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Another Top 10 Jump Scares In Video Games

While in recent years this horror trope has come to be known as a cheap gag, there are times when a jump scare has proven to be extremely effective when a little bit of innovation is involved. These ten are the bumps in the night that managed to hit their mark and leave us reeling from fright and afraid to keep playing…

Fair warning, there are SPOILERS AHEAD!

#10: That’s Not a Corpse

The Dark Souls series prepared us to take on all manner of giant, challenging bosses. And yet the dying cry of a broken body still sends us into a panic.

#9: The Creature of the Krypt

Forget the fatalities, this the true terror of Mortal Kombat. Just as you are digging up extra features with koins, if you linger too long a horrifying creature will leap onto the screen. It’s a tragedy we couldn’t use Scorpion’s spear on it…

#8: The Kitchen

We had just gotten over dealing with the psychotic Dr. Trager, and then some ass decided to leap out and scare us while we rush through a bloodsoaked kitchen.

#7: Manbat

We are the Batman. The Dark Knight. The Caped Crusader. We fear nothing. Unless its a giant bat creature leaping out at us from nowhere.

#6: Wrong Locker

Before the time of Pyramid Head, we had this little incident involving a dead body suddenly falling out of a locker to fill us with fear.

#5: Knock, Knock

It’s not enough that we have to deal with an endless series of monsters, but now they like to play hide and seek!

#4: The Keyhole

Blend together a derelict asylum, a small keyhole and the appearance of a ghost and what do you get? The scariest and most memorable moment of the whole game.

#3: Getting Grabby

Leon S. Kennedy can handle almost anything, except a slew of zombified hands reaching out to pull out his beautiful hair!

#2: Meet Freddy and Friends

And just like that, a modern horror franchise is born. As you desperately try to survive the night, you’re constantly set upon by the murderous animatronic and his companions.

#1: You Are Tearing Me Apart Lisa!

This prelude to the cancelled Silent Hills game managed to pack in more psychological horror than any of us were prepared for, the highlight being when murdered wifey Lisa makes a viscous comeback.

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