Rob Paulsen, Kevin Conroy And Other Veteran Voice Actors Team-Up For New Project!

Holy Cartoon Royalty Batman!

You’ve all heard of Rob Paulson, right? He was one of your favourite Animaniacs, played two of the four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Pinky, Jack Fenton and even the highlander cat Gordon. The man is basically a voice acting legend who still continues to bring us hilarious roles to this day!

As it happens, Mr Paulsen is gathering together an A-List group of voice actors for a project called The Gang’s All Here. According to an article on Toonzone, it’s still in the early stages of production, but it does have two names attached that’s sure to raise fans’ eyebrows.

The first of these is none other than Emmy-winning voice and casting director Andrea Romano, who has worked on so many awesome shows we would be here all day if we have to list them all. The second is actor Kevin Conroy, who played a little known character called Batman.

THR reports Rob Paulsen is assembling a team of close friends — all voice-acting veterans, like himself — to produce a proposed new animated series called The Gang’s All Here. And it certainly is — in addition to Paulsen, Kevin Conroy (the voice of Batman) is on board, as is Cal Dodd (Wolverine in the 90’s X-Men cartoon). Even Andrea Romano is involved, who never promised she was retiring completely.

The Gang’s All Here is a semi-biographical cartoon series about a group of animal actors who deal with the pressures and pitfalls of working in Hollywood. The idea for the series was pitched by screenwriter Byron Burton to Paulsen during a fan convention. Paulsen was interested, but skeptical at first. “Byron was very persistent and said, ‘I’m going to get ahold of Kevin and I’m going to get ahold of Andrea,’ and he did.”

Conroy will be voicing Frances, described by THR as “a sophisticated Frasier Crane-esque character,” as well as a superhero dog named Barkley. Romano’s Meryl happens to be his sidekick. Dodd will be lending his growly pipes to Sargent Snout, an action star reminiscent of 80s muscle men like Schwarzenegger and Stallone. And Paulsen’s doing Patches, a warthog that talks like Christopher Walken.

Paulsen and Burton are currently working on the scripts and looking for a buyer to pick up The Gang’s All Here. “Early on, when I was calling people and trying to get credits in the industry, I felt like they would be doing me my favor, and now I feel like it’s more of a mutually beneficial situation,” Burton says.

Hopefully the gang gets here soon!

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