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Dive Back Into The Virtual World Of Superhot With Mind Control Delete!

This Standalone Is Bringing The Heat

PC and console owners rallied behind it for its fun and innovative content, while those with access to VR headsets claimed it to be one of the best gaming experiences they’ve had. Either way you look at it, Superhot became a household name and is looked back on fondly as one of the better FPS’ to be released in the past few years.

However, it seems that the creators aren’t done with the game just yet, as it has been recently announced than a standalone expansion is on the horizon, one that promises to bring plenty of new features and broaden an already sturdy foundation.

According to an article on Eurogamer

Superhot is getting a significant standalone expansion called Mind Control Delete, which will put a roguelike twist on the game. The full release is roughly a year away but a barebones build will be on Steam Early Access tomorrow, 7th December, and grow over time.

In the full Mind Control Delete game you can expect:

  • A long, deep story to expand the Superhot universe and reveal a few of the secrets hidden by the system
  • Multiple new enemy types, smarter and more powerful to keep you on your toes despite all of the new awesome abilities and powers
  • Heaps of power-ups and gameplay modifiers to make each procedurally generated run unique and push you into different playstyles
  • Many more unlockable Minds, each with their own skills and gameplay mechanics

Mind Control Delete will be free to existing Superhot owners (and anyone who buys Superhot while MCD is in Early Access) but only when it launches in full. If you want in now you’ll have to pay a fee (currently not known). Mind Control Delete will be cheaper during the Early Access phase, then around the same price as Superhot – £18 – upon launch.

While we are eager to take another stab at smashing our glowing foes into red shards, lets hope that the new content really manages to deliver and provide a keener insight into this fascinating and fun-as-all-hell world the developers have created.

Be sure to check out the trailer for Superhot: Mind Control Delete below!