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Top 5 Moments From Devilman Crybaby

It Took Us To Hell And Back

It’s hasn’t even been out on Netflix for all that long, and already this latest iteration of Go Nagai’s dark classic has anime fans raving for all the right reasons!

When its revealed that demons are possessing humans with the goal of causing death and destruction, crybaby student Akira Fudo finds himself unwittingly transformed into a demonic hybrid, one who decides to protect humanity from the unseen invasion. But as he as well as the audience soon discovered, humanity might not worth be saving…

In order to celebrate its release and success, we’ll be counting down our top five favourite moments from Devilman’s latest outing.

Fair warning, there are MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!

#5: Sabbath

We had no idea how mature this series was going to get, at least until it introduced us to a party filled with so much raunchiness we couldn’t quite believe what we were watching. In order to snuff out demons, Ryo leads Akira to the sex-crazed, drug-fuelled party of Sabbath. You won’t have time to adjust to the amount of fanservice that is pressed into your face before people start turning into devils and killing everything in sight…

#4: Silene

While her role was a little short compared to what we wanted, this high-ranking demon still left quite an impression. A former lover of the monster that dwells inside Akira, Silene’s sole goal is simply to bump hips with our hero. She manages to accomplish this, until she realises Akira isn’t the heartless demon she remembers, leading to a vicious and bloody battle.

#3: The End of All Things

The Earth has been decimated, Ryo is revealed to be Satan, and Akira has lost everything he loved. In a final, desperate battle, the two former friends managed to lay waste to everything in sight, but its still not enough. Akira ultimately ends up dying, something that sends Ryo spiralling into sorrow for the first time in his existence, all the while God decides to destroy the Earth for good. Don’t expect any happy endings here!

#2: Devil With A Human Heart

As humanity starts to tear itself apart, Akira does everything he can to remind them that they are better than this. Standing before a mob in order to protect a group of innocents, Devilman starts to openly cry as the crowd pelts him with projectiles. All the while Miki sends an online message about love and acceptance. It’s honestly one of the few beacons of hope the series gives us, and for a moment will make you believe that everything will work out for the better.

#1: Go To Hell, Humans

This was the moment when the series showed us the darkest side of humanity. In a stupor of bloodlust and fear, a mob of humans hunt down Miki. While she does her best to run, she ends up being killed, all before she is decapitated and paraded around. Upon seeing the massacre, Akira loses it and incinerates everyone in his path. As the bodies go up in flames, so do our expectations of us feeling anything other than total despair.

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