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The X-Files Season 11 Premiere: 3 Most Shocking Revelations

Season 11 of The X-Files premiered last night on FOX, and it’s garnering some mixed reviews. While “My Struggle III” had some great moments, it introduced the most controversial twist in the series’ history, and upset A LOT of fans along the way. Love it or hate it though, the episode threw quite a few twists and turns our way and delivered some truly memorable moments.

We’re breaking down the episode’s most shocking moments:


3. The Season 10 Finale Was All In Scully’s Mind

In “My Struggle II”, last season’s epic finale, the entire world’s population was in danger thanks to the Spartan virus, a pathogen that threatened the lives of all but a chosen few. The episode followed Scully as she raced to save Mulder who was on the brink of death, and closed on a shot of a spaceship extending its beam down towards them, suggesting the start of an actual alien colonization. Viewers were anxious for the show to pick up where it left off, but instead, the Season 11 premiere opens with Scully in the hospital, having suffered a seizure. We learn shortly after that all of the events of the last episode were actually visions Scully was having of the future. It’s an interesting tactic, and one that more easily allows Mulder and Scully to return to their regular work on The X-Files, but still seemed like more of a cop-out than anything, and not that far removed from the much maligned “It was all a dream” cliché.

2. Scully and William Have a Telepathic Connection

Throughout the episode, glimpses of a boy, who we can only assume is William, are interspersed with Scully’s visions, suggesting a telepathic connection between them. At the end of the episode, Scully tells Mulder that she believes her son is the one sending her the images of the future, and that he knows of the impending danger the world is in. She is also adamant that they need not search for William, as she believes he will find them. This is quite the revelation as it confirms that William is endowed with other worldly powers of some sort, and will definitely play an important part in this season and the plan that CSM has set in motion to exterminate the population of the Earth.

1. Cigarette Smoking Man is Actually William’s Father

The X-Files is known for frustrating its fans with confusing plotlines and Chris Carter’s constant insistence that Mulder and Scully are just platonic co-workers and nothing more. But never has the show been so maddening as in the last few moments of this episode. During a confrontation between Skinner and Cigarette Smoking Man, the show‘s most enduring villain, the show flashes back to the Season 7 episode “En Ami”, with shots of Scully waking up in a bed, after having been drugged by CSM. We are then finally given an answer as to what exactly CSM did to Scully in that fateful episode. He reveals that he impregnated her without her consent, and that he, and not Mulder, is the father of her son William. Not only is this devastating news for Mulder, it is also extremely disturbing to think that Scully was violated in this way, after ALREADY being impregnated without her consent during her abduction in Season 2. The twist has caused considerable outrage among fans, and we can only hope that this will turn out to be another one of CSM’s lies.

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