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Top 10 Worst PS4 Games

With every new generation of consoles, for every stride that is taken towards improving every aspect of a video game, there will always be a handful of titles that manage to defy the odds and be so bad that that even games from twenty years ago manage to outdo them. For the PlayStation, these ten are the kings and queens of horrendous gameplay.

#10: Fluster Cluck

Flying around as a chicken inside of a UFO sounds like it could be funny, but there’s barely enough content to make it a worthy entry in the lamest of party game.

#9: Alekhine’s Gun

You won’t even be able to fully appreciate the espionage aspect of this game since it is overrun with so many bugs that’s it almost unplayable.

#8: Yasai Ninja

With such terrible production quality, even Fruit Ninja makes for a more entertaining time than this schlockfest.

#7: Ghostbusters

Taking all of the fun out of the license to the point that even the 2016 reboot seems more appealing, you are guaranteed to hate the Ghostbusters theme song by the end of your play session.

#6: Umbrella Corps

You may be able to pay to play as Wesker, but this game has even less to do with the Resident Evil franchise than Operation Raccoon City. 

#5: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5

You can imagine the disdain that longtime fans felt when then discovered their beloved skateboarding franchise had been reduced to a glitch-filled mess.

#4: Motorcycle Club

First, turn down the volume to zero so you don’t have to suffer the terrible audio. Second, try not to break you controller as you are sent flying across the edge of the course every time you make a turn.

#3: Rugby World Cup 2015

A repackaged version of Rugby 15 that is so lacking that you can hardly call it a sports game.

#2: Godzilla


#1: Life of Black Tiger

When it was launched for iOS and Android, it was abysmal. After it’s port to PS4, it’s still abysmal. We’re not sure how this game managed to make its way onto consoles, but as it stands it’s the most pathetic excuse for a PlayStation game we have seen.

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