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Top 10 Anime You Should Never Watch In Front Of Your Parents

Anime certainly isn’t afraid of revelling in content that you rarely see in any other animated medium. Whether it be extreme forms of violence, sex and other taboo subjects, most of the time these tools are used to compliment the narrative. Heck, some you would even recommend to your folks.

Then there are other times when an anime is filled with so much fanservice or bizarre imagery that if you showed your parents then they would likely disown you. These are ten such examples.

#10: Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls

A harem of busty girls is nothing new. Some shows actually manage to make it work in a delightfully comic way. Except in this case Miia and company all happen to be part animal. Yay for bestiality.

#9: Golden Boy

You’ll get plenty of laughs out of it, but it’s still about a guy going around trying to sleep with multiple women who often have barely any clothes on even before they meet.

#8: Maken-ki!

You might think you’re walking into a fantasy anime, but the ratio of giant breasted girls to actual magic is pretty one sided in the former’s favour.

#7: Eiken

Two episodes of such trashy innuendos is all you will need to make you wish you had never even watched this anime, let alone showed it to your parents!

#6: Prison School

You’ll see nothing more than five bros trying to escape a bad situation together. All your parents will see is that one subplot involving the female antagonist peeing…

#5: Manyuu Hikenchou

This show’s entire structure is build around the main character absorbing the breast sizes of other women. Why would you show your parents this?!

#4: Sekirei

Don’t be deceived, what appears at first glance to be a shounen is actually a harem just waiting to happen. One where the female cast’s clothes seem to break away with every punch.

#3: Seikon no Qwaser

You cannot give us a series where the main character gains his power through breast milk and expect us to treat it like its meant to be anything more than drivel.

#2: Yosuga no Sora

Romance, heartbreak, trauma, a brother and sister who are barely in their teens having very graphic sex. What more could you want from an anime?

#1: Queen’s Blade

Every character has the chest the size of a planet, there’s more fanservice crammed into each frame than some hentai, and the narrative is as thin as paper. This is something no one should be using as an example to introduce a newcomer to anime.

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