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Top 10 Scary Places In Video Games

When trying to instil an overwhelming sense of fear and paranoia in a player’s mind, the first thing a video game needs is a great setting. Oh sure, the monsters and enemies certainly help, but if you create an environment that is literally brimming with menace, then half the battle is already won. In terms of immersion, no other locations manage to inspire dread as much as these ten!

#10: Yharnam

Even armed with a set of hunting weaponry, it will do nothing to stop your hands from shaking as you peep around every corner. Chances are a monster is waiting just on the other side.

#9: UAC Facility

What’s worse than being stuck on Mars? Stuck inside a claustrophobic facility on Mars that just so happens to have a demon infestation.

#8: The Zone

The site of a second nuclear disaster at Chernobyl not only has relics waiting to be scavenged, it’s also filled with plenty of horrific mutant creatures.

#7: Brennenburg Castle

If regaining our memory involves heading deeper into a stronghold filled with invisible monsters and fearsome beasts then we’ll stick with the amnesia, thanks…

#6: Himuro Mansion

Nothing will freak you out more than a good Japanese haunting, especially one set in such a derelict manor filled with ghosts you can only see through the lense of a camera.

#5: The Von Braun

Not only is this starship filled with sci-monsters you have to gun down, but it’s also home to SHODAN; the scariest A.I in all of video games.

#4: Rapture

The underwater city built to be a paradise has quickly gone to hell thanks to the likes of  the Splicers and Big Daddies roaming free. Now you get to experience it all.

#3: Sevastopol Station

Despite it’s vast size and scope, with that Xenomorph hot on your tail this place feels like a death trap where truly no one can hear you scream.

#2: The Spencer Mansion

The estate that introduced us to the grandpa of survival horror games. Every room is filled tension, puzzles or a swarm of infected. Heck, some have giant snakes…

#1: Silent Hill

A place of punishment, where every horrific image you can think of is conjured before your eyes. Of course, it’s most famous guest is none other than the titan of terror that is Pyramid Head.

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