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Top 10 Video Game Villains With Tragic Backstories

Not everybody chooses to go down the path of evil, sometimes fate is just that cruel. Whether through betrayals or just plain bad luck, these infamous villains were all born out of some truly unfortunate circumstances, so much so that we can’t help but sympathize with them in spite of all the atrocities they commit. To that effect, none left us feeling more conflicted than these ten!

Fair warning, there are MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!

#10: Loghain Mac Tir

He lost his best friend, who happened to be Ferelden’s exceptional former king. From that point on, Loghain vowed to protect his friend’s legacy at all cost…even if it involved betraying the Grey Wardens.

#9: Seymour Guado

He had to watch his mother get transformed into a monster, and as a result became so disillusioned with life that he decided he might as well end it. That’s a whole other level of trauma.

#8: Scott Shelby

The twist that still leaves us reeling. After his drunken father’s negligence, Shelby decided to kidnap young boys and force their fathers to try and save them by undertaking various deadly trials. There’s a method to all madness, even if Shelby is freakin’ cuckoo!

#7: Raul Menedez

Like all good middle eastern terrorists, Menedez’s hatred of the west was sown early on when the actions of the US military led to the death of his family and the crippling of his country’s economy.

#6: Sarah Kerrigan

She was betrayed by those she swore to serve, and as a result was turned into an alien hybrid of immense power. You can bet she would have come back with a grudge. Along with an army of giant alien beasts.

#5: Alma Wade

Her childhood was spent in a lab where she was constantly experimented on and even forcibly made pregnant purely for the purposes of science. In response, she began to telekinetically massacre everyone in her general vicinity.

#4: Sif

It’s a giant puppy. A GIANT PUPPY! How can you not feel bad for killing such an adorable creature? It’s made all the worse when its revealed you raised it after travelling back through time!

#3: The Boss

A true patriot, one who was willing to take the blame for a war crime and allow herself to be killed by her student just for the sake of peace.

#2: GLaDOS

She is a psychotic, sassy A.I who wants nothing more than for you to die in one of her many experiments. Then we find out she may have been forcibly turned into her mechanical form by her old boss, losing her humanity along the way.

#1: Lisa Trevor

She is an indestructible, scary as all hell experiment cooked up by the Umbrella Corperation. While we would hate to be in the same room as her, we can’t help be feel so sorry for her. She was a human test subject for decades on end after all.

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