Top 10 Anime To Watch If You Hate Yourself

Anime is a marvellous medium. It can give us a variety of series, each hailing from a different genre, that still somehow manage to come to together and find a way to crush our souls. The following ten are a special breed; they may differ in almost every single way and some of them are even considered masterpieces, but they all at one point or another have must us reflect on our own lives to the point where only despair remains!

Fair warning, there are MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!

#10: “Serial Experiment Lain” (1998)

Every single frame of this show is depressing. From its lead character all the way to its murky, philosophical plot.

#9: “Bleach” (2004-12)

Fans can only look back on the glory days of the first few seasons, before having to acknowledge the sub-par direction it took. Don’t worry, it was all part of Aizen’s plan!

#8: “Mars of Destruction” (2005)

Many are in agreement that every aspect of this series is so poor that it is worthy of the accolade “worst anime of all time.” They aren’t wrong.

#7: “Himouto! Umaru-chan” (2015-)

Don’t let the cuteness fool you, her annoying personality will wreck you emotionally before you know it!

#6: “Kimi Ni Todoke” (2009-11)

The relationship between our two leads is perfect. It is so romantically pristine and pure that it will make you believe in true love…and also realise you will never have what they have!

#5: “Dragon Ball GT” (1996-97)

Are you a fan of Dragon Ball Z? Want to see everything you love about it get trashed and reworked into a pale imitation of itself? Check out GT.

#4: “Neon Genesis Evangelion” (1995-96)

This ain’t your average mecha show. Instead, you are treated to the sight of broken teens go through fifty mental breakdowns per episode!

#3: “Case Closed” (1996-)

We would love nothing more than to start watching the adventures of one of anime’s greatest detectives, but we don’t have it in us to binge-watch over nine hundred episodes!

#2: “Pokemon” (1997-)

It’s been twenty years, and Ash is still a ten year old trying to be the very best like no one ever was. All the while we’re moving closer to death every day! How’s that fair?!

#1: “The Ideon: Be Invoked” (1982)

Are in the mood to see an entire cast of characters get brutally killed in an upsetting and illogical finale? You are in luck!

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Top 10 Anime Industry Controversies

Just like any other medium, anime has had its fair share of bad press. However, in recent years it’s become clear that for every distasteful aspect a certain show might present, just as much drama goes on behind the scenes. Don’t believe us? Just check out these ten examples below to see that the anime industry is no stranger to unhealthy workplace antics.

Fair warning, we will be going into anime SPOILERS!

#10: The Seiyuu Prank

You have to feel sorry for this guy. He thought he was getting his big break as a voice actor, only to find out the studio had tricked him into saying embarrassing dialogue while being unknowingly recorded.

#9: Dio and the Qu’ran

Given his history as a devious, murdering vampire, you can see why certain Muslim groups were upset there was a scene dedicated to Dio reading the holy book.

#8: Endless Eight

It’s eight episodes of Haruhi Suzumiya and friends doing the exact same things. EIGHT episodes!

#7: Child Pornography Scandal

Many fans were left devastated when famed Englsh dub voice actor Scott Freeman was accused of possessing child pornography, and as a result was sentenced to three years in jail.

#6: The Evangelion TV Finale

Ending the whole thing in Shinji’s head without any real resolution prompted Evagelion fans to send the creator death threats!

#5: Sex Scandal

Apparently, the rumour that Haruhi Suzumiya’s voice actor was engaging in sexual acts with her band members sparked intense fan outrage and backlash.

#4: Political Dubbing

We don’t mind English dubs changing the syntax of an anime in order to make things more coherent. When you start mentioning GamerGate and SJW millennial however, then we have a bone to pick.

#3: Tatsuki Gets the Pink Slip

Not so much of a big deal in the west, but when Japanese anime fans heard that the director of Kemono Friends had been fired, they went crazy!

#2: Nice Boat

Afraid their gruesome finale would mirror that of a recent murder, the studio behind the anime School Days replaced the entire episode with live action footage. Of a boat.

#1: Electric Soldier Porygon

Thanks to its strobe light effects, this lone Pokemon episode manage to cause widespread epileptic fits all across Japan.

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Top 10 Gundam Mecha Of All Time

While it was far from the first anime series to feature giant robots, none have quite managed to achieve the level of fame and reverence quite the way Gundam has. Oh sure, there have been a few shows that have managed to reinvent the mecha genre, but even then, this epic franchise seems to have another series just waiting around the corner, ready to present a new tale of war and its vicious consequences. Some have been huge letdowns, but others have gone on to match the brilliance of the original. Of course, with each new iteration comes a new set of Mobile Suits to fawn over, of which we believe the following ten to be the best of the best!

#10: Turn A Gundam
“Turn A Gundam” (1999-2000)

Don’t be put off by its unique design, thanks to the Moonlight Butterfly this Gundam might just be one of the strongest of the bunch!

#9: Gundam Barbatos
“Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans” (2015-)

Forget the bells and whistles, this thing only exists to crush its enemies to death. Thanks to its proficiency with giant swords, it’s no wonder they call it the Devil of Tekkadan!

#8: Nu Gundam
“Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack” (1988)

When Amuro finally decided to get himself an upgrade, the result happened to be a Gundam that was strong enough to finally end his feud with Char. Just look at this beauty!

#7: God Gundam
“Mobile Fighter G Gundam” (1994-95)

If you are going to enter a fighting tournament for Mobile Suits, might as well come equipped with a mecha that can unleash the power of the sun with a single punch!

#6: Unicorn Gundam
“Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn” (2010-14)

It may be majestic in its own special way, but this particular unicorn prefers to decimate Zeon forces as opposed to gallop over rainbows.

#5: Wing Gundam Zero
“Mobile Suit Gundam Wing” (1995-96)

Its pilot may be duller than a doorknob, but Zero has the firepower to light an entire space station with just the pull of a trigger.

#4: Zeta Gundam
“Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam” (1985-86)

The official second Gundam of the series managed to  gain almost as much of a reputation as the original. It certainly wasn’t lacking when it came to crushing victories.

#3: Gundam Exia
“Mobile Suit Gundam 00” (2007-09)

In order to get the job done, sometimes you need a machine that can slice apart enemies at close range. In that regard, the Exia is a gem!

#2: Strike Freedom Gundam
“Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny” (2006-08)

A Mobile Suit armed with so much weaponry that it can blast whole units out of the stratosphere. What else do you expect from Kira “Jesus” Yamato?

#1: Gundam RX-78
“Mobile Suit Gundam” (1979-80)

There’s just no beating the original. The mecha that not only became the face of the franchise, but also what most people associate when they think giant robots!

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Top 10 Most Satisfying Things In Video Games

We all have those times in gaming where we feel unbelievably good about ourselves. Whether its finding that one weapon or defeating that one particular boss, there are moments in gaming that fill us with such delight that we can hardly put them into words. While each experience is different for every player, we have assembled ten instances across all genres that are bound to at least put a smile on your face.

#10: Opening a Chest
“The Legend of Zelda” series (1986-)

There’s just something magical about Link busting open boxes. Might have something to do with that immortal theme that always kicks in.

#9: Five Gold Stars
“Rock Band” series (2007-)

The closest you will ever feel to being a rock star is when those five beauties rocket onto the screen!

#8: Hyper Combo Finish
“Marvel vs. Capcom” series (1996-)

Why settle for a normal K.O when you can blast your foes into the afterlife by letting loose your team’s ultimate attacks?

#7: Glory Kills
“Doom” (2016)

It’s not enough to just shoot a horde of demons as they spill from a portal on Mars, you have to eviscerated their very souls by executing such beautifully bloody kill sequences.

#6: Defeating a Boss
“Dark Souls” series (2011-16)

When your franchise is famous for having some of the most difficult bosses in gaming, even defeating one is a victory of epic proportions.

#5: The Flagpole
“Mario” series (1985-)

What better way to conclude a near flawless level run than by leaping onto the flagpole from its highest point and enjoying the ride down. Now that’s a photo finish.

#4: Eating the Four Ghosts at Once
“Pac-Man” (1980)

These four little bastards have been chasing us all over the screen, now its time for some payback! Nothing spells revenge more than turning your enemies blue and then devouring them whole!

#3: Breaking Blocks
“Minecraft” (2011)

Want to decimate an entire area? Need materials to build your ultimate home? Best grab that pickaxe and get to smashing. Luckily the whole process is the furthest thing from a chore.

#2: Fatalities
“Mortal Kombat” series (1992-)

Has there ever been a greater example of creativity than when it came to watching MK’s character roster literally tearing each other apart.

#1: Headshot
“Unreal Tournament” (1999)

No matter how many times you hear it, nothing comes close to matching the joy we feel when we hear the announcer say that word!

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Top 10 Most Disgusting Video Game Characters

Enemies in video games come in all shapes and sizes. Some are morally complex and make you question whether or not their intentions are truly evil. Others are are essentially a cardboard cutout, easily fitting into an archetype. Both are useful when the game calls for it, and both in someway can be considered vile. However, there are a special few that can be regarded as truly disgusting. These ten examples are so putrid that merely thinking about them will make your skin crawl!

#10: Giant Nazi Zombie Fetus
“South Park: The Stick of Truth” (2014)

Leave it to Trey Parker and Matt Stone to mesh Nazis, zombies and Khloe Kardashian’s aborted fetus into a shockingly hilarious boss battle.

#9: Bloater
“The Last of Us” (2013)

And you thought the Clickers were bad. Just wait until you see their hulking evolved form.

#8: The Master
“Fallout” (1997)

This construct is a fusion of human remains, radiation, technology and insanity. A creature that seeks dominion over the wastelands, and will make you shriek in terror every time he pops on screen.

#7: The Botchling
“The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” (2015)

It may have the most tragic backstory imaginable, but that doesn’t make this monster any less ugly to behold!

#6: Boogerman
“Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure” (1994)

Okay, so this guy is technically a hero. But he vanquishes his foes with his snot! That still makes him disgusting in our book!

#5: Marguerite Baker
“Resident Evil 7: Biohazard” (2017)

The Baker matriarch not only has some of the worst cooking this side of Louisiana, but also has an insect hive growing out of her crotch…

#4: Broodmother
“Dragon Age: Origins” (2009)

The only thing more revolting than this thing’s general appearance is knowing what the Darkspawn did in order to create her.

#3: The Spitter
“Left 4 Dead 2” (2009)

Need a sure-fire to make your generic zombie even deadlier while also upping up the fear factor? Just tear its face off and give it acid puke!

#2: The Great Mighty Poo
“Conker’s Bad Fur Day” (2001)

In case you couldn’t tell, that is indeed a giant pile of crap singing like it’s Pavarotti.

#1: All Enemies
“The Binding of Isaac” (2011)

With every new area we enter, there’s a brand new creature straight out of our nightmares just waiting to leap out at us. And of course, all use their blood and faeces as weapons.

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Heroes in Waiting: 5 Brit Actors Who Would Totally Smash the MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is forever expanding, but there are some big names still missing from its ranks. Let’s go back to Blighty for the next casting call, yeah?

#5 Sacha Baron Cohen

He’s famed for complex, controversial and colourful characters, and would sure shake things up as a superhero (or supervillain). With biting wit to rival even RDJ, we’d have Sacha primed for a well-spoken role as a man of influence, and probably as someone with flexible loyalties.

There’s just something about his acting style which calls his characters’ sincerity into question… Either way, Avengers HQ needs Ali G in that house. Cape and mankini, anyone?

#4 Taron Egerton

With past credits including a blockbuster break-out as Eggsy in “Kingsman”, as well as a 2018 role as the eponymous outlaw in “Robin Hood”, Egerton already has heroic credentials. And he’d bring more swagger to Marvel than Star-Lord and Iron Man combined.

We see Taron thriving as one of the X-Men, if/when Disney brings the mutants on board. Ever the underdog and a man that manners maketh (just ask Colin Firth), he’s handy with a weapon and a heart-on-sleeve battler.

#3 Maisie Williams

Despite the endless brutality in “Game of Thrones”, Arya Stark is a stone-cold survivor, starting the series as an unassuming character and ending it as a bona fide badass. A clear contender for the MCU, she’s the two-fingers-up type that Marvel could really use.

A SHIELD agent gone rogue? A surprise package protégé? Or an all-conquering Queen on par with Thor? Williams could play anyone, as long as they’re given a gory backstory and a gutsy attitude. Of course, she’s already lined up as Wolfsbane in “The New Mutants”, so a bite at non-MCU Marvel might bring more opportunities.

#2 Sean Bean

True, he gets killed off in almost every major franchise he takes part in, but why shouldn’t Sean wield a sword or three for Marvel?

Bean’s the go-to guy for big budget death scenes, with past exits including Boromir’s; the traitor-turned-hero who gets a bellyful of arrows, and Ulric’s; the plague-infected knight who gets pulled apart by horses – “Black Death” is not for the faint-hearted.

We’d stick Sean in “Infinity War”, as an expendable good guy and one of Thanos’ first victims. It’s the part he was born to play.

#1 John Boyega

With roles in “Detroit” and “Pacific Rim”, Boyega has already proven that he’s more than just Finn from “Star Wars”. And the actor is a self-confessed Marvel fanboy, so he’s a hot tip to trade galaxies one day.

After quite a clamouring for John to be in “Black Panther” – with reports never really gaining substance –how about “Guardians of the Galaxy 3”, in 2020? By then the latest “Star Wars” trilogy will’ve all wrapped up, opening the door for the Boyega/Dave Bautista bromance we all want to see.

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5 Things We Can Learn From British TV at Christmas

No one nails the Christmas TV special quite like the Brits. From sitcoms to soap operas – with a slathering of timey-wimey sci-fi for good measure – festive schedules have thrown up some iconic moments.

#5 Fancy Dress is a Good Thing

In the ‘80s and ‘90s, “Only Fools” was the one thing that everyone got excited for. “Heroes and Villains” is easily the most memorable Christmas episode, with Del and Rodney riffing Batman and Robin until they show up at a funeral in outfits that feel famously out of place.

But fancy dress isn’t always a disaster. We’re thinking “Doctor Who” in 2015, when we thought Peter Capaldi’s reindeer antlers looked rather dashing. And if all else fails, just buy a pink sumo-suit and paint yellow circles on it – Mr. Blobby never gets old.


#4 Love Conquers All (Unless You’re in EastEnders)

In general, Christmas TV is crammed with sitcoms and celebrity versions of your favourite game shows. Basically, it’s a chance to stock up on good vibes and feel-good storylines.

Shows like “Him & Her” or “Father Ted” tap into the festive fuzziness better than most, but “The Office” Special is still one of our favourites. Tim. Dawn. A bewildered Gareth. And Brent finally facing up to Neil from Swindon. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

Of course, if you’re in desperate need of something less upbeat, the residents of Walford are usually happy to oblige.

#3 Never Underestimate the Turkey

Everyone does Christmas dinner differently, but the turkey is typically a pivotal platter. Overcook it at your peril, but undercook it at everyone else’s.

Mr Bean proves that prepping your feast is important – just don’t let it go to your head. And whatever you do, don’t pull a Jez from “Peep Show” – Christmas Day is not the time to even suggest that you’ve forgotten to by a turkey. All in all, it’s best to be like the Vicar of Dibley. Dawn French’s character went to town in 1996, when the Dibley special saw her dutifully attend multiple lunches.

#2 There Are Three Main Film Groups

The mid-afternoon Christmas movie gives us all time to sit and contemplate the colossal amount of food we’ve just eaten. But what’s your go to film?

Terrestrial channels tend to cater for traditionalists, with “It’s A Wonderful Life” or “The Great Escape”. The romantics rally round their annual event, a seasonal screening of “Love Actually”. And then there’re the big kids watching “Arthur Christmas” on repeat.

And if you still can’t decide, just stick “Harry Potter” on – the boy wizard always makes the rounds at this time of year.

#1 Everything Is Better if it’s Made Out of Clay

And that’s a fact. Nothing says ‘Christmas in Britain’ like lucking out and finding a “Wallace and Gromit” rerun to watch while picking at the last of the Quality Street (toffee penny, anyone?).

Raymond Briggs’ “The Snowman” is another undisputed classic – and if you haven’t seen “Ethel & Ernest” yet, put it on your list pronto. But nothing beats watching “The Wrong Trousers” and remembering just how awesome Feathers McGraw really is. The rubber glove on that guy’s head is just plain genius!

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The Forgotten JoJo: New Book Explores Life Of Joseph Joestar’s Father

A Small But Essential Part Of The JoJo Legacy

Who could forget the time Joseph Joestar made his debut. Unlike the composed and gentlemanly Jonathan Joestar, this guy was an absolute hoot. He kicked people to the curb when they made his grandma upset, he made horrifically bad jokes, loved the ladies, and messed around with his foes to the point where we were on the floor laughing our asses off. Joseph was a delight, and exactly what the series needed.

But what about the generation that came before Joseph?

It may have only been briefly alluded to, but Battle Tendency did give us a look at Jorge Joestar; Joseph’s dear old Dad who ended up meeting a rather early grave. He was something of a tragedy of the series and got very little development, serving as more of a plot device that would force Lisa Lisa to go into exile. However, now it seems he’s finally getting his chance to shine in the form of a novel.

According to an article on Crunchyroll

George Joestar I begat Jonathan Joestar, who begat George Joestar II, also called Jorge, who begat Joseph Joestar, who begat Holy Kujo, who begat Jotaro Kujo. World War I RAF pilot George II only appeared briefly in the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure anime and manga, but got a novel in 2012, written by Mephisto Prize-winner Ōtarō Maijō (Dragon Dentist) and illustrated by series creator Hirohiko Araki. In time for the series’ 30th anniversary, the book is back in paperback format.

“Jorge Joestar” takes its name from the one used by George while growing up on the Spanish island of La Palma. It switches place and perspective between Jorge and Joji Joestar, a 15-year-old boy detective of British descent living in Morioh Japan and investigating its local murders.

Even if he’s not facing off against Dio Brando with a Stand, it’s still good to know that every JoJo is a hero in their own way!

Be sure to check out the video below to see where JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure ranked in our picks for the Top 10 Anime Series Better Than The Manga. 

Can A Cyborg Blush? Genos Gets Gender-Swapped!

Ooooooooh My!

Genos has become quite the popular character in recent years. He’s the devoted disciple of possibly the strongest hero in all of Japanimation, he’s got a code of conduct that makes him the ideal hero, and in spite of being an android has also amassed quite a following thanks to some strikingly handsome features. Oh, and he’s armed with so much devastating weaponry that he can incinerate practically everything in his path.

Yep, the Demon Cyborg is the whole package. Honestly if he wasn’t stuck in the role of perpetual sidekick he would easily be the star of his own series. This probably explains why over in Japan he ended up getting his own Drama CD.

Of course, that wasn’t what caught the attention of fans. According to an article on Crunchyroll, one of the official artists for One Punch Man decided to celebrate the release of the Drama CD his own little way…and gender-swapped our favourite cyborg. Needless to say the results were shocking, to the point where its kind of scary how well Genos pulled off the female figure.

One-Punch Man’s second drama/character song CD is out. This Genos focused CD a story about Genos training in VR, Saitama versus a vending machine and the next part a high school spoof – plus character image song “Burning Blue – Soldier of Blue Flame” – made with JAM Project. Leading into this Yusuke Murata, illustrator of the Jump version of the manga, shared some more fun with the characters.

Given how Genos is always getting his body refitted after every brawl he has with a supervillain or monster, we wouldn’t be surprised if this actually ends up happening in the manga and anime at one point. One Punch Man has always been first and foremost a comedy about the crazier sides of the superhero genre, and lets be honest, Genos doesn’t have the best of luck.

Be sure to check out our video and see where Genos listed in our picks for the Top 10 Sexiest Anime Men!

Who Let The Dogs Out? Wes Anderson Announces VR Promo For New Film

Get Up Close With The Canines

Whether your prefer Moonrise Kingdom or The Grand Budapest Hotel, there can be no denying that Wes Anderson’s directorial flare is a delight to behold. Much like his earlier work, it appears that his newest venture, the stop-motion animation known as Isle of Dogs, is going to also give us that sense of perplexity, intrigue and fulfilment.

Though it seems that Mr Anderson isn’t afraid to embrace and incorporate the latest tech into his films either, as it has been announced that he’s planning a “VR experience” for all those attending the Sundance Film Festival.

According to an article on Cartoonbrew – 

Wes Anderson has teamed up with Montreal, Canada-based vr studio Felix & Paul Studios to create a vr experience centered around his upcoming stop-motion feature Isle of Dogs.

The project – Isle of Dogs Behind the Scenes (in Virtual Reality) – is set to debut next month in the New Frontier program at the Sundance Film Festival.

Details about the vr project are sparse, but the description explains that the experience inserts the viewer into the miniature world of the film, “face to face with the cast of dogs as they are interviewed on set, while the crew of the film works around you to create the animation you are seeing.”

Expect to see film studios create more vr tie-ins for animation releases. Earlier this year, Disney-Pixar released the first vr tie-in for one of its features, Coco VR, created with Facebook’s Oculus division and vr studio Magnopus.

Given that this is a Wes Anderson film, you can expect to hear dozens of A-List celebrity voices coming out of those canines. Though we have to admit, seeing Jeff Goldblum in animated dog form might be closer to a fever dream than an actual virtual reality experience.

Be sure to check out the trailer for Isle of Dogs below, as well as our picks for the Top 10 Greatest Wes Anderson Characters!