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Darkest Dungeon: Lovecraftian Horror Game Is Coming To The Switch

How Deep Will You Traverse?

For your average dungeon crawler, slashing your way through hordes of terrible monsters as you travel to increasingly hellish locations is all par for the course. This might explain how this modern classic managed to break the mold and inspire fans of the genre by exploring the mental conflicts of both the players and party members. After all, barely surviving an encounter with a particularly nightmarish creature is bound to leave even the staunchest of explorers mentally drained and rattled.

With relentless difficulty spikes, plenty of haunting bosses as well as the mental gymnastic players will have to do in order to keep everyone alive and sane, Darkest Dungeon more than carved a mark for itself on the gaming scene. Of course, any game these days that earns a good enough following is bound to receive an invite to come join the Switch elite!

According to an article on Eurogamer –  

Developer Red Hook Studios has announced that its superb turn-based misery generator Darkest Dungeon is heading to the Switch eShop on January 18th.

Darkest Dungeon is gloomy turn-based dungeon crawler with a striking art style and a heavy emphasis on unspeakable, otherworldly Lovecraftian horror.

Using your party members’ class-based skills to reach the end of a dungeon is only half of the battle, however; once you’re back in the relative safety of the village beyond the manor gates, you’ll need to aid your party’s recovering from stress or sickness or insanity by catering to their particular whims – perhaps leaving them to a period of self-flagellation at the abbey, or to drinking and whoring at the local tavern – while you face more antediluvian horrors with the remainder of your crew.

It’s a tough, punishing, and enjoyably strategic experience, requiring a lot of grit and a fair amount of luck to best its otherworldly terrors. And the Switch is getting all currently released DLC expansions (that’s The Crimson Court, and The Shieldbreaker) at launch. Darkest Dungeon’s third, still-to-be-released DLC, The Color of Madness, will arrive later.

If you fancy taking a glimpse at the insanity to come, then be sure to check out the release trailer for Darkest Dungeon below!