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5 Artists Who Should Get a Las Vegas Residency

Vegas isn’t just for washed-up has-beens anymore!

It cannot be denied that Britney Spears’ uber popular 4 year residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas played a huge part in rejuvenating the strip, transforming it from last resort, to coveted territory for chart-topping artists. Since Britney took the Vegas stage, other pop artists at the top of their game have followed suit and signed on to do residencies. Notably, Jennifer Lopez has been performing at Planet Hollywood since 2016, while Lady Gaga is set to take Sin City by storm beginning in December 2018.

So who should be next? With Britney playing her last show on New Year’s Eve, a spot has opened up on the strip and we’ve got some thoughts as to who could fill it!

5. Katy Perry

Katy Perry is still a huge force in the music industry, but considering the lacklustre sales of her latest album “Witness”, Katy’s status as an arena-touring megastar might be in jeopardy. As Britney has shown, a residency is not a death sentence, and would only strengthen Katy’s bond with her fanbase, while allowing her time to work on her next album. We think that the “Bon Appetit” singer’s quirky sense of humour and flair for over the top costumes and visuals make her a perfect fit for Las Vegas. She would no doubt be able to create a huge, flashy production worthy of the Strip, and definitely has more than enough hits to entertain crowds night after night.

4. Justin Timberlake

This might seem like a strange choice considering how successful Justin is to this day, but hear us out. In 2017, Lady Gaga performed at the Super Bowl, then toured the world, before settling on a Vegas residency. With Justin performing this year’s halftime show, doesn’t it make sense for him to follow a similar trajectory? Plus, considering JT’s a dad now, a residency would give him a lot more time to spend with his family.

3. Christina Aguilera

Despite being a huge star throughout the 2000s, Christina Aguilera has unfortunately not been able to make much of an impact on the charts in the last few years and as a result has not toured since 2008. A residency might be the perfect option for the incredibly talented songstress. She would bring tons of glitz, glam and, of course, that incredible voice, to the Vegas stage, following in the footsteps of other legendary vocalists like Celine Dion and Mariah Carey.

*me buying tickets to Xtina’s Vegas show*

2. Madonna

In recent years, the Queen of Pop has shown different sides of her performative abilities, notably debuting “Tears of a Clown” in 2016, a unique show that combined music, storytelling and comedy. The show received mixed reviews after its premiere in Australia, but Vegas might be the ideal place for Madonna to continue experimenting with different kinds of entertainment. We’re certain fans would line for whatever the legendary pop star is offering, whether that’s singing, stand-up comedy, a magic show or even puppeteering.

1. Michael Buble

We can’t think of anyone more suited for the bright lights of Vegas than Michael Buble. The Canadian crooner’s old school style and charm would make him feel right at home on the strip, while his widespread appeal would bring in audiences of all ages. With his penchant for covers, the setlist possibilities are endless. Plus, who wouldn’t pay to go hear Christmas songs all year long?

Who do YOU should should take up residence in Vegas? Let us know in the comments!