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New “Black Mirror” Season 4 Trailer & Release Date Announced

Mark your calendars: “Black Mirror” returns in all its dark comedic glory on December 29th, 2017.

To celebrate the announcement, Netflix released a brand new trailer that shows off the 6 new self-contained episodes.

While Charlie Brooker will once again be writing each of the 6 episodes in the new season, each one will feature a different director, including Jodie Foster, who will be at the helm of the season’s second episode “Arkangel.”

“Black Mirror” is a satirical sci-fi anthology series which first aired on Channel 4 in Britain back in 2011. After 2 seasons and a Christmas special, the series was picked up by Netflix in 2015. The streaming giant began to house the old episodes, while also commissioning a 3rd season. The new Netflix-produced season released in October of 2016 to critical acclaim, and featured 6 new episodes, including the Emmy Award-winning “San Junipero.”  

Netflix also released short trailers for each individual episode:


This episode seems to be about a car accident and a technology that allows for memories to be used as evidence.


The trailer for the Jodie Foster-directed “Arkangel” deals with the intersection of technology, surveillance, and parenting in what we can only imagine will lead us to some very dark places.

“Hang the DJ”

Likely named after the reprieve from The Smiths’ 1988 hit “Panic,” the episode appears to be dealing with a technologically more advanced version dating apps like Tinder.

“USS Callister”

Ok, this one definitely has our attention. Our best guess is that the big reveal will be that the whole “Star Trek” inspired adventure is only the surface of what will no doubt be the kind of troubling narrative we’re used to from Charlie Brooker and Co.


Shot in black and white, this trailer doesn’t offer much in terms of trying to guess what it will be about – aside from the fact that in this world, dogs are something to be scared of. One thing is for sure: the threat of violence is very real in this one.

“Black Museum”

Based on the trailer, the season 4 finale seems to be an anthology within an anthology, as we enter into a museum in which each item holds its own dark story. Hopefully, this will be another feature-length episode much like season 3’s finale “Hated in the Nation.”

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