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Another Top 10 Scary Video Game Bosses

A great boss fight automatically elevates a video game to a higher status. This goes doubly for those that aspire to be scary, since it has to provide a challenge while also retaining a sense of overwhelming dread. In that regard, these ten more than hit the mark. Not only did they require plenty of quick-thinking to defeat, but they also scared the ever-loving crap out of us!

#10: Walter Sullivan

A serial killer is one thing, but as we reach the end of our time in Silent Hill, we discover his true form to be that of a giant creature with stretched out skin. Lovely.

#9: The Cleaver

Out of all the monsters you definitely don’t want to be locked in a room with, this mesh of teeth and obese flesh is somewhere near the top.

#8: Eddie Gluskin aka “The Groom”

This guy proved to be scarier than the giant Chris Walker, the psychotic Trager and even a sci-fi ghost! Might be something to do with how he chops up people in the hope of impregnating them.

#7: High Lord Wolnir

Even after the previous two games had managed to desensitise to us to the scares, having a giant skeleton suddenly appear out of pitch black darkness still succeeded in giving us a heart attack.

#6: Andross

Take your pick, would you rather deal with the giant robotic ape, or a giant brain? Either way Andross managed to leave a few mental scars on Star Fox fans.

#5: Laura Creature

Ruvik’s sister has certainly seen better days, appearing as nothing more than a heaping mass of bloody ligaments and deadly claws. KILL IT WITH FIRE!

#4: Marguerite Baker

Literally the only thing worse than the hive that seems to be growing out of her crotch is a taste of her home cooking…

#3: 02

How could Kirby have anything scary in it? Well, there’s this abomination. If you ever wanted to see what Nintendo’s idea of a blood-soaked fallen angel looks like, there here you have it. Revel in its creepiness!

#2: Dead Hand

Forget Ganon, the biggest threat to Hyrule (and our sanity) is Mr Grabby over here! How is Link not traumatised after facing this?

#1: Photoshop Flowey

Take one murderous flower and add six souls. What do you get? A creature that looks like the amalgamation of the internet’s dark side!

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