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Ode: Grow Home With Musical Puzzles?

Does This Ubisoft Store Exclusive Hit All The Right Notes?

While it wasn’t the most revolutionary of platform games, Grow Home still managed to win fans over with the simple charm of having a robot leap across a giant plant. It was serene, colourful, and a refreshing distraction from other action-orientated indie hits. Plus, BUD was just downright adorable!

Now it seems that developers Ubisoft Reflections have decided to try and up the cuteness with their next project, one that sees a small but equally lovable blob bring joy to the cosmos by spreading the gift of music.

According to an article on PC Gamer

Ubisoft Reflections, the studio behind Grow Home and Atomega, has a new indie-styled “music exploration adventure”out today called Ode. The game tells the tale of Joy, a “small blobby creature” who lives to collect fallen stars and spread joy—hence the name, I suppose—across strange alien worlds.

Ode has no tutorial or guide: Instead, “you’re encouraged to explore its four garden worlds at your own pace,” Ubisoft said.

“Ode lets you experiment in open environments where everything reacts to you. As you collect the orb-like fallen stars scattered throughout each level, you’ll be able to throw them, attract them, and even use them to alter Joy’s form, assuming different shapes to reach new areas,” Ubisoft sort-of explained. “By investigating your surroundings and solving Ode’s musical puzzles, you’ll light up the landscape and add new layers to the soundtrack, gradually creating a musical and visual backdrop tailored to your play style.”

Ubisoft are either very precious or confident about this project since its not even available on Steam, only through their own online store. Let’s hope that Ode has a tune that players can get into.

You can check out the announcement trailer below, as well as see where Grow Home managed to rank on our list of Top 10 Totally Underrated PS4 Games!