only the flushed faces weren’t just because of the temperature!

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